Your Ass Is Mine

One night as we are chatting on a BBS. I suddenly feel the
need to share with you the fantasy I have been working on for the past
several days. You ask if you can touch yourself, and I give permission
as long as you don't cum without asking my permission. At that point,
I begin the story.

You are lying on your stomach, as I have tied both arms and
legs to the bottom of the bed. I straddle your body, taking small nips
and bites as I cover your back with licks from my mouth. You feel
warmth as I rub myself all over you. I feel you shake like a leaf as
you try to be good and not look at me, that having been forbidden. I
lean over and rub your ass slowly. I move my hands all around your
cheeks, and crook my fingers to gently pull them apart. With slow
light strokes from my hand, you feel a cool slickness on your ass.
Jerking, you realise that it is my finger, covered in lube. I am
running it up and down the crack; feeling your soft skin.

It is very hard for you to stay still as you have a good idea
of what is coming. I gently part you, and run my fingertips across
your asshole. I feel the resistance as you tense up, and then the give
when you suddenly force yourself to relax. I press, and watch wide
eyed as you open just enough to absorb me to the first knuckle. I
begin to spread the lube inside you, moving my finger all around; in
and out. When I leave you to go to the desk across the room, you feel
bereft. I seem to be taking a long time, but when I turn back, you
decide it was worth the wait. I move to stand in front of you and you
see that I am wearing a large strap-on dildo. You moan and twitch as I
rub the dildo over your ass cheeks, jumping at the contact with the
chilly lubricant. Feeling it slowly come to your body heat, you ease
over the shock.

I slide the rubber tool between your legs and give your penis
a nudge which causes you to jump against your bonds. I bring the cock
back to your ass millimeter by millimeter. I feel you shudder as the
sense of being totally out control overwhelms you. I take a hand
around the cock I am wearing, and bring it up to your asshole. Slowly,
slowly I begin to press into the tight, crinkled sphincter, just the
slightest bit. I feel the muscles flex and see you accept me as with a
firm push of my hips, the head is popped inside you. You give a small
grunt at the intrusion, and I smile at the knowledge that you are
taking from me what you have never taken from anyone else. You are
trying sooooooo hard to be still, that I have to turn your face, and
give you a loving kiss as a reward.

Rubbing my breasts up your back, I reach around you and grab a
nipple in each hand. Pinching and tweaking them between my fingers I
use my hips to push another inch of the dildo into you. You can feel
the fullness as I slide up into your ass and your penis begins to
press into the mattress below you. An inch at a time I press into you
until with a slide I am in you to the base of my fake cock. We both
moan at the tight feeling and you try to hold still and get used to
it. I move back, pulling out as slowly as I went in; moving my hips
from side to side in an attempt to caress every part of your channel.

Again I have to turn your face, this time so that I can see
the expression in your eyes as I move. I inch back in several smooth
strokes, feeling your body go tight like a bow string. I am still for
a moment. listening with joy to your little whimper of protest as you
silently beg me to go on. I reach past your sides and brace my hands
on the bed. With my arms extended I pull myself up and out until only
the head is still in you. I wait until you relax and then swoop down
into you with a forceful jab, filling you to the fullest. You jerk and
feel your body melting into the painful joy. I move in and out of you
with a steady rhythm until suddenly we both start to cum.

After several moments of silence, you type to me that you came
all over and I reply that I did also. With a tired grin, we both sign
off for the night and go to sleep.

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