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I was recently divorced, 39 years of age and living in an apartment in
Sydney's inner eastern suburbs not far from the famous red light district
of Kings Cross.

After two failed marriages, I was footloose and fiancé free; free and as
lusty as a rampant bull on speed. I chased after anything wearing a skirt
as long as it was female. This is not to say I was homophobic. Far from
it. I have many lesbian and homosexual friends whose company I enjoy but,
like many heterosexual men, found the idea of same sex encounters as
somehow distasteful (no pun intended.) In other words, I didn't give a
damn what they did together as long as they didn't expect me to join in.

One night, I took myself to Sydney's famous drag spectacular, Les Girls, to
enjoy dinner and watch the performances of friends who were in the show. I
always enjoyed these evenings for the gorgeous costumes, outrageous humor
and the great fun these talented people projected.

After the show, feeling a mite lonely and not wanting to go home, I
repaired to the disco above the show lounge. Being a Saturday, it was
packed, as usual, with gays, lesbians and curious heteros and the floor was

I danced with a couple of girls, neither of whom responded to my
approaches, and then settled on a stool at the bar content to watch the

It was while I was downing my fourth (or was it my fifth?) scotch that I
saw her. This beautiful young woman with auburn hair to the shoulders, a
magnificent figure and perfect looking breasts that were not too large to
be real nor too small to go unnoticed. She had blue eyes and a full and
generous mouth. She was dressed in a tight, sequined, top that allowed her
nipples to show tantalizingly and a short skirt that gave occasional
glimpses of her thighs. My heart missed a beat as I stared at her,
drinking in her appeal.

She must have been aware of my attraction because she glanced at me and
gave a small but appreciative smile and the slightest of nods.
Instinctively, I knew this was not the time to rush in like a love-strapped
teenager so I stayed glued to my stool and waited. I waited nearly an
hour, nursing my drink, anxious not to appear out of control. Eventually,
she was beside me.

"Is this stool taken?" she asked with a smile.

"It is now," I replied. "May I buy you a drink?"

"A gin and tonic would be welcome," she grinned. "Why don't we take our
drinks to the banquette over there and have a chat?"

My heart leapt at this opportunity to be relatively alone with her and we
settled in the banquette, facing the floor and started chatting.

As the night wore on we danced some more but this time closer. I could
feel her breath on my neck as I held her that little bit closer and gently
kissed her ear lobe. She responded by moving her hips into mine and
kissing my cheek. We returned to the banquette and, as we talked, she
placed her hand on my thigh in a gesture of intimacy and promise. I used a
single finger to stroke the back of her hand as we chatted. I don't recall
one word that we spoke and I doubt she could either as we drowned in the
pools of desire in each others' eyes. I leant forward and lightly kissed
her lovely, full lips and felt her tongue flick across the inside of mine.

"My place is just around the corner," she breathed. I responded " Mmmmm."

I had a problem standing no as the bulge in my trousers was becoming
obvious. Fortunately, the lights were dim enough to save me embarrassment
and we left, hand in hand, to go to her apartment.

It was a very feminine place, nicely decorated and tastefully furnished.
Scatter cushions on the lounge and chairs and a large, shag pile rug
covering the centre of the carpet and a lerge, antique doll occupying an

She put on some seductive music and murmured, " Back in less than a minute.
Make yourself as comfy as you feel like being."

She was as good as her word because by the time she returned in a sheer
negligee that left little to the imagination, I had only removed my shoes
and jacket and was admiring some slightly erotic artwork she had hanging on
the wall.

She walked towards me with a smile that sent electric shocks all through my
body. My heart beat faster and I resisted the temptation to lick my dry
lips. I had no saliva anyway. She wrapped her arms around my neck and we
kissed deeply as her hand wandered to my crotch.

"Oooh," I groaned as she quietly revolved her hand over my trousers,
teasing my throbbing prick. I kissed her neck as my hand slipped inside
her negligee and I started to caress her nipples. Now it was her turn to
groan. I moved her garment off her shoulder, lowered my head,

taking a nipple in my lips and lashing it with my tongue. By now, she had
my fly undone and her hand was stroking my stiffening shaft.

Breaking off, she took my hand and led me into her dimly lit bedroom. As I
removed my trousers she leant over me and took my shirt off, kissing my
spine as did so.

By now I was ready for anything, willing myself not to cum. I laid her
down, opened her negligee and buried my head between her breasts as my hand
caressed her belly. As I started to slip her panties off I suddenly felt
something hard. It was a cock!

I thought I could always tell a she-male -- knowing so many of them --
but this girl was something special. I had no idea until that moment. I
momentarily checked my movements.

"It's OK," she whispered. "Nothing's going to hurt you."

She stroked my head and offered her nipples to my lips. I was confused,
reluctant yet strangely excited. For the first time in my life I found
myself actually wanting to touch another man's genitals. My erection grew
even harder at the thought of it. She gently took my hand and placed it on
her cock. To my surprise, it felt beautiful. I moved my lips to her
mouth, placed my naked body on hers and started to stroke her erect cock.>
I have never been so sexually aroused as I was that moment. My balls were
overwhelmed with the feeling of desire to the point of pain. She moved my
hand back to her breast, maneuvered our cocks to lie between us and so we
kissed, cock on cock; hers against mine and hard on my belly.

"Oh, God," I breathed. " That is so good."

She started to writhe under me as she wrapped her long legs around my

"Love me, Baby. Love me," she sighed.

I groaned. "I want to. I want to so much but I don't know how. Show me,
darling. Show me how to love you."

She leant over to the bedside table to get what I now realise was
lubricating gel. And placed her hand under herself to lube her pretty ass.
Then, lifting her legs up high, she took my throbbing cock and guided my
engorged knob to her pussy hole.

"Press, sweetheart. Press hard," she told me.

I did as she asked and felt the head of my cock pop into her sweet hole.
She tightened her sphincter muscle round my helmet and I gasped with the
ultimate pleasure of it.

I slowly slid my entire length into her, gazing into her lust-filled eyes
as I did entered her.

With my pulsating dick deep into her ass I leant over and kissed her.
Never have I known such ecstasy, such excitement. Never have I been so
sexually aroused. I started to fuck her gently as she moved under me,
hungry for every centimeter of her cock. I moved my weight onto my left
hand so I could stroke her cock as I fucked her. I felt as though we were
floating. Floating on a cloud of desire and erotic arousal. Every pore of
my body tingled with my need for her and, transiently, my love for her.
The pain behind my balls was getting beyond tolerance. She must have felt
the same as we were both crying out our extreme pleasure. Her nails dug
into my shoulder as my cock started to spasm inside her, my balls getting
tighter and tighter. I felt her cum on my hand and realised she was about
to cum simultaneously. Her cock jerked in my hand as I screamed at the
painful joy of my ejaculation, pumping my essence into her exquisite ass.
Her cock spurted lovely, sticky cum all over my belly.

When we were spent, we lay with her in my arms as I kissed her brow and the
bridge of her nose, then the tip.

I moved on to smother her dear face in tiny kisses on the tip of her nose,
her cheeks, her ear, her chin and her lips. She offered a finger to my
lips and, as I took it in my mouth, I realised she had taken some of the
cum from our bellies and I was tasting it. I found it delicious. Sweet
and salty at the same time.

"More," I murmured.

She did as I asked and I took more cum off her finger and, keeping it on
the tip of my tongue, kissed her so we could share the beauty of our love

I awoke with a start and realised it was nearly dawn so, slipping my arm
from beneath her, I quietly dressed then leant over and kissed her brow as
she lay sleeping. I lifted the covers and gently kissed her cock, letting
the tip of my tongue linger on her piss slit. Then I covered her up and
walked slowly home thinking about the awakening I had just experienced.

She moved soon after that and I never saw her again but I think of her
often. Soon after that I re-married and for 12 years never returned to the
scene of my ultimate joy. I was thoroughly heterosexual again ... until I
met this very attractive young man who turned me into a committed cock
lover ... but that's another story ...

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