My stepdad took my virgin asshole

I turned 18 last week, and for my birthday with the family, they all gathered in my honor and took me to a bar afterwards. It was kind of fun, and nice to be legal, but come on, it was my family. Mom , Dad, my sister Debbie and her girlfriend (yep, that's right) and my 2 brothers Bill and Colin, and their girlfriends, Rose and Jean.

At one point I stumbled half drunk towards the men's room. Coming out of the ladies room was Jean. As she passed, she reached out and cupped my balls then squeezed none to gently. HELLO!.... I stopped and stood there letting her squeeze harder and then harder till I was semi-erect. I just stood there for a sec looking at her hand in my crotch, and then I reached down and moved her hand over my growing dick. She began to rub it through my jeans. I was standing in the door of the hallway the bathrooms were located in so no one could see her, and I just leaned against the frame of the opening to the hall and could peek around to see if anyone was coming.

Next thing I know, my zipper is coming down, my dick is filling out and she has her hand in my pants rubbing me through my underwear. I just stood there enjoying the attention. Speaking of attention, my cock was no longer at half-mast. I had a raging hard-on. It was becoming uncomfortably tight in my pants, and she had the sense to realize it. She fumbled around and finally got my underwear down under my balls pulled my hard-on over them and out the fly. She gave me a few pulls and then began to rub the precum over my head with her palm and then started to jack me off, slowly, oh so slowly.

This went on for a few minutes and I wanted more. I put my hands on her shoulders and tried to push her down. I wanted my rod in her mouth. She wasn't so sure. She continued to jack me and I continued to try to direct her down. I got a bit rough and pushed hard. She quit wanking me, stepped back and checked out my dick sticking out and pointing straight at her. She gave it a squeeze, then leaned forward gave me a peck and said, "thanks, I knew you had a beauty in there, and I always wanted to check it out." Then she walked around me and out to the bar.

I stood right there with my dick hard and ready and needing relief. I walked into the bathroom, pulled my pants down, spit in my palm and began to finish the job. I reached down with my other hand to fondle my balls. I was just getting a good rhythm going and fantasizing about her kneeling down and finishing the job when Colin knocked on the door and told me to hurry up, they were going to give me my presents. I still hadn't peed, hadn't cum, and I knew I wasn't going to now, so I tucked my thick 7 1/2 inch hard cock in my pants as best I could and went back to the party. I felt like I did when I was a kid, walking around with a hard, hoping no one would notice. I made it through the presents and a cake they brought and finally everyone started to leave. I had ridden with my parents, but told them to go on, I was gonna walk home. I was still half hard and pretty damn horny. I went out the back door and down the alley, cut through a side street and through the park.

It was pretty dark and my hand crept down and began to rub and pinch my cock through my pants as I thought about Colin's girlfriend with her hands on my dick. I stopped behind a tree next to the baseball court and decided to give the beast some freedom and relief. I undid my belt and pants and hauled my dick out of my underwear and began to jack off again. I had been there for a few minutes when I heard a groan. A few feet away on the court, up against the chainlink fence was a guy with his dick out stroking as he watched me. Whatever... I kept on going. Then I heard him call... "hey buddy want me to suck you off?" Well I ain't gay. Yeah my brothers and I have fooled around jerking each other now and then, but I had never had my dick in a guys mouth. He asked again. I thought about it. Shit, I needed relief, and he was on the other side of the fence, so why not. I could fantasize about Jean and get my rocks off, and then make a hasty retreat.

I walked up to the fence still holding my dick and stroking it. He knelt on the ground and waited for me to put my dick through the fence. Man, it was cold. My dick went right through, but was touching the sides of the fence links. The mouth awaited my dick on the other side. He leaned forward and put his mouth on my knob. He worked his tongue over the head and then down on the underside of my shaft. I pushed through more. He took more in. He was good. I grabbed the fence with both hands and began to thrust into his mouth.

It was an odd feeling with the warmth of his mouth and the coolness of the chain as I pulled back. H stuck two fingers through the chain and was touching my balls and trying to reach back to my ass hole. A few more thrust and I felt it build up. He glued his lips to my cock and began to suck. I fucked the fence and his face until I felt the sperm start its journey then pump out the end of my dick. He leaned back and let it hit him in the face. I pumped out the last of my jizz and he leaned back in to suck me and lick up the last of the cum. I shriveled in his mouth and finally pulled my cock back through the fence. His dick was in his hand, and he had cum while giving me head. I put my now satisfied dick in my pants and started to leave. He called after me and said "I'll be here tomorrow night if you want more." I just kept going. The last thing he said was "I'll be waiting."

I slept late, woke with a hard and jacked off to the memory of last night. I kept telling myself that no way was I going back. I went through most of the day with that attitude. Jean and Colin showed up in the evening to chat for awhile with mom and dad. I waited in the hallway to see if Jean would maybe leave the room so I could ask her what the hell she fondled me for last night. I didn't wait in vain. As she headed for the bathroom, I stopped her and asked her. She just laughed and told me again, that she knew I had a good size dick in there and since I was no longer jailbait, she wanted to check it out.

She kept chuckling down the hall, but not before she gave me another pat on my crotch. My girlfriend was out of town and my dick was wanting something, so out of the house I went. I hung out at my best friends house awhile and then got bored and left. It was pretty late, so I decided to go see if that guy was there and if I was gonna get a blowjob. I stood behind the tree again, pulled out my dick and started to masturbate. I didn't wait too long till I heard a cough. There he was, inside the court again, with his dick out. Same thing, I pushed my dick through the chain mesh and enjoyed the sensation of moving it back and forth on the cold metal. He gave me a good blow, but stopped before I was anywhere near ready to cum. He let go of his dick, fished in his pocket and pulled out a condom, and asked if I would fuck his ass.

Oh man, I was pissed. All I wanted was a blowjob and here I was hard and horny and on my way to getting off and he wants me to fuck him. He told me it wouldn't make me gay, I needed to get off and he needed a dick in his ass. He pushed the condom through the fence and stood there holding it while my dick made up my mind. I took the condom, and got it over my cock. He pushed his shorts to his ankles and then pushed his ass to the fence and me. Well, hell, I thought. I can do this. I started to push my dick through the fence and he asked me to spit on his asshole. No way bud. He then spit on his fingers and rubbed them on his ass and tried to stick one in.

I was starting to lose my hard watching this and almost decided to leave. He repeated the process and I started to back up. He asked me to wait and asked if I had ever wanted to fuck my girlfriends ass. Well of course I had. He talked for a minute about that and I thought of my girl's rump turned to me and that asshole I had dreamed about entering. I decided to stay. I guess his ass was wet enough, cause he backed back up to the fence and asked me to fuck him. I put the tip of my dick on his asshole and started to push. He leaned forward a bit and my dick went through the mesh and he reached around and held it as I continued pushing. He pushed back harder and I was in. It was actually pretty tight. He somehow squeezed me with his ass and then I pushed forward more. I slid in deeper. He was moaning, and I was grabbing the fence with both hands pushing my dick all the way through. My balls were up against the chain and it felt really good. He started fucking back and I just stood there pushed up on the fence and let him fuck my dick.

Pretty soon I was all the way in and starting to fuck him. He kept moaning and I told him to be quiet, but truthfully his moans were turning me on. I fucked his ass and the fence and it felt great. He had one hand on the ground steadying himself and one hand on his dick. I felt the cum boiling up and started pounding into the fence. I watched my thick meat go in and out of his ass and finally I was cumming. I pumped and pumped my jizz into the condom as I felt his ass clutching me tight. I heard him grunt and he was shooting cum into the ground. He stayed tight up against me and I stayed hard against the fence.

Finally my limp dick fell out of his ass. The guy turned around, and began taking the condom off. He got it off and took me in his mouth and just kinda lazily sucked and rolled his tongue around cleaning me up. Finally, I pulled through the fence zipped up and left. As I looked back, he had dribbled some of my cum from the condom onto his dick and was rubbing it around. What a sicko. I was tired and headed for the house and bed. I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about how good it felt to be in his ass, and I wondered how he could like something as big as my dick up his shithole.

I began to wonder what it felt like to have something up my ass. I reached under me and touched mine. It really didn't do anything for me. I decided to try and push a finger in. That didn't work either, I figured I needed some kinda lube. I snuck down to the kitchen and got a small tupperware container and poured some oil in it. Back in my bed, I dipped a finger in the oil and tried again to enter my ass. This time it went in. It was an odd sensation. I couldn't get much in, and I was really getting turned on by the thought of sticking something up there. I looked around a bit and there was the perfect thing. A cigar in a tube. I had got it for my b-day, but hadn't smoked it. It was just sitting there waiting to go up my ass. I took the tube, dipped it in the oil and placed it against my rectum. It was kinda awkward and I wasn't having much luck. I finally got up went to my desk and stood with my butt over the chair. I put the tube against my asshole, lowered down toward the chair and rested the base of the tube on the seat.

I kinda squirmed around and finally I felt it go inside me. Wow, it felt kinda good. I lowered myself a bit more. I could feel it stretch me and I felt like I had to take a dump. I knew that was just cause it was there, so I lowered a bit more. It was about halfway in. I kinda rocked a bit and lifted and lowered on it. Hey, I like this. I could get about 3/4 of the way in, and then it felt too weird, so I just didn't push it in anymore. I grabbed hold of my steel hard dick and began to jack off while I lowered and raised myself and rocked on my anal intruder. I was really getting off on this when I heard a sound in the hall.

Shit, I hadn't locked the door. I began to pray no one would come in when I heard a knock, and then the door swung open. I was sitting halfway in the chair with a cigar tube up my butt and my dick in my fist. My dad just stared. I didn't know what to do. I let go of my dick, and slowly stood up, the cigar tube still lodged halfway up my butt. Dad said "Son we gotta talk"

The cigar tube began to slowly back out of my butt as I stood there facing my father with a raging hard-on. I felt it plop out of my butt and it made my dick jerk. It hit the floor and rolled against my foot. I was praying for the floor to open up and swallow me. Then dad started talking to me. He understood the need to jerk off, he did it almost everyday himself, but why did I have to stick something up my ass. Was I a sissy, was I gay, what in the world was I doing with something up my butt. I couldn't say anything. He finally got up in my face and said "Answer me... Are you gay boy?"

I stammered out that I wasn't, and that this was the first time I had ever thought of anything like this. When he asked what brought it on, I sure wasn't gonna tell him about the park, so I just said I was curious, I had heard that some people liked it and so I wanted to see what it felt like. He asked me if I had ever let anyone fuck me in the ass and I told him absolutely not. I felt kinda strange standing there with a still pretty hard dick. I started to reach for something to cover up with and he told me to stop.

He came over and stood in front of me checking out my dick. He said he hadn't realized how much of a man I had become. He started asking me personal questions like, how much did I masturbate, had I slept with Judy (my girl), had I fucked her ass, did she blow me and all this stuff. I was pretty embarrassed. He told me to relax, that now that I was a man, we could talk about such things. Then the shocker happened. He reached out and grabbed my dick. He just kinda laid it in is palm and hefted it and then reached under for my balls and rolled them around and all the while talking. I didn't hear much, my head (and my dick) were spinning. He told me I was bigger than my brothers, and thick like he was. He was proud of me.

My dick did the unexpected... it got harder. He chuckled and grasped around it and kinda gave it a few pulls. "Yep", he said "just like your old man, always ready." With that, he pulled the fly of his boxers open to reveal his dick. Still holding and jerking me, he reached in with his other hand and pulled himself out. He started asking questions again. Did I like blowjobs, did I wanna fuck Judy's ass, and did I want a cock up my ass some time. I answered yes, yes and no. All the while he is still giving me a kinda lazy handjob, and stroking himself. When I told him no, I didn't want to have a cock in my ass he asked why?

I just sputtered. He said that sometimes guys liked that stuff even when they weren't gay. Girls liked to play with your ass sometimes and shoot, sometimes something up there just felt good, as I had just discovered. He said he liked to have a finger or two up his now and then, it was just extra pleasure. His dick was getting harder and I could see he was probably bigger than me when erect. He noticed me looking and asked if I had ever jerked another guy off. I just got red and sputtered something about me and Bill and Colin when we were young checking each other out. He let go of his dick and grabbed my wrist and then pulled my hand towards his dick.

"Well, let's see if you can get this thing all the way hard." He laughed and put my hand on his dick and wrapped his fingers around mine and began stroking. I hadn't done this to a guy since I was pretty young, so that was embarrassing enough, but this was my father. He was rubbing the precum from my tip and using it to coat his hand, and he began jacking me for real. He asked me to do the same. He was talking about guys and how when you gotta get off you gotta get off and he thought it was okay for us to help each other. I couldn't believe I was aroused. Why didn't my cock just shrivel up and die. But it didn't, and I sure didn't want him to stop in some weird way.

Now he asked how I liked that cigar tube up my butt and did it feel pretty good. I was relaxing now and not so shocked and admitted that I felt okay, but he interrupted me before I really had a chance to feel much. He let go of me, reached down and picked up the tube. He took a towel I had on the bed, and wiped the tube off. He asked me what I used to lube it and I showed him the container of oil. He looked at me and then dipped the tube in the oil and said that we were gonna finish what I started. He told me to grab hold of my dick and keep jacking, and to bend forward so he could put it back in my ass. I just stood there. He said if I really wanted to know, here was the perfect opportunity and it was safe with him helping me.

I put my dick in my fist and began to pump a little and I leaned forward. I felt the tip of the tube at my asshole. I kinda jumped, it was cold. My dad just kinda rubbed it on my rectum and then dipped it back in the oil. Then I felt him place it back on my asshole and he pushed a little. It just slid right in. I almost passed out. It felt really good, and I was so hard and this was my dad, and shit it just felt good. He pulled it right back out and up against my butt again. He asked me if I liked it. Oh yeah, I sure did. He pushed it in again and this time more than an inch went in. He just kinda stroked it back and forth a little each time it got deeper. I went to work on my cock. I was ready to shoot some serious cum. Dad worked it in and out of my ass and soon, I was uncaring about anything except the feeling in my cock. I could tell it was pretty much all the way in by now. It was really exciting me.

All of a sudden Dad stopped and pulled it out. I just kept on beating my meat intent on an orgasm. Dad put his hand on my back and pushed me forward some more. I figured he was gonna stick it in again. What I felt next against my bum hole was not cold, it was warm and felt completely different. I gasped and started to look around. Dad told me to lean forward some more and keep stroking. I felt a pushing at my ass and knew this wasn't the tube. He kept pushing and I felt my ass starting to stretch open. It had to be his cock. I stopped, panicked thinking about his big dick up there. He told me to relax, that the tube had opened me up and I would be fine.

Now the tube was not small, like some cigars, it was pretty fat, the tube was at least an inch around, but I knew dad was at least two. I was clenching down hard trying to keep that thing out of my ass. All of a sudden, dad smacked my ass hard. I jerked and when I came backwards his dickhead was lodged in my ass. Man was this different. I couldn't breathe. I was scared to move. It felt huge!!! I just stood there feeling my ass stretched out. It hurt, but not real bad. Dad told me to start jacking off again, and just concentrate on orgasm. I grabbed my cock again and started pumping again in earnest.

After a minute I felt my dad start rocking back and forth trying to put a little more in me. By now I wasn't worried about pain, I was just feeling sensation and as he buried deeper and went past my prostate, I started to feel really good. I was stroking my dick and dad started to really fuck me now. Not rough, just getting a good rhythm going. I wanted to howl. Damn, it felt so freaking good, and the thought of it being my father with his dick up my butt just shot lightning through me.

I was getting close and from the grunts my father made, I knew he was too. Finally I reached the point of no return and let out a yelp as cum started to fly out the tip of my dick. I kept pumping and shooting what felt like gallons and just as I was coming down, I heard a groan from dad and I felt his cock plow into me, stop, throb and then dad was shooting up into the depths of my rectum. I was still hard and still pumping as he shot into me. He was buried balls deep and my cum was splattered all over the rug in front of me when I heard the door open. Oh shit, there was mom.

I couldn't believe it. Here I was bent over with my fathers dick up my ass, my hard-on sticking straight out and cum all over the floor and there was mom, looking from dad to me to the rug and back to me.

"I heard a noise," is all she said. I tried to straighten up, but was unsuccessful with dad still in my butt. "Don't move," mom said as she came in, picked up the towel and handed it to me. She looked at dad and said, "Well, my ass isn't good enough, you gotta get up his too?" Then she kinda chuckled. Dad started pulling out of me and I swear the sensation made my knees buckle, and my dick jump. As he plopped out, I stood up with the towel over my cock, and then felt the weirdest sensation. It was my father's cum running out of my ass down my balls and legs. I just didn't know what to do. I just let it run. Dad started telling mom how he found me and how one thing led to another. I thought my head was gonna burst with embarrassment.

When dad told her about how big I was now and asked if she had seen my dick lately, I just stopped caring about anything. It was too much. Dad's cum was running down my legs toward the floor, and my mom took the towel from me, reaching under my rock hard dick to my balls and ass and began to wipe me. She wiped the cum off my legs and then looked up at me from under my dick and told me not to be embarrassed, she had wiped up messes from my bum a million times. I told her it was a bit different. She agreed and then purred as she focused on the rockhard cock above her face. "What a difference this is," she said as she ran a tongue along the underside of my cock. "I remember when I could put your dick and balls in my mouth at the same time. You had such a tiny sweet cock".

Well what are you gonna do? My dad just fucked my virgin ass, my mom has her face right at my fat cock and has just licked it, I am still hard and probably half insane from the events of the night... I took my dick, bent it down towards her and said "see if you can fit it all in your mouth now!" She looked at me for a moment and then raised up so her mouth was even with my dick and she leaned forward and took it in. She didn't waste time on any niceties, she just began to slide my cock down her throat until her lips were against my balls. She held it there a sec and then backed off it. She looked up at me and I thrust it forward to her lips and she took me in her mouth again.

This time she didn't deep-throat me, she began to swirl her tongue around my head and the underside and then began to bob back and forth. I had forgotten about my dad, but he was still behind me and as I looked around at him, I saw he had taken hold of his now hardening meat and was enjoying the show. Mom started to give me the blowjob of my life. Dad came around in front of me and started asking if she wasn't the best mouth I ever had, how he had taught her everything, and wasn't I gonna have some teaching to do to my girl. I didn't care. Mom was good. She knew all the sensitive spots, and all I cared about was how I was feeling. Every now and then she would stop sucking and take me down her throat.

My knees were getting weak, and I fumbled back for the chair and sat, all the while my hard penis that mom used to suck as a baby stayed in her mouth. She was on her knees now and dad got behind her, raised up her robe and took that dick that had recently been up my ass and thrust it into her pussy. Mom's hand flew to her clit. She began to moan around my cock and I began to feel the next orgasm rising up. All of a sudden she let go of my dick. I began to say something, and she told me to get out of the chair and get under her and for me to make her tits feel good. I scooted down under her and kept scooting until my mouth was within easy reach of her breasts. I was amazed at how firm they were for her age, I figured they would be all old and flabby, no way, they were perfect.

I grabbed one in my hand and pinched the nipple, while I took the other in my mouth. I love the way she moved as I bit her lightly. Dad continued to pound away at her pussy, but then stopped and I heard mom exhale deeply and say "Yes George fuck my ass baby." I wanted to see this. Mom was still playing with her clit, but I scooted down further between both their legs until I could see my dad's dick going in and out of her ass. It was incredible. Her pussy was leaking and I scooted up a bit and began to lick at her box.

Mom was saying all kinds of dirty stuff. "Fill my ass George, Lick me, baby boy, make mommy cum, make me cum on you, lick my clit baby lick my clit" Every time she called me mommies boy or baby boy, my dick jumped. It was so exciting. I was sucking on her clit with two fingers up her cunt, feeling my dad's cock in her ass, when she came. It was long and loud. Thank God no one else was in the house. Dad continued to pound and after I had licked up most of mom's juices, he told me scoot back up and put my dick in my mothers pussy. I didn't have to be told twice.

Dad pulled out of her ass for a sec and I slipped my 7+ inches into the cunt of my mother. I started fucking up at her immediately. Dad chuckled and told me to slow down and let him get back in her ass. I did, and it was the most incredible feeling to feel his cock rubbing against mine through her pussy walls as he entered her shittube. We found a rhythm and nothing could be heard as we each worked towards orgasm. I was amazed I wasn't shooting right away, but I guess the two other orgasms helped. I just kept saying in my mind, I'm fucking my mothers cunt, I am in mom's pussy. It was great.

Little did I know there was more to cum. Dad pulled out and mom protested. Dad said it was time to get on the bed. We all stood up and mom shucked the robe. I stood there looking at my mom while rubbing her juice all over my dick. Dad laid down on his back and told me to come on the bed. I had no idea what he wanted. He said to stand over him facing away.

???? I was puzzled. Mom wasn't obviously, cause she picked up the oil dipped her finger in and began playing with my ass as I stood over dad. She stuck her finger in and then back in the oil and back in my butt. I had an idea now what was gonna happen. Dad told me bluntly to sit down on his dick. Well, I took it once, I could take it again. I sat down and felt moms hand helping guide his dick to my not so virgin asshole. I pushed down, but man it kinda hurt. He was so big. I kept pushing and finally the head popped in.

I just sat there holding myself up with the tip of my fathers cock in the rim of my ass, when mom came around and started to put my dick in her mouth again. I wondered if she could taste her juices. She began to bob up and down on my pole and I relaxed a bit and lowered myself further down on dads meat. Finally I was sitting with about half of him in me and mom still gobbling my cock. I tried to get more in, but couldn't take it all, I guess that angle was too much for me. I sat back a bit on dad's stomach, with his huge organ bent up my ass. He began to move, shoving it in and out of my rectum.

Mom was still licking and sucking on my cock. I was getting tired, and dad put his hands on my back and propped me up and just sat there flexing his dick in my butt. He took his hands off my back and I laid down against him. He began thrusting up into my shithole again. I just laid there and enjoyed it. Moms talented mouth was bringing me ever closer to my third orgasm of the night. But then she stopped and my eyes flew open, but it was in relief as I saw her over me guiding her son-fucked pussy to my mother-fucking pole. She sat down on me and took me all in. They began rocking and fucking me until mom raised up and sat her ass on top of my dick. She lowered herself and then leaning back between our legs I began fucking my mom's asshole as my father fucked mine. This time it wasn't long.

My father's schlong up my butt, me looking down at my mom diddling her pussy and my cock sawing in and out of her ass and I shot my load deep in her bowels with a yell. Mom cried out and I could feel her ass ring spasming on my cock as my father began thrusting harder up my butt. Finally with a yell he unloaded his sperm into my chute. Mom fell off my dick between our legs, and I lay there on top of my father as his dick softened and eventually slipped out. My cum was running out my moms ass on the bed, dads jizz was running down over his balls to the bed and I figured there was no way I was gonna sleep in my cum-soaked bed that night.

After a few minutes, we all got up, mom went and got two warm washcloths and cleaned her guys up. We went into their bedroom and I finally fell asleep on my side with my dads dick against my crack and my dick against my moms, my hand draped over her body holding on to a tit I used to suckle on. I wondered what the morning would be like for an instant, but then decided there was no reason to worry. When you've had your dad's dick up your ass and yours up your moms, it won't do anything but bring you closer... right????

By the way, I guess now I can thank Jean for getting me so horny and starting this chain of events. I wonder if Colin ever fucks her ass...

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