Jenny and Lauren - The Party

“Damn, I love this view”

Lauren looked up at Jenny. The girls, both completely naked, were on Jenny's bed. Jenny laid on her back, legs wide open. Lauren was on all fours between them, her face buried between her friend’s legs. She looked up and saw Jenny looking down at her. Lauren gave Jenny a big smile as she continued to run her fingers through her wet pussy.

Looking down at her friend, Jenny watched Lauren's tongue run through her bald pussy. She watched her friends fingers play with her and watched and felt them as they slid inside her. Seeing her friend naked turned her on. Watching her as she was on all fours in front of her, Jenny couldn't help but admire Lauren's breasts hanging down underneath her. Her smooth, soft and firm breasts formed two perfectly shaped rounded forms as they hung underneath her. Jenny was jealous of Lauren's breasts, even though hers weren't much smaller, but she was very tuned on watching them hang there, jiggling and getting pressed against things as she was pleasured.

“The view isn't so bad from down here either.” Lauren replied right before she slid her tongue inside Jenny's wet pussy lips and gave her a long, slow lick up.

She knew Jenny liked this and wasn't disappointed as she watched her friend’s eyes roll into the back of her head. From her position, Lauren had not only a great view of her friends pussy, but also loved looking up her long smooth skin, across the soft bumps of her breasts and up to her beautiful eyes. Watching her friend’s reactions as she pleasured her with her tongue was a turn on for her as well, so it was a mutually beneficial arrangement the girls had.

“Finish me off…” Jenny said, her breathing becoming heavier. She looked down at Lauren, who froze, mid-lick. “Pleaseeeee!” She exclaimed, her face getting flushed. “You've been eating me out forever, make me cum! I really need to cum!”

Lauren smiled and continued her lick, much to the pleasure of her friend. Lauren had up to this point been nice and was doing what she could to please Jenny and was in no rush to be done. With her friends begging, she brought out her “A” game and got to work.

Lauren slid her arms under Jenny's thighs and put her hands on her friend’s waist, both holding her down and locking herself into position. Lauren stuck her tongue out and shoved it forcefully as far into Jenny's pussy as she could. This surprised Jenny and she let out a loud moan. Lauren looked up and saw Jenny had grabbed her breasts in each hand and was squeezing them tightly as Lauren's tongue moved around inside her. Lauren smiled to herself as she fucked her friend.

Lauren pulled out and with her left hand spread open Jenny's pussy lips then dove back in, her tongue finding its target on her clit. She began to lightly flick her tongue across Jenny's clit which immediately made Jenny start to squirm. Lauren's hands were holding her down, so she wasn't able to squirm away.

After playing with her clit and making her squirm, Lauren moved her right hand down and slid her middle finger all the way in, burying its full length into her. Jenny's eyes were closed and her head thrown back. All she felt was the tongue leave her clit and a moment later something long being slid into her. Jenny's natural reaction was to arch her back and moan out again. After Lauren's finger bottomed out and she held it there, Jenny slowly lowered herself back down.

Lauren started to finger fuck her friend. Slow at first, but her hand was positioned so it briefly ran lightly ran across her G-Spot each time it slid both in and out. Lauren leaned back down and started licking the smooth and wet insides of Jenny's pussy once more.

“Oh my god!” Jenny screamed out.

Lauren chuckled a little and kept going. Jenny was moaning constantly now and her body bucking around wildly.

“Yes! Yes!” She screamed. “Oh my god! Keep going! I'm almost there!”

Lauren happily obliged and soon her face was flooded with Jenny's sweet juices, which she happily licked up.

Once she was convinced she had gotten all of Jenny's sweet nectar, Lauren slowly pulled her finger out and crawled out from between her friends legs and laid down on the bed next to her. Lauren laid on her side and swung a leg over Jenny's and cuddled up with her. Jenny still laid there breathing heavily from her orgasm.

Eventually Jenny turned her head and the girls shared a quick kiss.

“Aww, that was amazing!” Jenny said giggling.

Lauren smiled. “I enjoyed it too.”

The girls laid there for a bit longer, enjoying feeling each other's bodies pressed against their own. Jenny looked over at the clock and moaned.

“Ugggg. We have to get up. My dad will be home soon.”

Lauren moaned and rolled off of Jenny and got up. The girls proceeded to re-trace their steps through the house, finding all their clothes. They walked into the kitchen, still topless and found their shirts and bras strewn around from when things started on the kitchen island. They laughed a little bit and collected their clothing and finished getting dressed.

“That was a little funny.” Lauren said.

Jenny chuckled, “yea, we’re just lucky we got here before my parents!”

Lauren laughed. “Yea. I wonder how their reactions would have gone. Shock and anger when they saw a shirt and bra strewn around to just shock when they realized there were 2 pairs?”

Jenny chuckled nervously. “Ha. Yea. Maybe they would have gone easy on us…”

The girls just looked at each other.

“Let's not test that.” Lauren said winking at Jenny.

“Sounds good to me!”

The girls made themselves presentable and Lauren started to walk to the door and head home.

“Oh! I almost forgot to ask you…” Jenny exclaimed, stopping Lauren in her tracks. Doug invited me to a party he's having this weekend. You want to come? It could, uh, get a little crazy.” Jenny finished, looking down at the end.

Lauren looked at her with a questioning look, then broke the silence. “Would that be okay?”

Jenny smiled, “oh yea, I want you to come!”

“Okay” Lauren said. “I'll ask, but I don't know why they would say no.”

“Great!” Jenny said, obviously excited. “Thanks for coming over. See you later”. The girls gave each other a quick kiss and Lauren headed home.

On Saturday Jenny called Lauren. “Hey, you ready for tonight?”

“Yea, I guess so. I don't know what I need to be ready for…”

Lauren heard Jenny laugh on the other end of the phone.

“What should I wear?” Lauren asked.

“Whatever,” Jenny said, “I'm wearing a skirt and a cute top. Nothing too fancy. You should wear one too!” Jenny said with a casual suggestion.

“Yea, okay.” Lauren said after thinking about it for a few seconds.

“Great! Pick you up at 7.” Jenny said then hung up the phone.

At 7, Jenny's mom came by in their car to pick up Lauren. Lauren climbed in the back seat and sat next to Jenny and her mom drove them across town to Doug’s house. Jenny was dressed similar to Lauren. She wore a jean skirt and a cute halter top that showed off a little bit of cleavage, but not too much. Jenny caught Lauren at her chest and smiled at her. Jenny was happy to see Lauren had taken her advice on what to wear. Lauren had also worn a skirt and a t-shirt.

Soon, they were being dropped off. The girls said bye and walked up to the house and knocked. A few moments later Doug answered the door. He saw Jenny standing there and a big smile came across his face.

“Hey! You made it!” He said excited.

“I told you I would, right?” Jenny responded. “This is my friend Lauren.” The two said hello and Doug lead them all inside. There were maybe 10 other people there, everyone was introduced. All of them were guys except for two other girls. Lauren thought she recognized them, but didn't actually know them.

The girls each got a soda and milled about chatting with some of the others. Doug was hanging out with and paying a lot of attention to Jenny and Lauren wasn't sure what to make of it. Eventually three of them found themselves sitting on the couch in the living room. Another boy Jonny had taken an interest in Lauren and was chatting her up. Lauren occasionally looked over at Jenny, mostly to make sure she hadn't been ditched, but also to see what this guy was all about. She was suspicious of him. Jenny was her best friend and lover, she cared who she ended up with.

One time when Jenny looked over, she was shocked by what she saw. Doug had his arm across Jenny's should and his hand was resting down on her chest, specifically he was cupping her breast in his hand. She watched for a moment and saw his hand slowly moving. He was massaging Jenny's breast right there in the middle of the room!

Lauren kept looking back and forth between Jonny and Jenny, unable to take her eyes away from the PDA. Finally when she looked back, Jenny was in a full fledged make out session with Doug. Jenny was shocked for a moment then a little embarrassed as she realized how exposed and visible they were. She looked back at Jonny and he was watching them and smiling at her. She just blushed a little then began to realize that others in the room were beginning to notice and turn their attention towards Jenny and Doug on the couch.

It was obvious that Doug and Jenny were into it at this point. Lauren could see through the motion on their cheeks that their tongues were swirling in each other's mouths. Doug’s hand was no longer gently resting on her breast, instead he was full on massaging it with his hand. Lauren was shocked but at the same time a little turned on watching her friend get groped and fondled.

Lauren, like others in the room was watching, but unlike her friend, was a little bashful to be sitting right here next to the show. Jenny moved her hand and placed it on Doug’s lap and Lauren watched as she slid it up his thigh. Lauren could see she had apparently found what she was looking for and she watched as Jenny's hand wrapped itself around Doug’s hardening dick through his pants.

Lauren had never been in this situation before, or this exposed to sex… with a guy at least. She found herself staring at Jenny's hand as it squeezed Doug’s dick. She was surprised how big it looked through his pants with her hand wrapped around it! Both Jenny and Doug were in the zone, not caring that everyone else at the party was now watching. Lauren watched as Doug’s dick grew in his pants, becoming longer and thicker. It was now running down his pants leg and Jenny had graduated from squeezing it to running her hand up and down his shaft, jacking him off through his pants.

Doug made the next move and slid his hand down the front of Jenny's halter top undoubtedly brushing against her hard nipple as his hand made contact with and grabbed the soft flesh of her breast. Jenny let out a moan and pulled back from the kiss, her eyes closed as she enjoyed the touch he was giving her. Lauren had recognized the moan. She knew how turned on that meant Jenny was as she had made Jenny make that sound many times. Lauren started to shift a little on the couch as she felt her pussy heat up from hearing her friend moan.

She had completely forgotten about Jonny on the couch next to her until she felt his arm around her waist. It shocked her a little and she turned her head to look at him. He had a half smile/ half serious look on his face as he gently pulled her towards him. She got the idea of what he was trying to do and shifted backwards until she was leaning against him. He didn't remove his hand from her belly after she settled in.

Jen and Doug were making out passionately again. Both their hands were working furiously on the others body. Jenny broke the kiss and pulled back and took Doug's hand out of her shirt. He looked confused for a moment but that expression disappeared as both her hands went to his jeans and started to unbutton them and undo the zipper. She grabbed the waist band of his jeans and Doug lifted his butt off the couch to assist as Jenny pulled his jeans and boxers down to his ankles in one motion.

Lauren watched shocked as his hard dick sprang out of his pants in one motion. She had never seen one in person before and it was bigger and harder than she had imagined. Doug and Jenny looked at each other as Jenny wrapped her hand around the soft flesh of Doug’s cock. Lauren saw Doug's eyes flutter a little as let her touch him.

Jenny was on her hands and knees on the couch and was slowly stroking it. With her eyes locked on Doug’s, Jenny opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his hard shaft. Once again, Lauren watched as his eyes rolled into the back of his head. There were a couple of cheers and whistles as the crowd watched Jenny start to suck on Doug.

Lauren was staring at her friend, still in shock, but also super turned on as she watched Jenny's mouth stretch around his dick. She saw the outline of the tip of his dick on Jenny's cheek and the motions of what Lauren assumed was Jenny’s tongue swirling around it. She must have been doing a good job as Doug was starting to breath heavily and look a little flushed. Jenny's ass was directly facing Lauren and Jonny and with her position on all fours, Jenny's ass, covered by a small thong was visible to both of them. Lauren wasn't exactly being lady like either. She wasn't flashing anyone but she was laying on the couch her legs spread and her skirt tucked down between them. The heat being emitted from her pussy was making sitting with her legs closed all but impossible.

Lauren felt Jonny’s hand start to move a little on her stomach. She was snapped back into reality and turned and looked towards him. He was sitting there behind her smiling. She felt his hand move up her stomach and lightly trace along the underside of her breasts through her top. Instantly, she felt her body cover in goosebumps. She knew it was so naughty but she was turned on watching Jenny and it felt good, so she made no effort to stop or slow him down. She turned her head back to watch the show and slowly felt his hand get bolder and before long he was feeling her breasts through her shirt, running his hand across them and slowly and softly squeezing them. The extra attention felt good, Lauren liked her breasts stimulated, although it was usually herself or Jenny doing it.

Jenny reached between her legs with her free hand and Lauren and Jonny watched as she started to rub her pussy though her panties. Lauren could see she was turned on and saw a little bit of dampness start to get her panties wet. After rubbing it for a bit, she pulled her panties off to one side, exposing her pussy to the raw air, then started to rub it again. Lauren and Jonny saw her fingers part her outer pussy lips and get into the pink insides of pussy. All through this she was continuing to suck on Doug's hard dick.

Jenny's fingers were starting to glisten with her juices as she played with herself. Slowly, her fingers started to work their way deeper and deeper into her and before they knew it she was two knuckles deep with two fingers into her own pussy and started to lowly fuck herself.

Lauren and Jonny had a front row seat to this new show. Lauren had watched Jenny play with herself many times but the hotness of the situation was not lost on her at all. Lauren desperately wanted to play with herself, but she resisted the urge as she was still a little uneasy being in front of the large group.

Jonny was super turned on by this point as well. He had Lauren's gorgeous breasts in his hands and was slowly playing with them and just a few feet in front of them another girl had her fingers buried in her own pussy as she sucked off his friend. His dick was rock hard and pressing against the fabric of his sorts. Lauren was leaning back against him applying just enough pressure on it to drive him crazy.

Lauren could feel something hard pressed against her back and until Jonny had shifted didn't think much about it but suddenly she was super aware of his hard dick pressed against her back. This didn't help her situation. At this point she figured her panties were probably wet and she was hornier than ever. She really wanted to do something about it and her guard was quickly dropping.

“Help her out.” A soft voice whispered into her ear.

She turned her head and saw Jonny there and saw him motion towards Jenny. Lauren looked back at Jenny's wet pussy and her fingers moving in and out of her. She looked back at him, then back at Jenny and thought about it for a minute.

“What the hell” she said to herself as she reached out and ran her hand along Jenny's bare ass.

Jenny immediately pulled her hand away and with Doug's dick in her hand turned around to look to see who was touching her. She broke into a smile when she saw it was her friend, then went back to sucking in him. Having Jenny's permission made Lauren more bold and after rubbing her ass a few more times, moved her hand over to her pussy and ran it through her wet folds.

Jenny moaned a little as she did this and the crowd cheered a little as well. Jenny’s pussy was virtually dripping and all it took was one swipe of her hand through it and her fingers were covered in Jenny’s juices. Lauren paused momentarily then started to rub her again. Her fingers were deep inside the folds of Jenny’s wet pussy. Her outer lips were wet and spread wide open, exposing the velvety soft insides of her pussy to Lauren’s wet fingers.

Lauren’s touch was making Jenny moan now. Her mouth was still wrapped around Doug’s cock, so her moans were muffled, but still there. Doug could tell she was moaning and his point of view watching the whole show was pretty hot as well. Suddenly Jenny let out a loud moan which sent vibrations all through his dick. Lauren had shoved two fingers as deep as she could into her friend. Jenny wasn’t expecting it and the sudden probing took her by surprise.

Lauren’s fingers were so wet, and Jenny’s pussy so loose from being so turned on and stimulated, that it offered very little resistance as she entered her. Lauren knew exactly what Jenny liked and now and she wasted no time in giving it to her. The angle Lauren had on Jenny meant her fingers were sliding virtually straight in and out of her, and she slid as far into her as she could each time, burying her fingers down to her knuckles on each thrust.

Jonny was enjoying his point of view as well. Seeing Lauren distracted he decided to make another move himself. His hands move down to Lauren’s waist and started to slowly pull her shirt upwards. He did it slowly in case Lauren made some sort of move to stop him, but none came. He pulled her shirt up and over her breast and left it bunched up under her chin. Lauren’s cleavage was exposed to everyone now and Jonny’s hands went back to rubbing and massaging them, but this time he was touching her bare skin.

Lauren was turned on so much that she didn’t care. His touch on her skin felt good and was long awaited and overdue. She kept her pace up as she fucked her friend with her two fingers. Lauren looked up again at the audience and quickly glanced around the room at them watching. By this point almost everyone in the party was there. There were various smiles and other facial expressions to indicate they were enjoying the show as they watched what was going on in front of them. A few of the girls were standing in front of guys with their hands behind their backs and Lauren could only guess what was happening.

Jenny suddenly pulled herself forward and off of Lauren’s fingers. Lauren looked up questioning what was happening, but saw Jenny quickly spin around and climb back down onto the couch in virtually the same position, but this time with her head facing her and her ass and pussy towards Doug.

Jenny looked at Lauren and smiled one of her devilish smiles, then reached behind her and with one hand spreading her ass open and looked at Doug who was kneeling there with his dick in his hands. He understood what Jenny was asking and moved in closer. Jenny looked back at Lauren and Lauren watched her friends face and could tell the instant that Doug entered her from the expression change.

Jenny’s eyes got really big and her mouth fell open as Doug’s dick slid into her. Her pussy was so wet as was his dick with her saliva that he slid right in with virtually no resistance. Doug slid into her with one slow but fluid motion until his entire length was inside her. He held it there for a minute as they both grew accustomed to it before he slowly pulled it out and started to fuck her with it.

Jenny had relaxed as he found his pace and was now starting to bring her attention back to Lauren. The two locked eyes and watched each other for a few minutes, Jenny’s body shaking as she got rammed from behind.

Finally Jenny reached up and started to push Lauren’s skirt up to her waist. Lauren just watched. Her shyness had all but gone away and right now she just wanted to be stimulated. Jenny got Lauren’s skirt moved out of the way then immediately pulled her panties to the side. The girls locked eyes one more time before Jenny lowered herself down to in between Lauren’s legs.

The room cheered again, obviously in approval of what was happening in front of them. Jenny pulled back just long enough to look back up at Lauren and smile before diving back down and immediately lapping at Lauren’s juices.

This was exactly what Lauren had been craving. Jenny was an expert at eating her pussy and knew exactly what she liked. Jenny loved the taste of Lauren’s juices and this experience of licking pussy while getting fucked herself was new to her, but also very hot. Jenny shoved her tongue as deep as she could from that position into Lauren. Lauren looked down at Jenny, watching the whole time and sometimes cheering her on with a hand on her head holding her mouth into her pussy.

Jonny’s hands were still playing with Lauren’s breasts. Watching his hands run across her chest as she looked down at Jenny was hot. She reached up and pulled her breasts, one at a time out of her bra, exposing them to the world. The crowd cheered as more skin was shown and she smiled and turned a little red. Jonny’s hands immediately grabbed the newly exposed flesh and started to massage and squeeze them as he had been doing before. His hands were brushing against her hard nipples, sending lightening through her body.

Lauren closed her eyes as the stimulation became too much for her. Her senses concentrated on the tongue between her wet pussy lips and the hands massaging her breasts. Lauren started to instinctively grind her hips to Jenny’s rhythms. First it was soft, but she picked up the pace as she felt her own orgasm begin to build. She didn’t have to do much and before long it started.

Lauren’s body began to shake as it moved through her. Jenny recognized what was happening and focused her tongue action on Lauren’s clit to bring it about quicker. Jenny lapped up all of Lauren’s cum that she could.

The view was beginning to be too much for Doug. He watched as Lauren’s body experienced its orgasm and Jenny’s pussy wrapped around his dick was sending his nerve endings into overtime. He pulled out as he felt his orgasm start to build in his own balls.

Jenny knew what it meant when he pulled out and she flipped herself around once more. She kneeled on the floor in front of him and took him into her mouth again and started to suck him off to make him cum. Her eyes were locked on his as her tongue worked his dick inside her mouth.

The whole room watched as Doug threw back his head and grunted as he started to cum. His dick never left Jenny’s mouth and she managed to swallow everything that he gave her. After his orgasm subsided, she let his cock fall from her mouth and she opened her mouth to show him that she had swallowed it all. This brought several approving cheers and whistles from the crowd.

Jenny smiled at Doug, then stood up and went over to Lauren laying on the couch and leaned down. Lauren was watching her in her post orgasm bliss and realized what she was doing when she got close. The girls locked lips and kissed passionately. Lauren felt Jenny's tongue pushing into her mouth and she parted her lips to let it in. She didn't realize that Jenny's mouth was still full of cum and her tongue was now pushing it into her mouth. She didn't know what to expect, but it had a smooth texture and was somewhat salty. Lauren was so caught up in the moment she didn't hear the cheers and other comments coming from the room.

When Jenny finished pushing Doug's cum into her friend’s mouth, she broke the kiss and leaned up and opened her mouth for Doug to see. The crowd cheered again seeing her mouth was empty. Jenny then gave Doug a long passionate kiss before smiling at him and turning to find her clothes.

Lauren was still laying on the couch, her shirt bunched up at her neck and her breasts exposed to everyone to see. As she came back to reality watching Jenny put herself back together she realized her level of exposure and pulled her shirt back down and arranged herself in her top and pushed her skirt back down to being presentable.

She turned around and saw Jonny just sitting there looking at her. They stared at each other for a few seconds and then Lauren gave him a sweet smile and a quick kiss on the lips. Jenny came over to Lauren and squeezed her hand and leaned in. Lauren wasn't expecting the wet, sloppy and passionate kiss she planted on her. Lauren smiled to herself and kissed her friend back. The kiss didn't last too long before Jenny broke it.

“Thirsty?” Jenny asked, her eyes sparkling.

Lauren was thrown back by the sudden change in subject, then realized she was parched and nodded. Jenny took Lauren's hand and lead her to the kitchen. The crowd that had assembled parted like the Red Sea as they walked through.

Jenny and Lauren helped themselves to drinks and wandered around the party. Doug eventually caught up with them and followed them around like a puppy. His hands were naturally all over Jenny the rest of the night like the horny teenager that he was. Lauren saw Jonny a few more times from a distance, but he never really came and joined them. As they wondered around, Lauren did notice all the people who looked at and watched them, especially the guys, and how many eyes she saw undressing her or remembering her naked body. She was both annoyed and embarrassed as well as a little proud and turned on by it at the same time.

“Come on babe, just a blowjob before you go…” Lauren overheard Doug say to Jenny. She was obviously joining them in the middle of a conversation.

“Come on, you know you want to. You can't tell me you're not turned on right now.” Doug said as he lightly traced over her breasts though her shirt.

“Well” Jenny said reaching a hand behind her and grabbing his hard dick through his pants, “not as turned on as you are right now!” Jenny looked at Lauren and shot her a big smile and winked. “Want to help me with this?” She asked as she squeezed his dick though his pants.

Lauren's eyes looked down at his crotch and saw Jenny's hand wrapped around his dick. She looked back up at her friend, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

“That's what I hoped. This way.” She said, pulling Doug around the corner of the house towards some bushes that would give them a little bit of privacy. Lauren followed.

As soon as they were around the corner, Jenny pushed Doug against the wall and dropped to her knees and immediately had her hands at his waist band. She paused as she looked up at him and then smiled and pulled his pants down to his knees. His hard dick immediately popped out and sprang up and down a couple times. Jenny wrapped her hand around it and stroked him as she looked over at Lauren, her eyes motioning to the ground next to her.

Lauren got the hint and kneeled down next to her friend. Jenny opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head of Doug’s cock. Doug let out a sigh as he felt her warm mouth for the second time this evening.

Jenny began to suck on him. Lauren could see her tongue action around his dick as she slathered him up and got him all nice and wet. She pulled him out of her mouth and ran her tongue along the length of the underside of his shaft as she looked up at him. He was watching her at this point and holding his shirt up out of the way for her. Lauren was a little surprised at how much his dick had grown in the short time it had been in Jenny's mouth. Just as she was starting to admire his manhood, Jenny took him back in and slid him as deep as she could. Her lips were still an inch or so away from his balls, but Lauren was shocked at how much length she was able to swallow and swore she could see the outline of his dick in her throat.

Jenny held it there for a few moments then slowly withdrew. She looked back up at Doug and smiled as she wrapped her hand around his wet dick and stroked him hard and fast. She looked over at Lauren, and pointed his dick in her direction.

“You want some?” She asked. Both her and Doug looked at Lauren. Lauren smiled and nodded her head and scooted a little closer and while looking up at Doug, opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around him.

This was a thrill for her. She watched his eyes flutter a little as he felt her warm mouth engulf him. It was hot for her to feel the soft skin of his hard cock in her mouth. She looked over at Jenny as she sucked on him and recognized the look. Jenny eyes were full of lust and her eyes were locked on Doug's dick sliding in and out of Lauren's mouth. Lauren watched her and eventually their eyes locked and Jenny broke out into a big smile. Jenny leaned in and Lauren took Doug's dick out of her mouth and the girls embraced in a hot and passionate kiss. When it broke, Lauren turned her head and started sucking on Doug once more.

Jenny reached her hand out and started to rub Lauren's breasts through her top. Lauren turned her head to look at Jenny and her friend just gave her a big smile. Lauren knew Jenny loved her breasts and her hand running across them did feel good as she sucked on Doug.

Doug was looking down a watching the whole thing, the girls kiss and how Jenny as she rubbed the breasts of her friend as her friend sucked on him. It was a real turn on for him as he stood against the wall of the house in a dark corner of the yard with a big party happening just feet away.

Jenny's other hand went to the back of Lauren's head and started moving in motion with Lauren. Just when Lauren got used to it, Jenny became more controlling and actually started pushing Lauren's head into Doug's dick, making her go a little deeper each time. Lauren's eyes looked over at Jenny as she felt Doug's dick go farther and farther down her throat. It was a little uncomfortable for her but also fun and new because she probably wouldn't have done it on her own.

Jenny then used her grasp on the top of Lauren's head to pull her off, a trail of spit followed.

“Like that?” Jenny asked Lauren. Lauren nodded. Jenny smiled then pushed Lauren aside and started sucking on him again.

Now it was Lauren's turn to best Jenny. She reached out and started to play with Jenny's breasts through her sort, much to the delight and approval of Doug.

Jenny was working Doug's cock pretty intensely, like she was very hungry. Lauren was watching intently and admiring her skill. Just then a phone rang, all three of them froze and the girls looked at each other. Jenny pulled Doug's dick out of her mouth and held it as she reached in her pocket for her phone. She stroked his dick as she looked at her phone. She looked at Lauren and mouthed “my mom”. She leaned forward and gave Doug a long lick up his whole shaft then answered the phone.

“Hi mom!” She said, stroking Doug slowly.

“Yea! We had a great time.” She turned the mouthpiece away from her mouth and leaned forward and flicked the head of his dick with her tongue, her eyes glued to his. Then quickly returning the mouthpiece down she said, “okay, we will see you in a few.” The pulled the phone away from her ear and hung up.

Lauren was staring at her wide eyed. Jenny just laughed and looked up at Doug.

“Our ride is on the way, so we have to finish this.” Then turning to Lauren, “want to help me?”

“Like at the same time?” Lauren asked.

“Yea.” Jenny said, a big smile breaking across her face.

Lauren smiled for a split second then smiled and leaned in. The girls were positioned on either side of Doug and both of them stuck their tongues out and lightly ran them across his shaft. The girls’ tongues danced up and down Doug's hard dick, one girl running hers across the tip and the other running along the underside. They took turns taking the head into their mouths and teasing it with their tongues. Lauren felt Jenny reach up and grab her breasts in her hands and kneed them slowly as they played with Doug. She smiled to herself and enjoyed the touch. She brought her hands up and grabbed Jenny's as well. The girls looked at each other a twinkle in their eyes.

Doug had never experienced anything like this before. He closed his eyes and leaned against the wall of the house as he enjoyed all the activated nerve endings in his dick. With all these new sensations, Doug's orgasm was quickly building and it didn't take long before he let out a grunt.

Jenny knew what the grunt meant and released Lauren from her grasp and gave her a light push away. She quickly engulfed the head of his dick and sucked hard. This was all he needed to push him over the edge and Lauren heard Doug groan as he started to cum for the second time tonight. He shot all of his warm cum right into Jenny's waiting and warm mouth and she took it all.

As his orgasm subsided and Jenny swallowed it all, she opened her mouth and smiled, looking at them both. She ran her tongue across her lips then stood up. She gave Doug a quick kiss on the lips.

“That was fun, but we have to go now. My mom is here.” Jenny said. She stood up and grabbed Lauren's hand and started to walk away, leaving Doug here with his pants around his ankles and a deflating cock.

As they were walking back out front, Lauren said, “I can't believe you were sucking on him while taking to your mom!”

Jenny smiled and blushed a little. “I know, that was naughty! I don't know what made me do it, I was just in the moment I guess. It was kinda fun though.”

The girls got out front and Jenny mom was waiting for them.

“You girls have fun?” She asked as they climbed into the back seat.

"Yea!” Jenny said, “thanks for letting us go!”

“You girls are so sweet.” Jenny's Mom replied as they drove home.

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