Guapo Tony was really good looking, about 6 foot 2, lots of muscles and tattoos, shaved head – totally fine! I could tell when he saw me sitting there, a young Caucasian sissy with crossed legs and high heels, that he was not disappointed in what he saw. I was nude and I knew that the way I had my girlie legs crossed was a big turn on for men! He reached his hand out and fondled my tits. "Want a blow job?" I asked him. He didn t answer, just stood there squeezing the bulge in his athletic shorts. I reached out my dainty little hand and gave it a squeeze. "Mmmmm!" I exclaimed – "Nice and HARD!"

He pulled his hardon up over the waistband of his shorts and I stood and bent over to kiss it. He was standing in the doorway, still in the corridor, and we both knew that there were several people in the arcade. But I sucked his cock anyway – I didn t care WHO saw me! After a couple seconds he stepped into the booth, closing and locking the door behind him. I sank to a naked legs spread squat between his hairy legs and began to suck his cock good.

He pinched my nose – HARD – while I was blowing him! Being Caucasian, I ve always had this guilt when it came to what my race did to black people. And ever since I can remember, my sexual fantasies revolved around being subservient to black men! Don t get me wrong, I know there are a lot of cute buff white man out there, but I ll take a handsome nigga any day of the week! He had his middle and index fingers crooked back and was using them to pinch down hard on my nose. I hurt but – I just wanted to serve him. He began fondling my bare tits and started pinching my nipples. It felt good for a minute, but then the strong fingers began taking bits of the flesh of my breasts and pinching on them – and that hurt like hell! I stopped blowing him and put my small hand on his: "It HURTS, honey, " I whined.

He slapped my hand away and grabbed my jaw in his hand, squeezing down hard, his handsome face twisted in anger. "You keep your fuckin hands DOWN on the floor, where they belong, faggot!" He yelled. You do that again I ll knock your teeth out of your ugly face! Got it bitch??"

I nodded submissively, disgusted at myself and what I had become. He thrust his big cock back into my mouth and began really pinching me hard this time. I was twisting in agony, the pain was so bad. But I knew I had to submit to this brutal man and obey him completely.

Then he reached his hand back and began feeling my bare buttocks. "Stand up, sissy boi!" he said, grabbing my arm and pulling me up. When I was standing he turned me around and began running his hands over my bare legs. "Fuckin SILKY!" he exclaimed – just like a bitch!"

I was standing facing the video screen and I heard him taking off his clothes, and I knew he was gonna fuck me in the ass. And I wanted it – BADLY! I wiggled my bare ass. "Gonna fuck me, Daddy?" I asked him over my shoulder.

"Hail Yeah!" he said, and I felt his big black body come up against mine, his big hard cock pushing between my legs. I reached back through my thighs and grabbed his throbbing cock, giving it a tight squeeze near the base, and he groaned loudly in a****l pleasure. I took it in my fingers and guided the head to the mouth of my pink anus, and stiffened in pain as it pushed it into my fuck hole. I was greased up good because 5 other guys had fucked me earlier, and I shivered in pleasure as I felt all 9 inches of black pork sausage slide balls deep into my guts. He leaned forward and leaned on me, his sweaty chest up against my bare back, his big muscular arms reaching up under my skinny arms, his hands cupping my tits. I felt his hot kisses on my neck and back as he began fucking me. What if my Filipina wife Dani could see me now? I was thinking. Her white husband, naked in lipstick and high heels, being fucked in the ass by a gorgeous black man, whimpering submissively, like a WOMAN?

Petite Filipina wife Dani, naked with black bulls! The men have her in a motel room and are ganging up on her! She went there with her negro boyfriend, and was surprised to see several of his patnas there too. Her boyfriend told her if she loved him she d do his patnas too. She didn t want to lose him so she complied. She got gang banged and they used their cell phones to videotape it. A month later she missed her period, and now she is pregnant with a swollen belly, afraid to tell her white husband that the baby she is carrying is probably black! And who knows which nigga is the baby daddy??

When I was still married to Dani, and still in the closet, I would have these intense crushes on men I worked with. I would mask my true feelings – for a couple of reasons – for one thing I didn t want anyone to suspect that I was a queer, and also, I didn t want to scare the guys off. I was really in denial at the time, but one thing I learned was: you simply can NOT hide what you are! No matter how hard you try, your true nature will leak out. That s why everywhere I ve ever gone in my life, the suspicion that I was a faggot always was there – even when I was still married to my sexy Filipina wife Dani!

Of course, at home I was a secretly crossdressing ladyboi behind my wife s back. Eventually having a sexy wife wasn t enough! I wanted to live vicariously through Dani, so I began to subtly encourage her in the direction of having a boyfriend. The idea came to me when, during one of our sex sessions, she mentioned that it wasn t uncommon for married women in the Philippines to have a boyfriend. The very idea sent thrill waves all over me! I see now that even then Dani realized that I was not the man she thought I was when we first married. My wife Dani was a gorgeous sexy girlie girl – she needed a handsome, fucking, MAN – not some small, plain looking, distinctly pussified bitch excuse for one! Dani looked so sexy in high heels and short shorts, and I actively encouraged her to wear them whenever we went out. I noticed that a lot of men checked her out, but it was the black men that had the most outward reaction to her. They are so BOLD! Some of them hit on her right in front of me! They d come up and talk to Dani, and look at me, but I would just smile a goofy smile and avert my eyes – the last thing I wanted was to get punched out – right? They knew I was a cuck anyway.

I d met Dani at an online Asian dating site when I was 26. In retrospect it was a huge mistake. I was a virgin when we got married, but I had been crossdressing since puberty. In spite of that I lived in denial regarding my sexuality. Even though my sexual thoughts and fantasies revolved around me having sex with other men, I had kept that from happening, although I had come close to crossing the line a few times. After an online courtship, a visit to the Philippines to marry Dani, and a few months of paperwork, She got a green card and joined me in the U. S.

As might be expected, our sex life got off to a rocky start. Dani was a couple of years younger than I – 22 – but she had been sexually active since puberty, and in fact was working off a contract in a South Korean brothel when we met, something she was very upfront about, and it was part of the reason I was attracted to her. Being a cherry, our sex was awkward at first, but after a few days we were fucking several times a day. Dani was way out of my league. She was super pretty, overtly sexy, and a real girlie girl! I m a small, slightly built, plain little white guy who rarely gets a second look. Dani and I are both talkers during sex, and she would tell me about the different men she had been with, and I found that these stories fascinated me, and quickly became the focus of our sexual encounters.

"Fuckface, " a cute Caucasian sissy in a prison cell gang raiped naked by hard black bounty, turned out as a prison "woman, " forced to prostitute for a black pimp. A black C. O. walks through the cell block, looking through the bars. In the dim light of a cell he sees a naked white punk on his knees, giving a black man seated on the toilet a blowjob. Guard shakes his head in disgust at what the white sissy is being forced to do behind bars. But whites need to fuckin PAY, and this is one way to do it! The only Caucasians in those barracks were the Queens – sissified white punks who were assigned there to keep the tensions down – and nothing helped to ease the tensions in a prison barracks like sexual release. Young slightly built Caucasian sissies were going for prime dollars. The warden let it be known that the only thing that kept these black inmates from being restless, was white pussy – which came in the form of cute, young, effeminate white sissies.

Cute white sissy, naked except for a very short bath towel wrapped tightly around his ass, laughs and wiggles his way down the cell block, shaking his blonde curls, tempting the horny men in the cells with his smooth white body. "Want me to suck you, mista? Fix you up real good, honey man!" the unwholesome little homosexual whispers as he slinks by the open cells. "Want me to come in, honey? Make you feel real good, sweet man!" The hot little prostitute whispers.

He knows he has to make some money for his man, or he ll be taken into the laundry room for the ass whipping he ll never forget! Angry black pimp! Caucasian sissy, begging, pleading for him not to hurt him, tied naked, to a pipe, a pair of jockey shorts stuffed into his mouth, being beeten with a bundle of coat hangers tied together and wrapped in electrical tape. The queer is screaming in agony, but the sound is muted by the soiled jockey shorts that have been stuffed down his throat. This is his punishment for not making the quota his Man had set for him. That s the rules; you make the quota, or you will get a beeting from him. After that, sissy put some HUSTLE in it. The little bitch had bruses all over his legs and ass, a fat lip and an eye all purple and swollen shut, but he hustled just like any pimped out whore on the streets.

The law would keep an eye out for any fresh faced Caucasian punk they saw, and if he was alone they would arrest him for vagrancy and get him sentenced to the County work farm. They looked for teens mostly, the younger looking the better. And if they were minors – which they often were – they d put it s age down as 18.

Runaway Keven picked up by the cops at the bus station at midnight. If he thought they were going to send him back to his mom, he was sadly mistaken. They booked him into county, took him before the judge before noon, and had him out at the work farm by 1 p. m.

At Intake they took his street clothes and issued him a jump suit and jelly shoes. The corrections officer took one look at him and shook his head. "One ready for transit to the Quarters, " he said into his radio.

The old guard took Keven in his jeep and they drove about a half mile into a rural area. He pulled up in front of a group of barracks and they got out. A large black man in a jump suit ran up to the jeep. "Got a new one for us, boss?" he said, smiling obsequiously at the guard, who handed the man a clipboard and told him to sign for the new inmate. Keven felt nervous. The black man was leering at him and making kiss faces. He was smiling but there was no joy or kindness in the smile. It was the smile of a predatory anamal.

Ok, " the guard said to Keven. You go with Johnny. Good luck, k1d. After that cute, sissy Keven was sold into prostitution, and renamed: "Fuckface. " His pimp shaved his head and tatted his smooth white body all over – including his face! One of the white whores in the prison had all of his teeth pulled out by his black pimp, because the pimp said that, " those gums made his mouth feel like cunt. "

Initially Fuckface s transition to prison life was brutal. He was beaten mercilessly, raiped, tattooed, and forced to prostitute by the black man who had purchased him. Like anything, eventually the young whore acclimated to his situation, and strutted around the barracks naked in lipstick, soliciting men for sex

When I went through puberty, my sexual feelings became extremely intense. All I could think about was sex! I had grown up being regarded by everyone as a sissy. Not that I played with girls or dolls or anything like that, but I was small and weak for my age, and I had a complete aversion to contact sports. I was very uncoordinated for one thing, which caused me to swing a baseball bat in a feeble wild arc – like a girl! Also, even prior to puberty I had sexual feelings and would often have a hardon in bed – usually because I was picturing various girls I knew naked, and I was keeping them captive. Another thing that really stands out from back then was a religious booklet I received from a relative, that pictured the stations of the cross, and the illustrations were very lifelike – like paintings. And what really caught my eye was one illustration in particular, that of Jesus, almost naked, tied to a post and being whipped by a Roman soldier. At that point the relationship between nakedness and v******e became inextricably entwined in my brain. Jesus in the picture had a beautiful naked body, and looking at it, thinking about it – made my prepubescent penis so hard! Looking at Jesus, naked and screaming in agony, made me SO fuckin HORNY!

A few years later I began seeing porn, and the pics of the naked women made me so hot! One night I was naked and masturbating and it came into my head to pray to Satan, to make me a girl. I promised Satan (PLEEEEZE, Satan!!!) that I would serve Him on earth, and suffer for eternity in Hell – if he would turn me into a woman! After I came I brushed it off and sort of forgot about it, but right after that I began secretly cross dressing, wearing my mom s lipstick and high heels. I d look at my smooth body in the mirror and jerk off at my own image, because I looked like a female.

Then something weird happened: my mom s boyfriend Dave moved in, and he brought his dog with him – a big black Rottweiler named Brutus. One afternoon, when Dave and mom were at work, I was lying in bed, masturbating naked, and I heard a noise. I looked and it was Brutus. He was staring at me intently, occasionally licking his chops. I called him over and he came to the bed and jumped up with his paws on the bed. He began sniffing near my penis and when I tried to shoo him off, he growled menacingly. I was frightened so I let him sniff me all over. I looked and he had a bright pink hardon coming from the black fur between his legs. I got off the bed and got down on the floor on my hands and knees, and immediately Brutus tried to clumsily mount me. I reached down and squeezed his cock, and put my bare ass out for him. He began licking my asshole and he jumped up on my back, lunging with his hips, trying to mate with me! I let him get on me close and I could feel his cock poking at my anus, and then it went in. It hurt because the entry was really v1olent and his cock was really rigid. His hairy body was heavy and he had me like a bitch underneath him. He began fucking the shit out of me, and it felt so fucking GOOD! Now I knew what it felt like to be a bitch – to be dominated by a male! I knew even then that what we were doing was terribly wrong in the eyes of society, but I reveled in being this male s female! I wanted to bear his litter! Brutus and I began having sex everyday after that, and it continued for almost a year, until mom and Dave broke up and he left, taking Brutus with him. I was heartsick for weeks.

My human first lover began showing me how to whore. I was very young, and prior to meeting Jose, the only sex I d had was either masturbating and when I was having Brutus fuck me. Jose was older than the rest of us guys, and I noticed right away that he seemed to like me. I d turn and catch him staring at me, and he d quickly look away. I knew that Jose had done time, that was part of the reason we young guys liked to hang out with him. He was just a cool guy. And honestly, I began to have a secret crush on Jose. He was cute and really buffed out, with LOTS of tattoos on his beautiful hard body!

We began hanging out – just Jose and I – and we got pretty close. I began spending a lot of time at his place, and one summer evening while we were watching porn, he said it was hot, and he just stripped off to his jockey shorts. I kept stealing looks at his hot body, and then he took his cock out of his shorts and began stroking. Suddenly, I compulsively reached over and grabbed his big cock next to the base, and squeezed. He looked at me without saying anything, and I leaned over and sucked his cock right there. It only took a couple of minutes to turn me into a full blown homosexual! When he came he cupped his hand on the back of my skull, and when I tried to draw back, he kept a firm pressure on my head, and I gagged as I felt the hot liquid spurt into my throat. Gradually he released the pressure and I pulled my head back, his still hard cock sliding out of my mouth. I sat back up on the sofa next to him, the light of the television the only illumination. Neither of us spoke. We continued watching the porn and then I noticed that Jose was hard again! "Take your clothes off, Keven, " he said.

I stood up and stripped off. When I was nude, he reached over and I felt his rough calloused hands cupping my bare buttocks and running up and down my bare legs. "Fuckin sissy!" He exclaimed. "You d make a killing in the joint, " he said, pinching my small cock.

"But … HOW?" I laughed nervously.

"By having a body like that!" He said. "Are you k**ding me? You fine as fuck, girl!"

I giggled. "But I m a guy!" I protested

"The fuck you ARE!" Jose said. "You d be a straight up broad in the joint! Make some man a lot of money!" He patted the sofa next to him, and I sat. He pulled me close and leaned in for a kiss. My head was swirling as our lips met and I felt his tongue snaking down my throat. His strong arms encircled me and he crushed me in his embrace, our naked bodies meshed together. When I got up he whistled, the way men whistle at hot cunt. "Man! Ain t a fuckin HAIR on that ass! Look just like a bitch! Go get that tub of Vaseline in the bathroom! That s it, baby – walk sexy – like a girl!"

I began walking in short mincing steps, wiggling my hips as I went to the bathroom. The vaselino was in the medicine cabinet, it was half empty and there were some pubic hairs stuck to it. I went back into the living room and as I got near he reached out, cupped my bare buttocks and pulled me to him. "Open it, " he told me. I obeyed and he stuck his middle finger in, coming up with a nice healthy gob of grease. Then, with one hand he spread my ass, and I felt his finger at the mouth of my anus. It felt weird as it penetrated me. He worked it good for awhile, pushing it in knuckle deep, then adding his index finger, then his ring finger. As he did this I leaned forward and we began kissing and making out – making fuckin LOVE!

"Fuck me, Jose!" I blurted out – "I want you inside of me! Want to be your woman!?

"Get on the couch, " he said. He stood up and I knelt on the couch, my ass out. "Mmmmm! PUTA!" He exclaimed, using both large hands to spread me out. He got up behind me and I felt the head of his cock touching the meaty anus and he began to push, slowly but insistently. "Relax, baby, he said, relax your ass muscles. I did like he said and I felt the thick piece of beef slide up into my rectum! I was whimpering in a mix of discomfort and sex. When he was in balls deep, his pubis meshed up against my buttocks, he took me in his arms from behind, his hands all over my bare tits and belly, his mouth, biting, nipping and kissin on my bare back – and he fucked me – hard. You could hear the sweaty slaps of flesh against flesh, the moans and whispers of a couple making love, the whimpering bitch, sighing in submission, the deep bass voice shouting out in pleasure as he shot his cum deep into my guts! OH! YOU FUCKING FAGGOT! I thought to myself as his face rested on my shoulder, his dick still buried in my ass hole!

Slowly he eased his still hard penis out of my fuck hole, and I jumped off the ratty couch to kneel naked at his feet. He put that messy cock in my mouth, and I hungrily licked and nibble the mess off his cock.

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