Deep Touch

Garret waited in line as the announcer called each students name through the loud booming microphone. He watched as fellow students ascended the stage, shook the deans hand, and then collected their graduating certificate. Garret was anxious, excited, and proud. Over the last two years, he had studied diligently and put in hundreds of hours of supervised massages.

Today is the day, I am finally becoming a licensed massage therapist. Garret anxiously rubbed his clammy hands against his robe, and then he heard his name called out.

As Garret walked across the stage, he turned and looked out over the auditorium and saw his family. He watched as they took photos of him and he casually smiled and waved as his footsteps moved him closer to the dean and his long awaited certificate.

Just like that, within seconds, it was over and he had his document. As he descended the stage, he could hear the clapping crowd fade behind him and he quickly made his way towards his classmates. He beamed as his friends gave each other hugs, took photos, and promised to keep in touch.

The rest of the day was a busy blur to him. He found his family in the lobby and they did the usual hugs, congratulations and photo taking. Garret could see the pride in his father’s eyes as he admired his sons graduating certificate.

Garret was part of a blended family. His dad had remarried a younger and absolutely stunning lady named, Mia. Her skin was tanned, her body was slender yet still curvaceous, and she was quick-witted with her tongue. She also had a son, named Gabriel, who was now his step-brother. Gabriel was the typical macho, self-obsessed, Puerto Rican guy.

Gabriel was still in school and he loved playing baseball. He was definitely easy on the eyes, and girls constantly flirted with him. Like his mom, he had beautiful brown skin, piercing brown eyes and jet black hair that he kept short and faded at all times.

Garret had inherited features from his father. His skin was nicely tanned from laying by the pool and his dirty blond hair and blue eyes were always complimented by others. Garret had a tall and slender body frame and he was very toned from running each morning. He and his stepbrother couldn’t have been any more different.


Garret was laying on his bed when he heard a knock at his door.

“Hey Garret, it’s me Gabe, are you awake?”

“Yea, come in.”

Garret watched as Gabriel entered the room and closed the door behind him. Garret broke the silence and spoke first, “What’s up bud, everything ok?” Garret propped himself up in bed as Gabriel sat at his desk.

“So, you’re like a real massage person now right?” Gabe’s tone and body language indicated he was nervous and hesitant. He stared at the floor as he continued. “Like, do you know anything about sports medicine?”

Garret waited until Gabe was silent before he replied, “I know a little about sports medicine, but I am an LMT and I am trained in muscle reflexology and stimulation. What’s bothering you?”

“Well, I was at practice today and when I slid into third base, I think I pulled a muscle in my thigh. It’s really sore and I figured I’d ask you for advice.” Gabe again stared at the floor as he spoke.

Garret thought for a moment before he offered a solution. “Let me pull out my massage table and I’ll examine your thigh and we can go from there. Sound like a plan?”

Gabe looked up at him and nodded his head yes. “You sure you don’t mind?”

“It’s what I went to school for bro.” Garret laughed as he unfolded his massage table. He looked over at Gabe who was still sitting. “You’ll need to drop your shorts though, I want to see if there is any bruising before we start.”

Gabe went red in the face from embarrassment. “I am still wearing my jockstrap from practice! Can I leave my shorts on?”

“I won’t be able to properly make a recommendation for your thigh then. I can get a small towel and cover you up. Unless you want to go to the doctor and have some old man examine you!” Garret laughed as he watched Gabe wrinkle his face in disgust.

Gabe pondered then agreed, “Alright grab the towel then!” Gabe must not have been that uncomfortable around his stepbrother, because as soon as Garret turned back around, he saw his muscular stepbrother standing there in a black jockstrap, his ass bare to the room.

“Climb up on the table and lay on your stomach.” Garret waited and then covered the tight bare ass with the scantly white towel. He rubbed his hands to warm them before he touched Gabe’s tanned skin. “Tell me how much pain you’re in when I press here.”

Garret applied pressure on Gabe’s left back thigh and waited. He heard his brother grunt from discomfort but it was a subtle tone.

“It’s sore but not that bad.” Gabe waited patiently as Garret probed his thigh further.

“Hmm, it’s probably just a strained muscle. I’d recommend a light rub down and maybe some ibuprofen for inflammation. You should be good in two or three days time.” Garret gave Gabe’s thigh a gentle massage before his hands went lower to the boys thick calfs. “If you want, I am free now, and I don’t mind giving you a massage, complimentary of course.” Garret gave a small laugh as his hands continued rubbing the muscular calf.

“Umm, sure, if you want. I don’t want to impose or anything.” Gabe let out a small sigh as he relaxed further. He had heard other guys in the locker room talk about massages, but he had never experienced one before.

“So do you want a full or partial massage?” Garret waited as Gabe thought about it.

“What’s the difference?” Gabe turned his head and stared at Garret.

“If I give you a partial massage, I’ll concentrate on your legs today. If you want a full massage, I’ll start on your backside, then have you roll over so I can massage your chest and frontal area. Let’s just do a full body massage, I need as much experience and practice as possible. Take off your shirt and I’ll grab some massage oils.”

When Garret returned to the table, he observed his stepbrother and his attractive backside. His back muscles were large, very linear and his definition was stunning. Garret had never seen his stepbrother in this state.

Garret applied a few droplets of massage oil to Gabe’s back and then began a deep tissue rub. Every so often he’d hear his brother moan as he applied more pressure. His hands freely examined and touched the muscular body that laid before him.

As Garret went lower, his hands again rubbed the young mans thick legs, feeling his muscular thighs and calfs. He took each foot and gave them a deep rub down, causing Gabe to moan in pleasure.

“How are you feeling bud?” Garret watched as Gabe opened his eyes and smiled.

“Wow bro, I don’t even know what to say, this feels amazing.” Gabe closed his eyes, but his smile was evident.

Garret gave him a small pat on the ass, “I’ll need you to roll over, so I can start on your chest, arms and finish up.” Garret watched as his stepbrother rolled over and accidentally dropped the towel to the floor. Garret’s eyes widen with surprise.

It was clear Gabe was enjoying his full body massage. His jockstrap struggled to conceal his thick cock with a raging hard-on.

Garret applied more massage oil as his hands rubbed his stepbrothers chiseled chest. Garret couldn’t help rubbing the boys hard nipples as he made his way further down. He heard his brother sigh with pleasure as he continued exploring his semi-nude body.

“I need you to open your legs a little wider for me.” Garret’s voice was now heavier as his breathing intensified. He looked down and saw his cock had formed a thick outline in his own shorts.

As his hands massaged his brother further, he let his fingertips trace the defined lines of Gabe’s tight abs. He heard his brother moan and felt his body shudder from his gentle touch. He watched as Gabe reached over and adjusted the cup to his jockstrap.

“Sorry, I know I should be embarrassed, but…” Gabe exasperated as he struggled to speak.

“It’s ok, it just means your body is enjoying my techniques and you have good blood flow.” Garret said this as his hand brushed Gabe’s cock and their eyes met and locked onto each other. “I mean, I can give you a full body massage, but you’ll have to take everything off. Would you be ok with that?” Garret felt his face go flush as the words left his lips.

Garret had never been with a guy before, but he had always admired his stepbrother from afar. Each time they were at the pool, or in the gym working out, he couldn’t help notice how attractive his step-sibling was.

He watched as Gabe climbed off the massage table and stripped out of the last remaining fabric he wore. Garret’s eyes widened as he stared at the most attractive guy he had ever seen. His body was the perfect adonis. Beautiful dark skin, muscular and toned in every aspect, and well endowed between his legs.

Gabe was shy and stared at the floor as he stood stark naked in front of his stepbrother. His hands went to cover his hard cock, when he felt Garret reach out to him, and stopped his arm mid-movement.

“Would you be more comfortable if I removed my clothes as well?” Garret couldn’t believe what he was saying. He looked at Gabe, waiting for some type of affirmation that what they were doing was consensual. He knew his behavior was unprofessional, or was it, after all this was family, not some client.

Gabe’s eyes spoke for him. He gave a small, almost an unnoticeable nod of agreement. Garret smiled and nodded back and began undressing.

Garret was nothing like his brother. He was a tall and slim guy, but he had great muscle definition as well. His stomach was flat and he had a sexy “v” that went down to his thighs. His skin was tanned from endless days at the pool and his dirty blonde hair and piercing blue eyes made him a stunning sight to look at.

Gabe stared as his stepbrother stripped out of his polo, shorts and then he dropped his boxer-briefs. Gabe had seen nude guys in the gym shower all the time, but this was different. These two stepbrothers were stripping nude out of excitement and sexual curiosity. Gabe was hypnotized by Garret’s thick uncut cock that was accented with a light bush of blonde hair.

Garret reached out and touched Gabe’s arm and distracted him from his gaze. “We can stop if you like.”

“No. I want us to finish this. My thigh is already feeling better.” Gabe stuttered out the words, embarrassed by his decision.

Garret sensed his stepbrothers feelings and reassured him by touching his arm. “Cool, I am interested in finishing this too. Go ahead and climb back onto the table. Lay on your back and I’ll massage you some more.”

Garret watched as his buff stepbrother adjusted himself back onto the table. He approached him and began relaxing him further. His hands went between his thighs, groping and rubbing his thick legs. He’d occasionally let his hand brush the thick and hardened cock. Each time Gabe would moan as his brother passionately touched him.

Garret felt an urge to push the envelope and gently began stroking his brothers hard penis. He waited to see if Gabe would object, but he didn’t. So Garret continued further, letting his hands feel the thick and pulsating muscle.

“Does that feel good?” Garret barely got the words out as his breathing increased.

“Uh huh, please don’t stop.” Gabe begged.

Garret took both hands and began twisting the hard cock, using the massage oil as lubricant. He watched as a bead of pre-cum appeared from Gabe’s small slit. Garret knew his brother was close, and he wanted the moment to last longer. He slowed his hand rhythm and gently cupped the boys balls, rubbing them gently.

“Keep going Garret, please don’t stop.” Gabe was now struggling to lay still on the table as his brother teased him, edging him closer to a climax.

Garret tightened his grip and began a deep long stroke on Gabe. With each motion Gabe moaned louder with excitement. Garret looked down at his swollen cock and knew he’d need relief too. Both guys were loving the experience and it only made the moment more bonding.

“I am so close, keep doing that.” Gabe arched his back and thrusted his pelvis upwards as Garret continued stroking his hard cock. “Ugh, ugh, I am cumming!” Gabe shot several ropes of cum into the air as his body jerked from his climax. The creamy liquid landed on his sweat drenched chest. His hands gripped the sides of the table as he continued panting.

Garret picked up the towel and wiped his hands. “That was pretty awesome. But now I need to relieve myself. So you’ll probably want to re-dress and… Unless, you want to stay…” His voice trailed off as he looked away. He didn’t expect his stepbrother to reciprocate.

Garret’s body jerked when he felt his stepbrothers hand reach out and grip his cock. “I don’t mind staying. Just tell me what to do bro, and I’ll try and make you feel good too.” Gabe gently tugged at Garret’s foreskin, waiting for more instruction.

“Let’s put some of this in your hands, it’ll help with the stroking.” Garret smiled as he pumped massage oil into Gabe’s palms. “I am very sensitive down there, so you’ll have to be gentle.” Garret tossed his head back and let out a loud grunt as Gabe gave him a long stroke to his shaft.

“Come closer to the table.” Gabe begged his brother.

Garret leant down and used his hands to balance himself against the side of the massage table as Gabe began sensual tugs on his erect cock.

“Am I doing ok? Does it feel good?” Gabe eagerly asked.

“Uh huh. It… It feels amazing. I won’t last long, I am so… so close….” Garret panted as his stepbrother kept stroking away at him.

Gabe grinned as he sped up his hand movements causing his brothers breathing to become heavier. The massage oil was getting thicker, so Gabe pulled his hand back and spat on his brothers hard dick. He gripped it quickly and stroked it with vigorous passion.

“Fuck, I am cumming!” Garret lost all control and began shooting a built up load of hot cum all over his stepbrother. He watched as his thick cum landed on his brothers hard chest. He collapsed onto his brother who was still laying on the table.

Gabe wrapped his arms around Garret and held him. He could feel the steady thumping of Garret’s heart as it raced with excitement. Both guys laid there, listening to each others breathing as they came down from their climaxes.

“Well that was different.” Gabe laughed as he held Garret.

“Man, we made a mess.” Garret gave a small laugh as he stood up, aware of the pool of cum still on Gabe’s chest.

“If all massages end this way, then sign me up!” Gabe jumped off the table and gave his stepbrother a firm slap on his bare ass. “Same time tomorrow?” Gabe grinned.

Garret tossed the towel to his stepbrother and smiled, “Definitely, same time tomorrow!”

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