Bathroom Buddies (scat)

The ladies room had three stalls; in the one on the far left hid John, and in the one on the far right hid Randy. Both men sat on the toilet cisterns with their feet on the lid so that no one could see them under the door. Both men had been sitting there for an hour with their cocks in their hands. Randy hadn't cum in days, so his balls were beginning to ache as they begged for relief. John, however, had just fucked his eighteen year old cousin, Kalie, up the ass the other night so he wasn't quite as anxious to spill his load. Still, he never denied himself a good orgasm and was always ready to jerk off.

"Hey John!" whispered Randy as loudly as he dared, "How ya doing over there?"

"I'm alright, getting a little bored though!" replied John.

"Don't worry, someone will...." began Randy before he was cut off by the sound of the bathroom door opening.

A young woman walked in and immediately headed for the stall with the open door. Randy listened as she pulled down her panties and sat down. Soon, a sigh of relief came from the center stall as the woman let her urine flow from her body and into the toilet water. Randy picked up his hand lotion and squirted a little on his hand, John did the same. Before long, both men were listening to the woman relieving herself while stroking themselves, but when the pissing sound ended both men stopped. It was no fun jerking off without that noise. They needed something nasty to hear or see in order to have a good orgasm; they got just that when the men heard the woman's toilet water explode as her shit crashed into it and the stroking resumed. Randy felt his cock burning up, and his balls were screaming at him to stroke harder, but he was afraid if he did he would cum when the woman stopped shitting and that wouldn't be any fun. John in the meantime had pulled off his pants and underwear so he only sat there in his shoes and shirt, but he too was stroking himself. The unknown woman in the center stall slammed her hands against the stall walls and let out a moan of pain. The men stroked even harder now as the woman let out a muffled scream when a huge turd squeezed it's way out of her ass. John could feel himself nearing orgasm and stroked harder than ever; pre-cum dripped out of his cock and he clenched his teeth. The woman let out one final moan and the last of her shit shot out. As soon as both men realized she was done, they stopped jerking off. Randy cursed silently to himself with anger.

The woman stood and cleaned her ass; Randy stroked a little more when he heard the toilet paper sliding up and down her ass crack, not enough to cum but enough to give himself a little pleasure. After the woman had left the bathroom, Randy called to his buddy who seemed like he was miles away.

"So is your hand full of cum John?"

"Shit no! But I was so fucking close!" said John a little too loudly, "If that lady had let out one more turd I could have cum all over the place!"

"Alright man, settle down. There'll be another lady in here soon, don't you worry!"

"I know, but why the fuck do we do this man?" asked John, "I mean, I could be hiding in the shower listening to my mom or sister ya know? Right now, I could be fucking Kalie's ass instead of sitting in a stinky ladies room."

"Isn't Kalie your cousin?" asked Randy.

"Yeah, and she's ten years younger than me, but she's got a cute butt that I can't help but lick and fuck."

"That's pretty sick man, that's incest ya know. That shit really messes people up!"

"Oh come on, she's eighteen, she knows what she's doing!"

"All I'm saying is...."

Another woman walked in. When she walked by Randy's stall he got a quick look at her through the small crack in the side of the door; she looked about seventeen and very cute. She must have had to go really bad because her hand was holding her butt cheeks together through her skirt. The girl slammed the stall door and let out a small fart and dropped down onto the toilet. Randy reached over for his lube but to his horror, the hand lotion bottle was empty! He considered using spit, but the idea disgusted him. Wasn't there something he could use? Perhaps pre-cum, but he couldn't get any out. In his head, Randy was letting out multiple curses when he heard the teen girl drop a huge turd into the toilet.

"Aaaahhh...." sighed the girl as she let the built up shit out of her body.

In the far left stall, John was jerking off like crazy. Sweat poured down his forehead as he awaited the girl's next explosion of waste. His hand was ready...and then she did it, a huge solid turd dropped out of her and John's cum squirted out a foot in front of him in a hot, white string of goo. His jerking continued until his balls were drained of their contents. The beautiful cum had landed on the floor creating an amazing work of art. He smiled and felt the desire to breathe deeply; then he wondered how his buddy was doing.

Randy was not doing well. He sat on the back of the toilet with his pants around his ankles and his arms folded. What kind of fucking luck was this, he thought. The girl let out a stream of piss, shot out one more turd, then left.

"Whooie!" said John, "How much cum's in your stall Randy?"

Randy didn't answer. John asked again, "Randy? How much..."

Suddenly John's stall door flew open and Randy stepped in, now fully naked.

"Holy shit!" yelled John, "What the fuck are you doing?!"

Randy felt John's cum under his bare feet, sticky between his toes, as he said, "I'm out of fuckin' lube!"

John did his best to pull his shirt down over his exposed cock but it didn't help much. His pants and underwear were folded neatly on top of the cistern and he reached back to put them on, but Randy stopped him: "Don't bother putting your pants on man, I just want to borrow some lube then I'm out."

"Sure man, but did you have to take all your clothes off?" asked John.

"Yeah, I wanted you to see what an emergency this is!" said Randy as he pointed down to his meaty throbbing cock.

"Sure, here man", said John, standing up to hand over his precious lube.

The bathroom door opened. "Oh shit!" said Randy as he jumped deeper into the stall with John, closed the door and locked it. Both men now stood, pressed together in the same tiny stall. Randy prayed the girl would go into the center stall and not see his clothes in the far right one. His prayer was answered.

Randy was standing sideways in the stall, John wasn't concentrating on the girl next door, but rather on Randy's plump naked butt. It didn't look as nice as his cousin's, but it could still serve the same purpose. When Randy turned to look at him he banished those thoughts. His cock, however, did not.

Randy began stroking himself right in front of John, and John's cock grew harder at the erotic sight of Randy pumping his cock through his fist. The girl next door let out a fart that got both men horny again. Her shit squirted out at the same time as her piss and John could see that Randy was about to cum. To John, Randy looked so desirable, the way his butt moved when he thrust his cock made John even more horny. When he was certain that Randy was at the point of no return, he too began to stroke his cock. John watched in awe as Randy's body shook and his cock pumped out the white cum all over the wall. This sent John over the edge once again. Only this time, John's cum squirted all over Randy's ass and leg as his orgasm ended. The girl next door let out the rest of her shit and left like the others.

Randy looked over at John, and before John could speak Randy was kissing him right on the lips. John felt so good in his afterglow that he returned the kiss and began grabbing at Randy's balls. Both men were drained for now, but after a little while they knew they would be able to go for it again.

An hour later, both men were still in the same stall. Both men were now completely nude, John sat on the cistern and Randy sat on his bare lap. No women had been in there in a while. John closed his eyes and thought about Randy's cock pumping out cum, and this made his cock harden right under Randy's ass. "Oooh, that feels nice," said Randy, "But if you'll excuse me."

"What? Why?" asked John sounding very disappointed that Randy was moving.

"Move your legs," said Randy as he stood up and turned to face the toilet.

John moved his feet off the toilet lid and Randy lifted it up. Randy then let out a sigh of relief as he pissed out a stream of urine right into the bowl. John felt like cumming right then and there, but decided he would pee too. So, from up on the cistern, John pissed down into it too. He tried to break through Randy's stream, and the two men made a small game of it. After both were finished, they flushed the toilet and got back into their old position.

"Hey Randy, did I ever tell you about my first ejaculation?" whispered John in a loving voice.

"No, you never did."

"Ok, one day when I was eleven, my mom was giving me a bath. She started rubbing the washcloth between my legs, right behind my balls and I guess she was leaning too close to me..."

"Go on..." said Randy impatiently.

"I ended up shooting a load of cum all over my mother's face."

"Whoa, what did she do?"

"Tell you the truth, she started licking it."

"Oh get out of here!" said Randy.

"No I'm serious, she kissed me on the forehead and licked the cum off her own face. And then, I guess it made her horny, cuz then she called my dad into their bedroom."

"Ew, they fucked while you were in the tub?"

"Yup, fucked their brains out. I could hear 'em."

"I think you're making this shit up," said Randy, "I can't believe they would do that with you right there!"

"Oh they did. And I've heard my dad fucking my aunt, my mom fucking myuncle, and I think one time my mom let our dog fuck her."

"You are so full of shit."

"You're right!" yelled John as he let out a big turd onto the toilet.

"Hey man! You almost got me with that!" yelled Randy as he stood up.

"Well, you said I was full of shit!"

"Fuck you man, I'm going back to my stall!" yelled Randy as he went back to the stall on the left of the room.

"Wait!" yelled John as he went after Randy.

"Look, cum and piss ain't bad, but what the hell gives you the right to shit on me?"

"I thought you liked it," said John with puppy dog eyes.

Randy spun around and confronted his friend. "Fine then, lie down on the floor!"

John had an idea of what was coming and did as he was told. "Oh come on man, you ain't got to shit on me, all you have to say is that you didn't like it!"

"Shutup!" yelled Randy as he kneeled over John's cock in the middle of the lady's room. John's cock stood up straight when he realized that Randy's asshole was open right over him. Randy's faced winced in pain as he tried to push out the biggest turd possible. But John stopped him by thrusting his cock up into Randy's opening butt.

"What the fuck?!" yelled Randy.

"Shhh...just sit down, so that I can get all the way inside you," said John passionately.

Randy had to admit that John's cock felt very nice, but at any moment a lady could walk in! John anxiously thrust upward, making his cock go deeper into Randy's amazing shithole. Randy was so tight and so juicy that John couldn't stand it and ended up squirting his cum up into Randy.

"Holy shit!" yelled Randy as he sat down, causing John's cock to go all the way in, "You just came inside me!"

But John wasn't listening, he humped up into Randy harder and harder until his balls were once again empty. Randy couldn't take the pleasure either, and his cock shot an uncontrolled load right onto John's chest and face. John immediately began licking the wonderful tasting fuck juice, and could feel his own cum dripping down, out of Randy's ass.

"Do you want a turn?" asked John.

"Yeah, but I just came."

"So, it still feels good."

"Ok, but first..."

John watched as Randy stood up just enough so that John's shitty cock popped out of his ass. Then, Randy let out a loud fart and dropped a ton of shit onto John's cock, followed by a stream of piss to wash the cum off his lover. John loved every minute of his golden shower and couldn't wait for his balls to fill up again. "Roll over!" said Randy, "Get on all fours!"

John obeyed, and spilt the shit and piss on the floor. Randy opened up his lover's butthole and got ready for some more fun. His cock was getting a little sore from all the rubbing he had been doing, but he had to fuck his friend! John let out a fart that really turned Randy on even more. "Fill me you slut!" yelled John.

Randy did as he was told by ramming his hard cock into the dirty shithole of his friend. His cock was totally engulfed in pleasure, and soon he began thrusting lovingly. After five minutes, more cum spilled out of John's cock which was hanging in mid air. He couldn't believe he had this much cum in his whole body! Soon after, Randy shot yet another load into his friend's butt, and then pulled out.

The two men lay on the now-dirty floor kissing and hugging one another. They played with each other some more, drank each other's piss and cum, and said how much they loved one another. It wasn't long until they both fell asleep in each other's arms.

A while later, out in the department store where the bathroom was located, a young girl named Janie really had to pee. She told her mom where she was going and her mother told her to come right back. Janie listened to her mother and jogged over to the ladies room, threw open the door, and walked inside.

The room was empty. And it looked very clean, almost as though it had just been cleaned a few minutes before. Janie knew her mother was waiting for her so she went into the one stall that was open...

.....the one in the middle.

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