Shemale sluts 2.

I have been with Nancy and I have moved in and quit my job and I run around
her house naked 24/7 so she can take me whenever she wants and I love her
cock. She has taken pics of me naked with her cum inside my ass and posted
them on the web.

Nancy said," We are going to have a party tonight and you are going to
service transgenders and some crossdressers and I have cameras installed
all over the house. They don't have HIV or any sexually transmitted

I said," Can I ask you why?"

She said," I want everybody to see what kind of slut you are and you are

I said," Goody I love sucking and being fucked by you girls."

She said," I know you do now we have to take you to the bathroom to get you
ready the guests will start arriving soon. You just might have asses in
your face also."

We went to the bathroom and she inserted a long hose with a bubble on one
end up my ass.

She said," It is time to give you an enema."

She squirted a lot of water up my rectum and my stomach felt like it was
going to explode and she told me to clinch my cheeks and my puckered hole.

She said," You will hold it until I tell you to release."

I held it for 10 minutes and she told me to release. Brown water drained
out of my ass and she did it again and the water was a little clearer and
did it one more time and this time it was clear and drained down the tub.
She than dried me off and than she sprayed perfume all over my body
including up my ass. She said," I want you smelling pretty for the girls."
We walked out and 10 minutes later the group showed up and it was about 6
girls and 1 was a non-passable CD but it didn't matter for tonight.

One beautiful girl said," He is cute and looks so fuck able."

She said," Yes,girls and all he wants to do is satisfy you. Don't you

I said," Yes I love cocks and I love the taste off ass also."

She said," Well, get on your knees a man hasn't stuck his tongue in my ass
in a long-time. Than I will sample that cute ass of yours. You know what
I have a limitless amounts of cum so you will swallow some cum from me."

I did just as instructed and she stripped naked and I admired her tits 30 D
cups but she quickly turned around sticking her bubble butt in my face.

She said," Eat away boy."

She spread her cheeks and I shot my tongue into her ass. I was enjoying my
self for 10 minutes when she pulled away.

She turned around and that was when I got a good look at her cock.

It was 9" and the thickest cock I have ever seen.

She bent me over Nancy's desk and she shoved her cock all the way in and I
screamed in pain.

She whispered in my ear," So you have never been speared with a real cock.
I once jacked off into a cup and I cum about 3 pints."

I couldn't believe my ears she was going to flood me. She pulled out about
3/4s the way out and shoved it back in. On the second thrust I was
thrusting my hips into her.

She was thrusting in and out for 30 minutes when I felt her cock bucked and
her cock shot 5 times when it was finally done. She laid on top of me for
about 5 minutes than her cock finally softened and popped out.

The non passable CD took his cock out and put me on my knees. I opened my
mouth and she shoved in her 8" cock into my mouth. I have been practicing
on Nancy's dildo and now I am able to deep throat up 10" I bobbed up and
down on her/his cock enjoying every inch of that cock and playing the
balls. I sucked on him/her for 10 minutes and I felt the taste of the cum
splashing the back of my throat and loved swallowing every drop.

I was than put in doggie style and I felt another cock being forced down my
ass and it felt like it was about 8 1/2" and fairly thick.

She said," I love male sluts."

She pulled out about 3/4s of the way out and shoved her cock all the way
in. I love servicing T-gurls cocks and I was in heaven.

She fucked me for 45 minutes and I felt her cock buck in my ass and flood

I was than laid on my back and this blonde put my legs on her shoulders and
I saw her 9" cock and she plunged her cock inside my ass.

She whispered," You are still so tight."

She thrusted in and out for 45 minutes and she flooded my ass with her cum.

I saw another 8" cock and it was shoved in my mouth and I bobbed up and
down on her cock and it was heavenly. I sucked on it for ten minutes and I
tasted her cum as I swallowed greedily.

I was than put back on all fours and I felt another 8" cock thrust deeply
down my ass and I ground my hips into her. She fucked me for an hour and I
was in heaven and I felt her cock buck about 3 times when the final dick
came one last time in my ass.

Than the first gurl who fucked me shoved her cock into my mouth and I
sucked the cock with enthusiasm .

She said," Boy he is such a slut you know there are plenty of TGs and
cross-dressers would pay plenty for him to have him for a night."

She said," Hmmm pimping him out would have to think about that."

I was sucking on her for another 5 minutes and I felt her cock buck in my
mouth and I tasted her delicious cum hit the back of my throat. She shot
2-3 times and her cock eventually softened up and than finally popped out
of my mouth.

She started pulling up her panties and pantyhose and smoothed out her

Nancy said," Your night isn't done yet."

She had already stripped naked and she took me to the bedroom and laid me
on the bed. She than positioned her cock into my opening and than shoved
it all of it in at once.

I was in heaven feeling her thrusting her cock in and out of my ass and I
was pushing my hips up on downward thrusts. She pounded me for another 1
1/2 hours and I felt her cock buck and flooded my ass and shoved the plug
in my ass again. My ass now hurt and I was spent. I quickly fell alseep
very well satisfied.

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