Straight Sex

"Honey?" she said. It was June, my wife.

"What, love?" I answered. I was in a good mood. I'd just read the latest
reviews; I'd gotten good numbers and found three stories that looked
interesting. I was chuckling at the controversy about Celeste's role when
June spoke up.

"It's been almost four days since we've fooled around. At all. I'm horny
as a toad. Do you feel like, uh, doing anything?" I heard her say.

Well. I don't usually get an invitation like that this early in a story,
so what am I going to say?

"Sure, hon, if that's what you want," is what came out.

"I do have a request tho," she said. I just knew there'd be a catch. "Could
we just have straight sex this time? You know, in your stories you're always
chasing after some dirty nurse or we end up together in a motel and I fuck
some black guy or something. Couldn't we just have a nice little session.
Just the two of us? Just together?"

"Sure." June and I have been married for seven years now. We spent the
first few years in Hot Sex City. But you know how it is. Even if you're
driving an BMW every day, you want to try a Lexus once in a while. OK,
it's not a perfect analogy. Sue me. "Whatever you want."

"Great," she said. "I'll go change."

June really knows how to dress for me. Has a ton of lingerie, most of
it low cut, some of it see-through, all of it sexy as hell. Not counting
the cotton nightie her mother gave her, of course. I usually told her which
one to put on, but tonight I would let her decide.

We walked upstairs to the bedroom together, then split up to get prepared.
My part was easy. I just dropped my pants and took off my T-shirt. I left
on my boxers, because I figure she should have to do something, right?
She opened the bureau drawer that held her lingerie and chose one. I couldn't
tell which; she was blocking the view. She went into the bathroom to change.

When she reappeared, she was a vision of loveliness. And she was wearing one
of my favorites, a light blue chemise of thin satin. My favorite part was
the neckline, scooped at least half-way down her chest. It was held up by
two thin spaghetti straps which fought for control of the neckline with her
tits. The bottom half of the outfit was a pair of panties, but they were so
loose and floppy they looked like a skirt. They would have been culottes,
except they didn't hang down to her knees. In fact, they were just a little
longer than a pair of snug briefs would have been. I liked them because when
she moved, you could occasionally get a flash of pussy up one of the

We moved over to the bed and began our ritual dance. We snuggled. We hugged.
We kissed each other, lightly. We fondled through the pieces of fabric that
pretended to be clothing.

She said, "You don't mind this, do you?" I shook my head. "Because if
you wanted to, you know, spice it up, we could tell each other a story
or something."

Aha. June had also been married for seven years. To me. And while I'm
a pretty great guy and everything, when you've had nothing but Revlon for
seven years maybe you want to try on some Max Factor! OK, it's still a
shitty analogy. But you know what I mean.

"Sure, sure. How about we tell each other how we lost our virginity?"
I was thinking fast. Her hand found my dick and gave me a quick squeeze.

"Good suggestion," she said. "Who goes first?"

"I dunno. You want to?," I asked.

She said, "I know. Let's play 'Cocks and Cunts." It was a little game we
had invented several years earlier when we hadn't wanted to get out of bed
to flip a coin. The situation that night has long since been forgotten,
but we still play "Cocks and Cunts" to decide who gets on top, or who eats
who first, or things like that. No sense starting a fight at these times.

"I'll call," I said. "One - two - three, FUCK!" We both threw our hands
out in front of ourselves. I looked at her hand. Her hand had the middle
finger extended in the universally understood sign of "fuck you." She was
a "cock." My middle finger and thumb were joined in a circle. I was a "cunt."
I'd called right, it was a perfect "fuck." I won the "toss" and chose to
receive in the first half. She started talking.

'It was in my Sophomore year in high school. I'd been dating Tim for
almost a year, longer than my parents knew, for sure. During that time
we'd made out and petted a little. We'd even gotten into some heavy petting
in the couple weeks before "it" happened. By "it" I mean another girl
came along and stole him from me. Snapped him right up. I was devastated,
because Tim was on the football team.

I interrupted June for a moment. "Roll over," I said. "Let's lie like
spoons." I snuggled to her back. My hard-on stuck her in the bottom. I
rearranged it to slide between her thighs. I pulled down on her top pant
leg to give myself an opening to the target. My cock slipped inside her
panties and scraped along her pussy lips. I wanted to smear it against
her clit before I entered her. June continued.

'I mean, he was only second-string quarterback, and all, but he was still
in every game. And I thought I was very cool because he was my boyfriend.
And all of a sudden, one day, he wasn't.

'After crying my eyes out for two days, I decided to fight back. I searched
one of Tim's best friends, Justin, and asked if I could talk to him after
school. He said OK. We met at the local hamburger joint that afternoon and
talked for almost an hour. We did teenage talk for a couple of minutes, and
then I started asking him what to do to get Tim back. He wasn't real helpful,
of course. He was just a kid, after all, without much more experience in
relationships than me, but he tried anyway. Near the end of the hour my
emotions got the better of me and I started crying. I asked if we could leave
the restaurant and we did. As we walked we passed his house. He lived on
Chestnut, just a couple blocks from the center of town. Chestnut was the main
drag; I had to walk it to get home anyway.

'He invited me in to get myself together. I suppose I looked like a mess
with my crying, and all. That was back in the days when I was just trying
to learn make-up, too, so I probably had eyeliner and all that crap on.
I took him up on the offer.

'I spent at least 10 minutes in the bathroom, washing up. When I came
out he had a couple of Cokes on the kitchen table. It was a nice thought.
We took the drinks into the den and I started talking again.

"I just don't understand why he would dump me for that stupid Jennifer,"
I said, the spite evident in my tone.

"Well I didn't want to say in the middle of the McDonald's," Justin answered,
"but it's easy. She's easy. I mean, uh, she puts out."

"That's it?" I said. "She puts out?"

"Pretty much," he replied. "Of course that doesn't last long, because
she's got a real obnoxious personality. Hangs all over you. Never leaves
you alone. Calls you all the time and everything you know? It gets to
be a real drag. But for a couple of weeks...or a couple of months, it's
worth it, you know?"

'I didn't know. I wasn't a horny young guy. All I knew was that Jennifer
had taken Tim and I wanted him back.

"So all I have to do it put out and he'll come back?" I asked.

"Not necessarily," he said. "I mean Jennifer's really, uh, good at it, you
know? She's been around, with a bunch of guys. She knows what she's doing."

"I take it you've been with her?" I said, wrinkling an eyebrow.

"Yeah, sure. Why not?" he replied.

"So what does she know that's so special?" I wondered.

"Well, she knows how to do you with her hand. Have you even done that
with Tim?" he asked.

'I nodded my head. At the time I didn't realize he meant all the way to
We had never done that; I didn't even know how it worked to tell you the
Actually I had only had Tim's penis in my hand twice during two of our
sessions. I'd let him put his hands on the outside of my panties but not

"And she knows how to do you with her mouth. Did you do that?" he asked.
Now he was looking at me differently. I didn't realize it at the time,
but I think he was enjoying talking sex with me, of course.

'I shook my head. I'd never done that. I'd barely heard about that from
my girlfriends. I couldn't imagine.

"And she really knows how to, uh, boff. You know, fuck. Make love, I mean."
He didn't know how graphic to be with me.

"I've never done that with Tim. I've never done that with anyone," I said.

"Really? Well it's nice to find a virgin now and then,' Justin said. I
thought I was doing something special by saving myself. Now I realized
that my lack of experience had just cost me my boyfriend.

"Honey," June said, interrupting herself. "Would you please put it in? You're
driving me crazy just stroking your dick against my clit." I flipped the head
of my dick back and forth across her labia to get lubricated. Then I did it
again. For fun. Finally I inserted the head and pushed. There wasn't much
resistance, just a wet feeling as I slid deeper and deeper in. I felt myself
get even harder as my cock reacted to the slimy warmth of its new
June sighed, then continued her story.

"Honestly, I wouldn't even know what to do. I mean, I suppose I could
figure it out. Everybody does, sooner or later. You've done 'it', haven't
you?" I asked him.

"Oh sure. Jennifer..." His voice trailed off. He realized he'd said a bad
word. "Hey, I've got an idea. Would you like a little education?" I must
have reacted with shock, because he quickly tried to calm me down. "Not
with me," he said laughing. "But we have a Betamax and my brother showed
me some tapes you could watch too, to, um, get the idea."

"You're kidding," I said. Of course this was 15, maybe 20 years ago. We
didn't have a VCR in my house, and we certainly didn't have any x-rated
tapes. "Well, um, OK," I heard myself say. "I was curious. What can I say?"

June wiggled her bottom against my groin. I pushed in, then withdrew.
I pushed again and retreated. I was running the race we all love to run
and pray to lose. It's nice when the girl finishes first.

June continued talking. 'He walked over to the cabinet on the far wall and
opened it. There was a big machine with levers on the front and a blue clock
blinking. He scanned through a jumble of tapes, looking for a particular
one. He picked it out. He inserted it into the machine and pushed one of
the levers. He came back and sat at the other end of the couch from me.

'The TV sprang to life. We were at the beginning of the tape. The credits
rolled, then a girl walked into the frame. She was nice looking, with huge
tits. About 10 times what I had, you know? There was a guy sitting at a
desk. He was supposed to be the boss, she was the secretary. She walked
up to the desk and put down a stack of papers, bending over in the process.
Of course she had on a low cut blouse, and from the camera angle you could
look right down it and see most of her boobs.

'The boss motioned for her to come around the desk. She did. His hands
went up to her breasts and started squeezing as he unbuttoned her blouse
to set them free. They popped into view; she wasn't wearing a bra, of course,
and her tits just sort of stood there in space.

"Those have to be fake," I said. "Look at how they just stick out there
like that. Nobody's, uh, you know, just stick out like that. Those are
plastic." I was sure.

"Maybe," Justin agreed. "But who cares?" He was just a horny kid.

'The movie was like most of them. No plot, no suspense.'

I nodded my head. I interrupted, "Get up on your knees, would you, honey?"
June rose to her knees; the bed sank in the center; I swung a leg up and
over and ended perfectly behind her. I lifted the pant leg, again. I hit
the target, again. I began to bounce. "Sorry to interrupt. Please go on..."

'So the guy who's playing the boss in the movie unzips his pants and takes
out his dick. It was a big one. I couldn't help myself. I said, "Now that
has to be fake.'" June tells a good story when she wants to.

'Justin said, "Why?"

"Because it's so big. It's bigger on him than those fake breasts are on her."

"I don't know what you mean," he said to me.

I said "I'm not a kid, and I know how big a guy's, uh, thing is. That's
not real."

"And how do you know so much?" Justin asked me.

"Well, statues, for one thing." Of course I knew that the men in statues
aren't erect, but I didn't have any idea how big you guys get when you're
hard. [Author's Note: I love my wife. I'm just average size, but she talks
like I'm *King of the Jungle!*]

"And for another, I told you I had Tim's, um, thing in my hand, and I'll
tell you he wasn't half that size."

'Well. I guess I had told a story out of school, so to speak, because
Justin cracked up. "Really?" he asked me. "That's classic."

"I don't understand," I said.

'Justin grabbed his crotch, and outlined his by-now-hard penis through
his pants for me. He was the same size as the guy on the screen. My eyes
bulged and my jaw dropped as I realized that Tim was tiny and Justin
and the actor were the norm. I stared at his crotch. Of course. I couldn't
believe it. I turned my head to the screen, then back to Justin's lap.

'It was right then that I made a decision. I wanted to see an actual cock,
in person. And I wanted more than anything to get rid of my virginity.
I knew that Tim and Justin talked, boys do, you know, and I thought maybe
if Tim found out I "put out" too, he would come back. I mean, I was a jumble
of teen-age emotions and pressures. It was just a snap decision. With a
little more time and wisdom I probably would have done something else.

June turned her head around to look at me, as I stroked in and out of her
box. I leaned forward and snuck one of my hands up the inside of her top. I
knocked my fingers into her hanging breast, then teased up and down the sides
with my fingertips, slowly darting closer and closer to the red tipped
When I let my fingers finally arrive at the bullseye, they were rewarded with
a hard-candy tipped point, hanging straight down and pointing at the bed
sheets. I cupped her. She sighed. She began talking again.

"Are you, uh, hard, Justin?" I asked him. "I mean, you ARE hard, aren't
you?" I didn't know what to say.

"Yes, I sure am." Justin was looking at me staring at his cloth covered

"The girl on the screen?" I said.

"That's not all," he answered.

'If I hadn't already decided to "do it", that probably would have put me
over the top. I mean I was feeling rejected, stupid, sexless. "Really?"
I said in my most sultry 15-year-old voice. I looked into his eyes.

"Really," he answered. I moved closer to him on the couch. I'd done this part
with Tim. I reached into his crotch and found his zipper. He just sat there
staring at me, as though his dreams had come true. I opened his flap and
slipped my hand inside. He was wearing tight pants, and had his dick down
the far leg, so I couldn't really reach it very well. He bounced up to kiss
me as he got his butt off the couch to lower his pants. In a flash, they were
lowered around his ankles and I had my hand around his erection.

'I must have gasped, because my hand would barely fit around it. Tim's penis
had been so much smaller, and it was the only one I had seen at attention. I
gave a couple of tugs on it, and his eyes jumped back and forth between the
screen and me. In the movie the guy was lying on the desk, and she was giving
him a blow job, and although I watched I didn't have any desire to try it at
the moment. June continued, "Since then, of course, I've gotten pretty good
at it, wouldn't you say, honey?"

She was right. She even swallows. I DO love her. She went on.

'While that was going on on the screen, I lifted up my skirt and pulled
my panties off. Justin's hands flew to my blouse and began unbuttoning
buttons like a mad robot or something. I can't remember a guy going
through a blouse so quickly since. But, of course, I wanted it too, so I
encouraged him. I released my breasts from the bra cups that covered them.

'In the movie the girl got up while the guy stayed lying down. Then she
climbed on the desk, stepped over him and sat down on his dick. She was
facing away from him; he was hard as a rail, boy. Of course Justin's cock
in my hand was too. And she just sort of slid down. You have to remember
this was the first time I'd ever seen how this worked, so I was fascinated.

'I turned to Justin and prepared to sit on his lap. Only instead of facing
away, I moved to face him as I sat down. We were kissing, and he had his
hands all over my tits, and I lifted my skirt and put his dick right up
against my pussy as I said "I just don't believe that big ole' thing will
fit in little ole' me. If I hadn't seen the girl in the movie, I wouldn't
have the courage to do ... this." And with that I rose up and positioned
his penis directly at the entrance to my virginity.

'I was as wet as a car wash sponge on Sunday, I'll tell you. I sank down a
little, then a little more. I felt resistance. I felt pain. I wanted it
to be over, so I lifted up and slammed myself down on him. There was one
searing moment, a flash in my brain, and then it was past. I still felt
waves of pain, but they were less and less with every moment, and when my
head cleared I remembered. I was sitting on Justin's dick, proud and tall.

'He just sat there. I did all the work. Bouncing and bumping. His hands
inside my blouse on my tits. He kept looking at my tits. Looking down at
himself fucking me. Looking at the TV. I was looking at him, of course,
but I could tell by the girl's moaning that the guy was about to cum. I
turned my head around; after all this was an event I'd not seen before,
and watched as she jumped up and bent down. She grabbed the guy's dick and
pumped him, until he blew his load all over the side of her face and on
her lips. She was smiling and staring straight at the camera while he came
all over her. I thought she was looking at me! It was a porno movie, you
They had to have a cum shot. It was a pretty good one, actually.

'Meanwhile, Justin went off inside me. Kaboom. I knew it was happening and I
even knew what it looked like now thanks to the movie, even though he shot
himself inside me. I didn't feel anything, of course, since it all happened
so quickly....

June interrupted herself again. "Speaking of which, dear, I'm awfully
close right now. Would you just bounce a little harder?" she asked.

"Always glad to help," I thought to myself. I reached out and squeezed her
again. They hung low and I did my best to catch as much flesh in my open
as I could. Then June hit her stride, and I knew she was about to cum. One of
my favorite feelings is to be fully inside her when she has her orgasm. I can
feel her cunt massaging my penis as her muscles contract and constrict with
pleasure. We use her battery powered Doc Johnson to get her off sometimes
so I can feel my dick vibrate inside her as she cums. Wouldn't need any
electrical help tonight.

She came. POW! She shook, a tingling coursing through each muscle in a
directed from her pussy and her brain. And I heard a little whimper between
every wave, a decrescendo of "ooo, ooo, ooo" as the peaks of pleasure faded.
"Ahhh," she trilled as the tiny tickle overtook her from tiptop to toenail.

"Whew, that was great. Thanks."

"Think nothing of it. Glad to help," I said. "But tell me how it ended."

"What do you mean 'How it ended?'" she said. "Oh, well, I got up and of
course I was bleeding, and of course I ruined one of the seat cushions on
the couch and of course I went home. Oh, you mean, Tim and me?" I nodded.
"Oh nothing. Never went out with him again. Don't think I missed much,

"Careful there." She knows I'm sensitive about dick size.

"That's not what I meant. Well, I guess it IS what I meant, but I didn't
really mean it. You're more than plenty for me, honey, as the last ten
minutes clearly demonstrates." [Author's Note: I LOVE my wife.]

She went on. "OK, your turn."

I said "Do you want to rest for a couple minutes, or anything?" June shook
her head. "Well, I have to get off my knees. I'm starting to get sore.
Here, roll around this way." I pushed her to the left. She whipped off
her panties, and we were facing each other, lying on our sides. I split
her legs with my knee, and she opened herself to me by cocking her leg
and pointing it at the ceiling. I slipped over her lower thigh and inserted
myself into her. With a small push, I was in and we were again joined at
the centers of our sexes. I bounced one or twice lightly to make sure
I had good position. I did.

"Well, my story is quite different. For one thing, I was in college. My
junior year."

"You're kidding," June said. "You didn't get laid until your junior year
in college?"

"That's what I said." I felt defensive. "And anyway, we can't all be early
starters, like you." I poked my finger into her chest. It was comfortable
there. I traced a design across the negligee top that covered her breast.
As my finger traced the flow of her hills, I continued.

'It was New Year's Eve back home. Well everywhere, obviously. I mean I
was back home, and at a party at a high school buddy's house. We still
saw each other once in a while. New Year's was a good time.

'At the party who should I run into but Mary Jane Whitmore. She was in
my homeroom class, and I had a crush on her all through high school.
She never had time for me, of course. She was popular. With the boys and
with the girls. Class Vice President. Choir soloist. Junior Achievement.
All that stuff. She was just one of those popular girls, you know?

'Anyway, we chatted for a while and hit it off. I had to fight the other
guys away, but it was worth it. She asked if I danced, and I said "yes."

"You're joking," June said. My wife knows I don't dance. Ever.

"Hey, if she had asked me to levitate I probably would have tried, I was
floating so high. OK, I'm a shitty dancer. And during my shitty dance,
she leaned over to me and said, "I want to celebrate the New Year with
a bang, if you know what I mean." She winked at me. I gulped. "Catch up
with me just before midnight?" I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.
Then she said she had to mix and meet all her other friends. She winked
at me again and whirled off the dance floor.

'Needless to say I tried to follow her for the next three hours, but it
was no use. She was a social butterfly, flitting here and there, dancing
with other guys and girls, laughing, screaming when she saw someone she
hadn't seen since last year. Every time I caught her eye she winked. I was
almost uncontrollable.

I stopped the narration. "Are you comfortable?" I asked June. She nodded.
She wanted me to continue the story. She put a hand on my hip and rocked
me gently. She wanted me to continue fucking her as well.

'To make a long story short, the rest of the evening was a blur. I kept
drinking, which was probably stupid, and by the time 11:30 rolled around
I was pretty well looped. I mean, I was still hard-as-a-rock. No problems
in that department. I was still a virgin, temporarily, remember? But I was
staggering a little. Not smart. Anyway, I looked all over for her. Upstairs.
On the dance floor. In the kitchen. Finally I asked one of her girlfriends
where she was. She looked at me like I was King Shit, and she said "Oh she's
in the back." She pointed with her thumb. I wondered how she knew that
Mary Jane and I were about to do the nasty.

I went into the back, where I found about five or six guys milling in the
hallway. "What's going on?" I asked one of them.

"Oh, Mary Jane's doing guys to ring in the New Year," he answered.

I stammered. I gulped. I felt sick. "You mean, you mean," I couldn't get
past 'you mean.'"

"Yeah," he said. "There're two guys in there now. When the door opens,
the next two go in, and then, well, you know." I was about 7th in line.
It was a 'take a number' deal.

The door opened, and two guys came out adjusting their pants. "God is she
hot," one of them said. "She blew Tom here while I fucked her. Then we
switched. She just wants cock. She was never like this in high school.
has been good to her." He paused. "And to us." Everybody laughed, except me.

"Lie back," June said. She pushed my chest and I found myself on my back.
Her left leg swung over and she bent forward, squatting above me. My dick
never left its slippery hiding place. June is quite good about maneuvers
in bed, that's one of the many reasons I love her. Her knees began flexing,
and she slid up and down my rigid pole. I had a perfect view of my dick
disappearing and reappearing as it plumbed her snatch. "Don't let me
interrupt," she said, continuing her rhythmic bouncing.

'So two guys went into the room, and we could all hear through the door
her moaning, and their moaning, and her moaning with her mouth full, and,
well, it was a thin door, you know? I know I heard her yell "Give me more.
I want more cock." And one of the guys in the hall opened the door and went
in. As quickly as you could say "Come in" we all did.

'Before I knew it, everybody had dropped their pants, and she was grabbing
for us. She didn't care. She was sitting on one guy, kind of like you are
now, honey, and she had another guy's hard-on in her mouth, and she was
trying to get somebody's cock in each hand, and one guy was fucking her
armpit, sliding his penis in and out between her arm and her body. She
cocked her elbow down a funny way to give him friction. So here she is with
five guys around, and I'm standing on the side with my dick in my hand.

'Not exactly what I thought I was going to have when she'd invited me in
earlier, you know? Then she spots me and bends down over the guy she's
on. She turned to me and said "Mike, there's room for one more." I looked at
her ass. I knew what she meant.

'I didn't really mean to lose my virginity in someone's ass. I wanted
to feel a cunt around my cock, but that particular orifice of hers was
occupied. So I made do.' June smiled.

'Well, I stepped up to the plate and got started. I got a round of applause
from the rest of the guys, who thought it was pretty cool. I pretended
I knew what I was doing.

June interrupted to ask, "Do you want to do my ass, tonight, hon?" Did
I mention I LOVE my wife?

"Not necessary. Really. This is just fine," I said. June gave a couple
of long knee flexes, bouncing completely off me before recapturing me with
her cunt. She has wonderful aim at times.

'I pushed my way in to Mary Jane's butt. I don't know how I held off as
long as I did. Which was probably less than 60 seconds, as I remember
it. I got in a few strokes, and then couldn't hold it back. Of course I
was starting later than the other guys around her, so we all hit at about
the same time. She had cum flying out of her hands, into her mouth, under
her arm, in her ass, and in her pussy. It was a cumfest. It was cum mania.
It was cum city...

"OK, OK," June said. "I get the picture. You came."

"Like I'm about to do now," I said. I felt myself hit the first step on
the ladder of love. I knew I would climb it quickly.

"Me too," she said. June can cum several times in a session. Me? I'm
good for once. I may love a lot of things about her but I hate that. It's
pure jealousy, I know. But it's still not fair.

'I pumped and pumped into her ass, as I uhhhh, uhhhhh. "Here I go."

I came. The pressure in my cock sent a torrent of fluid up into June's
vagina, when it lubricated and warmed her. The feeling sent her over the
edge and she returned the compliment, cumming with violent thrusts as she
impaled herself on me. Her rhythm matched mine, spasm for spasm, bounce
for bounce. We were in perfect synch. It felt like a huge electrical
discharge at the juncture of our sexes. This one could have been a power
spike of massive proportions. It's a good thing we were off the grid;
Vegas might have gone dark.

June and I collapsed, exhausted. In a few moments, I spoke. "So that's
how it happened. I mean, I think that officially counts even though I wasn't
in her pussy." June squeezed me with her cunt muscles. I was softening,
and it had the effect of pushing me out.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said. "I didn't mean to do that."

"It's OK," I said. "In case you hadn't noticed, I'm finished too."

"I'm finished two," she said. I got the pun. "And by the way, wasn't this a
of fun? Just straight sex. Just you and me in the bed. Just nice and

"Mmmmm," I said. We snuggled for a few minutes, then I heard her rhythmic
breathing as she fell asleep. I stroked her hair. I love her so much.

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