Caught Red Handed

So, there I was sitting in the back room of the bookstore wondering what the hell was going to happen next. Just moments before the owner of the store had led me to the room and told me to wait there. I was shitting myself.

My day had started pretty normally, morning wank, something to eat and a couple of jobs round the house for mum. My plans for the day were to go for a bike ride to the mountain bike park in the next suburb, most weekends were spent there. It was a good 45 minutes away; I was young and full of energy so it was a great warm-up.

‘Closed for maintenance’, my day ruined and with no other plans I slowly rode to the local shops. I noticed a bookstore and decided to head in and see if there were any decent magazines to browse to kill some time. As I looked round the shop I noticed a sign right at the back, R18. I wanted to go in there even though it felt wrong to do so, it’s not like I could buy anything.

I looked round the shop and could see the owner behind the counter, head down and busy. I quietly made my way to the curtain covered door, a quick check and he still looked busy. I ducked down under the curtain and round the corner and I was in. Magazines lined the walls stacked with magazines featuring naked woman on the covers, I made my way round the room and saw something different. Naked men, naked men with their cocks out, naked men holding each other. My head was spinning, I had seen porn before but never gay porn.

There was only one problem, all the magazines were covered in plastic and I wanted to see what was inside. That’s when I decided to do it, I’d steal one of the magazines. I randomly grabbed one and shoved it down my pants, I didn’t even notice the owner walking up behind me until his hand was on my shoulder

“What do you think you are doing?”

Was he going to call the police or mum? I was in trouble and knew things were about to get a lot worse. It was a good 5 minutes before the door opened again, in he walked straight to a cupboard at the side of the room opening it up and grabbing 3 or 4 magazines. He pulled up a chair and sat opposite me

“You know that you that you can’t just take something without asking or paying for it?” I nodded my head.

“If everyone just took what they wanted there wouldn’t be this book shop” again nodding my head, this is when his tone changed

“Did you like what you were looking at?” I couldn’t answer, frozen not wanting to admit I did. He handed me the magazines

“Open these up and have a look through” I did as he said, excited and scared quickly flicking through the pages of the first one, naked men posing with their cocks out some soft and some hard. The next magazine had men together, naked kissing, sucking each other's cocks another picture of a man putting his cock in the other guy's ass. I had slowed down carefully looking at the photos, taking it all in. I had seen porn before but nothing like this. He stood up and sat next to me on the couch, right next to me, opened up another magazine and placed it on my lap. His arm reached around me pulling me in close, with his other hand he turned the page and there was a young slim hairless guy on his back with his legs over his shoulders being held up by a much older man. The man's cock was half way inside the guy’s ass, his mouth open wide with the tip of another man's cock in his mouth.

“You like that don’t you son?”

I didn’t answer but I did, my cock was rock hard.

“I know you are hard right now”

Again silence

“Stand up now”

I got to my feet with my back turned

“Turn around”

I slowly turned around, my pants sticking out in front of me not hiding my hard cock at all. He reached out and groped my cock through my pants, I shivered and must have let out a small moan as he chuckled.

“Now you have a choice, you can go now and never come back here or you can take all your clothes off and let me show you how good it feels to be like that guy in the magazine”

I stood there not knowing what to do, not knowing what was going to happen, he made the choice for me. Letting go of my cock he stood up, as he did he pulled my t shirt up over my head one hand went down the back of my shorts and grabbed my ass roughly the other hand pulling my head back.

“You want to be with me don’t you son?” As I opened my mouth to try and answer his head tilted down and mouth was over mine. His tongue pushing into my mouth as I opened wide for him, he was right, I wanted to be his.

There I was half naked with a man old enough to be my dad fucking my mouth with his tongue, his hand on my ass pulling me into him. It was all too much, I shuddered as I felt a rush through my body, I was cuming and cuming harder than I ever had before moaning into his mouth as I filled my undies with cum. Without stopping he turned me round and layed me down on the couch, pulling off my pants and undies. My hard cum covered cock was soon in his mouth sucking me as I my body twitched my cock over sensitive after just coming. Moving off my cock he licked down to my balls, taking them into his mouth for a quick suck. His hands grabbed my legs and pushed them over my shoulders opening up and exposing my tight little hole. My balls popped out of his mouth as I looked down catching his eyes. “You’re going to love this son” his tongue ran down my crack slowly over my ass, jolts shot through my body, he licked round and round my hole, then another lick over my hole, each time his tongue touched my hole I moaned loudly, teasing me.

“Please lick me” I groaned.


“My ass, please lick my ass”

“Pull it open for me” he ordered

I grabbed my cheeks and pulled my ass open, he smiled

“You’re a good boy” in a low growling voice

I moaned as soon as I felt his tongue touch my hole, licking it, pushing harder and harder. His tongue started to push inside of me, opening me up getting deeper and deeper. I could hear him grunting as he fucked me with his tongue, as he fucked my ass with his tongue. I don’t know how long he was down there but I was his, so turned on he could do whatever he wanted to me. His tongue pulled out of my ass and was quickly replaced by something harder and longer, pushing straight inside me. His mouth was back on my cock, his finger inside me pushing in and out. I felt something inside me get touched by his finger making my body tense up and I let out a very loud moan. He kept pushing on that spot until I felt myself cuming again but this time it was more than just my cock, my whole body went stiff as I cried out loud and pulse after pulse shot through my body as I filled his mouth with cum.

I was fucked, seeing stars and my body limp. His finger pulled out of my ass as he stood up over me pulling his cock, looking down at me naked ass still spread and mouth open panting loudly. His finger on my lips pushed into my mouth pulling it open, grunting as he wanked faster. I sucked his finger before he leaned over and pushed his cock into my mouth as he shot his load filling my mouth with cum.

“I’m going to have fun with you son” was the first thing he said.

I slowly got up and got dressed. We had a quick chat about this being our secret and when I come to the bookstore tomorrow, I should see him first instead of sneaking out the back.

I rode home thinking about what had just happened and I swear my cock was hard the whole time. I was already planning my trip back the next day, my only worry was how to hide my cum stained undies from mum.

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