I am of French descent, bilingual, fluent in both French and English and as I recently discovered with a little prompting from my man, bi-sexual, though I didn’t need a great deal of prompting. I am to please and be pleased sexually. I have a very strong sex drive - and I love having sex with an audience.

One of our strict rules is outer sex only, no intercourse with our third or fourth person, though that leaves a lot of options for mutual sexual pleasure.

At the appointed time on Sunday Roger is wearing just a pair of jeans that showcases his tanned torso. I am wearing a short black silk blouse which barely covers my pubic area. It has a row of buttons down the back with only the top one fastened, so when I walk my naked ass is on full view, something Roger likes very much.

“You really do have a glorious ass, absolutely magnificent,” he tells me as I flaunt it for him.

Simone is running fifteen minutes late which heightens our anticipation and our sexual tension as we tease each other’s almost naked bodies.

We both find it very exciting to share a new bi-sexual partner, most often a male at my insistence, though Roger is expecting a female today.

Part of our excitement and turn on is seeing which one of us can get the most attention from our new sexual partner when they first arrive.

We have tried a wide variety of methods to garner their attention whether male or female. A favourite one of mine is stand in front of a mirror with a knee length gown covering my front but completely undone at the back so my naked legs and ass can be seen in the mirror.

Another one which my man particularly likes is when I wear nothing more than heels, a dash of perfume and a designer label blazer.

For my man Roger it is having his thick nine-inch erection (which I have helped him achieve) poking out of a shirt or short dressing gown. He also likes to highlight his good suntanned body by wearing nothing but a skimpy athletic jock strap to highlight his ass, something that works very well for men.

“I am here for your pleasure and my pleasure,” Simone smiles as she makes a bold entrance. She is a glamorous and very attractive blond, taller than most wearing heels, tight black leather slacks and a matching leather top with the zip opened enough to highlight her cleavage.

“I have heard lots of good things about you two,” she tells us in a husky voice as she smiles and repeats, “lots of good things.”

“And I hear that you are hung and thick Roger,” Simone taunts as she runs her hands over his naked tanned torso, then teases his nipples with her fingernails.

I am determined to heighten Roger’s sexual enjoyment and pleasure as well as mine as I get Simone’s attention by walking in a circle around her to flaunt my naked ass.

“Undo the button at the back for me Simone,” I whisper as I shrug off my top and let it fall to the floor.

“Gorgeous ass and love the way you shave Sarah,” she tells me as I stand behind Roger and rub my hands over his naked chest briefly as I kiss his neck then reach down and undo his jeans.

Simone is watching very closely as I slip my hand inside his jeans and pull out his almost erect cock.

I am stroking his cock and tongue kissing him from behind and I am aware of Simone’s hands all over his torso.

“Wow, you are hung and thick, I can hardly get my hand around your cock,” Simone groans as she takes his cock in her hands.

“And I want it.”

“Enjoy baby, this is for you,” I whisper to my man as Simone still fully dressed has his erection in her hands while I flaunt my naked body for both of them.

“Help me off with my jacket Sarah, I have my hands full.”

“Is that good baby, I love watching Simone fondling your big cock,” I ask as I undo her leather top, let it drop to the floor and admire her very good tits, then stand behind her and tease her nipples with my fingertips.

“I love teasing your nipples while you are fondling my man’s erection.

“I love watching baby, you can watch her have me soon,” I whisper as Simone motions for me to undo the zip of her leather slacks.

As I suspected Simone (or Simon he told us later) has a very large and very erect cock which she adjusts so that her cock and balls are hanging out of her leather slacks.

I can hear Roger gasp as he ogles her erection while he strokes his by now raging hard on, “Fuck that looks evil, but I want it.”

“Or maybe I will have her while you watch,” I whisper as I feel the weight of her erection in my hand still standing behind her.

Simone takes immediate control of the situation as she kneels in front of Roger, and takes half his erection into her mouth.

“A lady with a very large cock is sucking yours baby, do you like that idea? Or is a man with tits?” I tease as I stand behind Roger and tongue kiss him while I tease his nipples.

“Yes, love it, it is a huge turn on.”

“I am going to suck Simone’s cock while she is sucking your cock baby. And she is almost as big as you,” I tell Roger as I slide her slacks off as she continues sucking his cock.

“Watch me baby,” I tell him as I tease by sucking just the tip of Simone’s cock.

“Would you like me to watch you blow Simone later after she licks my cunt.”

“Yes, you know I would,” he moans as he has his hands on Simone’s head urging her on.

I stand behind Roger again tongue kissing him as I press my naked body against his while I tease his nipples.

“I love watching a man with tits sucking your cock baby, and I want you to watch me blow her. And I want to watch you blow him,” I tell my man as I scratch his ass cheeks to increase his pleasure.

“Getting close are you baby, you are breathing very heavily. Simone is very good isn’t she?

“I am going to count to ten for you for your pleasure. You like me doing that.”

Simone is obviously determined to prolong the sexual pleasure she is giving my man, and me as I watch and enjoy, as she lets his cock slip out of her mouth and licks and teases his nipples with her very wet tongue.

Then she licks all the way down his torso and licks the full length of his erection, then blows on it before she resumes sucking.

“I love watching you blowing my man Simone, we are up to eight now. Roger is very agitated.

“I want to blow you soon Simone, very soon. You have been told I am very good. We are up to nine now.”

Simone is obviously enjoying my commentary as I watch her cup Roger’s balls in one hand and slide her thumb and forefinger along the full length of his roaring erection while she sucks just the tip of his cock.

“Love your big cock and tits, big turn on for me looking at it with my cock in your mouth,” Roger groans.

“That’s ten baby, cum for us, now,” and he does as he groans, shudders and almost screams as he shoots a huge load across the room.

“I want to blow your cock while my man watches Simone, but before I do I want you to lick me to orgasm more than once,” I tell her as I sit on high stool with legs wide apart ready to be teased and pleasured.

“I love being licked and teased and this is special. A lady with a huge cock with my man watching,” I tell Simone as she licks my nipples, then licks her way down to my cunt lips.

I can see that Roger has been to the bathroom and had a quick shower to freshen up as he sits naked apart from a business shirt completely undone as he watches Simone lick my cunt with her arms wrapped under my legs while he strokes his cock.

“Watch and enjoy baby, I am very aroused after watching Simone blow you, very,” I smile at him, close to my first orgasm.

“Come and kiss my ass while Simone is licking my cunt.”

He does and the sensation of my man kissing and licking my ass while a lady with a cock is licking me has me ready to orgasm very quickly.

“I am very turned on baby, watching two big cocks for my pleasure while having my cunt licked. Stand behind me and kiss me while you tease my nipples and watch Simone licking my cunt.

“She is very good,” I tell him as a take his almost erect cock in my hand, at the same time ogling Simone’s erection.

“Do you want to watch me suck Simone’s cock while you masturbate for me? Or would you prefer something else?” I tease knowing that I want to blow Simone, a man with tits, or is it a lady with a big cock.

Before he can answer I start to have a long, slow and very exciting orgasm as Simone obviously turned on by the conversation inserts a finger in me as she licks my cunt in a frenzy.

“I want to fuck you while you give Simone a blow job.”

“And so you shall,” I reply thinking about how we can make that happen.

“Be back in a minute,” Simone smiles as she takes her bag and goes to the next room.

When she returns she is wearing a light-weight knee length black coat, heels and black stockings.

“You two are very exciting for me and I want add to your excitement,” Simone tells us in a very husky voice as she flashes the coat open adding to the sexual tension.

“Do you like my crotchless pantyhose?” she asks as she flaunts her roaring erection poking out for both of us as she teases underneath it with just one finger.

“I was going to wear my garter belt and stocking for you, but this is more comfortable. Though it was difficult to get over my erection.

“I do, very much, a fantastic turn on,” Roger and I answer as one.

I have long fantasised about cross dressing men dressed just like this and having them while my man watched and perhaps joined in, which is about to happen.

“I want you to watch me suck Simone for a little while before you fuck me,” I tell my man as Simone stands with her legs apart and flaunts her erection for both of us.

Roger also has a very good erection he is flaunting for me and Simone as he slides his cock ring onto his erection and clips it under his balls.

“I would have loved you to wear that while I sucked you,” Simone smiles as I touch her balls and pull her toward my lips then take her very erect cock into my mouth.

“That is a turn on baby for me baby,” Roger groans as I feel his hands on my ass.

“And for me, watching your lady sucking me while I ogle your erection,” Simone replies as she bends to grasp it.

“That is a turn on baby for me baby, I want to suck Simone as foreplay before you have her,” Roger groans as he brushes me aside, kneels in front of her and takes his cock into his mouth.

“Love your big cock hanging out of your crotchless pantyhose. In a minute I am going to fuck Sarah while she blows you. And she is very good,” Roger tells us he seats Simone on the couch and positions me in a kneeling position so I can suck her cock.

“Make it good for both of us baby, you are to pleasure and be pleasured,” he tells me as he stands and watches me take Simone’s very erect cock between my eager lips.

“Love watching what you are doing baby, your favourite fantasy is about to happen, two big cocks in you, one each end,” he tells me as he positions me face down on my elbows so I can suck Simone’s cock.

“If I lick and kiss your ass can I fuck you while you have a cross dresser’s cock in your mouth?” Roger whispers as he traces his fingertips over my ass.

The best I can do is mumble ‘yes baby’ as I relish him licking and kissing my ass with another person’s very erect cock in my mouth.

Then I feel his teeth nipping my ass cheeks, both sides, something I enjoy, pleasure and pain.

Then I feel his hands on my ass and enjoy the tip of his rock hard cock between my very wet cunt lips, then he slides his full length into me, then withdraws completely, then again and again, all the while increasing his tempo while I am sucking a very hard cock.

“Love you blowing me while I watch your man fucking you Sarah. And you are very good, extremely good,” Simone tells me as I scratch his balls and lick just the tip of his erection then blow on it.

“Love fucking you while you are blowing a big cock baby, you are a pleasure machine,” he moans as he lifts my body up as I hear him slapping into my ass cheeks.

My body tenses as I experience a huge orgasm with the full length of his cock in me.

“Now stand up and masturbate for Simone and me while you watch me finish blowing Simone. You know I love to watch you masturbate.

“I am very close baby,” I moan a minute later as I watch Sarah working very hard to bring Simone off.

“Masturbating while I watch my lady blowing a man with tits is an absolute turn on baby,” Roger moans as Simone is watching very closely.

“So close, and so good,” Roger is moaning as Simone motions for him to put his rock hard cock in her mouth, then slide it in and out in a fucking motion.

The noise as two men moan and orgasm simultaneously is something I will long remember.

“You owe me baby,” I told Roger as we showered together later. “I did good for you today, see what you can do for my pleasure next time.”

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