First time blowjob

This happened when I was 18. I was sleeping over at a friend's house with 3 other guys. We were all the same age and went to highschool together. We spent much of the night playing pool, watching TV and listening to music. I do remember playing pool with Roger at one point in the evening and him asking me if I was a sound sleeper. At the time I didnt think anything of it and told him yes I sleep through almost anything.
I think it was around 2 AM when we all went to sleep. We were sleeping on air matresses in the family room. Roger, myself and 2 other guys. I was off to one side of the room with Roger between me and the other guys.
I have no idea what time it was but I woke up sometime before dawn laying on my back. At 1st I didnt know why I had awoken but within a few seconds I felt a hand gently rubbing my cock over my underwear My jeans were unbuttoned and my zipper was all the way down. I do remember I went to sleep with my jeans on and fully fastened. The fireplace had made the room warm and I had been sleeping on top of the covers.
As I felt these fingers slowly rubbing my now semi-hard cock I was shocked and didnt move or make a sound that would indicate I was awake. My mind was racing and I thought maybe I was still asleep. It was so dark in the room that even with my eyes open I could see nothing at all.
Roger was positioned over me and was continuing to rub my very hard cock over my underwear. Within a minutes or so he started using one hand to open my underwear and the other inside my underwear directly on my dick. For some reason I didnt think of stopping him, I became curious to see what he would do. It didnt take very long at all for my member to hit it's full 6.5 inches and maybe more. After a few minutes of this rubbing it was feeling very good. All of the sudden I felt something warm and wet enclose over my penis and a wave of pleasure washed over me, he had slid my cock into his throat right down to my balls!
He began to slide his mouth and tongue up and down my shaft, flicking the head as my cock with his tongue as it came out of his mouth, I was in heaven and was trying hard not to make a sound. At this point I tried to slightly move my body to the left so he would have easier access to my now throbbing dick. I guess I wasnt thinking because when I shifted he quickly stopped what he was doing and laid back down.
I was thinking I had screwed this up, there I was lying in the dark slightly on my left side with my now hard cock half sticking out of my underwear. After a few minutes I was wondering if I should just whisper to him to keep going, just at that point I felt his right hand lightly push against me, he was trying to see if I was awake! Of course I didnt make a move or sound which gave him the green light to continue.
Now my crotch was tilted towards him which gave him better access. I soon felt his fingers opening my underwear and that wonderful warm wet sensation on my cock as he slid it back into his mouth. My cock had gone semi-hard but within seconds was back up to full attention. He was really deep throating me now, sliding my cock deep to the balls and back out. Gradually the tempo became faster and he was actually moving my body, I think he was so into it he forgot to care if I was asleep or maybe he knew I was awake, to this day Im not sure.
After a few minutes of this awesome head I was getting I began to feel that building tension in my balls. He slid my cock out of his mouth and was pumping me with his hand. I began to feel like I was going to blow my load soon and was worried about the mess it was going to make (I know that sounds weird). I let out a very soft moan which I guess he correctly interpreted that I was close because he immediately wrapped his lips around the head of my cock and jacked my off with his hand. Now I was past the point of stopping this orgasm and felt the cum spurting into his mouth, somehow I managed to keep quite quiet as I had the best orgasm of my life (to that point anyway) and spurt after spurt went right into his warm mouth. In the silence of the room I actually heard him swallowing.
After I finished coming he sucked my cock for another minute or so, at least until I was only semi-hard and then slipped my underwear back up and zipped up my jeans.
I just layed there with my head spinning wondering if I was dreaming or what. Eventually I went to sleep. In the morning I could hear Roger get up, he was talking with one of the other guys. I pretended to be asleep until after he left because it would have been too weird to act as if nothing happened. I did see him at school on Monday but pretended I knew nothing (it was still weird) and we never spoke about it. He and I were just casual friends back then and really didnt hang out much before or after the event.
I just wanted to share the story as I get hard thinking about 27 years later. Hopefully you enjoyed it and if it's any good Ill write some more true experiences.

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