The dinner had been a great success. Nick and Susan made a
handsome couple, they knew, both attractive, intelligent, and
successful; their friends often referred to them jokingly as "The
Beautiful People." In the academic circles to which they belonged,
style was often a matter of wearing socks that didn't have holes with
your Birkenstocks. But Nick and Susan had a flair and dash that made
them stand out from the tweedy crowd. On this evening, Nick wore
shades of stone and parchment in his slacks and collarless silk shirt.
The rolled-up sleeves revealed powerful though not beefy forearms. His
dark good looks contrasted well with the natural tones of his
clothing. Susan, too, was dark, though with much paler skin, a creamy
ivory against which her long, fine black hair looked like Japanese
brush painting. Tonight she wore a simple long sleeveless tunic in
dark blue sueded silk that showed the outlines of her delicately
sinuous body.

Susan had captured a lot of attention that evening; a major
university press had just accepted her manuscript for publication, so
congratulations were in order, and she succumbed to the temptation to
show off a little by explaining her thesis. After years of teaching,
it was hard to avoid lecturing a little. "And so," she said, cheeks
flushed a bit with the triumph of it all, "my book calls into question
the whole notion of 'masculinity' in children's literature involving
the Pirate narrative!" It was her contention that Long John Silver, et
al., were really a set of repressed homosexuals and pedophiles and
that the trope of "buried treasure" referred to buried knowledge of
the manly pirates' lust for each other. "Interesting," murmured her

During the evening, Nick regarded his companion intently,
saying little. If anyone had been paying attention, they might have
seen Susan's smile slipping a little whenever he caught her eye.

One by one and two by two, their guests left, until only Nick,
Susan, and one diehard, their friend Leo, remained. Leo taught in the
writing program, and true to the cliche about writers and liquor, he
liked his booze. He seemed likely to stay so long as it was flowing
freely. Also, like a lot of the circle, he had something of a crush on
Susan, and it was hard to tear himself away from the sight of her hard
nipples raising the silk of her dress. Nice hard little titties, he
thought. Nick's a lucky bastard.

Leo wrote novels. Tough novels. Novels where men were men. And
where a lot of sentences read. Like this. But despite being somewhat
overshadowed by the venerable Ghost of Hemingway, Leo had little
actual Tough Guy experience and would have invented any excuse to
avoid a bullfight. He didn't look especially imposing, either. Despite
his name, he didn't have a lion's mane but was balding, he hoped,
attractively, thinking of Patrick Stewart and Sean Connery. That
George guy on Seinfeld would have been closer to the mark.

They had moved to the living room, to take their espresso more
comfortably, and Nick drew in a breath and let it out in a whoosh!
expansively, as he threw his arms along the back of the couch. "Well,"
he said. "Everyone seemed to have a good time."

"Yes," Susan agreed. Leo noticed that she seemed nervous, for
some reason. She was seated on a chair next to the couch, where Leo
was next to Nick. She was looking rather strangely at Nick, almost...

"I'm a fortunate man," Nick said to Leo, but his tone seemed
to command Susan's attention as well. She was now looking quite
apprehensive, her eyes wide, and fingers clenching the arms of her
chair. She sat on the edge of her seat, as if waiting for something,
and her upright, perfect posture was rather rigid and braced. She
parted her lips as if to speak, but at a look from Nick, closed them
again. Now she looked down at her lap, shoulders no longer high and
tense but slumped, as if she had heard the answer to some question.

"Fortunate," Nick continued. "Well, just look at Susan, here.
Brilliant. Successful."

"Yes, indeed," Leo said nervously. "The book... wonderful... "

"But really, Leo, who gives a shit about that?" Nick said
conversationally. "The bitch really knows how to suck cock. That's
what the cunt is good for, she's a helluva fuckhole. You look
surprised, Leo. Don't you believe me? Want a demonstration? From the
way you've been staring at her tits all evening, I can't believe you'd
say no."

For once in his life, Leo was at a loss for words. He looked
at Susan to get her reaction to Nick's outrageous statement, but she
was still looking down at her lap, a picture of bent-headed
submission, though he could see the flaming embarrassment in her
reddened cheeks. Leo's heart was pounding at the strangeness and
sudden sexual tension of the moment. "Susan?" he said unbelievingly.

She closed her eyes briefly, but did not respond. "Bitch,
cunt, or slut," Nick supplied helpfully. "Those are the sort of names
she'll respond to now. Right, cunt?" She raised large, pain-filled
eyes to him. "Yes, sir," she whispered. Leo thought that although she
looked as if she wanted to die from shame, she also looked aroused,
her lips parted, and beginning to breathe heavily. "Go ahead, try it,"
Nick told his friend with the attitude of one inviting a trusted pal
to take a spin in the new Jag.

Leo didn't know what to do; this went beyond any experience of
his. But his cock seemed to know. It was beginning to stiffen in his
khakis. "What... what do I say?" he asked Nick. "Just order the bitch
to suck your cock, or whatever you want," Nick replied. He sat back to

"Well... " Leo hesitated, still addressing himself to Nick.
"If it's really... I mean... I wouldn't mind... seeing her... you
know... seeing her, uh, naked."

Nick laughed. "You'll catch on, I guess. Here, I'll show you.
Hey, CUNT!" he snapped at Susan. "You heard the man. Strip. Show 'im
your tits and ass. Show him everything."

Slowly, trembling a little, Susan rose. She bent to push the
coffee table aside, giving Leo a view of the top of her breasts as she
did so. Then, standing in the cleared space, she swayed langorously to
the music, grasping the slippery silk of her long tunic at the knees,
and gathering it up into folds in her hands. Slowly she shimmied the
dress upwards, revealing her knees, her gartered thighs, her bare (oh
my God, thought Leo) cunt, her slim hips, small waist. Then up, and
over her head, and off, into a dark blue pool on the floor. She was
braless, her firm titties needing no support, and the stiff long pink
nipples held Leo transfixed. She brought her hands together underneath
them and pushed her tits up and together, offering them. "Like this?"
she said huskily. "Is this what you want to see?"

Nick didn't like this. She knew the erotic power of her body
over weak men like Leo, and she was using it to gain the upper hand.
All it took to bring her in line, though, was to stand and grab her by
the back of the neck. "Down, bitch," he growled. "A bitch like you
should always be on your knees in the presence of your betters. In the
presence of men."

Leo stared as Susan fell a little clumsily to her knees, the
feminist multicultural critic now an obedient naked slut kneeling in
front of him. Doing whatever Nick said, just like a whore. Nick was
taking Susan's arms and roughly typing them behind her back, painfully
at the elbows, with restraints he'd taken from a drawer in the coffee
table. She winced at the strain in her arms. "There," Nick said.
"That's better. Now those tits are nicely on display. Go ahead, Leo,
do what you want with 'em."

Susan knelt before him, back arched, her perfect little tits
right there and in reach. Leo still couldn't believe this was
happening, but he wasn't one to refuse a great pair of tits freely on
offer. He reached out, hesitating at first and then firmly, to touch
and squeeze them. He pulled her forward by her tits, she shuffling on
her knees, and spent a good few minutes rubbing, pinching, squeezing,
molding, lifting, and stroking them. He especially liked playing with
her rock-hard nipples, pink and delicate but long and stiff like
pencil erasers, and evidently quite sensitive from the way she gasped
when he pinched them. As time went on, he began to think of her as
"Susan" less and less, and more and more as Nick seemed to think of
her... a whore, a cunt. A pair of tits.

Finally Nick broke his concentration by handing him something,
a small whip. "Here," he said, amused at his friend's quick
conversion. "Do me a favor and discipline those tits for me. She's too
proud of them. Well, you saw how they were on display tonight. She
likes to do that, likes to be a little tease, don't you, cunt? Well,
if she likes sticking those nipples out at everyone, she shouldn't be
surprised when she gets a reaction, right, you fucking slut?" Nick
grabbed a thick handful of silky hair and pulled Susan's head back, so
that her body was bent into an arc with her tits jutting out towards
Leo. Still she said nothing out loud, only whimpered fearfully.

Leo looked at the little whip in his hand. He tried it against
his palm first, to get the feel of it. It stung, but he didn't think
it would hurt Susan too permanently. He considered the whimpering
woman in front of him, titties joggling a little as she trembled. He
thought of all the times he'd glimpsed her erect nipples through her
clinging clothes, and anger began to rise in him. Keeping it all to
herself. Fucking tease. Acting so prissy, the perfect academic, the
perfect feminist. When really she was a goddamn cocktease, a fucking
whore. Leo, filled with righteous anger, raised the whip and brought
it down viciously on Susan's left tit.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!" she screamed, as the white-hot line of pain
rose on her delicate flesh. She was completely exposed and helpless,
could do nothing but kneel there and take whatever Leo wanted to give
her. "Aaah! Aaah! Aaaaaahhh!" she cried out with each hard stroke on
her tender, satiny skin, sending explosions of agony through her
brain. Leo liked the way her tits rebounded from each crack of the
whip, the way they jogged a bit as he thrashed her. He liked watching
the raised, fiery lines appear on the ivory skin, visible proof of the
punishment she was taking. He grabbed her right nipple, lifted her tit
even higher, and whipped the sensitive underside of her tit. She
screamed. Then he did the same to the other one. She screamed again.
Leo was a thorough sort of person, and he made sure every inch of
silky titflesh felt the sting of his whip, including Susan's aching
nipples. Oh, it was satisfying to make the bitch writhe and whimper in
pain, satisfying to hit and whip and hurt the titties she'd kept off-
limits, satisfying to make her pain the source of his pleasure. All
the while Nick kept a firm grip on her, making sure she got the
benefit of every single whip stroke.

Susan's titties were striped all over in angry red lines, her
chest heaving as she cried and sobbed at her humiliating whipping.
Leo's cock felt huge and ready to burst, and finally he dropped the
whip, gasping to Nick, "Can I make her suck me now?" Nick smiled
urbanely. "Certainly. I think she's learned her lesson." Leo didn't
need to be told twice. He ripped his pants open, his cock springing
out lustily. It was a good manly weapon, medium-sized and a bit thick,
very dark at the head and drooling now with pre-cum.

Leo didn't need prompting now. He dug his fingers into Susan's
hair, taking her from Nick, and without ceremony pulled her forward
and lodged his cock in her throat. He held her by the ears, as if they
were handles, and used her mouth as if he were masturbating himself
with it, pulling her up and down on it, jacking himself in her mouth.
She immediately began sucking and slurping, using her tongue to brush
against the underside of his cock, like a good little whore. Christ,
her mouth was hot, sucking him so hard, and wet and slick. Christ!
This was Susan, his friend, the woman he'd had a crush on, giving him
head! If he'd thought she was sexy before, that was nothing compared
to the way she looked with his cock down her throat, tear-streaked
face at his crotch.

Susan knelt awkwardly, shoulders aching from the way her
elbows were tied, breasts sore and bruised and being painfully rasped
against the sofa cushion as Leo dragged her head and torso back and
forth. His cock was too thick for comfort, so she gagged and coughed
up mucus and spit, lubricating her throat for him and making her
drool. Leo's hands were covering her ears, so her hearing was muffled,
but she could make out the sounds of his gasped "Bitch...
cocksucker... eat me" as he thrust her head violently over his cock.
She could also hear the slurping as she sucked obediently.

She felt a shameful warm turning-over excitement in her
sopping-wet twat as she sucked and moaned. Almost forgotten was her
triumph of the evening. It didn't matter that she was a Ph.D., a
professor, a published author. With a cock in front of her, she was
just a cunt. If her students could see her now! If her publishers knew
that after a day of writing feminist lit crit, she knelt and had her
tits whipped, and sucked cock like a cheap back-alley whore! It was
shameful, it was degrading, it was against everything she believed...
but she loved it, she couldn't get enough of the rough treatment Nick
knew how to give her. Nothing else made her cunt so wet.

And now he was expanding her debasement by sharing it with
their friend Leo. Would it end there? she wondered, cheeks hollowing
with the force of her suction. Or would it go on, until eventually he
whored her to all their friends? All those politically correct writers
and teachers, with their feminist credentials, would they fall as
easily as Leo had into treating her as a slut to be used and abused?
The thought of a long line of formerly admiring colleagues looking at
her with contempt while she knelt and sucked their cocks made her
whimper and rotate her hips with desire.

Nick had been enjoying the spectacle before him, and
incidentally greasing up his prong. First, though, he undressed; dry-
cleaning is so expensive. Like Leo, Nick possessed a fairly average-
sized cock, though his was thickly veined and had a very large head.
In truth it was rather ugly, but he liked it that way; it gave his
cock a fearsome quality, and was all the better for rubbing in the
face of a pretty girl. Now he knelt behind Susan and spread her ass
cheeks, admiring the perfect firm globes. He would have liked to whip
them first, but Nick didn't think he could wait much longer. At the
touch of his hand, Susan thrust her ass out imploringly. Obviously the
whore could hardly wait for her reaming.

Leo watched, red-faced and huffing and muttering at Susan, as
Nick brought his cock up to Susan's back hole and shoved. "Oh, good,"
Leo said encouragingly. "Fuck her up the ass. Make it hurt." Susan
couldn't make much noise with her mouth occupied, but Leo heard her
moan as Nick forced his big-headed cock into her tight, grasping hole.
Sometimes Nick liked to stroke slowly when he fucked Susan in the ass,
making her aware of every inch sliding in and out, but right now he
just wanted to hump. So he steadied himself by holding onto her hips,
and fucked her in a hard, driving rhythm that shoved her forward onto
Leo's cock, making her take him down to the root on every forward
stroke. Leo now grasped a handful of Susan's hair with one hand, and
with the other he reached down to pinch her tortured tits. Fuck, this
was the life. He was just an ordinary guy, nothing special to look at,
not rich... but this was like having a high-priced whore at his beck
and call. It gave him a strange, powerful rush to look down at her and
be able to call her "bitch" and "cunt" and "twat" right to her face,
and she didn't do anything but keep sucking.

Oh, Nick loved this... her asshole, so tight and hot, the
sense he had of debasing her, of showing her what a slut she was... he
loved the transgression of doing it in her shithole, he loved denying
her the pleasure of fucking her in her cunt... he loved the way her
whole body shuddered and jounced from the force of his fucking.

"Hey, cunt," Nick grunted. "Why don't you tell us again about
your thesis? Go on, show us how smart you are. I mean it, bitch," he
said, slapping one asscheek brutally hard. "Come on. What's your new
book about? Do tell."

Susan couldn't talk very well, what with a cock down her
throat and all. Nick knew it. She wasn't sure how to comply, but after
getting thumped a few times, she got the idea and, groaning, did her
best to talk around the thick cock being shoved in and out of her

"Ah oo," she said. She meant, "My book." Leo gasped at the
sensation, the vibration of her vocal cords transmitted to his
thrusting cock. "Yes, dear?" Nick sneered as he reamed her ass. "Tell
us all about it." "Ah oo ih uhow uh ohon uh ahoohihuhee," Susan
mumbled, trying desperately to say "My book is about the notion of
masculinity... " This final degradation was bringing her close to the
edge. Susan, the brilliant scholar, reduced to reciting her book's
thesis as a way to bring off the man fucking her throat! Never had she
felt so sluttish, so used. She moaned in despair as Nick reached
around to rub her aching-hot little clit, while she desperately
mumbled around Leo's cock.

She was swiveling her hips now, humping herself on the cock
in her ass, wanting nothing else but to come hard. Sensation was
everywhere: the cock she sucked on, the hands pinching and squeezing
her sore, sensitive tits, the rod shoving in and out of her tight
asshole, the fingers mashing and rubbing and frigging her exquisitely
sensitive clit, the vibration in her throat, the sense of the picture
she must make as she degraded herself, all to the tune of her literary
triumph translated into a slut's unintelligible grunts... her hot
excitement built and built until with loud AH AH AHs she was coming
all over Nick's fingers, quite unable to continue describing her
brilliant thesis.

That was enough for Leo, and grasping her by the ears again,
he rammed her head down hard twice and starting pumping his load. He
held her head up the hair for the last several spurts, coming in her
drooling, reddened face. "Cunt!" he gasped. "Take it! Cum-covered
bitch!" Indeed, after his copious emissions, that was just what she
was. It smeared her pretty face everywhere and dripped off her chin,
but she was too exhausted from her own orgasm to notice much. Nick
unbunged his cock from her ass with a pop, stood, and turned her
around to finish him in her mouth as Leo looked on in a daze of
satisfaction. Just when he thought he'd seen everything, there was
Susan the beautiful and dignified cleaning off the cock that'd been in
her ass, cheeks hollowing as she sucked adoringly, looking up at Nick,
cum dripping off her high cheekbones, as Nick looked down at her, lip
curled in contempt.

"Cheap little slut," he sneered. "You should be sucking cocks
at a truckstop, not teaching in college." Susan slurped, worshipping
his cock. "You should be on your knees in a dirty alley getting boned
by drunks. You should be bent over garbage cans for a good reaming.
Fucking whore. Dirty cunt," he said, gasping. She knelt and sucked
submissively, her whole world filled by the cock in her mouth, her
whole existence dependent on the whim of the cock's owner. He was
right. She was a cock whore if there ever was one. She didn't care
about her profession, her students, her publications. All she cared
about was getting off the cock that filled her field of vision and her

Finally Nick felt the rush, his cock growing even bigger, and
then the cum exploded out of him, so powerfully that for a brief
moment everything seemed to go black. Like Leo, he gripped Susan by
her hair and dumped his load all over her pretty face, using her like
a piece of Kleenex. Finally, he wiped himself off on her hair and
knocked her aside, sending her off-balance so she fell onto her back.
With her hands so cruelly tied, and exhausted from the rough usage,
she lay there as she'd been tossed, cum gleaming on her face, the whip
marks standing out rudely on her battered titties.


Later, when Susan had cleaned up the mess and brought the men
some beer, and everyone had recovered a bit, Nick explained some to
Leo about their domestic arrangements. "You have to follow the party
line as an academic," Nick said. "You know, gender politics,
multiculturalism, the phallus this, the colonial narrative that." Leo
nodded. It was a familiar litany to him.

Nick continued. "Of course, there's the Camille Paglia set and
the interest in transgressive sexualities. But it's all theory, and
only acceptable if you're a black lesbian drug addict sexually abused
victim of the white male hierarchy. Those people would shit in their
pants if they came across something truly transgressive... something
that really challenged the Thought Police around here."

"And that brings us to you and Susan?" Leo asked. "Not
exactly," Nick said. "Because I don't give a shit if how I like to get
off can be justified according to some lit crit theory or not. All I
know is, I like to treat women like the cunts they are, and Susan
likes it too. Don't you, whore?"

>From her curled-up position in a corner of the couch, Susan
said, "Yes... sir. You know I do. I don't know why. Except that it
makes my cunt hot."

After what he'd seen this evening, Leo had to believe it. He
accepted gladly when Nick invited him to come over next Saturday
afternoon. "We'll watch some hot porn tapes," Nick said. "The bitch
will kneel and suck us off all afternoon. Won't that be fun,

"Yes, sir," Susan whispered. She could just picture it. Hours
of being used as nothing more than a hand-held cunt, a mouth to jack
off in, while the two men watched hardcore porn... she wouldn't get to
see anything, just the cock and torso in front of her... they'd
probably ignore her cunt completely, leaving her to drip and whine in
frustration, while they paid attention to the lucky sluts getting
fucked onscreen... she'd be their cum toilet. She could hardly wait.

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