My aunt trained me

I was sent to Aunt Fergie when my parents were killed. She is about 5'7"
and 200 lbs she was your stereotypical aunt with some fat and wide hips and
big breast. She picked me up at the bus station in her car.

She said," My household is different and special I have girls who you
will find are very unique. I too am unique and I will show you what I mean
when we go home."

We rode for a half-hour and we arrived to her big old which I would find
was an old Victorian with a widow's roost on top of the roof.

She escorted me to the bedroom that would be mine and told me," Put your
clothes and things away."

I went started hanging up my pants and put my underwear and socks in the
top drawer and put the rest of my stuff away.

Aunt Fergie poked her head into the door and asked," Are you through
putting your things away?"

I said," Yes I am."

She said," Good now come with me."

As we went through the hallway she pointed to the closet and said," Put
your luggage in there and follow me."

I followed her to the bedroom and she reached underneath her dress and
pulled her panties down. Her panties were the usual old women's
panties. What I saw next shocked me to my core she had an 8" cock!

She said," Now here is the situation you can make your living here pleasant
or unpleasant."

I asked," How should I make my living here pleasant?"

She said," First take off all your clothes including your underwear."

I didn't want my living here to be unpleasant and my 11 year old curiousity
was getting the better of me so I did as I was told.

She told me," Put your hands down by your side and you will get used to
walking around in the house and outside naked."

I said," Outside?"

She said," Yes, there is no house around us for miles and you can't see up
here from the road so when you come home you will take off all of your

I said," Yes mam."

She said," Good now get on your knees like a good boy."

I got down on my knees.

She said," Now open your mouth it is time for you to learn to suck a cock.
You will be sucking them."

I opened my mouth and she told me to watch my teeth.

Her cock was warm hard and it felt good in my mouth. She started pushing
it in and I gagged.

She stopped and said," You are going to have to learn to take all of it in.
I have something for that but for now this is good."

She kept stroking my hair and she moaned and she said," Your aunt is going
to feed you keep sucking."

I sucked her for 15 mintes and my mouth was so wore out and her cock got
bigger and and harder and she flooded me with her seed.

She said," Swallow every drop and you will get my cock nice and clean."

Her cock softened and I licked her cock clean.

After she pulled up her panties she said," You are going to sleep with me
tonight. Do you know anything about sex?"

I said," A little, I know a man pokes his pecker in a woman and that is how
the woman becomes pregnant."

She said," Tonight I am going to poke my pecker inside you just like you
are a woman."

I asked," How? I don't have anything like a woman."

She said," You will find out tonight."

We left the room and I put my clothes in my bedroom.

She said," You better hope your pecker grows if you ever want to use it."

About 2 minutes later there was a commotion and about 5 girls came in.

One of them said," Hi my name is Janet. You are a cute boy."

Aunt Fergie said," This is my nephew he will be living here. I have told
and showed that we are unique girls."

Janet asked," When can we know him better?"

Aunt Fergie said," After tonight you will be able to now if you want to
give him a taste of you you girls can do that after dinner."

Janet said," Yeah playtime is after supper. You are so cute."

We set the table and sat down for dinner. We ate and they all talked at
the same time.
Right before I got up Janet took my hand and put it beneath her skirt and
panties and I felt a hard cock.

She said," You get to taste it tonight."

We cleared the table and cleaned the kitchen and made our way to the

My Aunt said," OK girls in order to prevent any arguments you are going to
draw straws and whoever draws the shortest straw is the one my nephew will
suck first."

The black haired girl who I would find was named Rose and she was the
youngest at 14 and she and I would be the closest friends.

She kind of shyly pulled her jeans and panties down and a 6/12" cock sprang
out. I tenderly started sucking her her cock got hard at 7" and she
moaned. I sucked her for about 5 minutes and she orgasmed in my mouth
flooding my mouth with her seed. After her cock softened I licked her cock
clean and she quickly pulled up her panties and jeans and she shyly smiled.

Than I worked over to the next girl who I would find out later was Lisa.

She smiled and said," I have a feeling we will have alot of fun together.."

I put my mouth down on her 7 1/2" cock and started sucking and bobbing up
down her shaft.

She moaned and said," You are such a good cock sucker."

I sucked on her for about 10 minutes and she came in my mouth. I licked
her cock clean.

I worked over to a girl named Annette and she presented me her 8" cock and
I obediently lowered my mouth on her cock.

I bobbed up and down and sucked her cock.

She said," We are going to be playing togather a lot."

I sucked her for 10 minutes and than I felt and tasted her seed splash the
back of my throat. After I cleaned her cock she said," I am going to wear
you out one night because I am going to take you into my room."

Than Aunt Fergie said," Now it is time to show you how us girls can breed
you like a woman."

She took me to the bedroom and closed the door and told me to lay down on
my back the on the bed.

She stripped and took off her dress and I saw she had on her old woman's
panties and bra.

She reached back and undid her bra and her giant breasts sprang to life.

She than pulled her panties off and her 9" cock came out straight and was
leaking precum.

She than took a tube from the dresser and squeezed some lube on her fingers
and than got down on her knees and ordered me to the end of the bed.

She plunged 2 fingers into my puckered hole and I whimpered in pain. She
started finger fucking me and I felt her rubbing my prostate and my cock
got hard.

She looked at my cock and she said." Well looks like your pecker just
might have some potential."

Than after finger fucking me for 15 minutes she pushed me back up the bed
and than she spread and raised my legs up."

She smiled and said," Now it is time to pleasure ourselves."

She laid on top of me and I felt pressure and than as her cock went in it
felt like she was ripping me apart. She kept pushing and pushing until I
felt her balls against my cheeks and it felt like her cock was touching my

She said," You are about to be bred boy. It has been a long time since I
have bred a boy."

She pulled out 3/4s the way out and than shoved it back in.

She fucked me for about an hour and a half and than I felt her cock buck
and than she flooded me with her seed. After her cock softened and popped
out she inserted what I would find out later was a plug.

She said," I like my seed to stay inside you."

She laid me on her chest and said," I love you and I believe a boy should
be made love to "

My eyes grew heavy and I fell asleep her 2 massive breasts. .

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