Vegas Male Stripper

I'd always heard that you could find anything you wanted in Las
Vegas, but I didn't believe that it could be true until I had to
take a business trip there in the fall of '88 for a convention.

I'd been in town for a day and had stopped in at one of the Adult
25-cent Peep Shows. I was really disappointed to find out that the
stall doors had been cut off so that they only hid the face of the
occupants. You couldn't even jack-off and watch the movies. The gay
mag selection was fabulous. I just love Jeff Stryker, don't you?
There is no shrink-wrap on them out there.

You can check out the contents of the magazines before buying, but
it sure takes a long time to check them all out. This makes for
some interesting cruising with the other patrons. I bought a couple
of really hot mags, picked up the local adult entertainment
magazine and went back to the hotel.

The entertainment mag was a big disappointment. It contained a lot
of ads for XXX-strippers direct to your hotel room, but everything
was for female strippers.

The middle of the next day, some wild inspiration made me look in
the Yellow Pages. There was a section for entertainers which had to
have been at least 10 pages long. After searching through them, I
finally called one of the services which also dealt with male
strippers. I set up an appointment to have a 6'2", dark haired,
blue eyed college student to show up at my hotel room at midnight.

As I tended to business during the rest of the day, I kept thinking
about the description I was given. I thought, "College student,
sure, probably 45 years old, bald...", well, you get the picture.

At 11:00 pm, I rushed back to the room and jumped in the shower,
then got dressed, smoked a joint, and waited....waited...and

Midnight was never going to get here.

At 10 minutes till 12, there was a knock on the door. My stomach
twisted into a knot. The time was finally here.

I opened the door...I couldn't believe it...he really was 6'2",
dark brown hair, blue eyes and miraculously, he looked like a
college student...he is the stuff that wet dreams are made of.

I stood there and stared for a few seconds in disbelief, then
invited him in. I stripped down to my briefs and perched anxiously
on the bed while he rewound a tape. It was George Michael...
perfect. He started dancing to the music... he was really pretty
good. He began removing one piece of clothing at a time.

I slowly revealed his muscular legs as I helped him remove his skin
tight jeans... then he exposed his muscular chest...all the while
gyrating his hips in my face. My cock was poking stiffly out of the
top of my briefs by this time. He totally removed his shirt... all
that was left was a blue satin G-string with a magnificent bulge.

I slowly helped him out of the G-string. His cock looked huge, even
in its current soft condition. It hung over a nice set of balls.
All was nestled in a soft bunch of dark brown curls.

I gently took hold of his cock and began massaging it and his
balls. My tongue joined my fingers in their exploration. He took my
cock in his experienced mouth. It was a blow job like I'd never
experienced before. His tongue darted up and down my shaft and
around my balls until I couldn't restrain myself any longer and
shot my load into his face.

Then he straddled me with his balls rubbing my still hard cock as
he jacked-off and covered my chest with his hot load.

Then to top off the evening, he went into the bathroom and got a
warm moist washcloth and gently cleaned me off, then dried me off
with a dry towel.

The whole experience was extremely expensive, but everyone should
experience this at least once.

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