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Jenny Awakening

I am lying face down on the ground. A dog is nuzzling my neck.
It feels good, but seems rather strange. Why would a dog be
licking my neck? I don't own a dog. I then awaken to feel you
kissing me on the back of my neck.

The kissing stops and your fingers star....

Impregnation is not an option

"STS One Oh One, standby for insertion, we're waiting on a
greenboard two..."

"Roger Houston..." a disembodied voice cackled over the
loudspeaker and Vern Somerset nodded as the shuttle mission was going
nice and smooth. Just the way the NASA Flight Director ....

Sci-fi sex

Above, light whiffs of thin clouds here and there punctuated the
deep balmy blue of the spring sky. All around, the unfurling
bright green freshness of emerging leaves and blossoms.

"I am the cool breeze across the battlefield," whispered a quiet

His cock jerked as his cum burst out splashing the face

King Nithen ruler of the land of Malzador was considered
by many to be the greatest leader during the warring kings period,
some even argued that in the entire sleeping gods era the king was
unsurpassed. One of the many things he is famous for introducing
bathing as a pa....

Punk Rock Girl

Three agonizing days passed and I was beginning to wonder if I'd
ever hear from Anne again. After our encounter in the photo
booth, I was worried that she'd never call. I was kicking myself
for not having call display so I could at least try calling her.

It had ....

Red high heels

He made me wear a sexy pantyless red corset and
matching red heels. The heels were strappy sandals,
six inches high and made my feet arch, my ample butt
thrust out and my mind tantalize me with the notion
that I was a whore dishing out a free treat for her

Pushing The Limits

The key to proper discipline is love.

My niece Wilma was visiting with us for the holidays, and the 14 year
old juvenile delinquent was pushing that advice past what I could cope
with. My wife Maggie and I had figured out a solution for her

Lady in a Meadow

The ravened haired lady and her maid-in-waiting, twirled around the meadow.
The wind swirling the newly fallen leaves as they cavoted in the warmth of the
sun. Their gowns flowing around them as the the young page watched. His
grip on on the horses and preoccupation with ....

Dirty Moving

Judy stopped talking and sat there with a speculative look in her eye.
We were drinking tea in her kitchen. It made me nervous when she looked
at me like that.

"You seemed to... react to that," she finally said. She sees things.
She'd been telling me about her lov....

Cum in throat

After the bikers had left, I went into the torture and snuff room,
where the surviving 9 slaves were still restrained.

They were all thin to very thin, which seems to be one of the two
options for biker's women. I looked them over, while holding the
paperwork I ....