My Friends the Allens - Familiarity

Jake's penis stood rough and erect in his lap, and
Julie's fingers played idly up and down, touching the
veins and caressing the soft skin of the cap. They
moved down to the base of the shaft and encircled it,
squeezing gently, and Jake groaned. The flickering
light of the video screen played over their faces,
Julie's fine bare legs, white panties, thin t-shirt.

The tape, from Jake's private collection, was
alternating between surreal street scenes and hot
intense sex. The woman on the screen bent over,
her eyes closed, and began to moan helplessly.
Then she suddenly opened her eyes and looked right
at us, running her sharp red tongue slowly over her

"Ooh, she's pretty," Julie said softly, her hand closing
gently into a fist around her cousin's cock. Jake grunted;
he was looking at Julie's hand now, not at the screen.

Pat stirred sleepily in my arms and kissed the side of
my neck. I slipped one hand in under her robe and nestled
it in between her big warm breasts. She purred. The twins
had been extra fussy the night before, and we were both drowsy
and a bit frazzled. Cuddling on the couch, Pat had dozed off,
and I was content to bury my face in her hair and dream while
Jake and Julie enjoyed the tape.

Pat turned my face toward her and kissed me again, softly
and lightly. Her hands roamed gently over my clothes. Jake
watched Julie's fingers on him for another minute, then he
ran his hand down Julie's arm, gently drew her hand up off
of him. On the screen, a close shot of a woman's chest,
two pairs of hands slowly undoing her blouse.

Jake put his hands on Julie's hips and stood her up, her
back to him. She held her arms slightly away from her body,
relaxed, not moving. Jake's fingers hooked the waistband of
her panties and pulled them down to her ankles. Her rear was
small and tight and tan. She pulled one foot up out of the
panties and stood there with her legs slightly spread. Jake
put his hand between her thighs and gently rubbed the back of
his hand into the warm fur of her vulva. She smiled delightedly
and rocked her hips.

Over a soundtrack of deep calm breathing, the camera
narrowed to a perfectly balanced penetration shot; a
stiff penis pushing in between parted thighs, sliding
in and out of a lightly-furred vulva. "Nice camerawork,"
breathed Julie, as Jake's hands wrapped around her hips.
"Camerawork?" muttered Jake, drawing her back towards him.
He lowered her toward his lap, and the head of his cock
touched her labia. I kissed Pat's mouth and softly stroked
her breasts. A drop of milk from one nipple wetted my

"Ooh, Cousin, do you think it'll fit?" Julie bent her
knees a fraction farther, and he began to enter her.
They moved her body slowly up and down, and his broad
cock pressed further into her. Then she relaxed her
legs and slid into his lap, his penis buried inside her.
His hands dropped from her hips and he lay back on the
cushions, looking at the ceiling. Julie grinned and
leaned forward, her hands on his knees, and circled her
hips slightly, working him even deeper into herself.
She sighed with pleasure.

"They're fucking, aren't they?" Pat whispered in my ear,
her head still cradled against my chest. I touched her neck.
"Do you want to be inside me?" I kissed her again. Her lips
were soft and full and receptive, and my cock was awake and
swelling in my pants. But Pat had torn slightly when the twins
came, and I was afraid that even as sleepy and slow as I felt,
I might hurt her.

Julie began to rock up and down over Jake's lap, his long
wide cock sliding familiarly in and out between her strong
young thighs. Her mouth opened and her eyes widened; the
glowing square of the screen reflected perfectly in her
deep quiet eyes. She moved slowly for a long time, her
breath gradually becoming louder, Jake's body beginning to
tense, his head rolling from side to side as her pussy
caressed his cock. Pat put out her tongue and gently licked
my lips.

Jake groaned and reached forward, his hands on Julie's
sides. She closed her eyes and let him move her, moaning
and gasping as his hips thrust upward and he fucked her
deeper and harder. Jake's breathing became fast and rough,
and finally Julie screamed and came as his cock swelled and
plunged and burst within her, and hot white semen leaked out
of her spasming pussy and down onto his skin. After a moment
of motionless silence, balanced on his knees, Julie turned to
face Jake and put her arms around him; their bodies pressed
messily together in a long sated kiss. I touched Pat's breast
again and nuzzled the top of her head. Then the cousins went
off to clean up, and Pat and I turned off the TV and went to
bed. When the babies are asleep, it's really a good idea
for the parents to follow their example whenever possible.

I awoke with a start and a grunt an hour or two later.
"Mmmm?" Pat asked sleepily, putting an arm over me as I
half sat up.

"Just had a dream."

"Bad dream?"

"Sort of. Stifling. Lots of anonymous strangers fucking."

"Tsk! How awful," Pat smiled, putting her other arm around
me and drawing me down to her. She was warm and fragrant.

"One of them was the woman from Jake's tape; the one with the
long tongue."

"Mmmm," Pat hummed, parting her thighs and pressing her pelvis
against me. I sighed at the familiar pressure, and my cock
began to swell. "I can be an anonymous stranger for you if
you want," she whispered. Before I could answer her, her mouth
was on mine and her tongue was between my lips. I put my arms
around her and stroked her back. She spread her legs farther.

"Mmmm..." she said again, rolling us over with her on top,
"Fuck me, my anonymous stranger."

"Are you... It's OK?"

"You'll be gentle." Her legs were apart and her pussy rubbing
against my cock; it quivered and throbbed under her.

"I will?"

"Mmmm," and her mouth was on mine again and my penis was sliding
easily into her. I stroked her back and moved my hands down
to her rear, pressing my fingers into the firm flesh of her
buttocks and pressing my hips up into her, penetrating her.
She groaned and buried her face in my neck.

We moved together slowly, my hands on her bottom and her hips
circling gently over me. Her breath was warm on my neck;
I felt her mouth open, and her breathing changed to soft
rhythmic moans. The muscles of my cock, moving in and out
of her softness, began to tremble and tense, and I squeezed
her flesh harder.

"Ahhh..." she whispered, "ahhh don't pull me open down there;
it's still tender." I instantly stopped the pressure of my
hands on her ass, just resting my palms on the marvelous
hot flesh as the tension built in our bodies. I thought of
the people fucking athleticly on the screen, and I chuckled.

Pat raised herself up on her hands, her hips still rocking
up and down as we fucked. "Did you -- ahhhh! -- did you just

"Sorry, I -- ooooh -- I was -- ah AHH!" I began to lose
control of myself, my body pumping against her faster and

"Oh ohhh GOD oh you can tell AH tell me about it laAYter,
oh, oh, OOHH! oh oh ohohoh AAAAaahhhh!" And she came there
in the dimness, in our warm bed with my hands cupping her
ass, and when she came her pussy squeezed and sucked at me,
and I came too in long intense waves of pleasure. I managed
to be gentle, not impale her as hard as my body wanted, but
still my cock thrust far into her, and I exploded in long hot
streams of cum.

She lay on me silent, her face again on my neck, until our
bodies had stopped shaking and our breaths were calm. Then
she bit my collarbone lightly. "So what was so funny?"

"I was just thinking about anonymous strangers fucking,
my dream, your ass..."

"My ass?"

"It somehow seemed funny that the warmest and most familiar
and beautiful thing in the world should be a woman's ass."

She snorted, sending wonderful ripples through the warm
solidity of her body. "I guess you had to be there,"
she said. Then she looked me in the eyes and smiled,
and kissed me, and ran her tongue around my lips. And
then Tommy started to cry.

She started to get up, but I stopped her. "I'll get him,"
I said. And as I left the bed, I kissed her, once, firm
and hard, on that marvelous familiar ass.

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