Theater Discovery

It was so damned dark I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. I fumbled around in the dark until I found the first row of seats and then felt my way up a few rows. I had no idea if anyone was sitting in that row or not but took the chance and moved in a few seats. At last I was sitting down and I didn’t trip over anybody to get here. Not a bad start really when I think about it.

This is my first time in an adult movie theater and the last thing I wanted to do was trip over someone and piss them off. All I wanted for the time being was to get comfortable and let my eyes get acclimated to the dark. Once I achieved that I’d see what develops.

I’d heard some pretty wild stories about what goes on in this place. Guys beating off together, hand jobs, even blowjobs. I wasn’t really sure how far I was willing to go yet but my curiosity had gotten the better of me so there I was.

I’d overheard some guys talking about this place one day. Since I’ve been really curious about other guys but I don’t want to get labeled at school and I’m too young to get into bars this sounded like it might be the place to explore a little. Its 25 miles from where I live and odds of running into someone I knew were pretty slim. Besides that I kind of figured that if I did happen to see someone from back home he’d pretty much be there with the same intentions as me so what could he say?

The movie that was playing was pretty hot. It was straight porn which kind of surprised me but I was cool with that. I just watched for awhile and at some point realized I could finally see. I looked around the theater and saw that there weren’t many there. Maybe 5 or 6 other guys and they all looked pretty old to me from what I could tell.

That was a bit disappointing; at 18 I really didn’t have any interest in old dudes. Older was ok but not old. I figured I’d hang out for awhile and watch the movie. Maybe some other guys would wander in later. I almost left once when some really old guy came and sat right next to me but just opted to get up and go sit somewhere else instead.

I rubbed my cock through my jeans as I watched the movie but didn’t quite work up the nerve to pull it out. I came close once when I heard somebody sit right behind me and I heard him undo his pants and start stroking. Listening to his fist pump his cock was a big turn on but I didn’t work up the nerve to turn around and look.

After some time there I did finally get up the nerve to open my jeans and stick my hand down. I played with myself that way for awhile and just thought I’d do that then go home and jack off since it didn’t appear anything was going to come out of this visit to the theater. But just when I was about ready to just give up and go home some guy sat down in the same row of seats I was sitting in.

He was probably about 8 or 9 seats away from me. In the dim light he was more of a silhouette than anything but I could tell he wasn’t old. Not my age for sure but not some wrinkly old bastard either. I decided to stick around a few more minutes and just see what would happen.

In a short while I could see that the guy was stroking his cock and I got really turned on. So turned on that I pulled out my own 8 inches and started stroking too. I just wished I could see the guy better. It was just so damned dark in there.

Even though I could see no details of this guy I could tell he was watching me. I assumed he could tell I was watching him too. Then he started patting the seat next to him and I quickly figured out he wanted me to come sit next to him. My heart was racing with anticipation and I drew a deep breath and thought “What the fuck, it’s either now or never.”

I rose up and quickly moved over next to the guy. Just as I plopped down into the seat I looked at him and realized I’d just sat down next to my own honest to goodness Dad! My Dad and I had ended up in the porn theater at the same fucking time! We both hurried to put our cocks away and headed for the door at the same time not saying a word to each other.

I headed around the side of the building to get in my car and realized he’d parked across the street. That explained why he hadn’t noticed my car when he got there. I bolted out of the parking lot heading home one way and saw him heading the other. I figured that if we both got home at the same time it’d be about a half an hour before we’d have to deal with one another. Since my Mom and he separated at least she didn’t need to find out about any of this.

I beat Dad home by about 5 minutes. When he walked into the house we each looked at one another not knowing what to say. After a few very awkward moments dad spoke “I guess we both know why we were there, we just need to agree to keep this a secret just between us.”

“Don’t worry Dad; I’m sure as hell not going to tell anyone.” I replied.

Dad then asked “How long have you been going there?”

“That was my first time ever. I’d heard about it and thought I’d check it out.” I told him honestly. There was no point in telling lies about it. “What about you?”

“That was my second time there. My first time there I just scoped the place out. I didn’t do anything.” Dad replied returning the honesty. “I guess I got a little braver this time. Then it was like holey shit it’s you!”

“Well it was so dark I couldn’t tell it was you until I was right next to you. Talk about a freaking coincidence.” I added and we actually were able to laugh about it. I can’t speak for Dad but I felt a sense of relief knowing that the desires I was having weren’t unique. I often felt like I was the only guy in the world that liked girls but was still having cravings for guys. That not something I could talk about with any of my friends.

“Yeah I know what you mean.” Dad told me. I could see just enough of you in the dark to know you weren’t one of those old bastards that cruise that place. I figured why not try and give it a shot and see what happens. Then I saw it was you; that was screwed up.” Then he asked me how long I’d been there.

“I was there for an hour, maybe an hour and a half. I was actually about ready to split right before you sat down.” I told him. “There really wasn’t much going on in there as far as I could see. Well nobody I wanted to do anything with anyhow.”

“Yeah there weren’t too many in there tonight. The first time I went; there were allot more guys in there. I didn’t do anything but I saw some shit going on.” Dad admitted. “I decided I’d be a little gutsier this time. It’s probably a good thing we ran into one another and scared each other away. Who knows what you could catch in that place”

“You’re probably right about that Dad. I hadn’t really thought about it. That was kind of stupid for both of us. The last thing I want to do is get AIDS just to find out what, well you know.” I told him.

“I think we’re both lucky and need to be more careful. Maybe this was just a wake up call and we’d better heed it.” Dad added.

That was the extent of our conversation over it. All in all I felt we’d dealt with it pretty well considering. We avoided the complications that could arise in something like that happening. All we had to do was just be honest and that’s what we did. It even allowed me to see Dad in a different light. He’s just a guy like me with desires that he has to deal with. His secret desire just happened to be the same as mine.

After our conversation Dad watched TV in his room and I jumped on the computer. I was looking at some porn and was getting pretty horny. I realized I’d never had the chance to finish myself off earlier. I decided to just go to bed and have a nice stroke before going to sleep.

As I passed Dad’s room I thought I should say good night and knocked on his door. When he told me to come in I opened the door and discovered he was watching a porn video. Dad had the sheets pulled over himself but I assumed he was naked and doing the same thing I was planning on doing.

Just as I was about to leave Dad said to me “If you want to, you can come in and watch too.” His voice cracked a little when he said it. “I don’t think it could be any weirder than what’s already happened tonight.”

I thought it over quickly and decided it’d be ok. I crawled onto his bed and propped myself up on some pillows next to him. It seemed a little weird at first but as the action on the screen heated up it didn’t seem so bad.

Within a few minutes I relaxed enough to start rubbing my cock through my pants. Dad had begun doing the same through the sheets. It wasn’t long before we were both doing it pretty openly. Then Dad pushed the sheets down and revealed his hard cock. He took it in his hand and stroked it in plain view.

I took his lead and slid my pants down revealing my own member. Dad took a good long look at my cock just as I had at his; by comparison they were almost exactly alike. It didn’t take long before it didn’t mater to me that this was my Dad. We were just two horny guys stroking our cocks together and that’s all that mattered.

It was me that broke the ice “You have a really nice cock Dad.” I told him.

“You have a really hot cock too.” Dad told me then rolled over onto his side and propped his head up with his hand. “I like watching guys play with their cocks. It’s a big turn on for me.”

I looked Dad right in the eye and asked “Do you know what really turns me on?”

“Tell me.” he said.

“Your big fucking cock!” I said while reaching for it with my free hand. It felt so good to the touch. I wrapped my fist around it and gently pumped it. “I want to suck your cock Dad.”

Dad rolled back onto his back and I quickly changed my position so that my head was above his stomach. I again looked him in the eyes and asked “Is this what you want?” I grabbed his cock. “You want me to suck this big cock and make you cum? You want to shoot in my mouth don’t you?” and with that I opened my mouth and got my first ever taste of another man’s cock.

“Oh God yes!” Dad said withering in ecstasy. “Suck that cock! Suck my big fucking cock!”

I could only imitate what I’d seen and felt girls do. I was new to this but by the way Dad moaned and his face contorted I could tell I was doing it well. I loved the taste and feel of his cock in my mouth and as I continued sucking I vowed to myself that this would not be the last time I did it.

As I sucked I felt Dad’s hand grasp my own cock and I moved my leg to give him better access. His hand felt so good that I nearly blew my load right away. I pushed his hand away and stopped sucking just long enough to tell him “Just give me a second to calm down.” Dad understood and backed off.

I resumed sucking and when I felt ready I took his hand and replaced it on my cock. I was sucking and licking. Kissing his balls and stroking. I made love to that fucking cock. I soon heard him squeal that he was going to cum and speeded up my motions to bring it on. When he exploded inside my mouth I loved it. The taste was even better than I thought it’d be and I swallowed it all. I as no long curious about other guys, I was a confirmed cock sucker for life.

As soon I had cum Dad nudged me onto my back. He wanted his turn to suck some cock. He stuck out his tongue and teased the head and then opened his mouth wide and enveloped me. As his mouth moved up and down on my shaft his tongue never stopped swirling around and the feeling was incredible.

Dad didn’t seem to try and imitate the ladies he knew of. Dad sucked me like a man. He had me worked up to the point of no return in a mere minute or two. I just couldn’t control myself and screamed that I was cumming. Dad sucked all the harder and I blasted my load into his mouth. Gob after gob of my cum streamed from my cock and he swallowed all of it and didn’t stop sucking.

He continued sucking me even after I had blasted and his intensity did not dwindle. I’ve never had this happen before but I didn’t soften one iota. Within a few minutes his intense sucking caused me to cum a second time. I don’t think I shot as much but the feeling was twice as intense. My ass rose up from the bed as I came and again Dad swallowed every last bit.

After my second explosion I needed time to catch my breath. Dad and I were satisfied, at least for the time being. We lay on his bed together for the longest time just staring at the ceiling. I drifted off to sleep at some point and when I had a dream about Dad sucking me only to awaken and find it to be true.

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