Pimped out toyboy

I visited Ivan at his apartment on a regular basis. It would always start with an invitation phone call from him, when he was horny. Sometimes I was busy and said 'no.' I had that much control, but when I was in his company he was definitely the one in charge.

It had been half a year since that first night when Ivan had taken advantage of my drunken state.

By now, I had no problem with the arrangement. I'd been guilty after the first night. And sore. I wanted to forget it. I was embarrassed that I'd done sex stuff with a man. If any of my friends found out I'd die. But I couldn't forget it. And I began thinking about how some of it had been quite nice.

Slowly, over a few weeks, I started to wonder if I'd enjoy another round with him. It became a regular jerk-off fantasy. But my shame stopped me from contacting him and I thought that was the end of it.

Then, one evening I happened to run into him by chance. I was sober this time and we were chatting and he somehow got me to admit that I might be interested in playing a second time. He took me to his apartment and patiently helped me overcome my inhibitions. I'd experienced an evening of intense sexual pleasure in his hands and I learned a lot about myself.

I discovered a combination: I find my ass is very sensitive and I get highly aroused when I am touched there and, emotionally, I like to be somewhat submissive. Once I got over the taboo of homosexual acts, that combination made me ripe for Ivan to take full control.

Now that I'd had practice, I loved feeling my ass being stretched by his hard member and enjoyed how I made him cum by pushing back against his thrusts or straddling him and grinding down onto his erection.

One position he most enjoyed was with him on his back. I would slide myself down onto his cock facing away from him. That way I could reach down and fondle his balls as I rocked myself up and down on his cock.

It was his idea to do that so I knew he liked it. He told me it was so he could look at my sexy bottom, which thrilled me.

Whenever we went at it that way and I stroked and gently squeezed his balls while he fucked me, he would cum very hard. His hands would reach out to grasp my hips and he would buck himself hard upwards against the cheeks of my ass. His cock went deep as he came inside me. I loved how it felt.

It was clear that he never allowed himself to be penetrated. He wasn't afraid to touch my cock. He'd play with it and stroke it and suck me off but when it was time for fucking he was the one on top. Except when I was on top... riding his big cock. I didn't care. In a straight relationship I was more assertive, but as time passed with Ivan I found myself more and more subservient. I liked the switch in roles. In a perverse way, it excited me to be a sex-toy for this older man. He had found and exploited something in me that I hadn't known was there.

He asked me to dress a certain way for him. Short cut-offs and tiny underwear. He asked me to grow my hair and he made me shave what little pubic and body that hair I had. Even under my arms. I was totally smooth for him now. It made me self-conscious to be with girls, though. How could I explain why I was completely shaven? So I didn't date girls any more, once I started shaving for Ivan.

One evening he called me and invited me over.

When the phone rang I was masturbating, thinking about getting fucked and thinking about taking his cock into my mouth and how it felt when he would take mine in his fist and jerk it fast and rough until I came. It wasn't a romantic thing with Ivan. It was all about the cock.

I had been at home alone and hadn't seen him for over a week. Our understanding was that he always instigated our sessions. I could only say yes or no when he phoned. After all he was the top. I'd been getting impatient, waiting for his call for days. Wanting to get fucked.

So I was for sure available, as soon as he wanted me.

He said I should make myself clean and smooth and come over when I was ready. I went straight to the shower.

After I washed myself completely, I took my razor and started on my armpits. Lathering up the left one, I then took the razor to it and in a few strokes made it as smooth as silk. The right one I needed more care because I am right handed but soon it was the same. Then I started on my pubes.

I took the lavender soap Ivan had given me and rubbed it directly against the slight stubble that had grown above and around my penis and on my balls.

Then, taking my cock in my hand to keep it out of the way, I started making razor strokes upwards from the root to the point where no hair grew. Soon my belly was devoid of any trace of hair.

Then I took care of the area at the top inside of my thighs. Leaving only my balls to shave.

By now - as always happens - my cock was hard as a rock and standing straight out. I was proud of how big my erect penis looked without pubic hair around it.

I stroked myself briefly but I wanted to save my cum for later.

Gently stretching the skin of my scrotum I carefully shaved away the small amount of regrowth. The soapy slickness of my cock and balls let me feel where I had missed a couple of spots and once I had them done I was ready. Completely shaved or naturally smooth all over my body. When I turned off the shower, the water on my smooth skin dribbled downwards like rain on a window.

I toweled myself dry and dressed as I knew he would like me. My underwear was from a catalog of lingerie for men. It enclosed and constricted my cock and balls. By the position that the material enfolded my genitals, they felt exaggerated and prominent; lifted and pushed forward. Nothing at all covered my ass. It made me feel sexy and a little feminine. Which was fine, since I was going to be fucked like a girl before long. I slipped on a pair of shorts over the silky briefs and a t-shirt above. That was all I needed, it was a warm evening in the city.

After a short cab ride to his apartment I was soon being buzzed up.

I was surprised, when he let me in, to find that he had a guest. He introduced us and went to fetch some drinks.

This visitor was an older gentlemen. Ivan is already about ten years older than me, this guy had to be in his 50s. He said "so you're the young man I've been hearing so much about".

I was shocked. This was the first time anyone else had been there and I sure as hell hadn't told anyone what I'd been getting up to.

I guess Ivan had been telling tales.

I excused myself and went into the kitchen. "What the hell?" I said and he told me he had been talking about me with this new man and saying how good it was to fuck me and the man had invited himself over to see what the big deal was.

Ivan asked me... no... told me to please be nice to him. He was an important music producer and could be a great business contact.

"How nice?" I asked. But I already knew the answer.

He put a beer in my hand and said I should bring one out to 'our' guest.

He looked up as I entered the room with his beer and I took it over to where he was sitting. As I stood next to the side table and placed the bottle down, I felt his hand touch the back of my bare leg.

"Silky smooth... I like it" he said.

I straightened up but I didn't move away. That was all the invitation he needed.

His hand slid up my thigh and reached the cleft at the base of my ass cheeks. I felt his fingers slip up inside the hem of my shorts. "come and sit on my lap, baby" he said. I did as I was told.

So far my experience of sex with men had been one person. That person was now drifting quietly into the room and watching as his business acquaintance started to make love to me.

The old man's hands were both on me by now. One stroking gently between my thighs as I sat there on his lap, the other caressing the bare skin of my back as his hand had found its way under my t-shirt. He fidgeted in his seat and it was clear that he had an erection. What was also clear to him was that I did too. He touched my package through the fabric of my shorts and looked up at me and smiled.

"I think you would be more comfortable without those clothes, sweetie" he said.

I stood and pulled my t-shirt off. My hair flopped back down almost to my shoulders and as I leaned slightly to take hold of my zipper it fell across my face.

From where he was sitting, I must have looked very feminine.

I pulled my zipper down and allowed my shorts to drop round my ankles. Leaving only the silky pouch underwear. "Oh baby, that is so exciting" he said and reached out and touched my bare bottom. "What a beautiful, sexy ass." I turned and bent over slightly and leaned my ass towards him.

I felt a hand snake up between my legs and start to caress my cock though my lingerie and, as I stood there presenting myself to him, I heard him undo his belt. And then heard his zipper being drawn down.

The hand on my cock and balls was pulling me towards him, so I backed myself up until my bare ass as only inches from his face.

"So sexy," he said, again. "I want to fuck your sexy ass."

I felt his lips and tongue against my bare skin as he started to smother me with kisses and then felt his tongue exploring between my cheeks.

I looked up and saw my friend watching us. He nodded his encouragement. He was rubbing himself through his clothes as he watched.

He was getting off on having me service this possible business colleague for him. Getting aroused from having me be his prostitute.

And I was aroused myself.

I was allowing myself to be pimped out by my friend for the sexual gratification of this old man.

I felt his tongue delve deeper into my ass crack and then find the opening to my anus. He pulled me harder against his face and this allowed his tongue to enter my hole. He pushed in and then withdrew, pushed in and withdrew. Fucking my ass with his mouth. Then I felt it leave my ass and he said "Turn around".

I turned and he pulled down my briefs. My cock stood out hard and big and he leaned back in the chair and told me to stroke it for him.

As I stroked my hard cock he stood to pull off his trousers and underwear. Then he unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off as well.

I continued to stroke as I looked at his body.

He was in pretty good shape for an older guy but what I was most interested in was his huge penis.

It was at least two inches longer than Ivan's, and fatter. He stood facing me and took my cock in his hand and told me to do the same for him. As we stood facing each other, stroking each other, he put an arm around my neck and pulled my face to his.

In all the time I had been with Ivan, he had never tried to kiss me and it had never occurred to me to kiss him. We had just been having sex. But now this man put his lips on mine and started kissing me firmly. His lips opened and I opened mine to match him. I felt his tongue enter my mouth and he moved it around.

Exploring. It was so erotic.

He held me tight and continued to stroke my cock as his tongue fucked my mouth.

I felt more penetrated by this than all the times I had been fucked in the last few months.

I came.

My cum shot out and covered his own cock and my hand that was gripping it. It dripped between us.

Still he stroked my cock and still he frenched my mouth.

Eventually the shudders that racked my body subsided and he let go.

He sat back down and told me to come back and straddle his lap, facing him. As I did so, my softening cock rested against his hard one. He pulled me further toward him and held me in both his arms and kissed me again.

We rubbed out cocks against each other. Feeling his hard giant meat against my soft penis made me feel very much the subservient one.

As I humped against him, my bare backside lifted slightly and his hand slipped down to grip my cheek. I hunched up higher so he could reach and felt his finger enter my ass.

He took his mouth from mine and asked Ivan - over my shoulder - to lube me up then went back to kissing me.

I rested my arms against the back of the chair and he held me tight as we kissed hard and deep and then, as we continued, I felt fingers massaging lube between my cheeks and into my anus.. One finger, then two then three. I rocked back against Ivan's hand as he fucked me with his fingers.

Again the older man broke off. "You can warm him up for me" he said.

Back we went to kissing.

Back I went to being firmly held in the older man's arms - and then I felt something pushing into my ass.

I was being fucked by my pimp as a preliminary to taking the much larger cock of his potential business partner.

We stopped kissing and I felt his hands on my shoulders, guiding me down towards his fat hard cock.

So he could have his cock in my mouth while he watched me getting fucked.

As I moved myself slowly down his body, Ivan backed up, never leaving my ass, continuing his rhythm.

I ended up on my knees on the floor between the old man's legs looking up at his enormous cock before his hand, on top of my head, pushed my mouth down onto it.

So for a few minutes I was taking cock in my ass and sucking one as well. I was the center of attention and both men were saying flattering things about how sexy I was. I was so proud right then and enjoying the cocks that were penetrating me.

The old guy knew he was getting close and wanted to fuck me. He told Ivan it was his turn.

Ivan pulled out of my ass and I stood and climbed back up onto the other man's lap. "Lower yourself down onto it, hun" he said and that's what I did.

Even though I had just been getting fucked, this cock was so big it was difficult for me to take it into my ass.

I was very grateful that I was doing the work, it allowed me to take my time. Slowly I lowered myself down onto him. Gently as possible, I started to accommodate the girth of his cock.

He was very patient and eventually I was able to rest my bottom against his thighs with his entire cock firmly and deeply up my ass.

I started to gently rock myself against his body... causing an inch or two of his cock to slip in and out of me.

As it became more comfortable I picked up the pace.

He groaned as I rode his cock and reached out to clasp my body against his. His tongue found my mouth again and he started bucking his hips up to meet the downward motion of my ass.

The speed increased again and I was feeling several inches of his enormous cock slide into and out of my ass each time we rocked against each other. The feeling was incredible.

He was huge and I was taking it.

I was proud and turned on and thoughts of being used were irrelevant.

This was too good.

I was loving being fucked by this old guy with the massive cock.

Loving riding it.

I reached behind me and between his legs and grasped his balls.

He cried out and I felt his whole body stiffen. Then his arms held me like a vise and he bucked his hips up hard and fast and he shot his cum into my body.

Telling me how good I was, telling me how sexy I was.

How much he enjoyed fucking me.

He held me tight for a while. Finally I felt his cock softening and his cum dripping out of my well fucked ass.

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