I'll never forget the first time I heard the upstairs neighbors
fucking. I was sitting on the bed folding laundry when I noticed the
rhythmic rocking of their bed. I looked up and started laughing when
I immediately suspected their activity.

I continued folding the clothes. The sounds increased, bringing an
occasional chuckle from me. When the rhythm suddenly changed, I found
myself looking at the ceiling again and realized that I had stopped
folding. I kept very still, even holding by breath as I listened
carefully to the sounds from their bed.

My God! How could anyone move their hips that fast? I tried to
imagine what they looked like as he quickly slammed into her again and

I began to hear her voice. She seemed to be quite pleased with his
inhuman speed, moaning in time to the squeaks. By now I had
completely forgotten the laundry. My left hand was alternating
breasts, lightly pinching. I closed my eyes and listened to them as
they approached climax. I was wet and aching. As I reached into my
panties, I imagined that I was fucking my own husband to that insane
rhythm. I rubbed and pinched and moaned, and my orgasm came very

Shortly after, their own orgasms were signaled by her near scream and
his loud grunting moan. The bed stopped shaking immediately, and I
could imagine them laying in an exhausted heap.

That night, when my husband and I were in bed, I heard them again.
"Honey, do you hear that?" I whispered to him.

"What? Oh, that! Sweetie, it's nasty to listen to the neighbors
fuck," he reproached jokingly.

"I can't help it. Can you believe that?" I was referring to the
rhythm, but he assumed that I meant that we could hear them.

"I'm sure they can hear us, too," he teased, rubbing himself against
my back so that I could feel his erection. "Shall we give them
something to listen to?"

I laughed and reached my hand down to grab him. "What? Do you like
that? Does that turn you on?" I teased. "I guess it does turn you
on," I continued, as I pulled on his dick playfully. "Sure, honey,
let's fuck," I whispered suggestively.

He rolled towards me and began kissing my stomach, moving downward.
His fingers softly caressed the hair, and his thumb brushed very
lightly across my clit. I moaned loudly.

The first movement of his tongue was a long, wet stroke. I shuddered
and moaned, anticipating his continued licks and sucks. His tongue
explored and probed, then stretched up into me. I gasped, my hands
clenching the sheets. Again and again he stroked as I throbbed,
finally locking his mouth against me in a delicious wet suck.

I was so close that I could hardly breathe. "Unh, unh, unh," I panted
and moaned, one syllable per breath. "Unh, unh, oh, oh, yes! Yes!
Oh, God! Yes! YES! AAAAHHHHH!"

I'm pretty sure the neighbors heard that one.

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