Fun With My Dad

My name is Blake. I"m 18, 5"6", and 130 pounds of muscle. My cock is 6 1/2 inches hard (yes, I"m small). I"ve never seen my dad naked before, until now. My dad is 49, a little skinny & kinda tall. My dad and I never really talked much, and we didn"t have a close bond. Now, the story starts:

It was mid-July, and it was a hot day. My dad was home today, and my mom left for work. So, it was just me and my dad. I woke up with a hard-on, so I decided to jack off. I always get prepared before I jack off: lock the door, lay on the bed, pull down my pants/shorts, and get the sock I usually cum in. I started jacking off, like any other day, and then my dad opened the door. I forgot to lock the door! I acted quickly, and pulled the covers over me. My dad just smiled. I had never been so embarrassed in my life. Of course, I was kind of glad he caught me. I always had a thing for my dad.

"What were you doing," he said, mocking me.


"Well, it didn"t look like nothing. It looked like you were having fun," my dad replied, still smiling.

I was so shocked. I couldn"t say anything. My dad caught me jacking off, he was fine with it, AND I WASN"T DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT!

He walked up to my bed, and asked, "Let me see that thing. How big is that thing? You covered yourself up so fast, I couldn"t get a look."

I hesitated to show him. But, after a few seconds, I started pulling down my sheets, after he gave a reassuring nod.

"It"s not too big," I said, once he saw my, now semi-hard cock.

"Wow, you"re bigger than I was when I was your age. I guess I was a late bloomer!"

I still wasn"t over the fact that he just caught me beating my meat, but I knew I"d never get another chance like this (lol). So I decided to act.

I looked straight at my dad, and said, "If I showed you mines, you have to show me yours."


He started undoing his belt, and dropped his pants. All that was left was his underwear. He slowly bent down, as if mocking me again, and pulled his underwear down with him.

"Holy shit," I practically yelled.

"You like what you see?"

"Hell yeah, how big is it?"

"I don"t know, I havn"t really measured it."

My dad"s dick was probably 8 inches soft, uncut. I was amazed! Then, my dad told me something that would have made me cum right there if I wasn"t so shocked.

"You want to touch it?"

I hesitated a few seconds, making it look like I wasn"t too excited (but I was).

"Sure," I said.

As I was touching my dads dick, he started grunting and groaning faintly. Then I cupped his balls in my hand, and boy they were big!

Then I finally acted, and asked my dad if he used to masturbate when he was young. He told me that he did, but not too much because his brothers were always around him.

(ATTENTION: I"m gonna get into the action, there will be detail, but not too much!)

There were a few seconds of silence. I was still down on my knees, hard, and gripping my dads cock. He started motioning my head towards his dick, and I knew what he wanted. I was now face to face with his manhood, ready to stuff it inside my mouth. I took it and licked the head of his penis. He moaned softly. I started jacking and sucking him. I got down to the middle of his shaft and he started face fucking me. It was so good. My dad asked me if, when he was gonna cum, he can shoot his load in my mouth, or on my chest.


"There you go"

Then i stopped sucking his dick, and moved down to his balls. I licked them, took em all in my mouth, and then went back to his dick. He was totally ready to cum now. He was moaning loud. then, he shot his whole load in my mouth. it was like 9-10 squirts. I loved the taste!

Then he told me to lay down. He spread my ass cheeks apart, and rimmed my ass. I loved it! Then I rode his cock! It was soooooooo good! Now...anal sex. I hated the pain soo much, but I knew where it would end. It took me about 2-3 minutes to take it all in, to my surprise. He fucked me for a good 20 minutes, and he came again.
When he was done, I started kissing his body, and rubbing my hard as rock cock on him. I kissed and licked him for 10 minutes. I loved to be nasty at things like this, so I was nasty with it. I licked his balls and dick again. Then his legs, down to his feet. He looked like he was enjoying it, so i went back up, past his dick, to his chest. I sucked on his nipples, and kissed his hairy chest. I loved this day sooo much!

Then, I started licking his arm pits, around to his neck, and then i kissed him on the cheek, and said "Thank you"

I was about to put my clothes back on, when he said "where are you going"

I didn"t understand. I said "I really don"t know what else I can do..."

He told me, "Oh, no. Your job is done. Now its my turn."

I melted right there. He took me, and did exactly what I did to him, and then let me fuck his ass. I loved it soo much! I"ll never forget that day. It happened again when we were at a hotel, but thats another story!

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