New scene for me

Conrad had had a hard day. When he arrived at his room and opened the door, he remembered the promise he had made. Switching the main light on and walking over to the smaller bedside table lamp beside his king sized bed, he wondered what he had let himself in for. Enma had said ‘physical contact’, but what exactly did that mean. Not that it bothered him that much. He knew he would have to follow through now anyway, and besides it was for everyone’s sanity, not to mention Yuri’s well being. Yuri had told him he was starting to feel it was his fault somehow. He had asked Conrad if he been a bad master to him. He had told Yuri not to worry and that Enma was perhaps ill, but that had made Yuri worry even further. In the end he had told him to leave it to him, and he would somehow find out what was going on.

After that days meeting, and his talk with Enma, he had gone to find Yuri and tell him he had discovered the reason, and would try to resolve it with him. At first, Yuri asked if he could help. It had been a good ten minutes before he could convince Yuri that he would be able to resolve it alone, and that it was a personal matter to Enma. He would have to get Enma to apologise to him later.

After turning the small light on, he walked over to the main light.

Enma was standing inside, beside the curtained balcony door, having just come through the window, wings already away. Conrad realised he had only just turned the main light back out, when he saw Enma lent against the dark green wall. Conrad still could not believe how fast he was, even after knowing him this long.

“Do you mind if I close the balcony door?” He asked walking toward it. Enma shook his head slightly. He could feel Enma watching him as he closed it and drew the dark blue curtains. He walked back to stand at the foot of the bed, in the centre of his medium sized room.

“So, what exactly is involved?” Conrad was curious and a little afraid of the answer.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to do anything. It is my first season.” His voice sounded gruff and Conrad wondered what he meant. He had said it as if it explained everything.

“Enma. I’m sorry. I don’t understand.” Conrad watched as it dawned on Enma what he meant.

Enma swayed slightly, speaking slower than he would normally. “Sorry, I know you don’t know. You do not sense. Do not realise how intoxicating this is. It’s hard to explain. The season lasts for around five weeks. The gap between is five years.” Conrad heard him take a deep breath.

Conrad took this information in, realising that it was quite a gap. No wander he feels like this. He thought to himself. Enma continued.

“The first season for my species is one of exploration. We are physical normally, so to have these feelings is overwhelming.” He paused. He seemed to be taking each sentence one at a time, saying them slowly. “The second season would be prepared for by our master. The bond we share with our master is more intense at these times, so they can often guess when we need to be alone. We are usually left to our own devices. Unless it’s the second season and we’ve been paired.”

“Bond?” Conrad did not fully understand. Enma had mentioned this before. When they heard him speak for the first time, they had asked him why he had not spoken before then. Enma had said he could not, and that it must have been the fact that this was a different world and the bond must have gone wrong somehow.

Enma continued. “I will explain later, but I was not expecting to be able to talk. I expected to be able to sense what Master commanded. Feel emotions which would tell me what he expected of me.” Enma paused, looking as though he were trying to find another way to put it.

“So its more like,” Conrad tried to put it in words, and also found he could not explain it any better than Enma was, “if Yuri wanted to get something, you would be able to sense that, and therefore get it for him.” Conrad finished confusing himself slightly. He realised it was not like mind reading, but it must have been close.

“Yes.” This came out as a rasp rather than a defined answer.

“How old are you?” this question had been on his mind for a while now. Looking at him, he could not have guessed. He seemed older than his years by the conversations they had had; he looked to be older than Yuri, and yet by what Enma had said, he must still be quite young.

“If I were talking to Master I would tell him in human terms, so, in that case, it would make me around the same age as him.” Seventeen, Conrad thought, as Enma continued, “We live for along time. If I were going by Mazoku, then in that case, I will out live you by about twice that span.” Conrad could not believe he was standing with someone who had probably already lived over twice the length of time he had. The next question came to mind.

“Why me?” Conrad was dyeing to know the answer to this question.

Enma looked at him. “I respect you. The fact you not draw sword. You want answers first. And…” He paused. “And… women here are giggly…. bossy….” Enma looked down. He seemed to be getting less coherent. Conrad had to laugh at that. Enma was right though. The maids did giggle a lot and Anissina and Gisela could come across to be very harsh at times.

“Others also. Gwendal one,” Conrad raised an eyebrow at this. He just could not imagine Gwendal with anyone in that way, never mind him doing anything he was imagining Enma had in mind. “Gwendal has gone beyond first season though,” Enma continued, sighing. This made Conrad go red.

“You can tell that sort of thing!” He squeaked.

Enma nodded. “Those beyond would want more than what first season requires, so something we have to sense.” Conrad felt embarrassed but relieved at the same time. He was twenty-two years old, but not ashamed that he was a virgin, he had been busy with other matters, not to mention a few wars in between, to distract him from romance. He had not really met anyone that he like that way, but at the same time he could not believe what Enma was saying.

Enma sniffed the air, closing his eyes for a second, making Conrad snap back to the situation at hand.

“So… What now?” Conrad asked, but he didn’t move.

“Do you still want to go on?” Enma asked calmly. “I just about have strength to still leave.” He had not moved from the leaning position against the wall. The small light played across his features softening the look of hard determination he was giving him.

“I said I would. Why do you keep saying things like that?” Conrad had sobered up a little, and became little frustrated at Enma’s evasiveness.

“I am an animal.” He said this simply. “I keep waiting for you to tell me you joke. After all, not right.”

“I don’t see you that way,” Conrad said calmly. “I know there’s more to you than a mere animal.” Enma smiled slightly at this. “Come on. I promise I will not run.”

“That might be fun you know.” Enma chuckled, sounding rough, making Conrad a little nervous again. No matter what demeanour he showed on the outside, he had insecurities just like anyone else. He just chose to keep them hidden. Mostly for his own sake, it was just his way of coping. Being calm was the best way to live life. Anything that needed doing would get done, at its own pace. If not, he would do it, if it were in his capability, even if know one asked it of him.

Enma sniffed the air again, before making his way toward Conrad. He had once more taken on the dazed look he had had before. He met him in the centre of the room at the foot of the bed.

At first, Conrad thought he was greeting him, as he put his head on his left shoulder and gently rubbed the side of his face with his own. This lasted longer than the normal greeting gesture that Conrad knew however, and he felt him breathing deeply into his neck. He made no move to touch Conrad with his arms or body, making it a little awkward. He thought holding him himself, but could not bring himself to lift his arms. Just as the thought went though his head, Enma whispered in his ear.

“Can I …taste you?” Conrad was not sure what that meant, but he said ‘yes’.

Enma snuggled once more, then ran his tongue back up his neck, almost tickling him. His tongue was slightly rough. Enma growled with satisfaction, and whispered once more.

“You taste great.” Quickly moving back to nuzzle, then lick again. Conrad felt a little self-conscious, and a little left out. He didn’t want to offend Enma, and when he felt him slow to nuzzle again, he made the move to first nibble Enma’s ear, which made Enma arch slightly. I think he liked that. Conrad thought. He then pulled away to kiss him across his face, then his lips.

Enma pulled back, a look of confusion on his face. Conrad could see he had not meant to offend him, as his expression quickly changed one of being rather apologetic.

“Sorry. Did you not like it?” Conrad asked watching for his reaction.

“No. It’s not that.” Enma paused trying hard to find words, for more then one reason. “I’m sorry. I should have expected kiss,” he was breathing hard, “humans kiss all time.” He had a look, which said he was trying to find away to explain. What he said next made Conrad chuckle “Do horse kiss.”

Enma looked slightly confused at Conrad’s laugh. He had been deadly serious.

“Are you okay with this? Do you want to stop?” Conrad could not quite believe he was asking this question. He thought maybe Enma would be asking it of him instead.

“I don’t want to hurt you. It would be more instinct if you were my kind that’s all. That’s why I’m telling you what I’m doing.” Enma looked hard at him.

“So. You’re scared you’ll hurt me?” Conrad asked.

“A little. And…” Enma trailed.

“And what?” Conrad watched, as Enma seemed to look down as he said.

“And I’m scared of what I’m doing.” Letting this hang, Conrad wondered if he meant he wanted to do a lot more, or if it was something else.

“How so?” Conrad thought the only way he could understand was to keep Enma talking.

“I know why I feel this way, but I can control what I’m doing. I can think about it and it’s weird,” he paused, “I don’t want to hurt you and part of me wants to take it slow, which would not be something I would do. I wouldn’t have thought about it before. That’s what scares me.”

“Shall we try that again then? I think you need to learn more human ways,” Conrad smiled at him, trying to take Enma’s mind from that thought. Enma nodded.

Conrad moved slightly toward him, putting his right hand on Enma’s waist, pulling him closer. He kissed Enma again, lightly brushing his lips. He could feel a slight tension in him, but was not sure why. He let Enma go and saw him relax. I wonder why he doesn’t like being held. It took him a few seconds of thinking about animals, then he realised most did not hold each other, not unless they were doing the act and/or keeping the other pinned. He resolved to not let that be a problem. Enma would just have to get used to being more like a human. After all, he was able to speak and had not pulled away, so to some extent, he must want to try at least.

“Can I try something?” Conrad looked at Enma cheekily. Enma nodded once more. Conrad once again took Enma by the waist. “Open your mouth and stick your tongue out.” he watched Enma’s face as it revealed slight confusion on his part, but only for a moment, as he then did as he asked.

Conrad kissed Enma again, this time pushing his tongue around Enma’s mouth. His tongue was hot and as rough as he had thought it was. He felt Enma relax as they kissed a little longer, toward the end feeling Enma precipitate the move.

Conrad broke the kiss. “Well?” He watched Enma, trying not to chuckle again at the look on his face.

“Good, different. Taste different.” Conrad realised he must mean different from his licking him earlier. Conrad pulled Enma back for another kiss, and then he let Enma snuggle once more into his shoulder. He suddenly felt Enma half bite his neck. It was a soft, slow move, but he definitely felt teeth. He thought of pulling away, but Enma seemed to be in control and was not hurting him.

Enma pulled away after trying to push the collar of his clothing, to bite further down. “Take jacket off.” He was pulling at the buttons, but he had still not quite got the hang of pinching with his finger and thumb.

Conrad pushed him away slightly, reaching for the buttons himself now. “Show me your teeth.” Conrad was curious. They had felt sharp, even when they had kissed. He had not really taken much notice. He had hardly seen Enma, let alone talked to him up close.

Enma opened his mouth wide for inspection. He seemed to have fang like canines. No wonder it felt like they were sharp. Did he always have them? No, I’m pretty sure I would have noticed.

“Since when have your teeth been like that?” Conrad asked, wanting to confirm if it was his imagination or not.

“Seasons beginning.” Enma croaked.

Conrad looked at him. “Just as long as you don’t use them on me!” He joked, but saw Enma’s face drop a little, sad and hurt at the same time.

“Okay.” Enma said, looking back at him, stepping closer, and once again trying to help undo the buttons.

Conrad felt a little bad. He had meant it as a joke, but Enma looked serious. He finally got the last button undone and slipped the jacket from his smooth shoulders. He had a white, thin, clingy vest on under the main jacket. He found the jacket chaffed if he wore nothing, and it had the added advantage of keeping him warm in the winter. Before he could reach to take this off, Enma had grabbed the back of it with both hands, and was pulling it back to front, over his head for him.

Enma sniffed in the direction of the clothing, as Conrad dropped it to his left side. Conrad looked at him quizzically.

“Smells more than you.” Enma grunted.

“Do you want me to put it back on?” Conrad asked, but Enma shook his head, moving closer.

Enma went back to nuzzling and lightly biting Conrad’s neck. At this point Conrad thought it slightly unfair and pulled away. If I have to undress, then so should he!

“Now you,” as Conrad said this, he pushed Enma away, stopping him from getting anymore nuzzling in. When he realised, he took another deep breath and reached over his own back, pulling the vest over his head as he had done for him, dropping the black garment in the small pile with Conrad’s.

Enma looked up to see shock on Conrad’s face, and it looked like it took Enma a few seconds before he realised where Conrad was looking. He turned his head to gaze in the large mirror on the wall behind him.

Conrad could see Enma’s back in the large mirror above the chest of drawers. He finally came out of the shock and walked over to turn Enma to the dim light, making him face the mirror. He could see now just how bad the long marks were as he moved Enma’s hair to one side. The whip marks covered his whole back, top to bottom, left to right, always in one direction. He could see some were very old and had now turned into white lined scares. Others were almost fresh, just about healed.

Enma turned back to face Conrad, trying to steady his breathing and clearing his throat so he could speak.

“It not bad as look.” He said, trying to regain speech. He took another deep breath. “I deserved least two of them.” Conrad still looked shocked. “Am animal, need punishment when wrong,” he said gently.

“But…” Conrad would not have even thought of whipping anything, let alone an animal like Enma. He did not even whip his horse. And he would not have any of his men do so either.

“Have more sense than animal, so punishment has to be severe.” He looked at him calmly, as if this was the most normal thing to say, as though he could not understand why Conrad was so shocked.

“But, what did you do?” Conrad had an alarmed edge to his voice. “Surely it wasn’t bad enough to warrant that.”

“Two were by my first Master,” referring to the marks on his back. Enma seemed to be getting his voice back. “I deserved to be punished because I chose to act on my Master’s thoughts, even after he consciously told me ‘no’.”

Conrad understood what Enma was trying to say, but wanted to know more. “What was the thought you acted upon?” Conrad asked.

“Master was involved with a person who wronged him. Master let taking physical revenge cross his mind because he was angry and knew they would not get punished. He knew he would get hurt by what had happened, but….” Enma paused as if it was too painful to think about. “I attempted to hurt the man who had hurt Master. He could have died if Master had not stopped me.” He paused. “I did not show any restraint either. I let anger get the better of me, but I knew exactly what I was doing and could have stopped. He had hurt us. Master was angry I had not learnt from him and let him go,” Enma paused again. “I knew I was wrong, but did it anyway. Master said ‘no excuse’ and I agree,” his voice told Conrad he was serious. “I will not hurt anyone like that again, not even by accident.”

Conrad thought about this. It did make a sort of sense.

“Is that why you lowered the guards to the floor, when we first fought you. So you wouldn’t hurt them?” Conrad asked to confirm the thought.

“Yes,” Enma replied, pausing. Seeing Conrad had no more questions on this, he continued. “The second mark was for stealing. Master good, gave me everything, his son, second Master, too. Food, clothes. I still went out and stole. I deserve that too.”

Enma stretched. It was a very animal like gesture and it only served to remind Conrad once more that he was not all that he appeared.

“But did you not steal to survive, to come here. It would have taken at least a few days, by where you described you were when you came here.”

“Only took what I was given, or things that would have gone to waste.” Enma sighed.

Conrad thought back to one of their first meetings were Claire, a girl who had come looking for him, had picked apples from the floor below a tree in the castle grounds, in order to stop him eating them, and then used them herself to lure him down.

“We had reports that you were seen in a farmers stable. The man reported he had seen you taking from the horse feed.” Conrad thought he had Enma there. After all, wasn’t that stealing?

“Do farmers eat feed?” Enma looked at him, straight faced.

“No, but they paid for the feed,” Conrad said, feeling smug.

“The horse said he would share, even if he had less to eat that day. Said he had a good Master and so would have plenty of food. Get feed the next day.” Enma said this matter of fact.

It slowly started to dawn on Conrad what Enma was getting at. The farmer may have provided the feed, but what the animal did with it was ultimately up to him. If he chose to eat it, waste it by tossing it from the feed box or give it away; was as Enma pointed out, up to the one actually eating the food. The old saying ‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can not make it drink’ came to his mind. Then another thought came into his head.

“You can speak to other animals?” Conrad thought his own voice sounded surprised, but then realised he should have known this. After all he had seen him plenty of times sitting with the Kotsuhizoku.

“Could.” Enma’s voice sounded so sad that Conrad vowed not to bring it up again unless Enma wanted to talk about it. Enma looked down. He remembered than that he already knew that fact when they had first discovered he could talk.

“And the rest?” He asked, not sure if he wanted to know the answer, but he was trying to keep the conversation going.

“The rest, my third owner, before coming here. He would whip me for almost everything.” He paused looking down as if thinking about the question himself.

“What do you mean?” Conrad did not like the sound of this.

“Would go out and do what he asked, but then would be wrong somehow.” Enma looked puzzled as he said this. It was the first time Enma had thought about this since being able to speak and go where he wanted, instead of relying on the whims of others for his movements. He had not had to think for himself in such a free way, and had never thought of it in this way before. After all, animals did not dwell on the wrongs and rights of their actions for long.

“Your previous master must have been cruel.” Conrad said.

“Was he?” It was a mixture of question and statement.

“Well, if he punished you for nothing, then, yes. I would say he was cruel.” Conrad watched as he saw Enma’s face slowly go from blank to sad. Something told Conrad he had touched a raw nerve again, and wished he could have had that ‘bond’ he had spoken of earlier. Maybe it worked the other way as well. Then he could at least try to avoid saying things that would hurt him.

Enma suddenly spoke again. “I’m sorry. I should not be here doing this. I’m sorry I brought you into this. Part of me wants to go back. Even if means I have to go back to bad owner. I miss home.” Enma looked back at Conrad, seeing the hurt there, he added. “But I don’t belong there now. I speak and would be outcast. I’ve come to know this place as home, and there are more good people here than I could wish for. I am glad I came. I got to meet everyone and have the best Master ever. And I got to meet you….” He let the sentence trail, looking down. He felt better, like he had finally been able to unburden all his worries. “I also want to stay.”

Conrad looked at him for a moment seeing all what Enma had just said, for what it was, a struggle to find a place he belonged in a world that had been turned upside down for him. This must have been on his mind all this time. He thought.

At first he wasn’t sure what to say, but then he realised he didn’t have to say anything. He walked toward Enma and stroked his hair, the way he knew would calm Enma. He then hugged him. He pulled Enma forward, taking steps backward himself, until he felt the edge of the bed against the back of his knees. He gently pulled Enma to his right as he sat himself down.

Conrad kissed him gently. He did not seem too upset, but the conversation had broken the mood. Nothing would come of delaying matters. He thought. He eased Enma into his shoulder, feeling him take deep breaths as they sat side by side, yet huddled. He had hoped this would happen; he got the feeling ‘the season’ had strong effects on Enma’s kind. He did not want the conversation to break their relationship. He now had a better idea of what Enma was going through, and was starting to really like him. He just could not believe he had been though as much as he had, and who knows what else, or that he felt that way. He started to see just how complicated Enma was and realised now, just how much he respected him back.

Conrad felt teeth once more, feeling Enma scrape them across his neck and shoulder. He thanked the gods that is hunch was right. He almost wanted to do whatever Enma needed to do now.

Enma moved to push Conrad back to lie on the soft blue cotton covers. He felt a little vulnerable as he watched Enma snuggled once more in to his shoulder. He had put his knee between Conrad’s own, so that he was almost on top of him, but not quite. Conrad swept Enma’s hair back over his shoulders, feeling again the softness, like silk. He found the white hair to be fine in texture, but thick, and he could now appreciate the length at which Enma kept it, uncut in length but not untidily so.

Enma carried on the nibbles and bites, running his tongue down Conrad’s chest to his nipples. He could feel Enma running his tongue over them. First one, then the other and back again. Suddenly he felt pain and squeaked. He looked down at Enma. Did he really bite me? Enma had a small smile on his face, but then apologised, realising the expression on Conrad’s face.

Enma moved to look Conrad in the eyes, his face so close Conrad could feel his breath on his cheek, even though he had his arms extended. His hands were either side of Conrad’s head but had sunk into the soft mattress and bed linen.

“Sorry, it just looked so good.” Enma grinned again, then quickly hid in Conrad’s neck, before he could say anything more about it.

Enma moved to lie fully on top of him. He was lighter than he thought he would be, even though they were almost the same height. He started to move on him, his whole body caressing him. He could feel himself hardening at the slow movements between them, and could not quite believe how such a small gesture could feel so nice.

Enma seemed to be enjoying himself at any rate. He began switching between nuzzling and biting, occasionally looking up or kissing him on the lips, in the same manor Conrad had shown him earlier.

Soon this did not seem enough to Conrad, and he wanted more, faster movements. Enma had not seemed to notice anything, even Conrad’s hardness. Conrad noticed Enma wasn’t, and wonder if this is what Enma had meant by, ‘not being able to go further’.

This treatment became too much for Conrad, and he made to switch positions with Enma, rolling him playfully on his back. At first he was not sure he had done the right thing, but Enma made no protest at this, simply watching him.

“Ermm…?” Enma grunted, after a few moments, breaking Conrad’s slight embarrassed thoughts and making him realise he had stopped. Conrad continued to follow Enma’s example at first. He did not seem to mind the change of roles and even seemed to be enjoying it.

Conrad found the clothes on his lower half restricting now, and backed of the bed to remove his khaki green uniform trousers. Having gone this far, he thought what was the point of being embarrassed. He proceeded to remove the slack black cotton trousers Enma wore. He moved to allow him to take them off more easily.

Conrad found he had been right. Enma was only half hard. Conrad got the impression while he would not protest at doing more; it would probably be too much. He decided to carry on his first movements and leave it at that. He was sure Enma would make the moves if he wanted to do something else or more.

He climbed back on the bed, gently positioning himself on top of Enma and carried on, this time moving a little more to his own pace. It was at that point that he had a cheeky and rather nasty thought. He moved down to lick Enma’s nipples, then bit one quite hard. He did not get the response that he thought he would get however, as Enma arched his back and growled loudly, surprising him slightly.

“Hey, that’s not fair!” Conrad said looking up to eye Enma. The only response he got in return was a wide smile. “You seemed to enjoy that a little too much.” He moaned.

“So, bite harder.” Enma’s grin made Conrad smile back as he thought about this.

“You really want me too?” He watched him, as he nodded.

Conrad vowed to at least get one remark from him, and moved back to nuzzle Enma, hoping to catch him off guard. He bit into him just enough to leave marks on his neck, but this only made Enma growl more. Enma moved his head up and to one side, giving him better access to his neck. Conrad tried again swapping sides, but once again found Enma enjoying himself. After a few times of trying, but not wanting to hurt him, Conrad gave up.

He went back to moving, using the inside of Enma’s thigh to get a better feel, cupping his arms around the sides of Enma’s shoulders to help him pull up. He continued to mix the movements of pleasing himself and caressing Enma’s body, watching to ensure Enma was not getting tried of him not paying him full attention. Enma did not seem to mind, his eyes closing as Conrad moved. After a while Conrad felt the tension building in his body and knew he was not far from coming.

Enma must have felt some of this, as he went between watching Conrad’s face, and closing his own eyes. Conrad put his head down into Enma’s shoulder, for what he felt would be the last few movements before it all ended.

“Bite me.” Enma growled this in his ear. It was deep and carnal, and not a request but almost an order.

Conrad was stunned for a moment, stopping to register it, when he heard Enma say it again. He did not have to long to think, as he felt he wanted to moan, instead, biting into Enma, not wanting to be too loud.

“Harder.” Conrad hear Enma growl again. He was not far at all now, and did as ordered; he didn’t want to think about it much.

“Harder!” Enma insisted again.

Conrad bite down harder than he intended as he came, thrusting one more time before stopping. He heard a small squeal type whimper issue from Enma, sounding high-pitched and inhuman, before it turned into a growl.

Conrad could not hear that Enma had not meant to let the whimper escape his lips, as he tried to cover it up by the growl, but didn’t quite manage it.

Suddenly, Conrad tasted blood. He moved his head away from the area and looked down. He had bitten so hard that, although it was not very deep, he had ripped the skin in several places.

“I’m so sorry.” He looked up at Enma, but instead of the hurt expression he expected to see, Enma looked contented. Conrad was not sure what this meant.

“Enma. I’m sorry. I’ve made you bleed.” Conrad made to get up, pushing himself up with his arms. He was swiftly pulled back down before he could move the rest of his body.

“What? I’m going to get something to cover that.” He looked at Enma. He saw how he did not seem in the slightest bit phased by it.

“You caused it. You clean it.” Enma stated in a dream like voice, almost whispering it in his ear as he pulled him closer into his shoulder, and toward the wound.

“That’s what I’m trying to do.” Conrad said, struggling to escape Enma’s hold. Enma pulled him back down just enough to look in to his face.

“No. Lick it clean.” Enma said, forcing Conrad to look at him.

Conrad looked into his eyes, puzzled for a moment, and then did what Enma asked. He bent down to the wound and gently licked at it. Enma did not even flinch as Conrad did this.

“It just keeps bleeding,” he pulled back after a few minutes, tasting the blood still oozing from it. He didn’t seem to be getting anywhere, “I am going to find a cloth.”

Enma pulled him back again. “Sorry. Forgot..… You’re human.” He opened his eyes, trying to focus. “Take my spit in your mouth, then lick the wound.” The words sounded slurred, but complete. Conrad realised he was being perfectly serious.

He thought of ignoring him for a moment, and getting up anyway, but his curiosity was getting the better of him. He wanted to see what would happen.

He swallowed as much of his own saliva as he could, and then made to kiss Enma. He found Enma had gathered his own saliva into his mouth, and Conrad took as much of it into his own as he could, then bent back down to the wound. He could not see what this would achieve.

He licked at it, moving as much of the mixed saliva as possible over it. Enma moaned and ached his back a little at the first touches. After a few seconds, Conrad realised he couldn’t taste blood any more. He stopped to look at the wound again. What he saw amazed him. The wound had almost fully closed. Leaving only the slightest tell tale marks to show for it.

“But how?” Conrad looked at Enma. He was looking a little tired. Typical. He thought to himself. He had almost had a panic attack, and Enma did not seemed bothered in the slightest.

“Healing properties,” Enma slurred his words, “sleep” He said as he pulled Conrad back down, laying his head on his chest and beginning to stroke Conrad’s hair. Conrad gave in and went to sleep himself, seeing there was no point now.

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