The Swamp Thing

On a brief outing in the distant swamps, we were led by a handsome tour
guide to our private portable cabins for the night.All the small cabins
were aligned together next to the swamp lakes, and it was slightly dark
and spooky.
After a nice shower in the outdoor unit, I quickly went to bed.
It didn't take long to sleep and the warm night made me sleep in the
Dozing off I could hear the strange quiet of the swamps except for an
occasionally shrilling bird, and the continuous chirping of crickets.
It didn't take long before I was fully asleep.
The next thing I knew, some strange sensations were appearing around my
wrists. I thought I was dreaming.
But I wasn't. They were tight strands of some strong plants holding both
Then I felt some other sensations of plant like strands focusing on my
They swirled around feeling my backside while the other two strands held
me down tightly.
The strands behind me started to explore my naked bottom, and then they
proceeded inside, all together.
They were feeling my anus and even poking inside.
Just then, I heard a huge rip in the boards below. It was a much bigger
plant, and turning my head around it looked like a big huge penis shape
in the moonlight of the dark.
The plants moved out of the way, as the big thick bigger plant stood
there like it was watching me. It guided itself in upon the bed, and
moved between my legs. It was like a snake searching its prey. It moved
in closer and then acted like it was consciously sniffing my butt. It
gazed at me, and the other plants below left.
I didn't know what was going to happen. The two strong plants holding my
wrists wouldn't let go. Then suddenly the penis shaped plant snuggled
itself between my legs, and i could feel, it was real big.
Finally it sort of moved in closer. Snuggling right up my butt, it
gradually pushed itself in. My gaping hole had but no choice but wrap
around its penetrating force. It moved inside of me as low as it could
go. It was a big round fucker!
Then, without moving, the other strands came from the sides and crawled
beneath my stomach. The strands were unusually powerful, and they tilted
me upward. My butt began to rise with that giant plant up my butt, not
My butt was sticking up and the side strands held me steady.
Just then the bigger plant started to move. In and out, in and out!
Exploring my hole with the calm fucking motion.
The side strands left as I was getting gay raped by that hard shaped
plant penis.
It didn't matter how big it was as long as it began to fuck me.
It fucked me hard like it knew what it was doing. It was big, and round,
and the end felt like the end of a huge dick.
The two side strands crawled down to the end of the bed to touch my feet.
Suddenly they wrapped around my ankles and slowly with determination they
began to spread my legs to the corners.
I began to yell for help as loud as I could.
After yelling for several minutes, that guide busted in half naked in a
half closed robe. He saw my predicament and looked towards the emergency
fire ax on the wall. With that ax in his hand he commenced to chop off
all that he could. The plants immediately disappeared.
He fell on the bed next to me to see if I was alright. I shook my head
and thanked him for saving me. Suddenly he smiled, and it seemed like we
were having a sudden gay moment.
He was holding me, and I was holding him. We just stopped talking and
caught ourselves looking at each other.
The guide was blonde and middle age, but extremely handsome and muscular.
So we went for it, and began kissing each other. After awhile he
apologized that he never messes with the guests, but he stopped talking
again and we started looking at each other. I said it was ok, and we
embraced and started kissing again.
He told me he liked me from the moment he first saw me. Taking off his
loose robe, we began making love.
Before you know it, he lifted my legs in the air, and pushed me up.
Kissing me heavily, I could feel his strong penis guiding up to me, and
entering me.
With several thrusts he began humping me holding himself up off the bed
with his big balls jangling with the fucking motion.
After awhile, the feeling of those strands came back and they were
holding my hands down again while the big tour guide was fucking me.
From behind the tour guide came another big penis shaped plant looking
over the fucking bottom of my big hulking tour guide.
It easily entered him to his amazement as he gulped while fucking me in
He said, "Oh, no!" But the plant penis up his butt kept his tight bottom
to continue fucking me, by fucking him.

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