Prison Island


Francesco was crouched on the hard cold floor and did as told. A rough hand came from behind and slick fingers pushed inside his ass. He tried to remain silent and not squirm as the fingers moved inside him, triggering shameful sensations.

“Gotta make sure with these kids,” the guard commented and made the other present laughed.

“Not a kid anymore,” the second guard said. “No more juvie for him now. He’s eighteen and ready to pay his dues.”

“Guess not. So, pretty boy,” the guard cooed in his ear, “it’s all right if I prep you a little for what’s down there?”

Francesco wasn’t sure he was supposed to answer that. The guard grabbed his face with the other hand while he moved his fingers in and out with the other. He shuddered and closed his eyes. Was he such a bitch that he got hard at anything stuffed in his ass?

The guard surprised him with the kiss. The man’s tongue was hard and he had a one day stubble that rubbed his lips raw. So, he let out a small whimper. The guard let him go and laughed. “Pretty and horny. Such a good boy.”

He knew not to protest when he was pushed on all fours. Furious tears of humiliation flew down his face.

“Say, have you ever seen anything prettier?” The guard pushed his ass cheeks apart to take a good look.

“Be quick, man,” the other said, and he sounded amused. “We still have a bunch of them to check.”

“Yeah, but he’s my type. Such pouty lips and round ass.” The guard smacked his ass and chuckled.

“Shut up, man. You make me horny.”

“So? He has a mouth, too.”

Francesco held his breath. Would they go that far as to spit roast him?

“Nah, man, I’m good. He’ll get plenty of cock once he gets to the island. I heard that there are people there who never left for ten years or so. They must be gagging for young ass.”

Once he got there, he would fend for himself. Now, if he opposed, he would be dead meat. Here, he didn’t have a chance.

“Then I’ll give him a farewell gift.”

Francesco closed his eyes and squeezed them shut, prepared for having his ass fucked. The guard pushed inside slowly, to his surprise.

“Man, you sure take your sweet time,” the second guard said with envy. “He’s not your girlfriend.”

“That bitch doesn’t let me do her in the ass,” the first guard said with a grunt. “Says it would make me a homo.”

The man waited until he was deep inside to pull back and slam harder. Francesco bit on his forearm. Like before, his ass reacted. That big fat dick was doing it for him and he couldn’t let it show. He tried to think of sad things and wish his cock down while the man grabbed his hips and slammed inside him over and over.

“Damn, such a fine ass.” The guard smacked his cheeks while he pumped in and out. “Too bad we have to send you down there.”

“Wrap it up, man,” the second guard said.

“You can say if you want to fuck him, too,” the first guard replied. “I can see your boner from here. That ain’t your gun.”

“Fuck you,” the second guard spat. “I don’t want your sloppy seconds.”

“Suit yourself.”

Francesco could tell the man was close. His cock was like steel in his ass now, and he could barely keep from moaning like a bitch in heat.

The man grunted and pushed a few more times. Francesco felt warm cum pouring down his balls the soonest the guy withdrew.

“Man, I blew a huge load,” the guard bragged and smacked his ass again.

“Screw this, let me do him, too,” the second guard said.

Francesco was surely glad this asshole hadn’t been the first. He was already loose and noticed with satisfaction that the second guard didn’t have the same kind of big fat dick as the first. This one was also done in less than a minute, grunting and cursing. “Fuck this boy,” he said through his teeth.

“You just did, man, you just did,” the second guard said with a chuckle. “Now let me give him a nice douche before we pack him out.”

Francesco held his hands in front to hide his half erection as the guard grabbed him by the arm and hiked him up to his feet. A second serving of cum was pouring down the inside of his thighs. The guard patted his cheek and gave him a short kiss. “Don’t worry, boy. Seeing how pretty you are, those criminals down there will like your ass too much to wreck you for good. They’ll keep you.” He winked at him.

Francesco looked away.

“Good thing we gave you a taste, right? Never had a cock up your butt before, eh?”

He shook his head. Let them think that. No one had to know that deep inside, he was a bitch. The guard pulled him down a corridor and pushed him under a shower. Francesco began washing quickly, but the guy forced a hand between his shoulder blades and made him bend from the waist.

He grunted as something was pushed inside his ass and he covered his lower belly as the pressure grew inside.

“We want you nice and clean when you get down there,” the guard commented. “Whatcha did, kid, anyway?”

“None of your business,” Francesco whispered and whimpered as the guard continued to press the thing inside him.

“Maybe you mouthed off to the wrong person, eh?”

Finally, the thing was pulled out of his ass, and he grunted as the water rushed out.

“Step out,” the guard offered and threw him a towel.

Francesco took it without another word. The guard grabbed him by the back of the neck and forced him to look him in the eye. The man grinned. “You have a good ass, boy. You’ll do good. And a pretty mouth, too.”

Francesco looked away stubbornly. He didn’t want to suck off the guard, too. Not like he had a choice, but he didn’t want to. The ass stuff was different. He couldn’t help it, that good it was. But he didn’t want to be treated like a bitch.

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