In Close Quarters

At a hotel in Vancouver, BC is an ongoing business meeting of a lesser-known Federal agency and its employees. Most of the people at the hotel are unfortunately booked two to a room, as there are 3 other business meetings going on.

In one of the rooms there are two attractive young women sharing this particular one. One is a 5’3” blonde named Barb, quite a nice build – about 36C, with long blonde hair most of the way down her back, and she is currently dressed in a filmy black see through teddy, as she climbs into the queen sized bed.

The other room occupant is a short 4’10” voluptuous brunette, nicely built all round; her dark hair cut in an attractive bob style, and is dressed in a purple t-shirt and panties as she too climbs into the bed. The only problem is that there is only the one bed, granted it is queen sized, but at least they are getting along, so it shouldn’t really be a problem. And, they have actually agreed not to hog the sheets from one another, as they have no choice but to sleep in the same bed.

As they are settling for the night – and remembering that they don’t have to be anywhere until 9AM the next morning – Barb rolled over towards Laura. She looked the voluptuous brunette right in the eyes, telling her how appreciative she is that they have been able to work together so well, and that she was definitely glad that she drew Laura as a roommate for the weeklong seminar.

Barb then told the brunette that she is quite glad that Laura stuck up for her during one of the discussions, and would like to show her just how appreciative. Laura is totally clueless that Barb has the hots for Laura, and has been eyeing her beautiful big 36D breasts whenever she can, especially when she snuck into the bathroom earlier and played with herself as she watched the brunette shower.

With that, Barb leaned over and before Laura can react or say otherwise, planted a soft lingering kiss on her lips, and told her, “Thank you for what you said about me today at the meeting, Laura.” Barb looked at the busty brunette, lingering for a long moment to see what reaction may happen, and then removed her lips from Laura’s soft ones, while enjoying the wide-eyed look on her face.

Then she casually rolled over to start reading her own book before drifting off to sleep for the night, and told Laura, “Have a good sleep.”

As the blonde rolled over, she had left Laura perplexed and wondering what just happened. Her mind was racing with all kinds of questions about Barb’s possible sexual advance towards her, or was it just a really friendly kiss?

Laura lay back on her pillow, picked up her trashy romance novel and continued reading where she left off. But she found that she was having some trouble getting her mind off Barb, and their recent surprise kiss. Laura could feel her nipples growing hard as she started daydreaming about pretty Barb in her sexy black lingerie, the nice perfume smell of her, and how soft her lips were.

The brunette has subconsciously let her hand creep down to her crotch, where she started to finger her now moist pussy. She did so very quietly and as discreetly as possible so as not to wake the blonde next to her. Laura dipped a finger inside and found that she is very wet and creamy inside, and all incredibly because of her thoughts about Barb.

She barely stifled a soft moan, and then reluctantly decided to stop before she got too carried away. Finally she leaned over, placing her book on her bedside table, and then turns out the table light, and tried to go to sleep.

As Laura slipped off towards the land of nod, her thoughts were of Barb, how sweet she seemed, how soft her touch was. Unknown to the voluptuous brunette - Barb had also been thinking about her roommate this evening; watching and listening patiently, waiting for Laura to drift off to sleep.

After awhile Laura rolled onto her back in her sleep – Barb waited while watching her voluptuous bedmate as she slept, and waiting to take the tentative first step. Finally after much agonizing indecision, Barb put one hand tenderly on Laura’s upper thigh, close to the bare pussy.

She left it there for a long few minutes to see if Laura woke up, or whatever. There was no movement yet, so she moved her hand so it is just at the top of the pussy, and eventually let one finger stray onto Laura’s clit.

There was astonishingly still no reaction yet, so Barb moved her finger slowly in a circular motion, gently rubbing yet stimulating the brunette’s clit. Barb was getting excited about how far she has gone so far; Laura had begun to very slowly move her hips in response to the finger motions. But she can't just do it like this; she needed to know.

Barb’s middle finger suddenly slides down between the smooth swollen lips of Laura’s pulsing vagina and she push hard up inside her, burying her finger to the last knuckle deep into her squishy heat. Laura gasps softly and the blonde feel the walls of her boiling vagina contract around her finger as she twists and stir inside her, curling her finger, coaxing the wetness out of her. Barb can feel the brunette’s soft thighs shivering heavily and she suddenly pulled her finger away and brings it up between us.

Barb could've sworn she heard a pouting whimper. In Laura’s mind she is having a very good dream about lovemaking; she lets out a soft moan of pleasure in her sleep. Hearing this encourages Barb immensely – after a few minutes of fingering this young brunette, she moves herself slowly into the vee of Laura’s legs, and slowly lowering her tongue onto Laura’s clit. This causes the brunette to moan again; Barb moves her tongue along the clit softly but steadily, further arousing pretty Laura.

After a few minutes Barb boldly – but again slowly – reaches one hand under Laura’s shirt and cups one full breast. Laura was so well built that Barb had practically come while merely laying eyes on the brunette. She loved the look of Laura’s breasts: they were big and ample and firm, the most delicate pink nipples graced each massive breasts.

She heard a soft gasp from the pretty brunette; the feel of how soft and firm the full breast feels really turn her on. Barb’s fingers feel around and then over the now erect nipple, teasing Laura to a sleepy arousal; then she feels Laura squirming in sleepy delight on the bed. Barb can feel Laura beginning to awaken under the loving attention of the tongue on her clit and the fingers teasing her erect nipples.

Before she can change her mind, Barb impulsively decides to go all the way with Laura before she can fully wake up. The blonde removes her hands from the lovely breasts, lifting her head from the warm inviting pussy, raises up onto her knees between the brunette’s open legs, and then slowly lays down on top of Laura. She can feel her own full breasts flatten a bit against Laura’s erect nipples, and then as Laura’s eyes flutter open in surprise Barb gently kisses her on the lips.

Barb lifts up to rub her breasts up over Laura’s and back down again. As she lifts up to do it again she can feel that her nipples have hardened under her thin t-shirt. Instantly Barb’s own nipples tighten and wrinkle, pushing out against her lingerie. Her smile widens as she runs her breasts against the brunette’s again through our tops and Laura gasps softly when the nipples glide over hers as they swelled under her top, reaching out towards Barb’s own wrinkled tips.

Laura's breathing heavier now and a blush has started in her cheeks. Barb can tell she's trying to fight it, to hide the crimson growing in her face. But she will fail. Barb knows Laura wants this. She continues to rub their breasts together, nipples hard and swollen, flicking slowly over each other through thin cotton. Laura’s eyes are closed and her head is turned to the side as she tries to ignore the feelings Barb is causing inside her. But her breathing keeps getting heavier; her mouth has started to drop open.

Sleepily, Laura has kissed her back without fully realizing yet who is paying such loving attention to her. Barb, now being totally turned on by this gorgeous brunette, has opened her own teddy – exposing her midriff – and then slipping a finger inside Laura’s wet pussy. It is very moist, warm, and inviting to the touch – and this encourages Barb to further her advances.

Laura moans as the finger entered her pussy, and then unknowingly whimpered when it is withdrawn. Barb looks down at Laura longingly, telling the voluptuous young brunette, “I’ve wanted to do this since I saw you last night” and then starts French kissing Laura deeply. The brunette manages to mumble between kisses, “I’ve never been with a woman before” and then more kisses are rained passionately on her lips to silence any protests. "P-please," she gasps. "We shouldn't be doing this."

Then from out of nowhere Laura can feel something very familiar, hard yet velvety smooth pressing against her moist pussy lips. She was shocked and yelled, "Holy shit! What are you? What is that?" "I’m the answer to your prayers, Laura," the blonde answered as she moved to her, "And I know you’ll never forget me," as Barb began kissing her nipples to life.

Laura didn’t move but her growing tips told Barb she was not leaving. As the blonde cradled each full breast and sucked each nipple to erection, Laura’s hands began wandering over the breasts and belly as her passion was renewed. Her hands were avoiding the swollen cock, but her kisses on Barb’s ears and neck silently urged the blonde on.

Then she realizes too late that Barb has a very hard cock, and it is entering her pussy with little resistance. Her eyes fly open in alarm and shock while Barb is kissing her; Laura pushes their faces apart, and looking at the blonde with wide eyes, and asking her, “What is going on here?” Barb pauses as she is embarrassed at her true identity, and then replies to the sexy brunette, “I’m a hermaphrodite. I’m a woman all over except for this” and she thrusts her hard cock deeper inside Laura.

The brunette whispers, “Please...this is wrong.... we shouldn't be doing this."

"You like how it feels between your legs?"

"God.… yes... better than I could’ve imagined." This causes the brunette to gasp in delight and shiver all over; Laura is still confused by the turn of events tonight. But as she had found herself strangely attracted to Barb earlier, now she understands why: because of the hard cock. Laura moaned loudly as each inch of cock disappeared inside of her molten love canal, her breathing becoming increasingly labored as she became more turned on. Her expectation of a woman on woman love session had been abruptly changed though her sexual passions were aroused.

After several strokes, the new sensations Laura was experiencing coupled with her initial shock and acceptance sparked an orgasm that completely filled every nerve of her being. Barb continued holding her as she felt the spasms race across her body and fluids oozing from her crack onto the blonde’s swollen meat. A minute later Laura said, "I’ve never felt anything that intense. Can anything be better?"

"The good times are just beginning, Laura. Lay down and enjoy," the blonde answered and we finally separated. Laura fell onto her back but Barb didn’t want to just ‘pump and run’. Rather, she wanted Laura to be in control of her own pleasure though having her on top might just be too much for her first time.

Slowly, Laura felt around the helmet shaped tip then along the thick cum tube along the underside and finally to the peach sized gonads. Her exploration fired her desires once again and Laura began pressing the swollen plum sized tip between her labia. Further her hand pressed until Barb felt the heat of her vaginal opening. Laura’s hips slowly rolled forward engulfing the tip inside her love tunnel as another wave of tremors coursed through her. The psychological barrier was broken! Barb’s hot and thick cock was in Laura’s juicy pussy.

Barb is now slowly pumping in and out of Laura’s wet pussy, making love to her, while Laura is thinking that she should really put a stop to this wanton act. She is shaking now; her breaths are short and heavy. While Laura has been finding herself attracted to some women lately, however she has been unable to act on her feelings, as she is quite shy about it. Barb is quite nice looking to anyone’s eyes, and her cock inside of Laura’s pussy does feel really good, plus the fact that she hasn’t had any sex since her divorce a year earlier.

Laura has finally made up her mind as to the rest of the evening, and asks Barb, “Have you ever done this before? I mean, made it with another woman?”

Barb takes a moment, and then replies, “Years ago when I was 16 I was at a sleepover, another girl and I were fooling around; she was a couple of years older than me. She was kind of built like you are…she ended up showing me how to please her with my tongue…and eventually she found my secret. She became so turned on that she sucked me off twice during the sleepover.”

Laura wondered about what she was just told, and replies softly, “Well, this has never happened to me – ever – but I could get to like it. I mean this isn’t something that happens every day.” Upon hearing that positive encouraging statement, Barb thrusts her hard cock all the way deep inside of Laura, which causes the voluptuous brunette to moan and then wrap her legs around Barb’s middle.

They kiss again as Barb presses her lips into Laura’s now willing mouth as she continues to slowly make love to the sexy voluptuous brunette, making Laura feel excited all over. The thick cock felt better than the vibrator she has, and best of all this cock was attached to a dainty attractive female. Barb sure knew how to use her cock, even if she is a woman.

Laura’s body bucked and she thrust her hips forward to take every stroke as it pumped deep into her wet pussy. In her heightened state, Barb began running her erection in and out of Laura’s slurping pussy as the blonde’s mouth teased her nipples. Laura’s body was writhing and twisting trying to wring every single bit of joy from the thrusting member. Barb kept pounding away listening to her audible grunts and moans as multiple orgasms racked her voluptuous body. Laura’s mind was bewildered by all of the stimulations and her hands moved from her breasts to Barb’s, from her clit to my butt, and their sexual desires were mounting.

After only a few more minutes, Laura is almost screaming in orgasmic delight as she clings to the blonde’s shoulder, her pussy spasming around the hard cock. With a muted cry, Laura climaxed under Barb’s body, convulsing so hard that the blonde had to grab hold of the bed so as not to be thrown off her. The voluptuous brunette threw her arms around Barb, pressing her to her so hard one would think she wanted to melt into her.

Once she had finished coming and Barb has finally finished teasing her with her cock, Laura peels her t-shirt off, as she is feeling hot from all the activity. Barb’s hard cock is still inside of Laura’s sweet pussy, so when the purple shirt is removed, she becomes quite aroused at the sight of Laura’s voluptuous breasts heaving. So she lowered her face down and started sucking and licking the brunette’s nipples, which sends waves of pleasure through Laura, and it starts another orgasmic build-up in the sexy brunette.

Laura is squirming in pleasure under the ministrations of the tongue on her nipples, while Barb continues to thrust in and out of the sweet tight pussy again; this combined action sends Laura over the edge. The brunette cums intensely, with her full breasts heaving in ecstasy as she begs Barb to stop, as she is quite sensitive.

They rest for a few minutes, with Barb still having her cock in the inviting warm tight pussy; they catch their breath, and enjoying the afterglow of their lovemaking. Barb has made a conscious point of not orgasming too quickly, as she wants to prolong this delicious experience.

Laura has become a lot more aroused than she has ever been; she says, “So, would you like me to use my…mouth?” as she trails off, suddenly realizing what she just offered. It is not as if she hasn’t used her mouth before, it is just that she has never used her pretty mouth on someone as unique like Barb.

The blonde looks her in the eyes and asking, “Are you sure?” to which Laura pauses, and then shyly nods her consent. So, Barb pulls herself out of and off of the voluptuous brunette, and sits next to Laura on the bed. Barb asks Laura if she can have a favor of her, asking, “Would you mind if I got something special for you to wear?”

Laura doesn’t see any reason why not, so she says OK; Barb pulls out a gorgeous white see-through lingerie jacket, and hands it to Laura. The sexy brunette admires the white lingerie for a moment, then gets up and dons the lingerie; she loves the feel of the silk against her nipples as she does up the waist tie.

She notices the look of absolute lust on Barb’s face as she faces the blonde while she is standing there; Laura asks, “Do you like how it fits me?” to which the blonde chuckles softly and replies, “Very much so.”

Barb then lays back on the pillows on the bed, still watching the sexy brunette, who then climbs back onto the bed and gets in between Barb’s legs. As Laura grasps the cock she notices that Barb also has a pussy under the cock; she exclaims out loud, “Oh my goodness! Both sex organs? Wow!”

She is still looking at Barb’s crotch area with total amazement as she kneels down and decides to tease the blonde for a bit first. "Most guys get really turned off, so I mainly hit on women," adds Barb. Laura inserted her finger into Barb's pussy as her other hand held up her cock and balls; it felt like her own pussy, and she felt her own pussy getting wet as she fingered Barb.

Laura felt Barb's cock begin to get hard also and she took it between her lips as she fingered Barb's pussy and she heard her moan loud at the dual sensations she was receiving. So on a whim Laura lowers her pretty mouth down over the still hard cock opens her mouth willingly and takes the head of the cock into her warm mouth. She licks all around the head, swirling her tongue around the tip, tasting how her juices are on the cock, loving the feel of how smooth and erect it is as she slowly swallows the cock.

This was kind of freaking Laura out, a cock and a pussy, it was so unreal, but she kept sucking and fingering Barb as she felt Barb's hands close around her head, forcing her to take all of her cock. When she has most of the 7inches in her talented mouth she can hear a groan of delight eliciting from Barb’s mouth. Then after she is at the bottom of the shaft swirling her tongue for a long moment she stops, takes her mouth off, and tells Barb that she wants to change positions so that she is lying down on the bed.

So, Barb moves and Laura lays down on her back, and then guides the blonde hermaphrodite to straddle her breasts with her hot cock, where she then moves the blonde forward so her cock enters her warm inviting mouth again. Laura places her hands on both sides of Barb’s butt cheeks, and starts moving the blonde forwards and backwards, the cock going in and out of her pretty mouth.

Barb is severely aroused by the erotic sight of this young voluptuous brunette, as her cock glides in and out between the full pretty red lips as she is sucked. Barb is happily surprised at the turn of events tonight also, she didn’t think that this would ever happen, and especially not with Laura.

She decides to give the brunette some more pleasure while she is being pleased orally; she reaches behind her and slips one finger inside Laura’s still moist pussy. The voluptuous brunette decides that she can reciprocate also, and manages to slip a finger into Barb’s pussy while she continues to suck the delicious cock.

As the finger moves slowly in and out, Laura is moaning more, with her breathing becoming louder and pronounced, and she has increased her sucking of Barb’s cock. Laura’s grip on the blonde’s butt cheeks has tightened somewhat, as she can feel the hard cock in her pretty mouth enlarging in size. Barb is also panting from the excitement as she can feel her own orgasm approaching; she manages to continue to finger lovely Laura, plus rubbing the palm of her hand against the clit area. Barb can feel Laura’s pussy pulsing as her orgasm begins, with Laura’s breathing quickening as she gulps more of the cock, the saliva escaping from the sides of her pretty mouth.

Then all of a sudden Barb feels her cock swell in the brunette’s pretty mouth; she almost bellows it feels that good of a release as she shoots her hot juices into Laura’s mouth. Barb watches excitedly as the young brunette gulps down the hot juices almost frantically, her pretty mouth milking the cock for all the juices.

Finally when she is spent, Barb is so sensitive that she pulls her cock out of Laura’s mouth with a loud pop, and then collapses on the bed next to the panting brunette, curling into a quivering ball of post orgasmic pleasure.

Laura gulps in breaths until she regains her breath; the unique sight of Barb’s crotch still surprisingly arouses her. She snuggles next to the blonde and holds her close as they continue to relax in the afterglow of their passion – they stay like that for a while.

The two of them find that they are now quite comfortable with each other, and Barb decides to start kissing the sexy brunette again. The blonde finds that she is still very aroused by the feel and sight of Laura’s body next to her own, and she likes it a lot. They both are still wearing their respective lingerie, and this arouses both of them further, as there is an almost magical spark between them.

Barb slowly moves and pulls Laura around so that the brunette is lying on top of Barb as they continue their passionate kissing. Laura is moving her crotch around while she lies on top of the blonde, as she hasn’t had an orgasm yet. She can feel the again hard cock rubbing against her pussy lips, and she is still definitely horny, and this rubbing is driving her to distraction.

Barb can feel Laura’s nipples becoming erect from the stimulation as they writhe around together on the bed, so she pushes Laura up a bit, and then gradually takes one of Laura’s nipples into her mouth. She swirls her tongue around the nipple, loving the feel of it as it grows harder in her mouth, and definitely loving the sounds of pleasure coming from the voluptuous brunette as she does this teasing.

As Barb continues to suck and lick lovingly on Laura’s nipples, she slowly moves the two of them together, and she manages to slide the tip of her hard cock against the entrance to the wet pussy. When she relaxed a bit, Barb moved up and Laura felt her cock slide inside as Barb locked lips with her. She gets Laura to slide back willingly, opening up the pussy lips as she does, and allowing the hard cock to slowly ease inside the delightfully tight pussy.

It slides in so easily; Laura gasps in delight at the size of the cock entering her pussy from this angle – it feels so good to her – then she groans aloud with the pleasure as it slides in all the way. She clenches her tight pussy muscles once it is all the way deep inside of her, and she feels the attractive blonde hermaphrodite flex her hard cock in return.

Barb for her part couldn't believe how tight Laura's pussy was! The head of her cock felt like it was ready to blow off at any second due to the velvety friction that was being applied by the luxurious insides of Laura's pussy. Barb slowly fucked Laura, moving the slick and tight pussy up her cock and down it. Laura pushed down hard on Barb's hard member, allowing the full length to penetrate her tight wet pussy.

Laura can’t believe how aroused and wet she is with this beautiful hermaphrodite. Barb places her hands under Laura’s beautiful big breasts and pushes up so she is sitting upright on her hard cock, and says, “I want to watch you ride me like this as we make love again.” The feel of the brunette’s tight pussy feels so incredible as it milks her hard cock when she helps Laura move slowly up and down her cock.

Laura closes her eyes as she still feels a little bit self-conscious; Barb reaches up and places her hands under the brunette’s beautiful breasts, cradling them as she fondles and caresses them, teasing the nipples again. She thrusts her cock up into Laura, which causes the sexy brunette to moan in delight as the waves of pleasure run through her nubile young body.

Barb starts lifting slightly under the breasts to encourage Laura to start riding up and down the length of the shaft; “god she looks so incredibly sexy bouncing up and down slowly like that.” Laura feels immense pleasure as she is encouraged to ride up and down slowly, feeling the length of the shaft as it penetrates her inner most spots, and loving how snugly it fits into her moist pussy.

After a few minutes Barb asks Laura, “Why don’t you play with your breasts?” and so the young brunette closes her eyes again as she starts fondling her full breasts. Barb keeps her own hands under the beautiful breasts so as to help Laura’s riding lesson; the blonde really loves the smooth texture of Laura’s full breasts.

Barb can feel how close to orgasm she is already, and she doesn’t want to cum so soon, so she slows Laura down by holding her down onto her hard cock, so she can also play with the brunette’s clit at the same time. Laura rotates her hips on the cock in a grinding motion, feeling the head of the cock as it rubs her inside, and then she feels Barb’s thumb gently start rubbing her clit. This sends Laura to an orgasm in short order: the combination of being with the blonde with the cock inside of her pussy, her clit being rubbed nicely – all combines to send Laura into a gulping and convulsing orgasm.

She falls down onto Barb when she can’t sit up any more as she cums, and she lays on top of the blonde gasping and moaning at the intense pleasure running through her body. She only manages a few minutes respite as Barb starts moving her still hard cock in and out of the brunette’s delicious pussy. Laura has no choice after a minute but to sit back up as Barb makes her sit up straight, rocking her back and forth on her cock, enjoying the beautiful breasts as they bounce and sway in her face.

The fact that Barb had both sex organs had to affect Laura because she had a cock, but it felt oh so good and the brunette’s pussy grasped it as it pushed in and pulled out of her and she shook as the feeling of Barb's nipples rubbing hers as they fucked.

Laura is now having increasingly bigger orgasms as she is made to ride up and down; Barb captures a nipple and sucks it while helping the brunette up and down the hard shaft. This time, it only takes under 5 minutes before Laura can feel Barb’s legs shaking under her butt, the blonde starting to tense up, and her breath becoming a bit ragged. Barb tries to hold back, she tries to stop herself from shooting forth a thick stream of jism into Laura’s pussy – but she couldn’t.

Then, without any warning whatsoever, Barb stops breathing momentarily, arches her back and throws her head back as her orgasm bursts from her body. Her cock explodes its juices deep inside of the brunette’s hot pussy, who is also close to cumming; then the feel of the hot juices erupting inside her pussy sends Laura into another convulsive orgasm as she too explodes in delicious pleasure. Laura moans as she falls forwards onto Barb, wrapping their arms around one another as they gasp and moan their pleasure together. Both of them are saying “Oh my god that was so fabulous” at almost the same time.

Eventually they regain their breath, again basking in the afterglow of the stupendous orgasms they both experienced, their bodies still twitching a bit from the sensitivity. Shortly after they have cooled down a bit – with Laura still on top of the blonde, with the cock still in her pussy – Laura comments, “We really should get some sleep, you know. We do have another long day ahead of us.”

So they separate, getting out of bed on shaky legs and going to the bathroom to clean up and wash a bit, and then get some water. They climb back into bed, with Barb snuggling up close to Laura, who is now wondering if she should ever have let it happen. Her body is somewhat satisfied finally, and that provides enough of an answer for the brunette.

As she feels warm and relaxed all over from the lovemaking, she also feels that it was definitely worth it. They fall asleep like that until the alarm goes off at 7AM, but they drift off to sleep again, only to be woken up when they don’t hear the maid entering the room until too late.

The maid is a cute redhead about 23 years of age, dressed in a British style maid uniform, but with black pumps. She is staring at the blonde and brunette as they wake up and notice her looking at them together. Then the maid smiles when Laura tries to cover up as she scurries out of bed; the redhead thinks to herself, “This could be a fun morning after all” as she follows Laura into the bathroom, where she wants to see just how sexy this brunette is….

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