Dirty secrets

I tossed my bag on my bed as I rounded through my bedroom door. I had just finished my college classes for the day. Looking around briefly, I noticed that my room was clean and I definably didn't clean it.

"Sam!" I called out, calling my friend Samantha whom I shared an apartment with.

There was a moment of silence.

"Your cars here, I know your home." I called out again, stepping back through the door and into the hallway.

I still didn't hear a reaponse. I walked down the hallway a bit to her door. Slowly I knocked.

"Sammy?" I called again.

"Hold on!" she called. Within seconds she came to the door, opening it.

Her hair was wrecked: all twisted up. Her make-up was smeared and she appeared to be majorly tired.

"Yeah?" she spoke. Her words were a little slurred. I think she was drunk.

"Already Sam?" I asked, smiling at little. "A little early to be drinking isn't it?"

"Chris came over." she grinned a goofy smile.

"Ahh" I nodded. "And you cleaned my room..."

She giggled. "You know how I get after I fuck." she spoke so casually about it.

I shook my head. "Sam, go get some rest. You'd never talk about this so... opening sober."

Once again she laughed. "Prude. Is that why you never get laid?" she made a thrusting motion, but almost fell due to her drunkenness. I had to hold her steady.

"I have a girlfriend, I can't just fuck any girl I see." I corrected her.

She nodded. "Well your girly friend don't put out much!"

I blushed and pulled Sam back into her room. "Nighty night time Sam." I announced as I guided her to her bed. She climbed in with a little help from me and near instantly passed out.

I shook my head when I felt my cock growing in my pants. Samantha was right about the fact that Jamie, my girlfriend, hardly ever wanted to have sex. It was because of that fact that I found myself with a constant urge of horniness.

I loved Jamie and because of that never once cheated on her. Though often times, when Samantha was drunk she'd make a pass at me. I always shrugged it off. Samantha was attractive, long light brown hair and big brown eyes. A fit body with what I guessed was a B36 bra size. She was 18, just a year younger than me.

I've had fantasies of fucking Sam. I always have had them since High School. Samantha and I have been close friends ever since 9th grade and it's always stayed a friendship. We never took a step beyond it, which personally I didn't mind. I don't feel for her in such a way. I love her like a sister, that is, a sister I had dreams of fucking.

I left her room and walked right back to mine. Inside I grabbed my laptop from my school bag and plugged it in, setting it on my desk. I seated myself confortably in my desk chair and opened the lid to my computer.

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my now hard cock. My left hand gently stroked it as I clicked away loading up a porn site. I loaded up an image of a girl, it was a amateur self taken shot. It showed the girl standing in front of a mirror with her camera; completely naked. One hand holding her camera and the other with a finger up her pussy, though it wasn't easy to see that second detail without examining the shot closer. She was 18 according to the site, however her looks and appearance could of passed for 16 any day.

I was stroking my dick fast and hard, but suddenly I felt my mood shift and I decided I didn't want to look at the girls picture anymore. Suddenly, instead I found myself imaging a cock in my mouth.

"Gah" i muttered silently. "I wanna talk to gay guys today."

I exited the site and loaded up a chat program. I entered a chatroom that focused on my local city, that was targeted for gay guys and lesbians.

Ocasionally I would go to these rooms, since I was a little bi-curious. Ever since I was 16 I came online to talk about my curiousity. When I was younger, I talked About meeting them, though never followed through. The same situation followed me to this day, though I knew I had no intentions of actually meeting anyone. I just got off thinking about what we'd do. Then sign off after I cum.

It was nearly an hour before I finally found someone who was willing to jerk off for me on cam. I rubbed my dick watching him for awhile. I was getting into it, but heard a small creak noise behind me. I spun around in my chair quickly and saw Samantha standing there with her mouth gaped open slightly.

"Holy shit, you want cock?" she spoke slowly staring at me.

I stared back, my hand still firmly placed on my dick, though I wasn't stroking anymore. Instead my body was frozen. I knew I was just caught.

Caught by my best friend of 5 years. She discovered my dirty secret.

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