The teacher takes me as her own

I don’t know how or why it happened, but my teacher must have known I would succumb to her. I had never known it about myself; I thought I was just shy and reserved.

I was on the junior dance committee and had been drafted by one of teachers for that. She knew I had a car and I helped her out as did others, but I felt like I was more of a slave to her than anyone else.

So I’m not really pretty, what most people would consider “cute.” I have a nice figure and dress the way I want. I usually don’t wear a bra even though I probably should as I have a D cup. I love to wear skirts and my knee socks don’t usually match. I can't say I have been on a date, but I have kissed a boy, but he was drunk at my cousin’s wedding.

The night of the dance came and I didn’t have a date, gee how unusual. I dressed up a bit, it was weird wearing a dress and my mom insisted that I wear a bra.

Anyway the dance was nice; I danced with a bunch of girls through the night. There was rumor that one of the bowls of punch was spiked, but I stayed away from it.

The dance came to end and those of on the committee cleaned up with the janitors. I looked around at the other girls and guys helping and realized we could probably be considered “losers” and it bothered me. Miss D looked out of it a bit and was pretty much just watching us.

We were done and Miss D walks over to me, or should I say staggers over to me, and asks “Paula, could you drive me home, I think I drank some of that grain alcohol by mistake and I am drunk?” I told her I would and then she says “let’s call your mom to tell her.” I call home and after telling my mom Miss D. takes the phone from me and talks to my mom and apologizes and then surprises me by saying to my mom “and if you don’t mind, I would like Paula to stay over, so I can get my car in the morning… right I was going to say that too, yes it is getting late and I live 20 minutes from here… Ok, I will feed her breakfast… great thanks Alice.” She then hands me the phone. I sign off with my mom and 5 minutes later we are heading out to the smaller town than mine and up some long dirt road.

We finally get to her house which it is near a lake, it’s actually more of nice cabin.

We get in the house and we walk right into her bedroom. “Let’s get out of these damn dresses; I am sure I have shirt or something you can wear.” I agree with her and she turns her back to me and says “Unhook me.” I do this with my mom and didn’t think much about it. But then she lets it drop off her and she is in this really sexy underclothes. She has a black bra and matching panties and a garter with stockings. I have never seen a garter with stockings with long straps connecting them.

She says to me “turn around and I will unhook you.” I turned around and she unzipped my dress and then I feel a tug at my bra strap and she says “I know you probably can't wait to get out of bra” and she unhooks it.

I reach down with one hand to pick up my dress while I have the other one trying to hold up my bra with the other.

Miss D sees me struggling and says, “Paula, I have seen tits before, just take it off and stop being shy.”

I didn’t look at her but her comment came out more like an order than a suggestion. I wasn’t sure what to think so I just said ‘fuck it’ to myself and let my bra fall onto my dress and picked them both up.

“Where can I hang this?” I asked and she pointed to the closet in her room and said “get a hanger for mine too and you can hang them together.” Again, like at school I felt like her slave.

She is sitting on the edge of her bed watching me as I turn from the closet and pats the bed near her and tells me to sit by her. I do.

She then asks me “Paula, you take directions well without ever questioning it, you prefer to do things for others rather than yourself don’t you?” I replied “yep, I guess.”

Her tone changes and states “I hate when you do that, don’t answer ‘yep’ try “yes Miss D. or better yet just use Miss Beth.” I said it the way she wanted, and she says “much better.”

“Do you get pleasure making others feel good? I feel like you enjoy doing what I ask you at school, do you like pleasing me?” She asks.

“I guess so, I guess I just have that kind of a personality.” I reply.

She smiles and says “I think you to, it’s called a submissive personality did you know that?” I didn’t and just let it hang out there, like my tits that were just hanging there like there was nothing wrong with that, and Miss D didn’t seem to look at them so I felt comfortable for the moment.

Miss D then states “come with me I will show you the other bedroom and see if there is something for you to sleep in, if you want something.” I didn’t say anything and she turns and looks at me with this angry look and I finally realize she wanted me to reply so I say “yes I sleep in a tee shirt usually, Miss Beth.”

We walked into the other room and there is a nice brass bed frame. Actually the room is done up to look very old fashion. I looked around and comment “this is really nice Miss Beth.”

She looks at me and says “what no comment about the brass bed?”
I have no idea what that meant and let her know that.

She comments “well people see brass beds with the bars on the headboard and footboard and think about lovers tying their partner to the bed. Friends of mine are always cracking jokes about it.”

“Sorry Miss Beth, I don’t understand” I said
She looked at me and said “You don’t understand what Paula?”

“Um, I don’t understand why they would tie up their partner. I’m sure it has to do with sex right? I’m not that knowledgeable in this area.” I replied shyly.

She had this devilish grin on all of sudden and said “here I will show you… Get up on your bed.” I did and felt good that she said it was my bed for the night.

I got up on the bed and lied down like a mummy. She walked over to the headboard on one side and took a strap that I hadn’t noticed before; she took my wrist away from covering my boob and attached it with a velcro cuff that was at the end of the strap. She then walked around the other side of the bed and I started to wonder if I would like having both my hands tied up like this. Before I came to a conclusion my arms were above and to the side of my head. She could see me moving my head back and forth looking at how my wrists were connected and the questioning look and she relaxed me by saying. “So with a partner restrained the other one could sexually tease the other.”

She was down at the foot of the bed and replied, “If it were a guy the hands may be enough, but with a girl like you they would also do the legs. “As she took one of my ankles and pulled it to the side a bit and then secured it and said “So that the girl couldn’t squeeze her two legs together and get release.”

“You mean like the girl would do a striptease or something next to the bed?” I asked being so fucking naive.

She replied, as she did the other ankle “yes a striptease, or running a feather up and down the person’s body.” The way she said it I guessed that was what she was going to do to me, wrong.

“Back then it might have been a feather, but today the feather has been replaced with a vibrator” she stated and she reached under the bed and I heard her dragging out a box or something. The next thing I saw was this plastic white vibrator in her hand. It was about 8” and skinny. She turned it on and I heard it buzz. She placed the end on my belly and moved it around. It tickled a little and I told her so.

“Do you know what girls use these for Paula” She asked me.

“Nope, but does the shape have anything to do with it, because I can make a guess.” I said.

She took the vibrator off my belly and moved up the bed and leaned closer to my face and she didn’t look happy. “Paula, we need to get something straight here. When I ask you questions I want you to answer me with respect. I have told you that already. I am going to help you to remember – when you do things right I will reward you and when you forget it will cause you pain. Do you understand?”

“Yes Miss Beth” I replied as I watched her hands near my boobs and then watched as she grabbed my nipples between her fingers and pinched hard. I don’t usually swear but I did. “Holy shit that hurts.” That was not the correct reaction I realized. I could see it in her face and she kept the pressure my nipples and virtually tried to lift me off the bed by my nipples. I was going to yell again but instead said “sorry Miss Beth, I didn’t mean to swear.” She waited another few seconds and let go.

I just stared at her and she picked up the vibrator and said “now I will show you what happens when you are good.” She took the vibrated and ran in the fold under my big boobs. She then moved it slowly up onto my boob, circled my areola and then put it on my nipple. The same nipple that sent pain through my body just moments before was now sending pleasure. She did the same thing to the other one.

“You like that don’t you.” She asked

I thought this time and replied “Yes Miss Beth!”

She moved the vibrator off my nipple and started heading down my tummy. I looked at the shape of the vibrator again and started to get nervous about what she was thinking, but I was also squirming from the thing.

She got to my panties and stayed on top of them. That made me relaxes a little. She then used the end of the plastic thing and traced along the seam of the leg of my panties and I thought she was heading toward my thigh, but instead she moved the tip onto my skin and then pushed the fabric away and came back up, inside my panties. She used her other hand and moved the fabric so she could see my pussy.

“You are going to have to shave this hair off before the weekend is over.” She stated

When I responded I heard the sexual excitement in my voice from the vibrator; “Yes Miss Beth, if that pleases you.” The vibrator was going around the lower part of my outer pussy lips and I was trying to use my muscle to raise my butt off the bed, without success. I then felt the buzzing thing enter me, very, very slowly. My teacher then pushed till she hit my hymen. She pulled back and then pushed it back in till she hit it again. She looked down at my pussy and said, “you are getting real wet down there.” She walked away, but left the thing buzzing inside me. I was getting really close to an orgasm when she came back in with a towel and a scissor. She cut my panties off me and then pulled the vibrator out and pushed the towel under my butt and said “here, we don’t need your pussy juice staining my sheets.”

She then moved her face to mine and then leaned in and kissed me. Soft at first, but then it got harder. I didn’t have much experience here but I liked it. I don’t know if it was because I was so turned on, but I actually liked kissing her! She pulled away and asked “did you like that?” I replied “very much Miss.” Another kiss rewarded me and I heard the vibrator being turned on again. The noise alone got me turned on again and I kissed harder as she moved the toy along my thigh.

Our kiss finally broke again and she moved the vibrator around my belly. Then down the crack of my pussy and then back inside me. I heard myself moaning as she moved the thing till it stopped and then she moved it around so it was opening me more by the outside of my pussy. She took her free hand and started playing with my tits and nipples and I was getting really close.

Miss D moved her free hand down and her fingers were running across my clit. She had the vibrator back to going straight in and out like in a fucking motion. She pushed it in as far as it would go, then without any warning she took her free hand and smacked the end of the vibrator like you would a catsup bottle. You can guess the effect. It broke through my hymen without a problem.

I screamed not so much from the pain, but from the surprise. I saw the look on her face and quickly apologized for the scream. She held the vibrator inside me and after a few minutes starting fucking me with it again. I was real close to cumming again, and again she pulled it out.

“You know, this isn’t the way it is supposed to be working. You should be pleasing me, not the other way around.” She stated.

“Miss Beth?” I started, and continued after she told me I could “I think you took my virginity, wasn’t that pleasing you? Please say it did?” as I was trying to figure out why she had just done that.

“Yes Paula, I think it is great that you let me do that. Actually you can still tell some love sick guy that he is your first, if you head down that path… But for now, you can eat me out, and then I am going to fuck you.”

She stared at me waiting for an answer and I replied “whatever pleases you, Miss Beth.” She smiled and we kissed again, a long kiss. I felt her taking off her panties. She pulled away from the kiss and then got up on the bed. She straddled my face and lowered her pussy to my lips. I was in an area I had never thought of and I was glad when she started to direct me what to do. I couldn’t believe I was licking a girl’s pussy. And I like that after a few minutes I had her moaning. I wanted to play with her, but damn hands were tied.

She had me start licking her clit and then suck on it. She was really moaning at this point and then I felt her liquid running down my chin and neck. She was cumming and started to yell things that should upset me, but they didn’t. She said things like “eat me you little slut—you are mine—you little sex slave” and things like that.

When she seemed to have enough she rolled off of me and I just watched her get off the bed and reach into the box on the floor. I didn’t understand what she meant about “fucking me” till I saw what she picked up. It was a rubber dick with a strap on it. I watched her in amazement as she strapped the thing on and she suddenly looked like a guy down there with a really big dick.

I told her “I have only had two fingers inside and that vibrator, I don’t think that is going to fit.”

She looked at me, and said in a stern voice,; “Oh we will get it to fit, and it won’t be the only place it will fit.” She walked to the head of the bed got on her knees near my face. She then had me suck on her dick like I was giving a guy a blow job. A few times she pushed it too far and every time I gaged she slapped me in face and told me to ‘take it.’

I wanted to suggest that if I could change positions that I might be able to take more of it in my mouth, but gaged again and got slapped again. She then said “we need to add this to the list, so shaving that cunt of yours and practicing sucking a cock.” I couldn’t believe my sweet teacher was saying these things.

The next thing I knew she took the big rubber dick out of my mouth and a moment later was on her knees positioning the top of the thing between my labia. I still hadn’t cum and was turned on I actually started begging for her to put it inside me.

“Ask for it the right way!” she scolded, of course I wasn’t sure what to ask, so I tried using her words.

“Please fuck my cunt Miss Beth, please.” I heard myself beg.

And with that she did just what I asked. I first I yelled in pain as she shoved the 8” dildo inside me. But after a few minutes I was yelling in pleasure. She was now on top of me like a guy would be. I was about to climax and she pulled out. I screamed “No. Miss Beth I’m so close, please fuck me.”

“You want it back in you?” she asked in her commanding voice tone.

“Yes please Miss Beth.” I asked.

“Are you my little bitch?’ she asked.

“Yes, Miss Beth I am your little bitch that wants you to fuck her again.” I begged.

“When we are in my house you will call me Mistress when you want something badly, or when you are being punished, do you understand?” She had gotten up and was loosening the straps on my ankles.

“Yes Mistress I understand.” I stated.

I could feel liquid coming out of my pussy and running down my thigh as the cock head got close to me. She commanded “I loosened your straps, bring you knees up you fucking slut.”

I did as she asked and she ran the head of cock back inside my wet pussy lips. To my surprise she slipped it out and positioned it at the entrance to my butt hole, and started pushing. “Miss Beth, its in the wrong spot.” I stated not wanting to offend her. But I guess I did.

She replied “I know exactly where the fuck I am you cunt.” And she pushed the thing inside me. She went kind of slow as she moved it inside me. I could feel the thing pushing open the walls of my ass and never knew anything could hurt so much. “Stop please, stop pushing, take it out please.” I yelled.

When I stopped my plea my teacher slammed the thing the rest of the way inside. I screamed again. She was all the way in and then leaned toward my face, which made the things stretch me even further. When near to me she said “I was taking it slow you little cunt, but then you forgot your manors didn’t you?”

I could feel the tears running down my face from the pain. “Yes Mistress I’m sorry.” I got out in a teary voice.

“Paula, I am going to pull this out of your ass, and I will put a trainer plug inside your ass. Then I want you to you eat me out again till I cum, and when I am satisfied by you, I will fuck your hairy cunt till you cum. Do you think you can handle that, or should I just go back to my bedroom and forget about you?”

I had stopped crying and replied “I can handle that Mistress, or you can keep fucking my ass if you want, I will stop being a crying bitch.”

“I want you to be my bitch Paula, that is the point.” She stated.

“Sorry Mistress, I don’t know the right words to use, please forgive me.” I pleaded.

She leaned into me and we started to kiss. She started to grind the dildo deeper inside me, but didn’t fuck me with it. We kissed for like 5 minutes like this. She stayed on top of me and reached down and undid the strap of the dildo. She then stopped kissing me and got up. She kept the dildo in my ass and reached down to her special box. She came back with this weird shaped plug and as she pulled the long dildo out of me, she pushed this one inside me. I felt my ass open further and then clamp down on a narrower part. She then got on top of me and straddled my face again and had me lick and suck her.

This time she had me spend a lot of time servicing her clit and she directed my every lick and suck. After about 10 minutes she started squirting into my mouth and I could hardly swallow the juice quick enough not to choke. I sure didn’t want to do that.

When she was done having me please her, she lived up to her promise and put the strap on back on. This time she put a new dildo in the strap, it was about the same size but had these little bumps all over it. She inserted it inside my pussy and again I was in pain at the start, this time I think it was because of the plug still in my butt. It was pulling tight at my labia that was really be stretched, but unlike my ass, the one in my pussy finally started to feel great and the little bumps seemed to tickle every nerve inside my pussy.

I was really close and let her know “Oh Mistress you are going to make me cream, Oh god, you are so good, Oh yes, Oh god, Oh fuck me, fuck me.” And then I came like never before. My body was almost in convulsions, I felt like my climax came from my toes to my tits. She kept fucking me till I was exhausted.

She pulled out and asked “Did my little bitch have a good time?”

I thought before talking and replied “Yes Mistress, It was perfect, thank you for pleasing me.”

She got up and started to unfasten me. While doing so I got my instructions. “You can get up and clean up, but the plug stays in your ass. I will get you a scissor and razor. When you are done shaving come to my room. I will put a doggie bed at the foot of my bed, and you may sleep there.

When I awake in the morning you can please me again, and then we will call your mother and tell her you are going to spend the rest of the weekend with me. We need to get you some slut clothes and a leash and collar. Now kiss me goodnight and tell me you love me.”

We kissed and I told her “I love you” and she walked quietly away to her room. I wasn’t sure if I loved her yet, but I loved being her fucking slut slave.”

Sheryl (‘) sorry again for it being so long.

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