My Dutch uncle

Allan and his cousin Kyle had been fooling around since high school and were now preparing to enter Junior College in town. One afternoon, after a grueling day of college admin tests, they were rummaging around the garage in search of a 3/8” box wrench, Kyle announced an even better find. “Dude, look what I found under the socket tray of my dad's toolbox!”, he said.

Allen looked over his cousin's shoulder to see an expensive looking magazine named, “BOYS LIFE.” In it were depictions of young smooth men being sexually used by hairy bikers dressed in various pieces of leather clothing. “This is your dad’s magazine?”, he asked.

Kyle looked up at his cousin and smiled. He lightly bit Allan’s swelling cock through his jeans. “You’re getting hard thinking of my dad fucking you.”, he teased.

Allan laughed. “Who’s you’re daddy?”, he said as he released his boner for his cousin.

Kyle took the cock into his mouth and in a matter of minutes, Allan was sending his seed down Kyle’s greedy throat.

“Dude, you were really hot. Do you really want to do it with my dad?”, Kyle asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe. He’s always dressed in leathers when he goes out on his Harley. Look at this guy.” Allan pointed to a man with a handlebar mustache wearing a leather jacket and chaps holding a Twinks face while he face fucked him. They turned a few pages and it was more of the same. Bikers using the young men for various sex acts.

“Dude, if you start doing it with my dad, you’ll be my step mom and your own aunt. That’s a lot to unpack.”, Kyle laughed.

Kyle’s father, Daniel, was a widower and he raised his son with the help of his older sister, who also was a single mother. Together, brother and sister purchased a three-bedroom house and raised the boys like any other family except Daniel and his sister each had a room of their own and the boys shared the master bedroom.

Daniel worked as a mechanic for the sheriff's department and his sister, Dianne, was a postpartum nurse at the local hospital who worked the graveyard shift. Daniel had a bikers club meeting twice a month and, on those evenings, Allan and Kyle explored their sexual desires and discovered that Allan was gay, and Kyle was bi-sexual. They have been doing it together for years and had already explored group sex and some light bondage so, Allan’s new fascination with his uncle was simply another kink for the boys to explore.

With the admin tests behind them, Allan and Kyle had the summer to ride Motocross dirt bikes, ski at the river and fuck. Allan loved having sex with his cousin and the other neighborhood boys. It was he who talked Kyle into their first three way, bukake party and mild BDSM. Kyle was afraid of hurting Allan because his cousin was so frail and delicate so, Allan still did not know his own limits and he constantly explored his feelings and desires.

The family had breakfast together. Allan’s mother, Dianne, decided to whip up chicken fried steak and eggs with biscuits smothered in sausage gravy. The boys could smell the feast from the garage and when Dianne called them in to eat, they were at the table before she had time to set the table.

Kyles father, Daniel joined the boys and sat at his place at the head of the table. “Why don’t you two set the table for your mom? And bring the coffee pot.”, he said. Daniel stood well over six feet tall. His blonde hair hung down to his collar and his eyes were as black as coals. His big muscular arms were decorated with several tattoos.

The boys didn’t budge. Allan was admiring his uncle in the new light he had just discovered, and Kyle was watching Allan in fascination. He knew his cousin was going to try to do something with his father. He just wasn’t sure how he felt about it, but he felt himself getting hard thinking of his dad ramming into Allen. He imagined his father, dressed in nothing but his leather jacket, holding Allan by the hips while he fervently fucking him, a grimace on his face, and it made him smile.

“Hey, snap out of it. Get up and get the coffee.”, Daniel said. “Allan, go help your mom with the dishes and forks. Move!”

Allan looked over at Kyle and laughed. He knew what he was thinking, and he knew he just got busted fantasizing about his dad. “I’ll get the coffee, and you can set the table.”, he said and the two of them got up to join Dianne in the kitchen.

“There you are.”, Dianne said. “Kyle, get your dad his coffee before he dies. Allan, sweetheart, set the table for mom and I’ll be out in a minute with this.” Dianne, a petite woman, was used to giving orders. She was the consummate nurse in charge who expected to be obeyed. She also had long blonde hair, dark brown eyes and a slight frame. For twelve hours a day she cared for new mothers and their husbands, so she was very familiar with keeping young men in line.

Allan grabbed the coffee pot and two mugs from the cupboard. “I’ll get the coffee.”, he said. Leaving Kyle to gather the breakfast dishes and cutlery.

In the dining room, Allan set a coffee mug in front of his uncle and poured him a cup of coffee. “Good morning, sir. My name is Allan and I’ll be your waitress today.”, he laughed.

“The PC word is server. In America, you’re a waiter.”, Daniel said. He sipped his coffee. “What are you doing this summer? You going to get a job?”

“He’s got no skills. He can't even do his own brakes on the dirt bikes.”, Kyle said as he entered the room in front of Dianne. He set plates and cutlery down before sitting across from his cousin.

“I can still ride circles around you. Maybe I’ll be a professional Motocross racer.”, Allan said. “Did you bring cups for the OJ?”

Kyle made a face. “I only have two hands.”, he said. He got up to fetch tumblers and another coffee mug for himself, and when he returned a moment later said, “You only ride better than me because you like that vibrating motor under your bum and you keep revving up the RPM’s. Vroom! Vroom!”

Allan laughed. “Don't knock it till you try it.”, he said. He poured a cup of OJ, handed it to his mom, and poured another cup for Daniel. He bounced in his chair. “Thats why I got the Thrill Seeker seats for my bike. They’re ribbed for her pleasure.”

Kyle turned his head and moaned as he pretended to vomit at the bad joke, and Dianne put up her hands. “Enough. I don’t want to go to bed thinking of my baby boy having sex with bikers.”, she said, and the boys changed the subject.

“Dad, can you get me a job at your shop this summer?”, Kyle asked his father.

“Not till you’re eighteen. Why don’t you go to CalTech this summer and I can put you on as an intern.”, Daniel said.

Allan was making a burrito with his eggs and gravy, ignoring the steak, and his mother chimed in. “Honey, what are your plans this summer?”

Allan didn’t answer at first. He carefully shook some drops of Tabasco sauce into the opening of the burrito before closing it up. He set it aside and carefully moved his biscuit onto his uncle's plate and set the burrito onto his own plate. Kyle reached over with his fork and stuck it into Allan’s steak. “Are you going to eat that?”, he said.

Yes, of course I’m going to eat it. I’m going to eat the burrito while I fix my breaks.”, Allan said as he stuck Kyles hand with his fork.

“You’re going to have to fix them without me. I’m going skiing with Rich and Jerry Fitzpatric. Come with us. Do the breaks tomorrow.”, Kyle said as he retracted his hand.

“Nope, the wheels are off and I’m not leaving her undressed like a used whore.”, Allan said as he cut into his steak.

Daniel reached over and tousled his nephew's hair. His enormous hand practically covering Allan’s entire head. “That’s a good kid. Take care of your bike and your bike will take care of you.”, he said.

Breakfast continued until Daniel announced that he had to leave for work and Dianne stood to clear the table. Allan and Kyle helped Dianne with the dishes. And they soon heard Daniels Harley Davidson motorcycle engine roar as he started it. Kyle made one last attempt to convince his cousin to go skiing, and Dianne went to bed, reminding her son not to rev up his dirt bikes motor while he was in the garage.

Allan quickly had his breaks done and his bike assembled. He showered, dressed in a pair of gym shorts and a tee shirt and pulled out his X-Box for a round of Bio-Shock, a multi-player zombie shooting game. He played for an hour or two when he heard the familiar roar of his uncles pan tail Harley approaching. He quickly devised a plan in his head and decided to put it in motion.

Setting the X-Box aside, he went to his room to get his eight-inch shower toy. He called it his shower toy because of the suction cup at its base that allowed him to stick the thing to the wall. He also retrieved a tube of lubricant and a towel before he ran like a gazelle to the garage to set the stage to his daring plan.

In the garage, Allan went to the other side of the pickup truck where his uncle's tools were. He went to the box where the magazine was, opened it and removed his gym shorts so he was dressed only in his tee shirt. He knelt in front of the open magazine, positioned his toy on the floor and squirted a healthy amount of lube on the tip before straddling it to impale himself with the eight-inch tool. He sighed with pleasure as his uncle entered the house.

Daniel entered the house and was greeted by the game his nephew was playing moments before. Thinking nothing of it and, keeping as quiet as he could so he didn’t wake his sister, he went straight back to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat. He heard a whimpering sound coming from the garage and, concerned, stepped into the garage. “Allan.”, he said quietly. Nothing. He walked around the truck and found his nephew, naked from the waist down and masturbating over his magazine from his toolbox. Beneath him, he saw the thick shaft and well-formed testicles of the dildo the boy had impaled himself with. He felt his cock swell and a faint smile formed on his lips. “Are you okay son; do you need any help?”, he said. He stepped closer.

Allan watched his uncle's erection form under his coveralls. A dark spot appeared obscenely as pre cum began to flow from his hard on. He knew at that moment that his plan was going to work, and he bounced on his toy and stroked himself. “Uncle Danny.”, he panted. He looked down at the magazine.

Daniel followed his nephews gaze to the open magazine on the floor. The picture depicted a large, hairy biker and a young, lithe twink. The biker had both hands on the others face as he received head. The biker had a grimace on his face, and dripping from the twinks mouth was a stream of gooey, white cum.

Daniel took another step forward so the bulge in his pants was inches from his nephews face, and Allan looked up into his uncles lust filled eyes. He continued stroking himself as he bounced on his toy. “Can I suck it?”, he panted.

Without a word, Daniel unzipped his fly and reached into his overalls to release his fully erect cock. He shook it in front of the boy, tapping his nose and lips with the giant mushroom head. Allan opened his mouth and took his uncle into his throat and began sucking and stroking the enormous cock with his mouth.

Daniel threw his head back and moaned as his nephew pleasured him and soon he was ready to explode. “Allan.”, he whispered. “I’m going to cum.”, he said as he tried to pull his cock from his nephews mouth, but Allan leaned forward to keep his uncles now pulsing cock in place as he greedily swallowed the bitter sweet semen.

Once Allan was sure he suckled all there was to have from the deflating cock, he released Daniel and gently kissed the flaccid penis before sitting back, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. He smiled. “Thanks Uncle Danny. I found your magazine this morning and I was fantasizing about this all day. It’s like, fate threw us together.”, he said.

Daniel looked behind the boy as he tucked back into his pants. Allan’s toy was stuck to the floor. Standing like a flesh colored skyscraper in the middle of a parking lot. “You took that thing balls deep. Maybe next time I’ll finish you the other way.”, he said with a grin. “Let’s keep this our little secret. Your mom would never understand.” He cupped the boys chin as he smiled down at him.

Allan looked up at his uncle and smiled before leaning forward to kiss his crotch. “Okay uncle Danny. You can fuck me next time. Can I mark the pages of what I want to try with you?”, he looked back at his toy that was still stuck to the floor and down at the magazine. He giggled as he looked back to his uncle.

Daniel smiled and gave his nephew and affectionate slap on his face. “Clean this mess up.”, he said. “I’ll see you tonight.” And he left Allan alone, half naked in the garage.

Allan soon heard the report of his uncles Harley Davison starting and the roar of the engine fading as he returned to work. He picked up the towel, wiped his bottom, and wrapped it around his toy as he un stuck it from the floor. He pulled on his shorts and took his toy to the bathroom to quietly clean up.

Dinner was much like breakfast. Allan’s mother woke up at three in the afternoon and found her son in the living room engrossed in his video game. “Good morning sweetheart. Have you been here at this game all day?”, she said.

Allan answered without looking back at his mother. “Um, no. I put new breaks on the Kawasaki and took it out for a bit. I think Uncle Danny came home cause the door was locked when I got home.”, he said. “What’s for dinner?”

“How about pepper steak pinwheels?”, she said.

Allan let his game end. “Pepper steak pinwheels? Yah, that sounds great!”, he exclaimed. “I’m going to text Kyle and let him know.” He picked up his cell phone and and began tapping its screen.

Pepper steak pinwheels were just as described. Dianne tenderized flank steak and gave it a good dry rub of black and red pepper. She then grilled them, medium rare and cut the steaks into two inch wide strips. She then brushed the strips with Dijon mustard and laid tender arugula on the strips before rolling them into pinwheels. She used the drippings from the pan to make a beef and mushroom sauce.

Dianne believed that special steak, deserved special accompaniment, so the potatoes were first boiled, then laid out onto a olive oil coated cookie sheet and smashed into potato pancakes. The medallions were drizzled with more olive oil and baked to crispy goodness. Daniel enjoyed drizzling malt vinegar onto them.

Allan helped his mother prepare the meal and, while smashing the little red potatoes into medallions, he hummed a tune and did a little dance. Once or twice he giggled, and his mother looked at him sideways as she peeled Brussels sprouts for the pot. “You seeing a new Bo sweetheart?”, she asked him.

“No, I’m just reminiscing on something.”, Allan said. He did his best to act coy and shy away from the subject. “I think Kyle’s got a crush on Winnie Fitzpatrick, Rich and Jerry’s kid sister.”, he said. He almost hear his mothers brain gears turning as they processed the thought of his cousins unsupervised day at the river with a sixteen year old Winnie Fitzpatrick. He drizzled the potatoes with olive oil and salted them before putting them into the oven. “I’m going to put away the X-Box. Uncle Danny will have a cow if he thinks all I did was play with the idiot box all day.”

Dinner went like breakfast, with Kyle dominating the conversation about his day at the river. Afterwards, the boys helped Dianne with the dinner dishes, and Daniel went to his room to prepare for his club meeting. Dianne, who had already dressed for work, said her goodnights to the boys and left for work and as soon as she closed the door, Allan made a bee line to the garage to retrieve his uncle's magazine and went to his bedroom to mark his favorite pages for later. Kyle followed him into their room, wondering what Allan was up to.

When he entered the room, he found his cousin laying on his bed, marking pages of the magazine with post it notes. On the post-it's, he was ranking the various sex acts with stars. He quickly turned to shut the door, but Alaan whispered, “Leave it open, so your dad doesn’t come in.”

Kyle stepped over to look over his shoulder. He had just put a yellow square post-it on a page where a young man was straddling an old biker, impaling himself with the old man’s cock. He was also holding another leather clad biker's erection while sucking on a third. “Five stars?”, he laughed.

Allan reached down to adjust himself and he wiggled his bottom for affect. “Fuck yes, I’d love that. Getting fucked by five or six guys all at once. Remember when we did three? Didn’t you like that? Man, I think about it all the time.”, he said.

Kyle, now ferociously aroused, moved his hips forward and pulled his growing cock out for his cousin. “Here. Take a break.”, he said.

Allan smiled as he looked up from his task to his cousins erect penis. “Wait till your dad gets in the shower.”, he said. He then took him in his mouth, fervently suckled him for a moment, and went back to marking and grading pages of his uncles magazine.

Daniel started the shower and sat on the pot while he waited for the bathroom to fill with steam. As he leaned forward to get up, he heard the tap-tap-tapping sound of his nephews headboard hitting the wall. He leaned back and listened to the boys frolicking and he was instantly aroused, so he climbed into the shower and lathered up to please himself. By the time he finished, Kyle was alone, watching television in the front room and he assumed his nephew Allan was in his bedroom. He leaned towards the open door. “I’ll be back before ten. Don’t take that Kawasaki on the streets.”, he said.

Allan went to the door of his room to greet his uncle. He was now topless with a tiny pair of high school gym shorts. “Can I go with you to your club meeting? That way, you wont have to worry about me riding the dirt bike, and I can be kind of a mascot.”, he said with a playful smile as he turned patted his bottom.

Daniel looked nervously for his son, saw he was still watching television, and reached out and pinched his nephews naked nipple. “You have to have a Hog to join. Get a job and save your money.”, he said.

Soon the boys were left alone and Allan quickly pulled the infamous magazine from under his pillow to put the magazine back into his uncles toolbox. When he returned to the front room to join his cousin, Kyle said, “Dude, what will you do if my dad gets pissed off at you for touching his magazine.”

“I’ll deny it.”, Allan said. “What will you do if he’s intrigued by my fascination and grading of his magazine?”

“Well, I’m not going to do a three some with you and my dad.”, Kyle said. And the two boys laughed out loud at the thought of having three way sex with Kyle’s father. Kyle, laughing at the ridiculous notion, but Allan was laughing with excitement at the prospect of a new sexual adventure.

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