A Wtf moment

I was slowly started to awake with my body facing down but slightly to the side and hugging a pillow. I could hear music playing somewhere and heard people chattering. My head was spinning and I kept seeing these flashbacks of a dream I must have had. I felt the urge to get up, but that’s when I noticed something heavy had been tossed over my body. It was snoring loudly that it must be a he, also with that much body hair itching my bare-back it had to be a he.

It was then I froze. Wait a second, a he was itching my bareback. When I went to rub the sleep from my eyes, I then I noticed that there was some sort of sticky goo plastered over my face, that cake my eyes. I cleared my eyes and cleared some of my face of the crap.

It was then it dawned on me, that I was naked on an old mattress and with some naked guy on top of me, and snoring into the back of my head like a bear. My ass was tingling and had the urge to fart, when I did, it sounded funny as if I had followed thru. I then started to freak out a little, then I suspected that the cock that was rubbing up against my ass-cheeks, was no stranger to my ass.

I sniffed my fingers that I used to clear my eyes and I knew, what that the muck over my face was, it was drying cum. It made me gag just thinking about it, and when I did gag, my phlegm was mostly made up of cum. I froze in panic and dread, what the fuck happened to me last night and how did I get here?

So with my free arm, I frantically smeared and rubbed the cum from my face. The heavy torso on top of me added to my drama, so I lay pondering in confusion for a while. I started whimpering and reflecting on my life.

Six weeks ago my lifelong girlfriend had succumbed to brain cancer, I was still heartbroken over that and depressed. It’s the first time I have been single since highschool and I’m 24 now. To break the cycle from the black dog of depression, I needed to get my mind busy. So I started going to the gym and it was helping. I still had Wanda Simmons moments, but for those 1-2 hours at the gym, I had gym equipment to worry about.

Even before Wanda died, I still had those dark thoughts but they weren’t so frequent. It’s been like that since, my early teens. Then Wanda came into my world, and she was my world, sexy, funny, adventurous, but now she’s gone. When I was feeling down in the dumps, I wanted to be around people, like now. The odd eye-candy (sexy dressed up lady) helped but was short lived. So I only just started going to the gym and found it less of a stigma, when I went late at night when it was almost empty.

Strange as it may seem, I felt relaxed and in no danger getting spooned by some naked guy. Even stranger is, I think he might have fucked and bred me last night. I realized that now but it’s too late to do anything about it. Also, I think I may have even sucked his cock or someone else’s cock or many cocks, seeing that my face was plastered with cum. I started gagging again, just thinking about it. There was so much cum in my phlegm to be just from one person. My eyes started tear up, I was beginning to have one of those moments.

So what in the hell happened at the gym last night and how did I get here? I remember it was late and doing a workout and then on the bench press. I had my mind on the eye-candy of a desk-clerk and her skimpy clothes she was wearing. I left my gym clothes at home but she let me train in my boxers. I was getting a hard-on just talking to her. My mind couldn’t stop thinking about, even when I went inside the gym part and started setting up my weights. I noticed there were a few more people here than normal. So I had my head looking downwards, when a stranger interrupted me and helped me spot my lifts. He was one of those gym junkies and was built like a brick shit-house, which made me feel intimidated just by his physique. He was like a “Brock Lesnar” or a “Roman Reigns”, and I was like a cruiserweight. He was like an orc at 6’5 to my modest 5’8.

So here I was pumping weights, probably pumping a bit too much above my weight maximum than I normally do. Then he disappeared all of a sudden, and I was left struggling to lift the weights from my chest and neck. The bar was across my windpipe and choking me. I kicked away frantically, struggling. Then some random guy stood over me, with a grin on his face, as I struggled. I remember I got angry with him.

“What the fuck are doing mate,” I said struggled to say a word. He just stared down at me as I turned purple.

“Asshole,” I grunted, with my legs kicking away for the last time before I slowly passed out.

“You’re fucked now, dickhead!” He snickered, and was mixing a powder into a water bottle.

Then everything went blank.

Well, here we are on a mattress naked with this heavy bag of muscle on top of me. I tried to picture who that jackass was from the gym and why my spotter walked away.

I soon drifted back to sleep again.

Sometime later, I felt some movement and it was the guy on the mattress with me, who was now caressing my asshole, with a finger inside my hole. So I started to wiggle and squirm, then the big arm draped over my shoulder started to tighten around my neck. I was put in a headlock, so I stopped fighting him, immediately. He then moved even closer into me, as I felt his cock riding my ass-crack and it was semi-hard. He was built like a wrestler and I was basically in submission hold now. I knew he was capable of picking me up and tossing me against the wall or choking me out. I pondered that thought, while he fiddled with his cock and tried to enter me.

Beyond any doubt, he was trying to stick his cock in my ass. Tears started running out of my eyes, as I reluctantly gave in to him and tried to relax. The first attempt hit a dead end. The next attempt he used something solid enough to jam inside me, and it slid inside without too much protesting from my ass. He fucked me with this object for about a good minute. It left me groveling in humility, and slowly accepting my fate. He slowly jammed the object in and out of me without a care, until I let out a few tiny moans.

“Gotchya,” He whispered into my ear. As he removed the object out of my ass and slid it back in.

“Please, I’m not into, I’m not into guys,” I groveled and moaned. He caressed my neck and sniffed my ear lobe.

“Really, then why are you moaning with my cock up your ass?” I hadn’t realized he had already entered my ass with his cock. He was right, I was moaning more with his cock grinding, deep inside my ass.

I felt embarrassed, I felt ashamed and wonder what the ghost of my old girlfriend was thinking, looking down from heaven. I began to whimper.

“Hush, now, you really don’t want the others to hear you, do you?” He said. I nodded a no. It hurt like hell when he built up a rhythm and stretched my ass even wider. All I did was quietly cry and bite my lip, as he fucked me with my head in a chin lock.

“There, there, it’s not that bad, just relax,” He tried consoling me and caressed my head. It worked as the pain was subsiding a little. He kept whispering nice things into my ear, which was a good thing.

There he was slowly rocking and rolling, in and out, with short jabs. I now accepted the fact, I was getting fucked and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it. The shame and guilt filled me, I just lay there and took it. I thought to myself, “It’ll be over soon.”

It’s was then that it dawned on me, I was being fucked, by a man and deep down this is what probably went on last night. Then why don’t I remember any of it?

Then phase two started to kick in, I began to feel a sensation that made me feel like I was floating, what was happening to me. I began to moan more and started to enjoy being fucked, I no longer felt like a man or worried about being one, I felt kind of girly. My cock also gave up the fight and felt flaccid but also there was a wetness about it.

There wasn’t a shadow of a doubt that I was becoming more complaint and aroused, as I started to slowly rock with each of his thrusts. I was now enjoying it immensely, in fact, the guilty and embarrassment had diminished and was replaced by euphoria. Moans and groans replaced, tears and resistance. Suddenly out of nowhere, I had the feeling like I was about to bust my nuts and orgasm.

“Oh, God, oh God,” I moaned into a pillow.

“You’re coming aren’t you,” He smugly said. I just moaned my answer.

“Oh, God, oh God,” I continued moaning.

“That means I’ve broken you, and that means you’re mine,” He proudly said and tugged on my ear lobe with his teeth. Not only was he biting my ear but biting and sucking my neck.

We were working as one, and who would cum first. He pumped into me a little harder, and harder, I couldn’t hold on any longer and started moaning louder and louder.

“Oh, fuck, oh fuck, you killed me, OH, FUCK, YES, OH, FUCK, God it feels good,” I just lost my load with a cock in my ass. I couldn’t help myself, nor wanted to.

I was still panting and moaning when he exploded inside me. He shot load after load, inside me which had us both collapsing on the mattress in a heap. I was still catching my breath when he released the chinlock and rolled onto his back. In doing so, I felt his fat cock slip out of my ass, as we both lay there huffing and puffing, from exhaustion.

Once he had broken me, I made no attempt or motion to leave.

Before we went and started round three, I wondered what Wanda thought about me, now. This time I wasn’t resisting, this time I was almost eager. He slid his cock inside my cum-filled ass and started backing in and out, quite slowly. I could hardly feel it going in. My body was working with him, as opposed to against him, this time. A tiny bit of me, still felt embarrassed that my manhood had given up so easily, that I allowed him to fuck me again.

There I was seeking that level of ecstasy again. As the sweat from our bodies gelled us together, I was on all fours on top of the mattress. He fucked me fast and hard for a brief period, with me moving in unison with him. By now he knew I wasn’t resisting and I was loving it now. He placed his hands on my hips and caressed my lower back, as he slammed in and then out of me, again and again. The pounding had begun, and I was a willing participant and enjoyed getting bred.

His large muscular shape and big cock slammed into my gaping ass. I don’t know what broke me, was it his fat cock pounding my ass, or him nibbling and whispering shit into my ear. No matter what, I was into it now.

“You’re mine now, and you now will love taking cock inside your shit hole, is that true?” He softly said, I just moaned. He was trying so hard, not to alert the others, I think he wanted me for himself.

My head was spinning and my flaccid cock flopped around with pre-cum dangling out. He had a grip on my hips and was fucking me harder and harder. I had my head down and my bum up, and moaning and biting into the pillow. The noise of his balls slapping against me masked the sounds of my moans. I swore I heard the door open briefly.

We fucked all morning. He had me in several positions, I couldn’t believe how many times I orgasmed from getting my ass fucked. Each time he cum inside me and withdrew, I could feel how open and sloppy my ass felt. While we recovered between each round, I fingered the cum from my tender ass. My ass was throbbing.

When the rest period was over, back inside my ass his cock went. I felt my ass muscles clamp around his cock, as he went about pounding more cum into my ass again and again. Each time our bodies convulsed together, I was in ecstasy. I must have cum a dozen times, this morning. My cock felt numb, and my ass felt like it had gone to sleep, as we both drifted off to sleep.

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