Why Ladies go the Bathroom in Pairs

It was one of those not quite hot, pre-summer nights. You
know, the sultry kind that might make you want to forget
about wearing pantyhose, even underpants for that matter -
which I did as a matter of fact. I was out clubbing in the
City, just dancing up a storm and really getting into the

Never a shrinking violet I had donned a tight Lycra
strapless dress in my favorite color - black. You know, one
of those little numbers that defy the laws of gravity and
sort of suspend themselves on your boobs. The dancing was
fierce and furious that night and I could feel the sweat
oozing from every pore in my body.

The dance floor was tremendously overcrowded and there was a
lot of friction, both accidental and not so accidental,
going on. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my ass and I sensed the
presence of someone gyrating in back of me. Strange, it
didn't have a manly smell to it. No, this was definitely
someone of the feminine persuasion.

Feeling adventurous, I did not shy away from the hand, but
rather moved my body in a way to play into its soft touch.
Apparently sensing that there was not going to be a problem,
the hand got more daring. It ran a course from my,
voluptuous behind around to my stomach and slowly trailed
its way up, grazing my nipples through the thin material of
my dress.

I glanced down and realized that my intuition had been
right. A slim, tanned hand that most certainly had a woman's
body attached to it, was tracing its way down again and
rested, ever so lightly, for a brief moment on my pubic
mound. Not willing to spoil this tantalizing feeling, I
resisted the urge to turn around.

Instead, I backed up on to the hand and found myself pressed
against a warm, tight female shape with a nice firm pair of
tits. I rubbed myself against her crotch and almost
instantly felt her nipples harden and poke into the bare
skin of my back.

From what I could gather, she was not overdressed either; as
I could feel the goose bumps on her aureole harden through
the thin silk of her top. My pussy was getting wetter and
wetter as her hands continued their journey around my body
and I could feel that familiar dull ache of lust growing
between my thighs.

I couldn't stand the suspense any longer and slowly turned
around to face my unknown assailant. When I did, I found
myself looking eye to eye with one of the most gorgeous
creatures I had ever seen. Her green eyes lit up as a smile
played around her sultry lips.

She tossed back a full mane of blond hair and I knew that I
wanted her right then. I held her close to me and slipped my
hands down into the small of her back. Pressing my crotch
against hers, I ground against her. As she let out a tiny
moan, I bent forward and slowly kissed her neck. The scent
and taste of her sweat mingled with that of Chanel No. 5
made for the most powerful aphrodisiac I had ever

I grabbed her hand and lead her off the dance floor and
towards the equally overcrowded ladies' room. She followed
without any sign of reluctance whatsoever and I finally got
a chance to admire her long legs and shapely body as we
strolled through the club. Once inside, we waited till a
stall was vacant, never letting go of each other's hand and
never speaking a word.

We both knew what we wanted and inane conversation did not
fit into this picture. Inside the tight constraints of the
stall, we were finally as alone as one can get in that
maddening place. We kissed each other - long, lingering and
hot. I raised my hands and slowly massaged her nipples
through the material of her blouse. She trailed her lips
down to my neck (always one of my most erogenous zones) and
nibbled softly.

I undid her blouse and, simultaneously, she pulled down the
top of my dress, as we played with each other's tits. The
feel of her warm, soft flesh and the hardness of her nipples
made me mad with desire. I slowly bent forward and took each
nipple into my mouth, teasing them and caressing them with
my tongue. She was pressed up against the wall in the small
stall, and I would not let her get away from my touch.

My tongue continued its trail along the salty rise of her
belly. I lifted her short skirt to find her beautiful muff.
Ever so lightly, I traced my finger through her pubes, just
barely touching her hard pink clit. I let my tongue take
over and licked her wet pussy, while my fingers kept the
pressure on her clit.

The scent of her cunt was indescribable; the taste of her
musky sweetness was getting me off right there. Her knees
buckled slightly and I knew she wanted my fingers inside
her. I slowly slid two fingers into her tight pussy and
moved my mouth so that I could continue to lick her clit.

I felt her body tighten and shiver, then she grabbed onto my
shoulders, digging her fingers into my skin. I increased the
rhythm of my strokes and felt her melt, her tight cunt
contracting like a vice around my fingers. Her swelling clit
seemed to explode and her juice started to flow into my hand
as I slowly slipped my fingers out and used my tongue to lap
up the honey that dripped from her pussy.

Totally spent, and with my pussy throbbing from my own
orgasm, I walked out of the stall towards the sink to survey
the damage in the mirror. Not too bad, a little powder and
lipstick and everything was back to normal.

She was still in the stall as I walked out of the ladies'
room and I took with me the scent of her sweet pussy in my
nostrils and the feel of her soft skin on my hands. I didn't
see her again that night on the dance floor, guess she was a
little tired and left, nor have I seen her since.

But that's fine - you can't relive a moment like that, it
losses a lot if you try to. Though perhaps you will now
understand why some of us ladies prefer to go the bathroom
in pairs.

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