My Accidental Tranny Date

Hi All, This is my first submission and truthfully I have not written a non-technical work in years. I discovered in writing this that my English grammar sucks. I had run-on-sentences in run-on-sentences. Well as long as I don't write my English teachers I won't be lynched. I guess I have to relearn writing again.

Anyway, this is an account of the first time I met Terri. She helped me in trying to remember much of our conversations. Much of it unfortunately is a best effort or paraphrased. This happened almost 30 years ago. So two old farts aren't going to remember conversation detail. I'm just glad we hadn't forgotten the sex. That would be bad. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Comments are welcome, help with English grammar is also appreciated.

About 3 years after my divorce (This was over 30 years ago); I decided it was time to get back into dating again. I finished my Masters. I had a good career. And a few good friends who helped me with my sexual desires. But it was time to try getting into a relationship.

Dating online is very hit and miss. I met some really great people and some not so great. Fortunately if you're smart; you can wade through most of the unwanted ads. One of those dating ads got by me; catching me completely off guard. What happened I never imagined or saw coming.

I received a response from a single white female about my age. She lived within 10 miles of my home. I read her response and thought, “Why the hell not.” I returned her response and we started communicating with each other. After a couple of weeks of emails and eventually IM chats; we finally decided to meet.

We agreed on a nice restaurant we knew in a nearby town. It was Friday evening. It was warm and sunny; not a cloud in the sky.

I drove up to the restaurant and parked . By the time I walked in the sun was just dropping behind the surrounding buildings. I was a little early, so I asked for a both which would afford us some privacy. I took my seat; ordered a beer, and watched the door for her.

About 5 minutes after we were to meet; this attractive woman entered the restaurant. She stood 5 feet 4 inches, great face, and beautiful long blonde hair. I stood up and waved at her. She saw me and immediately walked in my direction. She was wearing jeans, a white blouse, pearls, and high heels. She was really cute, sexy and slender. She did her jeans proud. And though not large; she appeared to have at least C cup breasts. Her blouse was so loose; I couldn't be sure. I offered her a seat, and sat down across from her. I thought to my self, “Wow, she's actually very attractive. This is promising.”

I've learned long ago how to look at a woman's eyes; when talking to her. I know her breasts are their, but I'm not supposed to talk to those. While looking at her face; I noticed her neck. The Adams apple was large and protruding. “Oh damn” I thought. Now I'm wondering if she is a guy in girls clothing.

So I tactfully lead the discussion toward a mix of sex and politics. Both areas I have some knowledge in. I'm center right on politics. As for sex? Anything goes so long as it's consensual; the participants are old enough, and are mentally capable of understanding the consequences of their consent.

Eventually during our conversation; Terri smiled and said “Don, thank you!"

I'm confused. I said "For what."

Terri said, "I can tell you noticed my Adams Apple. And you've sat here very politely working out how to ask me what you don't want to ask me. Well..., I am a transsexual. I know I'm not what you were looking for in your ad and I'm sorry for deceiving you. It was wrong of me to do so and I am truly sorry for wasting so much of your time. I am also very thankful; you have been so nice about it."

I stopped her and said, "Terri, actually, I wasn't sure. Yeah, I was kind of suspicious, and I was leading you toward this discussion. Don't worry about the time. Really; I would have sat home watching TV if I hadn't come out to see you. If nothing else I am having a good time."

Again, she thanked me an said, she should probably leave me in peace.

I said, "Why? Did I do something wrong?”

She said, “No, you're a great guy. I'm just not what you're looking for and I don't want to ruin the rest of your evening. I honestly don't know why I did this. I guess I'm kind of hard up to meet someone, that's all. This is a small town.”

I cut her off, and said, “Hey look. Let's say we end the date thing right here and now, and put it behind us. Unless you have something better to do. I really don't feel like TV tonight. Do you bowl?”

Terri smiled and said, "Seriously? You'd go bowling with a transsexual?"

I laughed and said, “What Trannies don't bowl?

Terri laughed and said, “Well, this Trannie bowls.”

I said, Okay. Just do me a favor and act like a girl. You obviously look like one."

Terri said, "If I get a strike; I'm going to jump up and down and scream. I may even grab you and hug you."

I started laughing, and said, "The other guys are going to see a cute girl hugging a guy. Only you and I will know the truth. Probably be safer for you anyway."

Terri smiled and said, "You gotta point. I don't need a bowling team beating the crap out of me. Okay, you're on; but I have to tell you. I'm going to kick your ass"

I said, "Oh, you are so on."

We drove separately to the bowling alley. As I'm driving I'm thinking. “She's gutsy trying this. I could have beat the shit out of her. I know she's thinking about it.” We turn down the street the bowling alley is on. “I remember not to long ago. I had a sexual relationship with two guys who were friends and co-workers.” We pull into the bowling alley parking lot. “She said, she's new in town and doesn't know anyone. Something tells me she's lonely and feeling the issues of being a tranny in a small conservative town. I wonder if I should tell her I'm bi.”

Terri got out of her car and knocked on my passenger side window. I let her in, and she sat in the truck with me.

Terri said, “I need you to do me a favor.”

I said, “Okay?”

She said, “You know the truth; I'm a transsexual; this is my life. What ever you do, please refer to me as a woman or girl. Please don't think of me or talk to me as if I were a guy.
And as a favor. Stare at my ass occasionally and at least pretend you're enjoying the view. I put a lot of work into sexily filling these jeans. It'll make me feel better.”

I had to laugh, I told her I had never had a request like that. Then I said, “Okay Terri, step out and give me a spin. Let me see.”

Terri got out and struck a few provocative poses. She spun around a few times to give me a good show. I'm thinking, “Wow, she's go the ass of a teenage girl. Nice; really nice ass. Her ass is as tight as those jeans. Man oh man. She's got some really great curves.” Oh man. Now I'm starting to feel a little horny.

I said, “Terri, I would be honored to stare at your ass.”

I heard her laughing as she shut the door.

I got out and we walked in together. I paid for the lanes, but Terri insisted she pay for the shoes. We played three games. I had no problems staring at her ass. Damn if I didn't enjoy watching her bend over to throw the ball.

When she rolled a strike or a spare, I got up to her jumping up and down and gave her a hug. I hate to admit it, but she did kick my ass, not to badly, she won the first two games. I barely won the third, I think it was by 4 pins. Somewhere during the second game she had to make use of the rest room. On her way back some clown tried to hit on her. She brushed him off, but was a little concerned about something he said to her. She wouldn't tell me what he said. She only said, he's showing me a little to much attention.

He was a big guy and Terri just felt like he was trouble. Terri is pretty slender and not built for a brawl with a guy like that. I'm 6 foot 4 inches, 220 pounds, very muscular. I could bench press 350 and though these days it is slowly fading; I have a six-pack. I am a Taekwondo third dan black belt and I'm a pistol marksman with a concealed weapon; former military. I don't think kicking his ass would have been a problem for me. If he pulled out a weapon; I don't miss. But these were not my first best options.

I noticed him staring at her and said to Terri, “I see what you mean; let's put him off. Kiss me.”

Terri, looked at me completely shocked. She smiled and said, “Oh hell. I'd love too.”

We kissed, but no tongue; though she did part her lips a little. I suspect she was waiting for me to slip her my tongue. Just for show, I ran my fingers through her hair and held the kiss for about 10 or 15 seconds. A nice long kiss.

I took a peek and noticed Terri's clown turned and walked off in some other direction. I guess he figured she's taken.

We ended the kiss, and I told her the clown took off. He's no longer zeroed in on you.

Terri said, “Thanks! If he would have found out what I am; he would have mopped the floor with me. Oh, by the way, you're a great kisser. That was fun.”

I smiled and said, “Thanks Terri, nice to know I still have some talent.”

Terri smiled and slid her hip against me and said, “mmm, I'm sure there's more.” Then she stopped. It slipped her mind in the heat of the moment that we weren't a romantic couple. Just two people out bowling. This look of panic came over her face. She told me later she was a little turned on from the kiss.

I bumped her back and put my arm around her. She smiled.

Well, the rest of the bowling went without incident; we had a good time. We walked out and found the clown standing out there. I told Terri it might be best if we leave her car there and she leaves with me. We can come back later and get it.

She saw the clown too and said she'd really appreciate it.

We took off from the bowling ally. Unfortunately its a small town. Everything closes up this late at night.

I said, “Terri, do you trust me?”

She looked at me and said, “Hmmm, I lied to you to meet you, I deceived you into thinking I really was a girl, you take me bowling, and you protected me from a really big guy who probably would have raped me. I don't deserve your trust, but yeah, I trust you.”

I said, “Let's go to my place it's not far; we can hang out awhile and come back later for your car.”

Terri smiled and said, “Sounds great let's go.”

We got to my place. I let the dogs out. I have two big German Shepherds. Terri found my refrigerator and grabbed two beers. It cooled down, so we sat out on my back patio. As we settled down we started talking.

She asked where the dogs went. She couldn't see a fence in the darkness.

I said, “Oh, somewhere out there; they have a little over 58 acres to roam on. Their probably chasing down a squirrel or rabbit.”

Terri, said, “wow, lots of land to play on.” Then she said, “Don, do you mind if we get personal?”

I said, “What would you like to know?”

Terri said, “Most guys would have walked out or decked me for what I did to you; why didn't you?”

I said, “First, what good would it have done. I'd be in jail. You'd be in a hospital. There would be no good in that. Okay, so you ready for an explanation?” I think you'll understand.”

She said, “Oh I'm all ears. This will be good.”

I laughed and said, “OK, Terri, I'm looking for someone for love, I'd prefer a woman and I mean, someone who was born with all the right parts. That does not mean I object to bisexuals or transsexuals. I'm just interested in a heterosexual marriage. Anyway, about two and a half years ago, I was having a pretty rough time with my divorce. We thankfully had no kids, but the ex wanted to fight over every scrap of property. She even tried to claim my underwear. During that time for almost a year I masturbated two and three times a day. I was alone.

I continued, “Well, I had developed a friendship with two guys Bob and Jim. I've known them for several years. One day the three of us were sitting at a bar telling jokes and Bob tells me they're bi. I at first thought the were screwing with me, but they said they really were. At that time I was straight, but I'm a very curious person so I started asking questions. We talked for almost two hours.

Well, at some point, they invited me to join them that night for a threesome. I was hesitant and first and not sure what to say.

Then Jim said, “Hey, you don't have to do anything. The two of us can show you what we do and if you want, we can give you a blow job.”

At that point, all I'm thinking is, “It's Friday. I'm fucking lonely and horny as hell. I haven't had sex in over a year and I was really turned on by the idea of someone giving me a blow job”. So I accepted their invitation.

Well, we got to Bob's place and they gave me one hell of a show all right. I watched as they 69'd with each other. I couldn't help but be turned on and I started rubbing myself through my pants. Bob noticed and told me to pace myself. He said, they will be happy to take care of that.

Well, they finished each other; got off the bed and came over to me. Both of them started taking my pants off. They knelt in front of me, Bob had me put my foot up on a bed stand, he then started sucking my balls. Jim was masterly giving me the best deep-throat blow job I've had since before I got married. Jim's lips and tongue sliding up and down my cock was exciting to say the least, compound that with of Bob sucking and licking my balls and Perineum; nearly all the way to my anus. I was absolutely out of my mind. I started thrusting into the Jim's mouth who continued to deep-throat me. Bob stopped licking long enough to tell me to grab Jim's head and fuck his mouth as hard as I needed.

I grabbed Jim's head and started screwing his mouth. Jim just sucked even faster. He grabbed my ass and pumped me faster. All of a sudden I felt a lubricated finger sliding up my ass. I felt another finger pressing just behind my balls. I grunted loudly and I just started shooting buckets of cum down Jim's throat. As I settled down Bob replaced Jim and milked my cock to the very last drop. My cum was now his.

I ended the story and said to Terri, “So there you have it. Jim, Bob and I for the next year had more nights like that. They taught me how to deep-throat cock.

Terri said, “So where are Jim and Bob now.

I said, “Well as it sometimes happens I took another job; which took me to the other side of the country. I had no kids and no reason to stay there and I needed to live closer to my family.” Terri sat for a few seconds not saying anything but I could tell from the light of the Tiki torches she liked the story; based on the bulge I was looking at in her tight jeans.

Terri, cleared her throat and finally spoke, “Damn it, that was exciting as hell. So now I know why you didn't deck me. You're bi. Okay, so you're out here now. What have you been doing.”

I said, “Well, I have two female sex friends at work and on occasions we get together for a little one-on-one and threesomes. Twice we rented a cabin and one of my friends brought her sister and another friend. My other friend brought her friend. We had a six way with me and 5 women, that my friend was one hell of a night.”

Terri said, “Oowwww stud muffin.”

I laughed and continued, “We also go to movies and dinner together. Going solo is just not that much fun.”

I noticed Terri trying to adjust herself and laughed.

I said, “Terri, are you uncomfortable?”

She laughed and said, “The problem with having a cute ass in really tight jeans as a transsexual is there is no fucking room for a hard-on and you're story gave me one raging boner. If I were a girl, I'd just be wet.”

I said “Terri, take your jeans off and make yourself comfortable.”

Terri smiled, stood up and dropped her pants. She's wearing a thong and to my delight her ass looked like a young woman's ass. But I had to laugh when she turned around.

I said, “Holy shit Teri, you're well hung and you got that thing stuffed in a thong? Take that thing off and let your cock loose.”

Terri dropped the thong, she was a good 7 inches long, she said, “You think I'm well hung?”

I said, “Oh yeah. Not bad; not bad at all.”

Terri said, “Okay. Let me see yours. Come on fair is fair.”

I looked at her and said, “Why not.” I stood up and turned my back to Terri dropping my pants and underwear. I was already bare foot.

She whistled and said, “Nice ass Don.” I spun back around and Terri suddenly inhaled. She said, “Where - in - the - hell have you been hiding that master of pleasure. Man what I would love to do with that. How big is that thing?”

I said, “About 10 and a half.”

Terri said, “Damn; and you have the balls to match. I thought you were a big guy but mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm.”

I wasn't expecting too but I started getting hard and Terri noticed.

She said, “Oh, Don. I know I'm not what you were hoping for, but damn, I would so love to play with you.”

I walked up to Terri, kissed her full on the lips, sliding my tongue in and wrapping my tongue with hers. I gently slid my hand down; wrapping my fingers around her cock. I started long strokes; reaching to tickle her balls on the downward stroke.

She let out a moan as we french kissed. Terri broke the kiss, stared into my eyes and said, “I'm your girl tonight. Anything you want me to do. Anything you want to do to me, I'm yours.” She dropped her head back, closed her eyes and said, “Oh, shit your hand feels so good.”

She lifted her head and started tonguing my neck; sliding down to my chest where she sucked my nipples. Then running her tongue down to my navel; she dropped to her knees. Slowly she dragged her tongue the entire length of my cock. Reaching the head of my cock, she turned her head and slowly engulfed the head of my cock.

She began to tease me by flicking her tongue over the pee hole and dragging her tongue roughly under the head of my hard cock. Her tonguing was intense and I was in pure ecstasy. Then she slowly slid her lips down my cock. Slowly engulfing me inch by inch, sliding down and then sliding back; until finally, she had all 10 and a half inches down her throat. She then started rhythmically sliding my entire cock in and out of her mouth. I knew I wasn't going to last long like this.

I bent down and picked her up off her feet. I told her I had to stop. She was going to make me cum to fast. She smiled and french kissed me as I carried her in my arms to my bedroom.

I laid her down and asked Terri to 69 with me. She immediately climbed over me. She lowered her now hard cock in my mouth and slowly started swallowing my cock. Precum was already leaking out of me and it didn't take her long. She's obviously well-practiced. She started fucking my cock with her mouth. She was like a jack hammer. She really intensely, eagerly engulfed my cock, sucking the hell out of it. I had no fucking chance. I exploded down her throat.

She laughed when I finished cumming and in her excited voice tried to explain she couldn't deep throat me as best she could. She said she was to short and I'm to tall.

She let out a loud moan from my sucking her cock. I pulled her ass back and shoved all of her seven inches down my throat. I started fucking her cock with my mouth, forcing her ass up and down.
Well, soon enough I started tasting her precum; she was now bucking against my face and screamed my name.

She yelled, “Oh, fuck me, Don! You're so fucking good. Oh, baby.” then she screamed, “Oh fuck! Don! I'm cumming! She stuffed my cock back in her mouth and screamed. Sucking my cock feverishly. Then she shoved her cock deep and I felt her suddenly stiffen as she dumped her cum in my mouth and down my throat.

Damn, I thought; she's delicious, I stopped swallowing and held her cum in my mouth, wanting to taste her cum and feel her cock pulsing in my mouth. I held her down. Not allowing her to pull out of my mouth.

Terri continued to suck my cock getting me hard again. I allowed her to continue fucking my mouth. I finally swallowed the last of her cum. Now, we were just sucking each others cocks. Play time for both of us. I was really surprised, she's as much into sucking cock as I.

I could feel Terri popping me out of her mouth, running her tongue up and down the sides, bottom and top of my cock. I was doing the same, but since I had access; I was reaming her ass. Every time she felt me get close; she arched her back so I'd have easier access to her ass. She seemed to love how I'd run my tongue from the tip of her cock to her anus.

Terri rolled off breathing hard and sweating. She said, “Don! That was amazing.” She pulled my cock to her mouth and began sucking me again. She was keeping me hard like a rock. I grabbed her sweet ass and asked her if she would like to sit on my cock.

Terri smiled and said, “I thought you'd never ask.”

I said as I'm pointing at one of my bed stands. “Reach into the draw; you'll find some lubricant.”

She reached over and said, “You naughty boy. What do you use this for.”

I laughed and said, “Put some on my cock and lets find out.”

Terri laughed. Kissed my cock; sucking it deep in her mouth. Releasing me; she applied a very generous amount of lubricant. She stood over me with this big grin on her face. Than she started lowering her self to my cock. She worked the first two inches of my cock into her ass.

Terri said, “Yours is the biggest cock I've ever had in my ass. Just remember that when you start pumping your cock deep into my ass. I will still need to take a shit in the morning, so play nice with my ass.”

I laughed and said, “I'll only go as rough and as deep as you say; I Promise. You're on top, you make it good for you. Trust me; you already feel incredible and I'm only two inches in.

Terri, said, “Wow, I'm the boss?”

I said, “Honey it's your ass; you're taking all the risk. My cock isn't going to get hurt in there.”

Terri slid in another two inches of my cock. She moaned and said, “You are amazing. You actually...”

“Mmm, damn, nice.” She continued, “Sorry. You actually care about me?” “Ohhh, oh, yeah, you are big, but damn, you feel good.” Pretty quickly the rest of my cock disappeared up Terri's ass.

She pulled up a little. Smeared some more lubrication on my cock and sat back down all the way to my balls. She wiggled around a little laughed and said, “Mmm, gotta shift it around a little. That's better.”

She then started rhythmically sliding me in and out as I squeezed and played with her cock. Terri had some pretty strong thighs; she rode me big time. She was pumping my cock all the way out and thrusting me back in. I never had a guy sitting on my cock like this. Bob and Jim always bent over and allowed me in, but they could never take all 10.5 inches of me. Terri was freaking amazing. And she was smiling the entire time. Eyes half closed. Tossing her hair all over. Terri was really into screwing my cock.

Well, I was really enjoying the feeling of sliding in and out of Terri's ass. I started stroking her cock harder and faster. I grabbed the lubricant and poured some on her cock. I wrapped my fingers around her cock tighter and stroked her fast. I also reached under her and started tickling her balls. Barely a heart beat; she moaned loudly; blowing her cum all over my chest, stomach and face. Geez, Terri fired out a big load.

I was enjoying the feeling of her cock pulsing in my hands as I stroked her hard and furious. She looked down at me with this shit eating grin. Stuck her tongue out licking her lips and started fucking me harder. She reached down wiping some of the cum off my face. She licked her cum off of her fingers. Swallowing as she went.

She smiled and said, “Sorry about the mess.”

I said, “Hey! I caused the mess. Don't be sorry. I had fun doing that to you.”

She smiled, wiped up some more of her cum. Placing her fingers in my mouth and let me lick her cum off. She does taste good. Well, looking into this drop dead beautiful blonde's face was all it took. I fired off another massive load deep in her ass.

Terri said, “Oh, wow!!! Your cum is so hot; I can feel it.” She continued fucking me until I finally began to lose my erection. Crawling off she took my hands and walked me into the shower where she washed me off and cleaned herself as well. I pushed her pinning her to the shower wall under the shower. I shoved my tongue into her mouth. She eagerly shoved her tongue back into my mouth as we started running our fingers through each others hair. It was one hell of an aggressive french kiss.

Than getting silly we started moving our heads all over and making funny moaning noises. We started laughing. I finally backed off. She reached behind her and shut off the shower.

Both of us, said “Whoa” at the same time and started laughing some more.

We toweled off and crawled back into bed.

I said, “Terri. Do you orgasm when receiving anal sex?”

She said, “No, not as we experience orgasms.” Terri crawled over on top of my chest looking down in my face. And continued, “It's more of a feeling of euphoria, comfort, deep pleasurable feelings through out my body. I don't know if it's the size of your cock or just the way you're treating me. But when I was on top of you I felt this amazing amount of pleasure come over my entire body. I guess you can say that's my anal orgasm.” Then she said, “I have a friend and she definitely has anal orgasms.”

Then she asked if she could lay her head on my chest. We talked for a little while as we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I got up and walked out to find Terri wearing one of my shirts and nothing else. She got a glass of water and smiled back at me.

She said, “I wasn't sure if you'd like another shot at me before we go.” Then she gave me a really big smile. She spun around holding her cock in one hand. She was swinging it around in a circle. Then she said, “Come on big boy. You know you want this.” She spun around and slapped her ass. She turned her head and gave me this sexy smile and wink.

I held up my finger and said, “wait right there.” I went back to the bedroom grabbed the lubricant and walked back to the kitchen.

She said, “Lub me up and ride me hard cowboy.” She threw my western hat at me and told me to put it on.

I flipped it on to my head and with a smile, I said, “Okay ma'am, you asked for it.”

I lubricated my already aching hard-on. Grabbed Terri and through her like a rag doll over the arm of my living room chair. I slid my cock into her gorgeous tight ass. Not violently, but fast enough to make Terri tense up.

I asked if she was okay.

She said, “Oh yeah, you're just so damn big that's all. Mmmm, yeah, big cock.”

I screwed her hard. Holding her ass so she couldn't move. I then bent over to play with her tits.

Terri said, “Oh, damn, play with my girls.” She started giggling.

I massaged both of her breasts in one hand.

Terri laughed and said, “I guess its true what they say about the size of a man's hands.”

Soon, she was bucking at me and I was shoving my cock in and out of her ass. She was grunting and moaning into the couch. I was getting close. She was masturbating herself and screaming; blew her load all over the chair.

She started to stand. I put my hand between her shoulders and forced her back down. She lost her footing and slammed her pelvis into the arm of the chair as I slammed my cock into her ass. I heard her grunt. I said, “not yet.” I grunted out “I'm cumming!”

I fucked Terri's ass harder as I blew my load into her ass. Again filling her up until it was dripping out. I collapsed down on top of her; my cock spent and still sunk deep in her tight moist ass. Both of us were breathing hard.

Terri started to laugh and said, “Oh, yeah, that was great”

She dropped her one free arm off the front of the chair to the floor. She just said, “Ohhh, Don! That was the one. If I'm going to die; that would be the orgasm to die with. Your cock was massaging the hell out of my prostate. I can't believe I could take you so deep in my ass, I love it.” She took her free arm again; reaching behind me and grabbing my ass. She laughed again and speaking into the seat cushion said, “Don, I know this is so Fucking weird. But do you think we might have the makings of a good friendship?”

I started laughing with her and said, “Terri, I think we became good friends.”

I grabbed the back of the chair and pushed up off of Terri, slowly withdrawing my cock from her ass.

She started laughing and said, “Don, you better grab me a towel or something. I'm going to dribble your cum out of my ass if I stand up. And I really need to fart. This is going to get really messy.”

I howled when she said that. I was laughing my ass off as I planted a towel on her ass and helped her up. She grabbed it and stuffed it between her legs.

Well, we both got showered and dressed. Terri and I got in my truck and drove back into town. On the way; we stopped off at a restaurant for a light lunch. Finally arriving at the bowling alley for her car. I got out to say good-bye. We ended up sitting on the tail gate of my truck.

Terri said, “It won't happen often, but once in a while can I talk to you man to man. I know I look like a woman, and I act like one, but I can't escape the fact that I am a man. I have to deal with that or go insane.”

I said, “Terri, anytime.” Terri walked over to her car, and grabbed her purse. She pulled out a business card and pen.

Looking at me Terri said, “You know, we must have exchanged a gallon of body fluids. We should probably exchange phone numbers. Here, my work number, and my home phone and address.” Then she said, “You're a good man and those are hard to come by. I'm glad we're friends.”

I said, “Terri, give me another business card.” I wrote down my phone and address and said, “I'm proud and happy you're my friend.” I gave her back the card.

Terri said, “I might know a couple of girls who would love to meet you.”

With a smile, Terri said, “Their asses aren't as cute as mine, but hey you never know.”

I laughed and said, “Let's you and I get to know each other better. Then you will now what I'm looking for.”

Terri said, “Would you mind screwing with me again?” I said, “If you're up for it; we should do a weekend together. How's next Friday?”

As Terri started her car; she said, “Oh, yeah. Friday would be great. What time?”

I said, “Six?”

Terri, said, “Six it is? Can I bring some toys?”

I said, “Now, why am I not surprised.” I leaned in and gave her a french kiss.

She reached through the door and grabbed my crotch and said, “Friday. See ya.”.

With that, I watched her pull away. I went home. I changed the sheets; cleaned the chair and floor. I thought, “Wow, what a crazy night this was.”

I called her later that afternoon to see how she was doing.

She said, “I was sitting here in my easy chair. My right leg over the arm watching TV. Do you know for the first time in years. I don't feel like masturbating. I'm actually very satisfied. Of course I think about you and I get turned on.” Then she said, “So, did you really have a good time last night.”

I said, “Oh damn. You are the spunkiest bitch ever.”

Terri laughed and said, “That's me baby. Spunky bitch. Oh, damn. I gotta go that would be my parents. Their coming over to take me out to dinner. Thanks again for treating me to that lovely cock of yours. I'll see you Friday?”

I said, “I'll see you Friday. Have fun.”

She said, “I will. Bye.”

I said “Bye” and hung up.

Terri and I did become friends, and we still are today. It's a friendship that has seen us through nearly 30 years. I'm proud to say I love her. She's my best non-family friend.

I've since married. This time to a girl who actually loves me. Yes a real girl, complete with a vagina and all the plumbing. We've had 5 children together. Terri has a partner she loves and who supports Terri being a transsexual. Oh, Terri's partner also happens to have a vagina. The cool thing is both girls are bisexual and we have had pretty regular foursomes. Threesomes when one of us is out-of-town.

Funny thing. My wife, Terri and Terri's partner Jeannie love going out clothing, makeup and of course shoe shopping together. They all go for pedicures as well.

Terri unfortunately forgot one time to wear some panties with her short skirt. This little Vietnamese woman picked up Terri's left foot placing it on the pedestal and got a good look under Terri's skirt. She first looked at Terri in shock and then busted out laughing. I'm not sure what she was saying, but all the other Vietnamese girls came over to take a look.

Kim my wife looked at Terri and said,”Terri, Terri, Terri. Did we forget to tuck something away.”

The Vietnamese woman refused to charge Terri for the pedicure. She said something to the cashier and walked away.

The cashier who was fluent in English said, “She said no charge, the view was payment enough.” We teased Terri the rest of the day about that.

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