Forced to change my life

I am a young guy in my late 20's not tall by any means and lest say
40 or 50 pounds overweight. I had a good life but it all came a major
change when one night when I meet a guy at a bar. I was at a school
overnight outing and the group of students I was with were in bed and I
decided that I needed some adult conversation. We talked a while and he
said, this is getting too expensive to drink in the bar would you like to
go up to my room and share a bottle up there. I did not see a problem with
that and said sure, so off we went. After we had another few drinks we
start talking about things that our wife's did not do in bed and he tells
me he be happy to give me a blow job if I also would return the favor. I
have to admit I did play with one of my best friends when younger and we
played with each other when we had sleep overs. But we stopped in a few
years and I never thought anything more about it.
So here I am very drunk and horny so I say why not. We were
both very out of it so all I remember is both of us on the bed sucking each
other off and even slightly more but it was hazy. I left around 2am in the
morning and when I woke up the following day I did not see the guy around
the hotel. I did not think twice about what happened and the truth is I
wish I was not as drunk as I was maybe I would remember some of the fun we
had. I did get up and took my normal dump and for some reason my ass was a
little sore and when I flushed the bowl I saw what looked like cum in
there. I did not remember letting the guy fuck me but as I said I was very
A few days went by and when I came home from school my wife
greeted me at the door and she did not have a smile on her face. I asked
what was wrong and she took me into the study and there on my desk were a
few pages of pictures of me in bed with the man and showing me on my knees
sucking his cock and also some of him fucking my ass, One I have no idea
where it came from, but was me on the bed wearing a bra and panties and him
sitting on my chest feeding me his cock. I thought back on the night and
did not remember doing half that stuff.
Then I tried to figure where he got my email address from and
remembered that I always carrying a card in my wallet with my personal
information and email that I can give to a friend if required. The wife was
not happy about this and I tried to talk to her but she kept saying so you
want to see what it feels like to be a pussy slut. She was angry and said
for me to sleep in the guest bedroom until she figured out what she wants
to do. At this point I figuring divorce but I have a feeling she has
something else in mind.
Two weeks pass and the school year ended and I have a full 12
weeks off starting in the next week or so. What was supposed to happen was
me and the wife would take a cross country trip so I asked what are we
going to do for the summer break, she said she had something else set up
for me. When I asked her what, she told me just wait you will find out. The
days went by and when it was getting to the start of summer break, she had
told me to make sure I was home after school and there was someone she
wanted me to meet.
I was wondering what was going on but I just did as she
asked thinking maybe she had some marriage or sex canceling set up and then
we get back to normal. When I got home the wife told me to dress in my
normal attire a T shirt and pair of shorts, then an hour later the doorbell
rang. There was a couple there that the women was a big women and the guy
was also very big but not fat more like a line back for a football
team. They seemed OK but had no idea where the wife had met them. Then the
wife came out and talked to them both and said do you think you can work
with him. I sort of was uneasy about this and was about to say something
and the guy told me to shut up you fat little cock sucker, I sort of stood
there shocked.
The guy said let?s sit down and have a drink and we will talk
about this. We all sat down and the wife and the other women brought over a
few drinks I had one sip and was out. They may have talked about it but I
was not awake to hear anything that was said. The next thing I remember is
I was awake getting up from a cot in a basement room with no windows and a
very solid door.
The room looked like a work out room done in an early prison
style if there is such a thing. I will still a little bit light headed not
sure what they slipped in my drink, but it sure knocked me out. I forgot
one small detail I was totally naked and the room was on the cold side and
the only thing in the room that resembled clothing was a little fir outfit
that looked more like a bra and panties. I started waking up some and was
getting nervous over my situation. I called out but no answer for a while
then I saw a small computer screen on the side and on it was a message that
said the following.

In case you are wondering why you are here it was decided by
your wife, She said that if you wanted to suck cock and get fucked by men
then you need to know how to be a good cock sucking slut. This is no longer
your decision you made that when you decided to be that man?s bitch, and
because of that you will now learn how to become what you desire, a cock
sucking pussy man.
I saw that I could reply to this and I said what if I do not want
to.... The reply came back in that you no longer have a choice you will do
what you are told or you will find the living conditions will be very
unpleasant and to say the least and you will get very hungry.
I replied back saying I am not sure I am willing to agree
with this, then there was no reply but I started feeling cold air blowing
into the room and before long I was freezing. I tried to put up with it a
while but it was just getting colder, so I gave in and replied OK I will do
what I need to do.
Then there was a reply, first put on the outfit, I did even if I at
first thought it looked silly but I did it anyway. The cold air stopped but
it was still cold in the room, I then saw a message that I was to get on
the tread mill that was in the room and start exercising, they would
control the speed and the time. I did what they asked and found I felt
warmer. I have to admit it has been a good while since I had done any
exercise but the speed they set was OK. But after a while I was getting
tired but I heard over the intercom to keep going. I was then told that as
part of my training I would be required to lose some weight. The reason
behind this was because my wife had told them that I had told her that a
sexy girl should not have extra fat on her. And since from my actions I
wanted to be a sexy girl.
Then a man?s voice came on and said that one of my big problems in
being a slut pussy was already handled since there be no problem hiding my
tiny cock. I stayed on the treadmill till I felt like I was on my last
ounce of stamina but I forced myself. I was then told to get off and I was
allowed to sit down in front of the screen. Then a window came up and
showed a girl but she had a cock but other than that she looked very much
like a very sexy girl. Then she was joined by a well hung black guy and she
was taking his cock in here mouth and swallowing his big cock. I then heard
on the intercom that this was part of my training and I will be soon
learning to do the same. I watched the screen for a good while and watched
as this she man took load after load of cum into her mouth. I guess I could
not hide the fact that my little cock had gotten hard and was sticking out
of the fur panties. I knew they could see me because they told me we can
see you are turned on by sucking cock. I could not even try to say I was
not, I was then told to get on the exercise bike that was also in the room.
I did but I realized there was a bump in the seat so when I sat on it was
rubbing my hole giving me almost a massaging effect. I then stayed on that
for say an hour and by then the temp was a little warmer. I was being
trained that if I did what I was told I was treated a little bit
better. After that I was told I would be getting my food and to go to the
door and kneel down and my food would be given to me.
I did as told and when I did a few minutes later the trap
door was opened but instead of a meal I was looking at a guy?s big cock. I
hesitated a few seconds and was told if you want food you need to suck his
cock first. Not that I have not done this before so I just did it. The guy
lasted a while and then I felt him shoot his load into my mouth and I just
took it. Then he pulled out and gave me a tray with food but was all things
that you eat on a diet. I eat the food and drank the water and at least I
was no longer was hungry.
I was then told that I was required to drink at least 8
glasses of water a day and the way I would do was explained. There was a
toilet in the bathroom, and attached to it was a dildo, It was an add on.
I was then told to take it in my mouth and a flow of water started flowing
into my mouth and had to hold it there till the water stopped. I was then
told that there would be a buzzer that would alarm and when it did I was to
stop whatever I was doing and get my water that way. I was also told that
when I did have to go take a dump that the same thing would happen and the
dildo would enter me and clean me out and even after that I was still
required to use the dildo as a straw. Then I was told that any slut has to
learn that after a guy fucks your ass you need to be willing to clean his
cock up.
I was now thinking to myself that that I was being very much of a
sub but back in my mind I was enjoying it. Maybe being treated like this I
would get to lose some weight and who knows what they may have me do next.
This treatment went on for almost a 2 week my muscles were sore
because I was being told to get on the treadmill and the bike a few times a
day and for longer and longer periods. As an added benefit in my mind at
least the bump on the bike had gotten bigger and when I got on I was told
to move the string that was on the panties and let the object enter my ass.
I was also pleased to find that the faster I peddled the more it would
vibrate and I find I pedal so hard and so fast after a while I be shooting
cum without touching myself. I was told I needed to lick it all up, the
only problem with that is it would land on the floor and I had to use my
tongue to clean it up.
As far as cum goes I was getting more and more whenever my food
would arrive I have to suck a guy off before I could eat and there were a
few guys and some just really came a lot.

So now it been two week and I am for some strange reason I felt like
my man tits where getting bigger and a lot more sensitive. At first felt it
was because as part of my training I was now sucking cock while the guy was
in the room and one of the ways I was told to do it was to lay on a bench
that was in the room and lean my head back and the men would feed me his
cock and always play with my nipples by squeezing them and pulling
them. But I was unsure of that so I asked my captures what was going on,
they told me part of my transition was they were giving me female
hormones. So it be normal for me to start getting tits just like the girl I
wanted to be.
I was also weighed on the 7th day I was there and found that I
had lost 10 pounds. I knew my waist was getting smaller because they
changed out the panties that I was to wear, when I wore anything and they
were a smaller size. But I was told I was not losing fast enough and I be
put on an all protein diet. I was thinking that I was just going to get
stuff like slim fast, I was so wrong. I found out fast the following
morning when I woke up and did my exercise and was getting ready for my
meal, as normal I was already in position on the bench getting ready to
take down another guys load of cum then I be given my food. But today the
guy came he was different then the guys before him a lot younger I say it
be pushing to say if he was even 18. But I did as I was told laid my head
back gave him a good position to feed me and swallowed every drop. Then
when he left his load his cock was replaced by another one and then again
repeated and then another, after a while I lost count I think I just sucked
off 10 guys and told that was my meal.
I then started my video training I was watching all these boy
girls being used by men and seeing how a good girl should act. After the
second week with only a cum diet I had lost another 15 pounds. I was
visited by the women who was at my house, as I said she was a big girl but
there was just something so sexy about here maybe even trashy, but she just
gave the impression she liked sex. She brought in some clothes and had me
try them on and even a few wigs and showed me how to put on makeup.
While she was there her husband or whoever the guy was,
had me get on my knees and suck his cock while I was dressed like a
girl. The women told me how to suck cock without getting my blouse dirty. I
had to make sure I swallowed every bit of his cum and that was a lot. By
now it was lunch time and I was still on my protein diet, and I had to get
on the bike and ride for an hour with the dildo in my ass making my ass
hole stretch so it be a better pussy for the real men. Then I walked on the
treadmill for an hour by now I was very hungry, I realized that I was
getting to get the same as I did for breakfast a whole lot of young guys
using my mouth as a pussy and filling my belly with sweat boy cum. I was
not sure but there may have been an extra boy or two this time. I then went
back to more video training see films of boy girls being raped and forced
to do all kinds of stuff and afterwards they explained that they should
love it since that was there place in life. Any man if he asked would be
able to use them to service them and the girls should be glad they were
able to take care of the men.
I then started my before dinner exercise which was even longer
then the first two sets and also had to work with stretching bands to shape
my stomach and ass and my chest. The same diet as all day except for dinner
I had a line of man with really big cock fuck my mouth forcing me to
swallow them deep and when they were ready to cum they force it down my
throat so the cum would go straight down to my belly.
I had taken then all but the first guy who had feed me came back
and told me to turn over and bend over the bench, and proceeded to fuck my
ass. He came close to coming but stopped waited then fucked me more then
stopped again then he told me get ready for desert. I then got on my knees
took the cock that was just in my ass, swallowed it and waited for him to
give me that cum.
I was really getting into this I just wanted to please the man
so much. He shot his load in me and I felt like he just going to keep
coming. His cock was pulsing and I felt string after string of cum enter my
mouth. Then finally he was done I made sure I cleaned his cock very good
and he told me I was getting better. This went on for another week I was
more than getting used to the cocks feeding me, I was looking forward to it
and I was told that if I put more effort into my exerciser buy increasing
my speed they would add an extra boy or man to every meal, crazy as it
sounds I just needed it and added a lot more speed and they rewarded me by
adding two more guys at feeding time. The third week went by and on the
scale I had lost 20 pounds that week so now I was down a total of 45 pounds
and my stomach was a lot smaller then when I started.
I was being provided with sexy panties and bras and some dresses
that showed off my firmer ass and my tits were looking more and more like
girls tits. Also my nipples were getting longer from the men pulling on
them as they fed me my meals. The week had ended on a high note and
instead of being forced to do stuff, I was happy to do it. I guess the
final test was when the women who had been teaching the art of dressing and
makeup. Also showing me how a girl sucks cock instead of the rough way I
had been doing it and said I was coming along just great. With that she had
me all dressed up in a sexy outfit and I had make up on, not say I was
totally passable but I looked good. I was taken out of the room I was kept
in and there were a few people there a few sexy women and some hot
guys. Also I saw that my wife was there, I went over to her but she sort of
pushed me off a she grabbed hold of a big guy and said to me you go find
your own guy, I know that is what you want. Then she whispered something in
the man?s ear that she was holding on to and next thing I know the man and
his friend come over to me and tell me to get on my knees. Not sure if it
was the training or the desire but I did just what he asked and the man
opened his pants took out a big cock and feed me it as all the people in
the party looked on. The other guy told me to get up and while I was still
sucking off the guy he had me leaning over he pulled up my dress pulled my
panties aside and slid his cock into my ass. Not sure what was going
through my mind but I did not care everyone was looking even my wife, as I
was a slut for these two guys.
It did not take long before all of the other guest started
striping and cocks being sucked and I was surprised to see that some of the
girls that looked really good had a cock hanging from them. Before long I
was not only sucking the man's cocks I had tasted a few of the girl?s long
clit as I was told to refer to my cock now. After a fun night I was
returned to my room, I was no longer locked in but I wanted to learn to be
a real women so I was not leaving. The forth week went pretty much the same
as the last week and I was still losing a lot of weight, I was down lower
then I was when in high school. My waist was smaller and it was making my
ass to look more and more like a girl?s ass.
I been getting new outfits and the girl who was showing me was almost
like a girl friend to me after another week had gone by she told me to get
ready in a sexy outfit, a wig and makeup and she took me to a bar a ways
out of town, as I said she was a bigger women with big tits and a few of
the bigger guys liked that type of women. By now I was starting to look a
lot younger and a lot more like a girl then man.
While we were in the bar a few men were hitting on us both, they
had bought me a few drinks and with the fact I have not eaten anything but
cum for the last few weeks I was getting drunk fast. I had to go pee and
not sure what I was thinking of and I let my training go and walked into
the man's bathroom. I went to the urinal and was going to pee then I
realized I had on a short skirt.
The guy next to me realized what was taking place and he called
attention that I was a man in drag. Before I knew it they had my skirt down
and my little clit was out and they were thinking of beating on me, when it
was decided if I wanted to dress like a girl I should be used like one. By
now the girl who brought me in who knew the guys said use her like you
like, but do not leave any marks. For the next hours I was fucked by every
guy in the place and also sucked off most of them. I say if I wanted to
feel like a slut pussy felt like I was getting a good idea. By the time I
left my man pussy was dripping cum, my legs were filled with dry cum that
had dripped out and I drove home in the passenger seat leaking on the car
I had been fucked long and hard but I say I did enjoy it. I
realized I had to have cum so when I woke up in the am I had the biggest
desire to have as much cum as I could pumped into me. The wait was driving
me crazy. I had my normal start of the day two hours on the exercise
equipment and a string of guys who I sucked their cocks to get my feed.
I have to admit I was making sure that I got every ounce of their cum
from there balls before they were allowed to pull out of my mouth. Then
after that I was told to dress in this outfit that was a sexy pair of
running shorts and a tight blouse that would show off my new set of tits
that I had grown. Since I stopped eating food that was laced with
hormones. I was getting a shot every day that helped my tits grow with a
side effect that my cock had gotten smaller and softer as time went on.
When I got to go out as a girl the women would tape up my cock so
you could not really tell I had one. I was then driven out of town and then
the car stopped in the middle of nowhere and I was told to run along with
the car to my lunch location. I was unclear what that meant but I knew I be
doing some running.
After about 2 hours at a good pace I saw a ranch off in a
distance, I have to admit it had been 7 weeks since I started this
training. I had a slowdown in the weight loss but my body was changing, I
found I had no trouble running for hours my tits were a good size even for
a girl and my ass was nice and firm. Wearing the right outfit I could pass
off for a girl and even my hair was getting long enough that it looked like
a girls hair cut just a little on the shorter side.
The women had also been working with me to have me sound
more like a women. So here I was running up on to this ranch, I figured
that I be stopping there and servicing off the cowboys working there. I be
happy if they also fucked my boy pussy just as long as they stopped when
ready to shoot there load, and use my mouth for that.
But as we got closer I saw a sign that said county boy?s ranch, I
realized this was a school for boys who were in trouble with the law but
were sort of given a second chance. When we stopped outside the office I
was met by a few men who were cancelers instead of guards. They brought me
in and the truth is they thought I was a girl. As I said the stuff that was
given to me to make me more like a women also had a side effect of making
my man parts smaller than they were before. So if I wear something over my
cock if anything it look like a tampex pad. The women who was in charge of
my training introduced me, as the places new nurse. The guy who was in
charge just talked directly to her and said is she aware of the special
requirements. The women just told him you do not have to worry about that
this place is a perfect fit for her talents.
The guy in charge even with a few other guys in the room just said
we will see. He opened his belt slid down his pants and displayed a really
big cock. My reflexes kicked in and I was on my knees sucking his nice big
cock, before long he was shooting his cum into my waiting mouth. He made a
comment looks like she does enjoy cum, great she will have plenty of it
After that the other guys did the same till the last guy he had me
turn around and he shoved his cock up my ass. That is when they noticed I
was a special girl. From what they said they did not care as long as I
would let anyone in the ranch fuck my mouth or ass.
After I took a load from each of the guys we sat down and I was
explained my duties. I was to be the new nurse in this camp, I would live
there and had a room behind the nurse?s station. I was required to do minor
first aid, and anything more would be handled by one of the workers there
who was a trained EMT. My biggest job was the following, if a boy who was
in this place was considered to be on good behavior he was allowed to come
to the nurse?s station for a problem such as a hard cock.
I was then to handle the situation anyway I wanted just as long as
the boy came out relived. I asked how many boys would that be and was told
there were 45 boys that were allowed to do this from the ages of 15 to 17
years old. There were also some times when the workers would come in but
not as often. I had one other job it seems the guys who worked there liked
to have some of the young trouble makers suck there cocks. If really bad
they fuck the boys just to show them that they were in charge.
So part of my job if told was I have to show the younger trouble
makers the right way to suck cock and teach them how to take a big cock up
there ass. I asked the guy in charge how many loads a day will I take. I
was told as many as 50 or so, but if there was too many I was allowed to
ask a worker to bring in one of the boys in training and he would do some
of the boys. I could also decide if my mouth was sore to let them fuck my
ass just as long as there cock was soft when they left.
I was unaware that all my stuff had already been packed and some of
the boys had carried it into my room. I was to be living here for as long
as I did my job. I also was taught something else we all have to do our
share so when the boys brought my stuff in, I was to thank them by the only
way I could, so I took the first few loads of boys cum with a lot more to
come in the next few days and weeks.

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