Phil and Mike try gay sex

Phil and Mike were best buddies in school. One day, on the
way home from school, Phil told Mike that he had found some
girlie magazines belonging to his older brother, Jim. Mike was
eager to see them, so they both went over to Phil's house.

Wait 'til you see these, Phil said as they sat in his bedroom,
passing a joint. I caught Jim jacking off the other day while he
was looking at them.

No shit? Mike said, astonished. He was trying to imagine
Phil's cool older brother pulling his pud.

Yeah! Fuck, he really did it, too. I've never seen a guy
shoot that much cream!

Wow, Mike breathed. His cock was already stirring as Phil
went and got the magazines.

Here they are! Phil announced as he dropped them on the bed.
There was quite a selection - Club, Penthouse, Hustler and
several others. Each boy grabbed one and opened it to the

Holy shit! Look at those tits! Phil said.

Ohhh, what a babe, Mike groaned. I'd sure like to get her in
this room. Phil was intent on his magazine. God, I'm getting a
hard-on, Mike admitted sheepishly.

Fuck, I got hard as soon as we started looking at them. Check
this out, Phil indicated the straining lump of his boner.

Ha! Mike laughed, as he leaned over, trying to conceal his
straining lump.

C'mon, let's see what you've got, Phil cajoled. Let's see who
has the biggest bulge. I'll stand up if you will.

Nooo, I don't think so. Mike was clearly embarrassed by the
tent his swollen dick made in his jeans.

Chicken! Phil teased, as he dropped the roach into the
ashtray. Both boys were starting to feel the effects of the
grass. As his attention returned to the magazine, Phil began
manipulating the bulge in his jeans.

Mike watched Phil's hand rubbing over his cock-bulge with some
embarrassment. His own cock was arching painfully against his
pants, so he reached down and tried to be nonchalant about
rearranging his hard-on. The feeling of his hand's warmth
against his covered prick was amplified by the effects of the
weed. Almost hypnotically, he began mimicking Phil's pumping

Could you imagine fucking a chick like this ? Phil asked, his
erratic breathing giving away his excitement.

Oh, man, could I! Mike said, as his horny young mind began
conjuring images of his centerfold girl underneath him.

I'd fuck her all over...cum in her mouth...on her
her pussy, Phil daydreamed.

By now, Mike was at a point where he wanted to go home and
beat off. He could feel a little drop of juice ooze out onto his
tight briefs. He stopped rubbing his bulge.

I bet she'd really get turned on by my cock, Phil said, as he
continued to rub the front of his jeans.

Aren't you afraid you'll cream in your jeans, Phil?

Hell, I do that all the time, Phil said almost proudly. I
even did it in Miss Reynolds' class yesterday! Mike's eyes bugged
out as Phil continued, I did it in my pocket. I just kept
staring at her tits, and pretty soon I just let go!

God damn! I could never beat off in front of Miss Reynolds!
Mike said.

I beat off whenever I feel like it, Phil said as he rubbed the
front of his pants with increasing intensity. And that includes
Miss Reynolds' class.

Mike's hand returned to his jeans. He was hypnotized by
watching his buddy jack off in his jeans. Soon, his hand was
moving as hard and fast as Phil's. Suddenly, that certain tingle
warned him of the closeness of an orgasm. He tore his hand away
from his pants.

I don't want to mess up my pants, Mike complained, his cock
bucking and lurching as he tried to hold back. I gotta walk
home! More clear sauce leaked out of the slit. A wet spot
appeared on the front of his pants.

Nothing's gonna stop me from shooting this load, Phil said,
his hand seemingly wearing away the fabric of his Levis.

But it'll make a big stain! My mom's gonna get suspicious.

Sure, said Phil. My bare hand feels as good as anything. I'll
take mine out if you take yours out.

Normally Mike would never have even considered taking his
hard-on out and beating off in front of his buddy. Wasn't that
queer? But the idea of watching his friend beating his meat
seemed strangely exciting. Phil was already hauling his erection
out through the fly of his pants. It was surprisingly long, with
a big head on the end of his cock, his attention focused on the
glossy pictures

Mike's boner gave a powerful lurch in his pants. He suddenly
realized that the first shot of semen had just sloshed into his
shorts. With that, Mike began frantically fumbling with his
zipper. 'Oh, God, hold on,' he thought. 'Just a little longer...
He ripped open the top of his pant, exposing his white briefs,
his swollen cock clearly defined underneath his wetted
underpants, pulled up his shirt, and began pumping full force on
his shiny wet cock. He immediately began spewing his load of
sticky, hot cum. Wad after wad of sperm landed on his stomach,
his arm, his pants, and Phil's bed.

Phil was rapidly stroking his hard-on as he watched his buddy
cream. Here it comes! Phil said through clenched teeth. His hand
was a blur now, and as Mike shot the last of his cum, Phil
started pumping his abundant load. Most of the arching blobs of
jism landed on his jeans as his cock was drained by his
relentless hand job.

Whew! he sighed when he was through. That felt great! He
glanced down at his splattered jeans. I kinda messed up my
pants, though.

Yeah, I got some on mine, too. Shit, I hope it dries before
my mother sees it, Mike said. You can change, but I have to walk
home like this.

As he passed a box of tissues to Mike, Phil chuckled, You did
it to yourself, Mike.

Mike grabbed a handful of tissue, and began to sop up some of
the large blob, his head was whirling, partly due to the joint he
has just shared with his buddy, and partly because of what he had
just done. Mike had never before exposed himself in front of

Phil was sitting next to Mike on the bed, grinning. His cock
hadn't softened and he continued squeezing out the last of his
cream. Phil loved milking jism from his boner.

Both boys were in a different world when the bedroom door
suddenly opened!

Hey Phil, have you seen my....WHAT the FUCK?!?!

It was Jim! And there sat the two young buddies, cocks in hand
and covered with sperm. They froze.

Holy shit! What's goin' on here? Jim asked in disbelief.

Mike started stuffing his half-hard-on back in his shorts and
pants. Jim grinned. He realized that he now had his younger
brother and his brother's friend by the balls, and he was going
to make it pay out...

You guys been playing with each other? Huh? And where'd you
find my magazines ?

No! I never touched him! Mike protested. What a time for his
zipper to get stuck! The front of his shorts had taken his first
shot of cum and the moist spot was still showing.

Jim walked over to his brother. He reached down and scooped up
the open magazines.

MY magazines, dip shit! Jim was enjoying making his brother
squirm. In fact, he was getting a hard-on. The bulge in his
tight, faded Levi's showed his erection and Phil gave the
bewildered Mike a sly grin.

Hey! Watch it, you little queer! Jim shouted.

Hey, I get turned on by chicks, not my buddies! Jim was
posturing. His cock actually started growing when he realized
that they had just cum together.

I suppose that's a banana in your pants! Phil cracked. Mike
sputtered, stifling a laugh.

Real funny! It seems you're real interested in what's in my
pants, Jim said. He popped open the buttons on his Levi's. Well,
you're going to get a real good look at it now! He reached in and
hauled out his massive erection. It looked to be as big as both
boys' cocks put together.

The boys were in awe. They'd never imagined a cock could be
that big. Mike was beginning to blush.

Pretty big, huh? Jim asked, proudly, as he began stroking his
big dick. Your gonna find out what it means to be a homo.

Fuck off and die, shit-for-brains! Phil retorted.

Jim released his cock and quickly reached down, grabbing Phil
by the shirt.

Phil thought briefly about mentioning the time he saw Jim
jacking off in his room but then Jim eased him down and ordered,
Wrap your hand around it. Phil complied, gently stroking his
brother's cock.

Mike was amazed. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. It
was all happening too fast.

Jim lowered his Levi's down around his ass, and released his
swollen balls.

Phil was becoming fascinated with the feel of Jim's hard-on.
He could feel it throb each time his hand rubbed over the ridge
of the head. His face was inches from it. He could smell the
musky scent of it.

Yeah, that's it, Jim prompted. He looked over at Mike. You...
play with my balls, he ordered sharply.

Mike was afraid to disobey. He scooted over next to his buddy
and began fondling the low-hanging balls of the older boy. The
ball-sac felt cool and hot at the same time.

Stroke it faster!.......Yeahhhh, Jim sighed. He was on a power
trip. He looked down at the two young guys working on his aroused
genitals. He was getting hotter by the minute. He knew that soon
his balls would release their pent-up load. You do that real
good, he said to Phil. I bet you've had a lot of practice. He
knew Phil jacked off a lot, he'd seen the frequent wet spots on
his pants. He couldn't resist rubbing it in. I bet you jack-off
all the time, huh? Ooooh, yeah! That feels great, Mike.

Mike was tickling the underside of Jim's scrotum. He could
feel the sac tightening, and figured Jim was close to cumming.

He was right. Suddenly a spurt of cream jetted out of Jim's
cock, landing right on Phil's cheek. Agggghh! Phil shouted,
letting go of the erupting prick and backing away. For a short
while the cock swung freely in the air, spewing wads of jizz all
over the two seated boys. Jim then grabbed his cock and began
flailing it as it continued erupting. Most of the blobs of semen
landed on Phil and Mike, even as they tried to move out of the
way. More and more sperm shot out of his huge prick.

Nnnnggg! Unnn! Nnng! Jim moaned as his orgasm began to fade.
The globs of jism were now dripping down on the carpet, their
ejecting force diminishing. Finally Jim sighed, signaling that
his orgasm had passed.

The room reeked of cum. Phil and Mike were covered in a
combination of their own juices and those from Jim's over-sized
climax. Both boys were fully hard once more, having just taken
part in making Phil's cool older brother shoot his load.

Well, I hope you learned your lesson, Jim said as he stuffed
his glistening wet cock back into his Levi's. A wet spot appeared
on the material. I don't ever want to catch you two pulling any
shit like this again. And give me back my magazines!

The magazines were piled up and returned to Jim. He left the
room without another word.

Then there was silence. Mike picked up some more tissue and
began wiping up the mess.

Phil sat in shock, motionless. He had never seen that side of
his brother. He wondered what Mike was thinking about at that
moment. He hoped his buddy wasn't too freaked out, but he just
didn't know what to say at that moment.

Mike was the first to speak. Uh...I gotta go...

Yeah, O.K. Phil replied, flatly. Mike stood up. See you in
school tomorrow...? It was a half-statement, half-question - a
reaffirmation that things would be all right between them.

Yeah sure, Phil. Mike was too pre-occupied with the wet
splotches on his clothes to try and figure out what tomorrow
would bring. He just wanted to go home and change. See you

That night was hell for Mike. He had watched two other guys
shoot their cum just like he did almost every night, and he
couldn't get the images out of his head. His cock would tingle
every time he thought about it, and several times it popped into
complete hardness in his pants. It happened at the dinner table,
watching TV with his older sister, while he was doing his
homework, and as soon as he took his pants off to go to bed.

When he climbed into bed, he laid down on his stomach, with
his upright, brief-clad boner sandwiched between him and the
mattress. He automatically began humping his bed as he tried to
imagine what it felt like to squeezed repeatedly by his writhing
body. Mike humped faster and faster. All the pleasurable
ensations began to concentrate in the tip of his cock before he
released his enormous load.

It seemed like the same hard-on was there to greet him the
following morning. That was the second thing he became aware of.
The first thing was his mother, shouting through his door that he
was going to be late for school. One look at the alarm clock
confirmed it. He had overslept! He jumped out of bed and dashed
around his room, throwing on a T-shirt and jeans, and quickly
assembling his books. His hard-on would have to wait.

He got to school in plenty of time. As he walked down the
hallway to his first class, he cursed the fact that he had
dressed in such haste. His hard-on had only partially subsided,
and the clothes he had picked out did nothing to help conceal it.
The T-shirt was too short, and he had actually outgrown the jeans
he was wearing some time ago. His cock was making one hell of a
bulge. He held his notebook in front of his crotch as he entered
his first class.

The notebook came in handy at the end of the class, too.
Although his cock had gone down during the period, Mike couldn't
seem to keep his mind on History. And just before the period was
over the lewd thoughts took over Mike's brain and cock.

This was very embarrassing for Mike. He hoped he wouldn't
have to spend the whole day walking around with a tent in his
pants. When he looked up from his straining cock and he spotted
Phil reaching into his open locker. Mike glanced down at Phil's
pant and was shocked to see a tremendous bulge! The lump was made
even more obvious by the profile view Mike had.

Phil looked up just as Mike got close. Hey Mike, how's things
goin'? he asked.

All right, I guess. Phil noticed Mike's bulge. He looked up
from Mike's crotch. You to, huh? Phil said, grinning.

Mike couldn't help but sh.. me too. His face darkened. But I
can't walk around like this all day! I've got gym class third

Phil nodded. Both guys stood in the school hallway with huge
hard-on bulges, nervously shifting their weight from one leg to
another. Phil was afraid they would attract attention. He got
an idea. Hey, you wanna ditch second period? Phil asked with a
glint in his eye.

Normally Mike would never have considered such a thing. But
he could tell that whatever Phil was planning, it involved
releasing his pent-up load of cum, and softening his demanding
prick. Yeah, sure, he replied.

Suddenly a group of jocks came by. One of them spotted Mike
and Phil. Hey, Phil! Telling dirty stories again? one of them
shouted. Suddenly, all eyes were on them and their embarrassingly
swollen crotches. Phil turned toward his locker and Mike
replaced his notebook in front of him. The jocks all had a
hearty laugh and moved on.

Come on. Phil said, slamming his locker door.

With their notebooks covering their swelling crotches, they
walked along the side of the building. Then, looking both ways,
Phil opened the door to a janitor's store room and ushered Mike

This is where I come sometimes to get off. The guys who use
this room don't get here till later, so I'm never interrupted.
Plus there's always towels and a sink to clean up.

Mike nodded his approval. He was waiting for his buddy to
make the first move. He didn't have to wait long. Phil
practically ripped open his pants, and quickly hauled out his
stiff rod. Mike soon followed suit, and both began pumping their

For Mike, it was a great relief to release his hard-on from
its confinement. His hand worked up and down the sweaty shaft in
the familiar rhythm he used to milk his jism.

There was a burning question in Mike's mind, which he finally
worked up the courage to ask. What was it like to feel Jim's
prick? he mumbled.

It wasn't so bad, Phil replied. It was kinda like doin' my
own, but bigger.

Do you think our cocks will get that big?

I don't know, Phil replied. I just don't know why Jim did
that. Maybe he's as horny as we are!

Both boys laughed. They were standing fairly close together
as they stroked their jutting boners. Suddenly, Phil released
his and began slowly moving his hand toward Mike's cock. Mike
looked at Phil.

You wanna try doing each other? Phil croaked, anxiously
hoping his buddy wouldn't rebuke him for the suggestion.

Mike swallowed nervously. O.K. he said, releasing his swollen
cock. It swung in the air briefly, throbbing with his rapid
heartbeat. Then Mike felt his buddy's hand encircling his most
private member. It felt good. He reached over and grasped
Phil's cock.

The two young guys stood in the janitor's store room, jacking
each other off. Mike was terribly nervous and excited at the
same time. He was worried about being discovered. Phil was
nervous too, but for a different reason. He was worried about
his friend's reaction to his next planned move.

Have any of your girlfriends ever given you a blow-job? Phil

No, Mike admitted. I wish they would. Maybe I wouldn't be so
horny all the time.

It feels really great.

You've gotten a blow-job? Mike asked incredulously.

Yep, Phil said somewhat proudly. Oh, man! You can't believe
what it's like when you've got a hot pair of lips around your
cock, with a tongue sliding around the head.

Mike's cock began throbbing hard in response to Phil's
description. Oh, shit, You keep talkin' about it and I'm gonna
cream all over the place.

I bet you'd give anything to get your cock sucked right now.
You gettin' close? Phil asked.

Ohhhhhh, yeah, Mike sighed, closing his eyes.

Suddenly, Mike felt Phil's cock pull out of his hand. By the
time he opened his eyes, Phil was down on his knees in front of
his buddy, preparing to put Mike's cock in his mouth!

What are you doing? Mike squealed.

Phil looked up at him and grinned. I'm gonna show you what
it's like to get a blow job! And with that, he sank his lips over
almost the entire length of Mike's cock.

Mike was too shocked to do anything to stop him. And when he
felt the warmth of his buddy's mouth over his ready-to-burst
prick, he could only resign himself to the incredible feeling.

Phil had never sucked a cock before, but he remembered some of
the things his girlfriend had done. He began swirling his tongue
over Mike's cock-head. He heard a groan, and figured he was
doing it right. His right hand was busy stroking his own cock,
so he wrapped his left around Mike's. He started sliding his
hand over the ridge of the head in time with his mouth. He heard
another groan from his friend.

Mike couldn't believe what was happening. It almost didn't
matter that his best buddy was down there sucking on his boner.
He had dreamed so often of having his cock sucked, and now it was
happening. The sensations were so much more incredible than he
could ever have imagined, he knew he would soon be ejecting the
biggest load of his life.

Unh! Nnn!...Phil...stop... he gasped. Phil...I'm gonna do

Phil didn't know what cum tasted like, but he wanted to make
it as good for his friend as his girlfriend had made it for him.
He was determined to take Mike's load. He increased the tempo of
his wet stroking. His own cock would erupt soon, and the
momentum could not be stopped.

Mike grabbed on to a nearby table for support. His knees were
getting weak from the tremendous effort of holding back his giant
load of semen. Phil....Oh!...pleeeease....I'm gonna shoooooooot!

Phil grunted. His own first blob of jism shot out from his
prick. It arched through the air and landed on Mike's pant leg.
Just then, Phil tasted the first blob of his buddy's cum shoot
into his mouth. They were cumming together!

Mike groaned uncontrollably when that first wad spurted from
his steely-hard cock. It was followed by shot after shot of hot,
white goo, filling his friend's mouth and causing him to gag.
Mike was too wrapped up in the orgasmic feelings to notice that,
or the fact that Phil was drenching his pant leg with his own
huge load of juice. It felt as though his balls were sending up
every last drop of cum there was, delivering it in huge wads,
each one shaking Mike's frame until he thought he'd collapse.

Phil swallowed frantically, trying to get all of the gooey,
hot liquid that filled his mouth. Much of it, though, spilled
from his lips, landing in splats on the cold concrete floor. The
cum was joined by blobs from Phil's subsiding orgasm, making a
milky white puddle.

Finally, both guys finished cumming. Mike was in another
world, his eyes still closed. He had never felt anything like
that in his life. He knew, however, that his cock would not be
getting hard again for a while. His best buddy had solved his
problem, and had added a new dimension to their relationship.
Mike looked down at Phil.

Phil was waiting to see what Mike's reaction would be after
what had just happened. He was still holding on to his friend's
softening cock with one hand, and his own with the other. His
face glistened with juices as he smiled tentatively.

Mike shook his head in wonderment and smiled back. Phil
grinned and stood up, releasing his hold on both cocks. He
walked over and grabbed some paper towels.

It was then that Mike noticed the dripping mess on his pants.
You better get some more towels, Phil, he said.

Phil turned around and saw what he had done. He giggled.

Both boys burst out laughing. They both realized that this
was the start of a whole new friendship.

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