Owned by a tranny

I would love to hear from any of you transgender ladies at
I have an unbelieveable statement to make I am owned by a
shemale or transgender lady.
The reason is is because I am a straight man at least I thought
I was straight.
This is how it happened I was at a dinner party that a friend
invited me to.
While I was talking to another guy about football and enjoying a
beer a female friend tapped me on a shoulder.
She said," I want to introduce you to someone."
I turned around and there was this Latino looking lady.
I looked at her for a few minutes and I was dazzled.
She had shiny black hair which cascaded past her shoulders and
what looked like down to the middle of her back. Her breasts looked to be
about 34 C cups and she stood what looked like about 5'6" and she had on
heels which were about 2" so she was even with me and I am 5'8" and she
looked to weigh about 115 lbs.
She said," Sandi was telling me about you and she couldn't
say enough good things about you."
I blushed and said," Well I am flattered my name is
She said," My name is Anita and it is so nice to meet you.
Don't you work at the feed store?"
I said," Yeah I do."
She asked," Do you want to go out for a walk?"
I said," Sure that sounds good to me."
What I didn't know was she was using the opportunity to
slowly size me up and find out how submisive I am around a woman.
We saw a small 2 person white wrought iron bench and
after we sat down she lightly placed her hand on my thigh.
She said," I can't believe a handsome hunk like you
hasn't been snatched up by a lucky lady."
I blushed and asked," Well what about you you are
absoluletly gorgeous."
She smiled and said," I am very selective I am looking
for certain qualities."
I asked," What kind of qualities are you looking for?"
She said," A masculine man is one which I see you are
as for the other qualities you will know if I select you. Here is question
#1 would you be appreciative if I selected you?"
I said," Yes, I would very much."
She asked," What would you be willing to do to show
that appreciation?"
I said," I would do anything to show you my
What I didn't know at the moment was this was
another test to see how submissive to a woman that I am and I was that much
closer to being enslaved by her..
We talked and laughed until Sandi who was the
hostess of the party said the party was ending.
As we were getting up Anita handed me a slip of
She said," That is my phone number. Are you doing
anything tommorrow evening?"
I said," No I am not tommorrow evening is free for
She said," Good I will be at your place tommorrow
evening and you will call me tommorrow for directions."
I said," Great I will give you directions."
I was smiling to my pickup and after I got in that
is when I realized what just happened. She gave me her number and when I
told her I was free tommorrow night and she said I will call to gve her
directions to my place.
I just shrugged my shoulders thinking she was a
strong woman and I liked strong women. What i didn't know was she was
testing me again and me calling her upon her commands was another test to
see how submissive I am. Saturday night was going to be one test after
another that I didn't know I was participating in.

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