I Met My Match

I got tired of dealing with the games that girls in my area like to play so
with the suggestion of a friend of mine I put my profile in a premium
transgender personals.

A month went by and I almost forgot about my profile. I need to give a
little background on myself. I am a straight male and I love women but
most of the women I dated were either too clingy or after the first date
wouldn't want to have anything to do with me.

I was checking my email and I saw a message alert in that personals so I
went to the personals and saw the letter.

The letter said," My name is April, I am looking for a man who is seeking
something different. I want a straight man who is willing to allow me to
have my way with his body. I am an androgynous woman which means I am
woman who was born with male and female fully functioning genitalia. If
you are interested call me and my number 538-4256."

I looked at her picture and I was amazed. She had on a black negligee with
black stiletto heels and she had black shoulder length hair amber eyes and
she had 30 D cup breasts and long tan legs. The negligee down below her
waist the negligee was open and I saw a soft 5" cock and a vagina below her
penis and I did an estimation that cock had to be at least 8" hard.

I picked up the phone and I heard her answer the phone.

" Hello."

" Hi I am John you wrote me?"

" Hmmm let me think about it for a moment. Oh yes I did do you like my
picture? I knew you must be open minded having your profile in those

Yes I am"

" First, off you will not penetrate vaginally until we have been going
together for awhile and I find for myself that you are a responsible man.
I do have functioning male and female genitalia and I do love using my male
genitalia. Are you willing to allow me to do that? If not forget you had
this phone conversation with me."

I thought about it for a couple of minutes and decided and said," Yes I

" Now besides my male genitalia I am all lady and I am affectionate and I
love and expect intimacy I am not speaking just sexual."

" Sounds great."

" Good, would you like to meet me this evening?"

I said," Sure I would."

She said," Well, I am dressed rather casually if you don't mind."

I said," No problem with me."

She gave me directions to her house and I wrote them down.

" I will see you in a few minutes."

I walked out of my house and stepped inside my black 82 Ford F150 step-side
4x4 pickup It is an old truck I took out some dings in it, repainted, put a
cd player radio combination with speakers, rebuilt the 302 CID and put dual
exhaust on it and I love this truck.

I got in and the dual exhaust came to life and headed over to her house. I
drove for 10 minutes and arrived to her house and she opened the door as I
pulled the truck to the curb.

I got out and she was in slightly faded blue running and short running
shorts and a matching tank top and white tennis shoes and her hair was up
in a pony tail.

" You are more beautiful in person than in your picture."

She blushed,smiled and said," Thank you why don't you come in."

We went into the house and we sat down on the couch and she sat close to me
with her shoes off and her legs tucked under her.

" You have a nice pickup."

," Thank you I bought it a couple of years ago for about $1500 and I have
knocked some dings out rebuilt the engine put dual exhaust on it and put a
CD player in it repainted it ."

," Great, I had to look out the window when I heard it and it sounded good
and when I saw you pulling to the curb I thought that was you."

" Like I said, I didn't have much luck with other girls. I have been
raised to watch my language around women and so I believe women shouldn't
have to tolerate obscenities from a man around them or with them."

" That is refreshing, and I agree now to tell you a little about myself.
Now as an androgynous female I have been looked at as a freak. To give you
an example as I was in the shower in the girl's locker-room in the gym a
girl who I had gym class with talked to me in a derogatory way. I have
been athletic during school and I was a little bigger than that tart and I
shoved her up against the shower wall. I said you know what you have 2
choices you can suck my cock or I can take a chance and impregnate you.
Mind you I was rubbing her clit with my other finger and she was getting

" So what was her choice?"

" She told me she didn't think my cock would really work and I don't think
she saw it hard and see it leaking pre-cum. I put her doggie style on the
tile floor and I shoved my cock in her vagina. I was on top of her for
about 15 minutes and I ejaculated inside her."

" Did she get pregnant"

"She told me 3 months later that she was pregnant. She was too embarrassed
to pursue paternity with another girl getting her pregnant. In fact another
girl came into the shower right after I ejaculated inside her and the girl
looked at the cheer-leader and said she didn't she was a lesbian. That
girl was a friend of mine and we laughed as I walked out of the shower
stall. That poor cheer leader was so popular before I penetrated her."

I looked at her in amazement and said," Well, I am sorry it has been that
rough on you."

" In elementary school I didn't like myself but when I read about a
hermaphrodite goddess in a Greek myth and loved the part of how she
intimidated other gods and goddesses. So after that I was no longer
ashamed of who I am but it did not make it any easier socially for me. I do
believe the experience has made me stronger and I have been to a convention
like atmosphere where androgynous men and women met and I saw that there
were about 2000 American people in that conference who were like me. I met
one androgynous male who made himself like a woman who was pregnant by
his/her husband."

I was amazed and said," You are one beautiful and unique lady. So what do
you think of me?"

She laughed and said," I do appreciate you accepting me as a lady with
everything abot me. I am very monogamous and I am loyal to my man I love
and I do respect the qualities of a man. You don't have to be by my side
every second of the day and if you want to be with your male friends for
say to watch a football game or any other sports on a Sunday I am very
acceptable of that especially after you earn my trust. Now understand that
may take some time."

I said," I can understand that after being cheated on."

" I have not been penetrated vaginally and if and when you do I hope you
appreciate me enough because if and when you do that means I believe we are
to be together for life. I have penetrated only a total of three people 2
males and 1 female and that is the one I told you about. I don't usually
talk so frankly about sex."

We talked for 2 hours and laughed and I was the most relaxed I have been
with a woman since I could remember. She lightly touched my right hand and
she occasionally ran her hand through my hair and when I occasionally
leaned forward she would massage my back.

I looked at my watch and said," I have to get up in the morning and do
somethings around my house. Would you like to go out with me tomorrow

She smiled and said," Yes I would. I hope this works out between us and if
it does I think you will be happy with me and you don't cheat on me you
will have a very loyal woman by your side."

I smiled and said," Well I am very monogamous also. I appreciate your show
of affection"

" I am a very affectionate woman so you better get used to it if you
aren't. I came from a family with lots of love and affection. I have 3
siblings 2 sisters and a brother and they are both very affectionate
including my brother and people who don't know my brother will sometimes
accuse him of being gay or bi because he is affectionate towards men and
women. He is neither he is happily married with 3 children."

She kissed me goodnight and I waved good night as I made my way to my
pickup. I got in my pickup and started it up and put the truck in first
gear and pulled away from the curb. I smiled on the way home at the
thought of going out with a very beautiful woman tomorrow night.

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