Ass to mouth

“Your magnificent ass looks wonderful poking out of that tiny black g-string,” he tells me, obviously very aroused. Talk to me while I kiss and lick it.”

“I had coffee with Lara on Friday. As women do, we discussed our sex lives. She showed me some pics of her man on her phone. He really is a hunky man with a fabulous, ripped body. He was topless and wearing just a low cut, skin tight pair of jeans.

“Then I showed her some pics of you topless in jeans. When I showed her some pics of you naked with a nine-inch erection, all she she could say was, ‘Oh fuck, he is magnificent, thick and hung.’”

“Our conversation became much more intimate after that when I told her, around once a month I love having a second man to pleasure me, before I pleasure him while my man watches, and often he will pleasure my man: oral sex only – no intercourse is the rule. To be fair to my man we share another female sometimes which we both enjoy.”

I am Sarah, of French descent, bilingual, fluent in both French and English and as I recently discovered with a little prompting from my man, bi-sexual, though I didn’t need a great deal of prompting. I am to please and be pleased sexually. And I love having sex with an audience.

By now Roger has me leaning with my back against the wall as he slides my g-string down to my ankles. His tongue is doing wonderful things to my shaved cunt lips as I ogle his erection and continue with my story.

“Lara was holding my hand and licking it as she told me, ‘My man enjoys me watching him blowing another man. I have never seen him blowing a man as big as your man Sarah. Can we make it happen? And I would love to have you. I am bisexual like you are.’”

“Would you like that baby?,” I tease as I orgasm.

“You know I would, very much,” I whisper as I orgasm again.

“Do you have his pics on your phone?,” Roger asks as I lick the tip of his erection.

“Do you want to see them now or after we fuck?,” I tease.

“Now, right now, extra foreplay for me.

“Yes, yes baby yes, make it happen, he is a turn on,” he tells me as he puts me on my back and commences fucking me.

“Are you fantasising about another man giving you a blow job while you are fucking me, baby,” I ask.

“You know I am. And also fantasising about watching another woman licking you while I watch,” he tells me as we fuck like rabbits.

Lara phoned me on the next Friday to confirm our arrangement for the Sunday and asked what I was going wear.

“Killer keels, a short backless dress and nothing else.”

“Good I will do the same. How short though Sarah?”

At two-thirty Lara and her man Daniel, arrive at our condo. Huge sexual tension as her man looks me over and I do the same to him without a word being spoken. He is wearing the same very tight, spray on jeans he had in his pics. Though today, he is wearing them very low, so low I can see pubic hair.

I had asked Lara to phone me when they were seven minutes away. I wanted my man to have a full-on nine-inch erection for them - and me - as soon as they sighted him.

“A new macho man wants to give you a blow job while his lady and I watch. Then after Lara is going to have me while you watch baby. What can I do to make you fully erect for his pleasure and yours?,” I asked him.

“Will this help you baby?,” I asked as I raised my skirt so he could kiss and lick my naked ass cheeks. “Or this?,” I asked as I sucked just the tip of his semi-erect cock with two hands wrapped around it.

“Lara and I are going to watch her macho man blow you in a few minutes. Do you want to see his pics again?”


“Remember, your turn on is my turn on baby. So turn me on while I watch him blowing you.”

To increase the sexual tension I tongue kiss Lara and she returns my kisses as Daniel watches on, obviously aroused at watching his lady with a woman he has just met.

I take the initiative and remove Daniel’s shirt. He really is hunky macho man with a fabulous torso. Broad shoulders, flat stomach an a powerful chest. I can’t help myself as I lick his nipples.

“Lara and I want to watch you give my man a blow job. Is that why you are here today?,” I tease as I run one hand over chest and the other over his obvious erection under his jeans.

“Yes, where is he?”

“Waiting for us in the next room, he is very keen to meet you.”

The next room has full length mirrors on all the walls with another on the ceiling. Roger is stark naked apart from a cock ring clipped under his balls, sitting on a chair facing a mirrored wall, with his hands behind his head. He has a roaring nine-inch erection which I helped him achieve.

“Oh wow, he is magnificent, hung and thick,” Lara and Daniel murmur in unison.

“Stand with your back to the wall so I can lick your nipples.”

Daniel has one hand wrapped around Roger’s erection as he licks, then sucks his nipples.

“Does that hurt?,” he asks as he chews his nipples.


“Do you want me to stop?”

“No, I love it.”

Daniel pushes his erection back against his torso and licks the full length of it.

“Do you want me naked while I blow you?,” Daniel asks as he is sucking his balls.


“Would you like your lady to undress me?”

Just as I hoped he replied ’yes’.

His erect cock is larger than average, though not in my man’s league, I notice as I help him remove his skin tight jeans.

“Oh fuck yes,” Roger gasps as Daniel slides his pursed lips along his erection.

I like to think I good at giving blow jobs but I always enjoy watching another person blowing my man, be it male or female and comparing techniques. I was fascinated to watch Daniel rub the tip of my mans wet erection over his nipples - and my man’s reaction.

I learnt long ago the two most sensitive places of a man’s erection are the tip and the base. Daniel is also aware of it, while he is sucking on the tip, he uses his hand to press and squeeze the base. I watched him try both the area right above and right below my mans shaft. I also found this works especially well for men like mine with bigger erections, just as Daniel does as I watch him pleasuring all of his nine-inch erection without deep throating.

I am learning new techniques as I watch Daniel increasing the friction on my man’s erection without straining his jaw, by using his index finger and thumb to pinch his lips together to create a tighter squeeze Wow!

Daniel really is good and very much in control I muse, as he takes time to look up at my man every now and then, without saying a word. Roger is obviously turned on by being able to see his face, and build intimacy between the two of them.

He has been edging my man all along, something he loves me doing to him. When I blow him I stop myself from finishing when he is right at the brink of orgasm. After giving myself a breather, I repeat the process multiple times. I love edging my man by building up the arousal, knowing the eventual orgasm will be stronger and more satisfying.

I am pleased to see Daniel doing the same to my man to his great delight.

All along I have been wondering what Daniel will do to my man to bring him to orgasm.

Lara and I are watching closely as Daniel places his hands in prayer position, then apply a generous serving of lube to his lips to create an elongated version of his mouth. His thumbs are against his lips and index fingers up along his nose. He lowers over my man’s erection as he sucks him into his wet, tight palms and mouth.

My man is not going to hold out much longer as Daniel strokes his erection from tip to base. He is building speed, tension, and suction as he slides up and down.

Roger’s cock is throbbing, he is taking shallow, quick breaths, he has tensed muscles, his thighs are quivering.

“Not yet, big boy, your cock is magnificent, just fucking magnificent,” Daniel teases as he edges him by running just a fingertip along his erection.

“Do you want me to swallow?,” Daniel whispers as he licks Roger’s balls while he continues running just a fingertip along his erection.

“Yes, yes yes.”

“Then do it. Don’t hold back,” Daniel instructs as he sits on the floor with his back to the wall as Roger slides his erection between his tightly pursed lips in a fucking motion.

Lara and I are counting his thrusts as Roger’s whole body is quivering on the very edge of orgasm.

“So good, so fucking good,” Roger is almost screaming as Daniel digs his nails into his ass cheeks.

“…, eleven, twelve,” then he is making guttural noises as he hits the back of Daniel’s throat.

After watching the men for thirty minutes while Lara and I teased each others cunt lips with a fingertip, she motioned for me to stand with my back to the wall and lifted my skirt.

My legs were wide apart for her as the tip of her tongue found my wet cunt lips as she grasped my ass cheeks in her hand, while my man watched silently as he wound down from his blow job.

Daniel is also watching on as he strokes his raging erection.

“I love watching a man masturbate while having my cunt licked. Do it for me while your lady is licking me. You have a magnificent, ripped body. I want to have it one day soon. May I while your lady watches?,” I tease.

New and wonderful levels of sexual pleasure for me as Lara bought me to orgasm with her tongue. Once, twice, three times while her man masturbated for me, or was it all three of us.

“Can we do it again soon Sarah? I would love to have your man and you could have mine,” Lara whispered as she and Daniel departed.

“Would love to soon, very soon,” I whispered back as we kissed goodbye. “And perhaps just you and one of girlfriends one day soon?”

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