Seducing our teenage, black neighbour

Seducing our teenage, black neighbour Jay was always a fantasie for me and my husband. A few weeks ago it turned into reality. I still can’t believe what happened. Did we really suck and rim that beautiful, hot 18 year old stud in our shower? Right after a sweaty gym session. I touch my lips with my tongue thinking about that moment and also the taste of his cum that didn’t seem to stop, shot after shot, all over our faces.

If you want to read in detail what happened, search for “Gym Access for Cum” in my profile.

Me and my husband just moved into our own small bungalow in this small town. Just enough room for us two. Since we won't have any offspring, we decided to have one room as a home gym.

Working out is a big part of our lives. I am Mike, 35, lean build with a 7 inch in my workout pants. My Husband, Taylor, 28 but looks so much younger, hot body with a 8 inch pole and a really nice ass.

We only just saw Jay a few times outside in passing after what happened. I guess he didn’t tell his parents that he went to our house for a “workout”. It is a bit strange if you think about it. Maybe he is still a bit confused about it, even though he indicated to come back for more.

A few more weeks passed and it was almost time for the fall holidays. I had scored a bit of a breakthrough. I found Jay on instagram and just started a conversation there. He didn’t mind at all and so he told me that his parents would be going on a trip to visit some relatives. They would be gone for almost a week. His grandmother would babysit him and his now 15 year old brother Adam. It didn’t take long for him to ask if he could come over once his parents left. I asked if his grandmother wouldn’t notice. To which he responded: “She lets us out of the house for hours! She really doesn’t mind. Besides: I need a workout.”

I kinda felt guilty for the last time though, so I asked him directly: “What kind of workout do you need?” it took him a while to respond but: “well i need to work on my chest and i also can’t stop thinking about that feeling of you guys sucking my cock. I don’t know if i am gay to be honest, but that was so amazing!”

“Would you like to try something else as well?” I wrote. He wasn’t sure what I meant by that so I told him that Taylor would like that big black cock up his ass. “Oh, well, yeah. I guess we could try that.” I tried to convince him that he would really enjoy it.

“How much time would we need though? You know my grandmother doesn’t mind where we are or how long, but Adam, he follows me everywhere. So annoying. He would probably ask questions. I had to lie to him last time. Cause he did notice that i was kinda different after that workout session.”

His little brother Adam just turned 15 but just like this big brother, he looked much older than that. He was almost as tall as Jay and his body was just as athletic. He liked to wear tight sportswear that didn’t leave much to the imagination.

“You think he would like to join?” I wrote, and immediately regretted sending it. “The Gym stuff probably, but I am not so sure about the other thing.” Jay answered. “We jerked off once in his room but it was nothing like that. Just you know, two dudes jerking off.”

I tried so hard not to ask for more details. “Well just tell him that you use our gym and if he wants to come, he’s welcome. Aaaaand everything else we’ll see?” I could feel that he had to think about that one. “Yeah I guess. I ask him.”

When I told Taylor about this exchange with Jay he couldn’t believe that I offered for them both to come over. Jay alone, yeah sure, that big black clock was just too delicious to pass off. But Adam? 15 years old! Are you crazy?

“Look, if he just wants to workout, why not? I won’t force anything on him.”

Another week went by and the day Jay and Adam's parents left for the trip came. I noticed them packing the car and driving off. They just turned the street corner and my phone vibrated: Message from Jay. “You guys free this afternoon?” Damn he did have some blue balls I figured.

Taylor and I got ready for the “workout” session. Taylor spent a bit more time in the bathroom for a potential deep dive, if you catch my drift.

Not soon after: A knock on the front door. Through the glass I could see that it had to be two people standing on the other side. Oh man, here we go.

Sure enough it was Jay and his little brother Adam. Both in tank tops that seemed to be at least a size smaller, hugging their athletic bodies tight. Big defined chest muscles, big shoulders. You could ask the question: what do they need our home gym for?

Jay was wearing some basketball shorts and Adam long sweatpants. The kind that fits just perfectly, not loose at all. Which drew my attention to his butt, while both of them entered the living room. In comparison not much different from his brothers. Maybe a little bit more on the round side.

“So you guys want to drink something”. I tried to break the awkward silence in the room. The four of us, just standing there. Adam checked the place out, since it was his first time in our house. “Uhm, cool yeah.” After we broke the ice and everyone got something to drink, we went into the room that is our gym. Adam liked what he saw. He instantly got on the big rig and did some pull ups. Showing off his arms and I didn't mind at all. We decided to split into groups. Jay and Taylor and me and Adam worked on different equipment at the same time, so that we didn’t waste any time. We wanted to focus on chest and triceps so Adam and I did some push ups on the floor and Taylor and Jay went on the bench with the barbell. One moment I looked over, Jay was lying on the bench, getting ready to lift, arching his back. Also creating a visible tent in his shorts. Maybe because he was thinking about what happened last time after the workout? It was not a normal guy bulge in tight gym shorts. It was a semi hard, 9 inch, black cock, getting excited. You could see that thick shaft pressing against the fabric. Those powerful veins like rivers from above.

*SLAP* I was forced to wake up from my little day dream when Adam punched me on the shoulder: “It’s your turn.” It took me a while to stop lusting after Jay and turn around towards Adam. He noticed what I was looking at and saw it too now. A little smile on his lips. Or did I just imagine that?

I mean it‘s normal right? Even among straight friends, to have some kind of sexual tension while working out so close to each other. A glance here and there. Readjusting dicks. Slapping shoulders, asses.

The workout went just like that. Jay, Taylor and I didn’t do anything that would suggest that we went all the way already. I guess we didn’t want to freak out Adam. He was the big question mark in the room. Would he like it as much as his big brother? Or would he tell on us all?

“Damn, that was gooood”. Jay said, still out of breath from his last set. Reaching out for Taylor as support to stand. Practically putting his left arm round Taylor’s shoulders, pushing him towards him. My husband didn’t mind that at all by the looks of it.

“Shower!” Jay screams out, making everyone jump a little. He takes off his sweat soaked tank top, throws it on the gym floor and starts towards the master bath.

Adam looks at me a bit puzzled. “We can shower here?” Yeah sure I say and notice just now how close he‘s standing next to me. I can’t help but look at his sweaty body. His tank top glued even more to his muscles that it almost looked like he‘s not wearing anything at all. My eyes travel down on him, over his visible, strong abs to his clearly visible bulge. I wonder if he‘s packing the same kind of meat his big brother does. Also if I will ever find out.

„I forgot to lay out some towels for you guys.“ Taylor announces and starts walking towards the bedroom which is directly connected to the master bathroom. Once in he shuts the door. Which leaves me awkwardly behind with Adam in the gym.

„So we could do some crunches while we wait for the shower?“ I ask in the room. „Yeah,“ Adam says, getting in position on the floor. Without asking I dropped down as well, grabbing both his legs at the ankle to assist. He gives me a look but continues with the exercise. In this position I can't help but look straight into his crotch. There is definitely something big sleeping in there. I stopped counting at 100 crunches. This guy is a beast. Teenage growth, so nice. 110, 11,…suddenly Adam stops.

„You hear that?“ I actually didn't. We stay frozen, listening for whatever noise. There! I heard it. Coming from the bedroom. A moan?

„What are they doing?“ Adam asks, getting up and walking in the direction of the noise.

I have some idea what’s going on behind that door. Oh boy, here we go.

It does not feel like Taylor and Jay wanted to really hide what they were doing. Once Adam opened the bedroom door there was no going back. He saw his brother, completely naked, kneeling on the bed behind Taylor. His 9 inch cock deep inside my Husband.

I am not sure if they noticed us entering but they clearly did not care. Picking up pace now violently fucking infront of me and Adam. The little brother just stood there not saying anything. Apparently in shock. I stand next to him looking more to him than to the wild sex scene on the bed. And what I see makes me smile. I don't know if conscious or not but his right hand was grabbing his young cock. Massaging it, getting it hard. Without thinking too long, I once again drop down on the floor, kneeling in front of him, slowly pulling on his pants, revealing his growing, naked cock. No underwear. His eyes still fixed on his brother pounding Taylor, I removed his hand from his cock and started taking it in my mouth. Hmmmpf just as thick and huge as his brothers. Precum dripped on my tongue, so much that I thought for a second he was pissing in my mouth. His penis now completely hard and throbbing in my mouth. I can barely fit it all in. I try to find balance by holding on to his firm ass. No hair anywhere.

Taylor behind me suddenly screams out “FUCK ME…. fuuuuckk”. Jay picked up the pace even more, pushing Taylor on the matrace, now lying on his back, pounding his white ass. His huge black cock moves completely out of Taylors hole and back in until Jays balls slap loudly on skin.

I look up to see what Adam is doing. He is still fixed on the pair on the bed. He takes off his wet tank top, and starts touching himself on his chest and abs with his right hand. Pinching his own nipples. His left hand is now moving behind my head, forcing me down on his 15 year old cock.

“FUUUUCK”. Now Jay was screaming through the bedroom. Suddenly stopping his pace. “Take that bitch”. With slower, but harder thrusts he fucks his cum right into Taylors tight ass. Who seems to cum at the same time, right on the matrace and his abs.

I pick up my pace now, sucking Adam's cock. He almost face fucks me. I am in heaven. Without warning he rips his cock from my mouth and instantly starts shooting thick shot’s of creamy, white cum onto my face. All over my mouth, nose and forehead. I look up at him, trying to catch all of that load, swallowing every drop of it. His head was thrown back but now he looks down, right into my eyes. With that typical “i am coming” face. Not making much of a noise but slowly realising that he just nutted all over a guy's face.

“What the fuck?” Taylor says, still catching some air after that instance fuck he just had.

“Adam…..what the…” Jay just noticed his little brother and me right at the bedroom door.

Adam’s Cum stopped shooting on my face. He takes his still hard teen cock, presses the last drops onto my tongue, slapping it lightly on my face. Only just now looking his brother in the eyes: “What?”. A smile appeared on his lips. “Can’t i also have fun with our gay neighbours?” Jay starts smiling as well, slapping Taylor on the ass. “What now guys?”

I turn around, still with cum on my face, looking at Taylor. “I could eat some ass to be honest.” With that, Adam starts walking towards the bed. He jumps on it with his knees, throwing his chest onto the mattress right behind his still kneeling brother. His perfect teen ass up in the air. He slaps it with one hand: “Come and take it”. I jump up from the floor and throw myself face first on that ass. Spreading his cheeks wide open with both hands and pressing my tongue deep into that young hole. GOD it tastes so gooooood.

Nothing makes sense anymore at this point. Was this still real life? Jay moving his cock out of Taylor, still hard or maybe again. Moves over to his brother’s face, lying on the bed now moaning with pleasure, getting his ass eaten for the first time. No thinking involved, he taps his little brother on the head to show him what’s right in front of his face: His big brother's cock. Still wet with cum from the fuck he just had. Adam looks at it for a second and quickly opens his mouth to signal his brother that he can move in. And move in he does. As if this was a daily routine for the two brother’s, Jay slams his cock into that young mouth. Another heavy moan from Adam as he takes all the juices in.

I look to my left to check on Taylor who is looking right back at me and the two brother’s now in hot gay action. He is still lying on his stomach, ass up. I notice Jay’s cum slowly dripping from Taylor’s hole. I take my tongue out of Adam, give his young ass a slap and move quickly over to my husband to collect that teenage cum from his ass. Licking that stream of white juice from his balls up to his hole. Getting my tongue deep into it. Pressing my face in between his ass cheeks. Slurping it all out of him. There is so much of it. I tap on his ass and hope he gets the signal right. He does. He gets up as I switch places with him, lying on my back, waiting for him to sit on my face. What a sight to see. He presses his ass on my face and now all that cum drips faster into my waiting mouth. I drink him like a coconut. Meanwhile Jay still face fucks his little brother and Taylor starts undressing me. Getting my rock hard cock out of my gym shorts and into his mouth. Adam seems to notice that and stops sucking his brother. He moves over to my crotch and takes my cock from Taylors mouth to suck on it himself. What is going on with that family? A 15 year old black kid is sucking me like a pro. His brother now moving behind him and without warning, slamming his 9 inch into that young, waiting hole. As if they trained for this moment, Adam didn’t even flinch. I must have sucked that hole wet enough to make Jay’s cock move in so quickly without any pain whatsoever. Just a small moan coming from that young mouth, which is still wrapped tightly around my cock.

I slap Taylor once again on his tight ass to signal that I am done eating Jay’s come from his hole. He moves away from my face and gets up on his feet to stand on the bed. Below him, Adam eagerly sucking my cock and in front of him, Jay fucking his little brother. With his face right on Taylors hard cock. After all this, he must have thought, why not: He stretches his head forward and starts taking Taylors cock in his mouth. If anyone saw us four, right now, it would be a strange sight to see. From my point of view, the whole thing just looked fucking amazing. A 15 year old, sucking my cock like a champ, his 18 year old Brother fucking his tight hole and at the same time sucking on my husbands cock.

This continues for a few moments until Jay signals: “I’m cumming.” Adam stops sucking me to scream: “Wait!” He starts to roll his body onto his back…”I want to taste cum.” Jay takes his cock out of him so Adam can lay on his back. “You want my cum little bro?” he asks. “All the cum!” Adam moans as if in trance. Still not fully realising what we just heard, all three of us move our cocks over that young boy's face. Wanking our cocks. Me and Taylor next to each other, kissing and Jay on the other side now also coming in for a kiss. All three of our tongues meet in the middle. Yeah that kid is straight alright.

“Oh fuck” Taylor moans and starts to shoot thick ropes of cum into Adams waiting mouth below. What a sight to see. That young black face slowly covered in white cum. I can’t hold it in any longer and also start releasing my load on his face. Thick, creamy cum now all over his eyes, and mouth. Like a cum slut in training he tries to swallow every drop of it. Still unloading on him Jay starts to shake “FUCK….” his second load spraying thick white cum right into his brothers open mouth. 1, 2, 3, 4 shots and still not finished he moves his hips forward and slams his cock into Adam's mouth so that he has no choice but to swallow every last drop of his big brother's cum. He does so like a champ and starts cumming himself all over his young abs. An impressive second load for a 15 year old. I can’t stop myself. I drop down and start licking and slurping all of that young cum from his flat stomach. So much, so delicious. I move onto his Cockhead and suck so hard on it to get everything out. Taylor and Jay startet kissing again, still kneeling on the bed, over Adam's head. I collect all of that young boy's cum and move up to his cum smeared face. He was in the process of scooping all that cum into his mouth as I got my face over his and started kissing him. All 4 loads mixing together in our mouths. What a kisser.

After a few more minutes kissing, we slowly started to collect ourselves. Everyone was totally drained and out of breath. Adam was the first to break the silence: “I really need that shower now.”

Let me know if you guys want to read more from that neighbourhood ;)

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