Red corvette

Since you are my closest friend, I can share my story. I
thought I was a heterosexual male, but I was taught to share
my body with another man for the occasional use of a dream
car. I also learned the meaning of caring love from another

I call my story THE RED CORVETTE.

My name is Kevin Kelstrom I am of Scandinavian descent. I
lived on a farm in Wisconsin. I had just graduated from high
school and wanted to go to college. I was eighteen years

I had a half uncle who lived in California. My mom arranged
that I move in with him and continue my education starting
with the College of Marin. This was in Marin County, which
is just north of San Francisco. I'd heard that California
schools were good and the weather was a lot better than the
Wisconsin winters. I planned to spend a couple years there
and then apply to the University of California in Berkeley.

At the end of summer, Dad gave me the old pickup truck from
the farm and a gift of a new set of tires and a camper
shell. This would get me to California as well as furnish
transportation while I was in school. So, as summer ended I
said goodbye to everyone, tossed my suitcases and sleeping
bag in the truck and headed west.

Uncle Dave and I quickly became close friends. He was
somewhere in his late 30's. We lived in San Anselmo where he
had an apartment that provided me with a private bedroom.
Uncle Dave wasn't real rich, but he wasn't hurting for money
either. He was one of the senior chemists at the Standard
Oil plant in Richmond. He insisted that he pay for my school
registration as well as my first year's books. Until school
started, he showed me around, taking me to San Francisco a
few times as well as our going out for a bit of golf and a
some fishing.

I had a lot of fun when he gave me cooking lessons.

He said that damned if he was going to let me freeload. We'd
get in the kitchen, pop several beers, watch kettles boil
and get flour all over ourselves and a little tipsy.

School started and I immersed myself in studies carrying a
few more units than I should. This went well for a while but
I was feeling lonesome for other friends. It seemed, through
my shyness, I just couldn't get into the right circles. I
felt a frustrated loser. Walls started closing in a
confining manner. To be lonesome is hell. There had to be a
way that people would notice me and invite me to join their
groups. Not having much money didn't help.

One evening Uncle Dave said, with a satisfying grin,
"Tomorrow I'm going to buy myself a goodie and will you be
surprised when you see it.

"What?" I asked.

"You'll just have wait until tomorrow," Uncle Dave said

I'd completely forgotten about the conversation until I
arrived home from school. There, in the driveway, stood a
brand new red Corvette. It was beautiful. I hurriedly parked
my truck and ran over to the new car. I examined every inch
of it. It was the dream car of any man or in my case, boy.
Uncle Dave came down, unlocked it, and let me slide into the
drivers seat. There is nothing like the aroma of a new car
or sitting behind the wheel looking at the shiny new
instrument panel that supported a tachometer and everything
else. My hand immediately went to the gearshift and my feet
pressed the brakes. This was heaven. I made engine sounds
pretending I was driving. We went for a short spin. Just
being a passenger raised my spirits a hundred percent. Boy!
If I could only take this to school occasionally, or to the
drive-in, I'd sure be noticed. Everyone would want to know
me and ask for a ride. I know I'd have a lot of friends in a

The following days, Uncle Dave let me ride around with him a
lot and then, while on a country road, he pulled over and
let me get in the divers seat. "You drive, he said." I was
ecstatic. It was great. I never in my wildest dreams thought
I would be behind the wheel of a Corvette. "Maybe you could
occasionally drive it to school," he offered.


"But there's a trade off," said Uncle Dave.

"What's that?"

"We'll talk about it tonight after dinner."

At dinner we had a big, juicy tender steak and split a large
bottle of red wine. I was full and mellow. Uncle Dave
reached across the table and clasped my hand. "So, you'd
like to occasionally let you use the Corvette." My hand was
softly squeezed.

"WOULD I!" I said excitedly.

"Of course there would be rules," Uncle Dave said.

"That's all right," I excitedly replied.

"And a tradeoff," Uncle Dave added. "I want something in


Uncle Dave's hand was massaging my hand with more intensity.
He was making eye contact.

"Are you a virgin?"

"Yes! But why?"

"I want to sleep with you. You know, snuggle to you, give
some real good feeling pleasure to your body."


I was stunned. This was a shock. My anger surged. I jerked
my hand away. I started to rise from my chair. I wanted to
get out of his presence. I wanted to go to my room.

"I didn't know you were queer!"

Uncle Dave spoke quietly. "Please don't leave."

I hung suspended half out of my chair. I was mad. I was

"Please stay," Uncle Dave repeated. "Hear me out."

I slowly resettled, but very uncomfortably.

"Now you know I'm gay," There was resignation in his voice.

"Don't worry, I'd never touch you unless you agreed.

Relax. You're safe. I've tried nothing in the past.

If you want it that way, nothing will happen in the

I sat quietly and pondered. I was hurt, angry, insecure and
frustrated. I slowly spoke my thoughts:

"You will let me use the Corvette if I let you play with

My dick. Is that Right?. I CAN"T do that!"

Uncle Dave kept eye contact. He spoke with embarrassment and
guilt, like he should never have mentioned such a thing, but
he wanted to get it all said.

"I'm sorry! I hoped you'd understand. I should have never
risked this. I made a bad mistake. I feel terrible I even
said it. Can we forget it ever happened?"

Uncle Dave looked very miserable. He had left himself
venerable by honestly sharing his desires. I had rejected
him. He had apologized the best he could. I was cooling off.

I still had a lot of things to sort out. I rose from the

I tried to give Uncle Dave an understanding smile.

"I'm going to bed. Yes! Let's forget the whole thing.

I'm still your friend."

"Thank you," Uncle Dave said in a warm quiet voice.

I was still confused as I climbed in bed under warm covers.
I had to think things out. I fondled myself. I realized I
had never thought about sex with other men. Once, when I was
about twelve, a neighbor boy and myself diddled each other.
Since I have grown up, I'd forgotten all about it. I fell
asleep thinking about the red Corvette.

The next morning I felt much better. I had clearer thoughts.
Uncle Dave acted as if nothing had happened. After a good
breakfast, I started for school.

At school, there was a big sign in study hall announcing a
dance the following week. Across the table sat Darlene
Mayfair, a gorgeous blond. We had spoken a few times and she
had always smiled at me. The thought came, after many
trepidations, that I could maybe ask her as my date. But
what if she rejected me? There was no talking in study hall.
I scribbled a note, trying to word it real careful, got her
attention, then passed it across the table. She looked at
me, smiled, and nodded. WOW!

Driving home my mind was only on Marlene. How she walked.
How she talked. Her beautiful smile. What a wonderful time
we would have together. I drove to my parking place. In the
stall right next to it stood the red Corvette.

I was quiet at the dinner table that night. Uncle Dave
sensed something was wrong. "Was it about last night?" he
asked. I nodded. "Do you want to talk more about it?"

"Yes, but it's more than what you think."

Uncle Dave poured us both another glass of wine. "Let's go
to the living room and have a long talk." We both retired to
the next room and settled down in easy chairs. I started the

"I have this beautiful date for the dance. I want to make a
good impression. I would like to use the Corvette. I just
can't let you do what you want. I JUST CAN'T!"

Seeing my frustration, Uncle Dave spoke softly.

"You need to get in tune with your body. Have you ever been


"No. I don't mean that way. Have you ever had a body
massage, No funny stuff."

I admitted that no, I hadn't.

"That's where you start to get in tune with yourself. You
have to learn to be touched. When you do, you will learn a
new sense of being. It is learning to touch; give and
receive tender body strokes that will bring a new concept of
life. Tonight, I want to massage you. No, I'm not going to
touch your crotch, I promise. I just want you to experience
a new happening. If you don't like it, tell me. I'll stop."

Uncle Dave was talking real honest, but I still had
apprehension to letting anyone run their hands over my body.

"I'll try it," I said, "but no funny stuff".

I didn't know he had it, but Uncle Dave brought a massage
table from a closet. It was one of those collapsible models.
He unfolded it like you would a card table, adjusted its leg
height then put a sheet on its top. He put a tape on the hi-
fi and soon soothing, soft Japanese bamboo flute music was
filling the room. "This is very meditative," he said as he
dimmed the lights. "Strip to your shorts, get on the table
and lie on your stomach.

I became a little queasy. I didn't expect to have to strip
that far. I did, however, my tight white briefs securely
concealing my private parts. Uncle Dave spoke softly.

"This is a new experience for you. It will take awhile for
you to relax. I want you to concentrate on the music. I want
no talking. If it feels natural to moan, that's O.K. Cry if
you want."

"Me cry?"

Uncle Dave poured massage lotion on his hands, rubbing them
together to warm the oil, he started to rub my lower legs. I
was uptight. I froze at his initial touch.

Warm hands glided across and around my lower legs,
slippery smooth fingers gently probing my muscles. My feet
were next. Each toe was rubbed between gentle fingers and
inner webs gently rolled. A forearm and ran through the
contour arches of both feet. More warm oil was applied,
hands moved up my legs in smooth deep strokes. My spine and
ribs were next, gentle finger pressure applied between each
rib followed by an over-all rubdown of my back. This was a
new happening, I was so relaxed, I had changed to a piece of
putty. I had never been touched in such a caring manner.

I did cry.

My shoulders and neck were kneaded. I was asked to turn
over. During this pause, Uncle Dave stripped down to his
shorts. For some reason, it just seemed natural that he
would do so. My chest and stomach was caressed in the same
manner. My nose, lips and ears were gently stroked as well
as my closed eyes, eyebrows and forehead. I almost lapsed
into sleep. I felt the draped sheet being brought up and
wrapped over me.

"I'm done now," Uncle Dave said quietly. "Just rest awhile
' till you feel like getting up."

I must have not moved for fifteen minutes. "Help me up,
Uncle Dave," I asked. I was gently helped to a sitting
position. I shook my head, trying to awaken enough to stand.
Uncle Dave steadied me to standing position. I never thought
I'd do such a thing, but I embraced Uncle Dave's semi-naked
body. Uncle Dave gave me a warm hug back. It was so natural.

"Take a shower and wash the oil off, then crawl into to
bed. You will sleep very well."

I did as I was told. Never before have I had such a relaxing
nights sleep.

Uncle Dave massaged me the same way for the next four
nights. He kept his promise. He never tried to fool around.
The fifth night when he was almost done, I felt something
was missing. My body felt the massage was not complete. It
seemed like my crotch was asking to be touched and firm
fingers should be digging into my buttocks.. It was a real
need. It was strange. I never thought I would want this. I
was not sexually aroused, my penis wasn't even hard though I
knew it would be..

"Please, Uncle Dave, massage me everywhere."

There was no talking. I raised my butt and felt my briefs
slide down my legs and off my feet. I was completely naked.
I felt O.K.

Uncle Dave's warm oiled hands touched me. God, it felt good.

My prick and balls slid between his palms and fingers.

I got hard in a hurry. It was so natural. I was so relaxed.

I really started to moan.

Special attention was paid to my tip, a finger rubbed gently
over my pee hole, up and down the backside, and made
circular strokes around its lower rim. A gentle grip fondled
my balls. My lubricated skin was slowly pulled up and down.
It wasn't long before I felt the start of my cum. It started
slowly, building with intensity as it moved upwards. With a
burst, and a startled sensuous cry from me, I spewed into
Uncle Dave's hand as well as all over my body.

Uncle Dave gently rubbed the large drops into my skin then
carefully dried my privates. The hanging sheet was folded
across me. I rested. When I was ready, Uncle Dave helped me
to my feet. My legs were rubbery. I wondered if I could
stand. I was supported by a tight hug from Uncle Dave. Our
faces moved closer together. Our lips met. I had never been
kissed by a man. It was a long kiss. It felt good. Something
was happening to me.

"You enjoyed?" asked Uncle Dave.


"Tomorrow, you can drive the Corvette to school."

I immediately became popular when I wheeled the Corvette up
to school. Kids were all over the place to meet me and ask
for a ride. It was great. I really felt good. That night, I
excitedly told Uncle Dave of my new popularity. Uncle Dave
was real pleased too.

"Well, the keys can occasionally be yours."

I knew what Uncle Dave meant. I wouldn't say 'no'.

The first night we crawled in together, Uncle Dave gave me a
good fondle and put his mouth on me. It was a nice feeling.
I held his head and guided it around. Uncle Dave knew the
signs when I started to come. I started squirming. He did
something unexpected. I felt his finger pressing my asshole.
When I was coming, he shoved it up me with one rapid push. I
didn't have time to fight it off. It rammed in deep and
wiggled rapidly. I blew my wad and mind. God! What a
sensation! It was powerful. The finger wasn't removed right
away. It stayed and moved in and out for quite awhile.

As time passed, Uncle Dave did new things. If I was
cooperative, the Corvette keys would be available. I was now
sleeping with him whenever he promised me the car. For
starters, I could always expect a finger up my ass while I
was being sucked. Sometimes I was rolled over, a pillow put
under me, and my asshole was played with for a goodly amount
of time. After awhile, my asshole became very sensuous and
erotic and the probing felt good. Uncle Dave added a topper
to that. Many times I was rolled to my stomach, my butt
raised, my legs spread and my ass eaten. God!

Of course, I had to learn to suck cock. I knew if I refused,
there would be no Corvette. Uncle Dave was patient. He
suggested I close my eyes, open my mouth and just let it
slide in. It was easier when I tried it for the first time.
Then, with my eyes still closed, Uncle Dave suggested I
pretend it was an ice cream cone and to lick it all around.
Uncle Dave gave me his topping, which was warm, kinda funny
tasting, but I swallowed it. It took awhile of patient
training from Uncle Dave, but I got to like tonguing his
cock in my mouth.

It all ended when I moved to Berkeley and went to Cal. I
missed the car and I missed Uncle Dave.

I got my M.A. degree. My homosexual experience did not take
away my love for the opposite sex though I did realize I had
become a bisexual person. I got divorced after ten years and
am now living alone in an apartment.

I just got a letter from Wisconsin asking if a nephew of
mine could come out and live with me while he went to
school. I agreed, and I am planning to buy a RED CORVETTE.

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