A quick oral encounter at the restroom

I walked into the cubicle in the gents, knowing that
there was a gloryhole on the side wall of the toilet.
The cubicle next to mine was also now occupied, but the
gloryhole was blocked up with toilet paper. I pulled
down my jeans, gave my cock a quick rub to wake it up
the pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet.

I could just see through a little gap between the toilet
paper in the gloryhole through to the next cubicle. I'm
always nervous at first when I visit a gloryhole, as you
never know who is on the other side.

Getting closer to the very small gap between paper and
hole I could see skin, it was the legs of the man in the
next cubicle. Looking down his leg I noticed he was
suited up, shiny black shoes and, to my surprise, he was
wearing a lovely pair of white lace panties.

My cock at the thought of a man wearing lady's lingerie
started to rise, and all of a sudden a shiny black shoe
approached me from under the cubicle wall. Tapping on
the floor I started to slowly tap back with my foot.
Then, the toilet paper that was blocking up the gap was
removed to reveal a slender looking body sat on the
adjacent toilet.

I could now see his cock, throbbing at the thought of
what was to come. Then I realized he could also see
mine. So I started stroking it slowly, his cock was now
getting even bigger. He stood up from the toilet, pulled
his trousers and his panties further down his legs and
approached the gloryhole.

I tapped on the hole between us, and, without any
hesitation he eased his cock through the gap. His cock
looked even bigger now it was pushed fully through the
gloryhole. I grabbed it, licked the head of his cock
then slowly started to run my hand up and down his
shaft. The faster I wanked him off the more his cock
jerked with excitement.

Opening my mouth, I got closer to his cock, kissed the
end then let it fully enter my mouth. It felt and tasted
so good. It was so big I couldn't get it all in, even
though I did try, gagging at one point but trying not to
make a noise so not to alarm anyone else in the gents
that day.

The more I sucked the warmer my mouth got, and I could
feel his juices starting to fill my mouth. I pulled his
cock from my mouth and slowly wanked it until, all of a
sudden he came all over my face. I tried to catch his
cum in my mouth but most of it went on the side of my
face. His cock looked so sexy covered in his own cum. I
licked what I could to clean up his cock, as he pulled
it back through the hole.

He gestured through the gloryhole that it was my turn, I
stood up and placed my cock through the hole, the next 5
minutes were magical, I don't know what he did with my
cock but it was the best orgasm I ever had.

As soon as I came, and whilst reflecting on what had
just happened, he was gone. The cubicle was empty.

I quickly replaced the toilet role to cover the gap that
was the gloryhole, readying it for its next victim. And,
a moment later, I too was gone...

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