Sex Bully

To this day, I can't believe how stupid and naive I was at 19. Twelve
years later, I still suffer the consequences.
I moved out of my parents home in Fresno and into the outskirts of
Los Angeles because the warehousing company I worked for moved there.
My parents and I weren't on the best of terms anyway and didn't
protest much. In fact, they told me not to come back.
I didn't have a car (I had a bicycle), so had to find a place to
live that was close to our new warehouse. Pickings were slim, but I
found one place. On my humble earnings I was barely able to afford the
meager "room for rent" that was my new home. It was a motel type place
where you could rent a room at weekly rates. My room was about 12 feet
across and 18 feet from the door to the back wall. Just bare
furnishings; a low dresser along the south wall (to the left as you
entered), a queen sized bed on the west wall, a table/desk and chair
on the east wall. Near the north (back) wall was a doorway to a closet
type area where the sink was. No toilet, those and showers were down
the hall in a common bathroom. In the north eastern corner, near the
ceiling, was a TV mounted on a swivel. Each room had a TV with cable
(HBO or Showtime in those days was considered "cable"), but no phones.
There was one in the hall. There was also a 10:00 pm curfew for
visitors, all of whom had to come in and out through a door next to
the manager's room, although my window didn't have a screen and faced
an alley in the back. It was all I could afford, so I took it.
As I said, I didn't have a car and wasn't very outgoing either, so I
spent a lot of time by myself, out of necessity but also by choice. I
would read, watch TV, or jerk off in the privacy of my very own place.
That to me was freedom.
My troubles started about 6 months after moving there. I know it was
around February or March of '84 because I was doing my taxes and
trying to figure out why I OWED money to Uncle Sam on a $5.30 an hour
salary. It was about 9:15 pm and I heard a light rapping on my window.
I looked out to see a scruffy looking guy on a bike. He was trying to
talk through the glass, but I couldn't make it out. He motioned
towards the front of the building and I knew he wanted to be let it,
not an uncommon thing. So, feeling generous, I walked down the hall
and let him in.
"Thanks, man" he said. "I came to see a partner of mine, but I don't
think he's home. I don't see his car."
"No problem", I replied, not particularly caring to know his
As I walked back to my room, it seemed we were going the same way
and as it turned out his friend's room was at the other end of the
hall. So as I opened my door he thanks me again and asks me my name.
"Ned" I told him. His was Jerry. I went back to my taxes.
Not long after, there was a knock at the door. It was Jerry.
Apparently his friend wasn't home and he wanted to know if he could
"crash" for a while until he got home. Grudgingly I said sure.
He began to tell me about how he and the friend were going to go buy
some beer and that I was more than welcome to join in. At that point
in my life I didn't drink, so I declined.
Jerry was a largish sort of guy. Bigger than I was. I must have been
about 5'9" and weighted 135 lbs. He was a good 6 foot and a stocky 210
or so. He looked very rumpled, his clothes were dirty from wear and
not being washed. His hair was disheveled and he had a slight "funk".
He must have been about 26 or 28 years old. He told me he used to live
in this "complex" and knew his way around. He went for the door and
said he'd be back shortly. I hoped not, but he left his jacket so I
knew he'd return.
It was some time before he did, probably 20 minutes. He had gone to
the community bathroom, scrounged up some soap, and taken a shower. He
was a bit more presentable now except for the disarrayed, wet hair. He
sat on the foot of the bed where I sat at the top head, leaning
against the wall.
He asked what I was doing and I told him my taxes and about the
money I owed (I think it was like $200, but seemed like millions on my
budget). I should have guessed his reply would be "Man, I just don't
pay 'em".
He was Mexican and had that "vato" quality in his voice. It seemed
like he spoke too loud and that his voice echoed off the walls of my
small room.
I forget all of the small talk that passed between us, but at about
10:20 or so I was wondering where his friend was, or if this "friend"
existed. I questioned him subtly on this and by his descriptions it
seemed he did indeed know the guy down the hall whom I had seen on
occasion. Jerry was supposed to stay there overnight (breaking the
rules) because he had been bouncing from place to place since getting
out of jail a few months earlier.
He was the trashy type of person you see in most any city. The kind
that you see on "Cops" getting arrested for drug offenses, so I wasn't
too suprised to hear he had been in jail. He looked like the type that
might break into your car or house. Thankfully I didn't really have
anything to steal.
He asked about my job and about what I did for fun. I told him I
read and watched TV for the most part. I told him I had friends at
work, but not the kind you would see outside of work.
As the conversation was dwindling, or because of it, he decided to
watch TV. He flipped around until he landed on Showtime, which was
showing a porno movie. Not figuring I'd get any more work done
(actually I WAS done but was using the taxes as an excuse to ingore
Jerry to some extent), I sat and watched the movie. This REALLY made
me wish he'd leave, because this movie was getting me in the mood to
jack off.
As I recall, the movie had something to do with this actress with
huge tits going down on a producer to get a part, and the director
walking in and butt fucking her simultaneously. I knew this was having
an effect on Jerry because all he said was "Fuck yeah" and "God Damn!"
during that scene. Not being the kind of guy who liked to talk about
sex. I'd only done it a couple times in my life and had always felt
less than experienced in such conversations, so I tried to change the
There was a guy in the movie with a cock about 11 inches long. Being
as uninformed as I was, I figured all cocks were about 7 or 8 inches
like mine. I asked "I guess that guy had his dick enlarged or
something, huh"?
"Maybe, probably not. Why, does it look big to you?"
"Yeah, it's pretty big", I replied, "No cock could be that big
"Mine has to be at least that big", he said. "Maybe bigger"!
"Oh, yeah", I offered, not wanting to get into a "I got a big cock"
conversation, either.
"Hell yeah", he continued, "My dick drives women wild! Once they see
it, they have to suck it. And once they suck it, they want it every
By now I was getting tired of this guy and his machismo. "Whatever",
I replied.
"What, you don't believe me", he questioned. "I'll tell you what,
it's bigger and prettier than your pencil dick!"
Now, I had been told that I had a good sized cock, and took a bit of
pride in that, so I took offense to the "Pencil dick" comment.
"Yeah, right" I answered.
He glared at me a moment, the only time his eyes had come away from
the sexcapades before us. After a pause, he said "I bet mine makes
yours look like a toothpick".
"No way", I sneered, hoping if nothing else to make him mad enough
to leave.
"I bet you, homes. twenty bucks"! With that he pulled out a small
wad of twenties and tens. I would have been suprised to find that he
had even 5 bucks.
"I don't have twenty bucks", I snapped. It was the truth.
"Hey, man, that's not my problem! Take the bet or admit mines is
"Dude, I told you, I ain't got twenty bucks".
Jerry just looked at me for a bit, then watched TV for a while.
Presently, he returned to the subject.
"If your dick's bigger than mine, I'll give you 20. If mine is
bigger, you give me head".
"WHAT?", I screeched, "You want me to suck your dick for 20 bucks!
No fucking way!!"
"Hey man, I been away for a long time. I'll take the head instead of
the cash."
"I'm not going to bet you head against 20 bucks"
"Okay, fifty!"
Now, I could have used the twenty, let alone the fifty. I wondered
if he did in fact have a big cock and if he would indeed pay me. But I
couldn't go through with it. I fudged.
"Dude, I don't CARE how big your dick is. It's not that important to
"That's because you know you have a pencil dick and mine is twice as
big as yours!"
Jerry was getting a bit agitated and emotional by now. The last
thing I wanted was an irate ex-con kicking my ass, so I tried to
concede a bit to calm him down.
"Maybe your dick's like an inch bigger than mine. I'm not going to
suck your dick for an inch."
Jerry seemed a bit more amiable at that point. He said "If you're
within an inch of my dick, you get twenty. If yours is any bigger than
mine, I'll give you 50. Otherwise it's a blow job."
My first thought was that my length HAD to be within an inch of his.
Twenty bucks seemed like a sure thing. I also thought about how little
money I had and how long it was till payday. But then I thought "What
the hell, he's probably not serious anyway." So I agreed. "Alright", I
said, "let's do it."
He smiled and said "Okay, we match 'em up hard."
On TV, the chick with the tits was on her back on the producers desk
being fucked so hard the desk shook and tits flopped everywhere. We
were soon ready.
I was nervous as we went to the mat. I wanted to be the first one
out for some reason, so I reached into my sweats and whipped it out
and tried to squeeze it to it's fullest. As I said, about 7 to 8
Jerry sneered and laughed as he unzipped his jeans and hauled out
his cock. It must have been 11 inches! It was enormous, with a
thickness deserving of the length. It was so thick at the base that I
wasn't sure that if I put my hand around my fingers would meet. It
tapered towards the tip to the bulbous shiny-smooth head. The head was
a dark red color and was sort of flat and wide. It was about the size
of your average apricot. It had an upward curve and looked like the
vulgar horn of some animal. He laughed as he shook it at me. "Come
here boy! Get on your knees and pay up!"
I was in shock. A few hours ago I let this guy in the door and now I
owed him a blow job. I had really hoped he was just kidding.
"You really expect me to suck you?", I asked.
"Hell yeah, man. Get down and pay up!"
"I thought we were just kidding!"
"Then why were you so worried about not having the money?"
"What if I don't do it?", I asked.
"What if I kick your ass? What if I go tell that manager that you
let me in after 10 to suck my dick? Just get on your knees and
pucker.", he laughed.
He was right. I would be kicked out for sure. More than that,
however, I feared the threat of an ass whipping. One last try.
"Please, man. I did you a favor. Can't we just forget it?"
"Fuck you, homes. I told you I was away for a long time. Did you
think I was kidding? You took your chance, now suck my fuckin' dick!"
Now, I was not in any shape or form gay. I had never thought about
or desired that sort of thing. But in light of possible bodily harm, I
accepted it. "It's only skin" I told myself. My only consolation was
that no one else would know. I was about to tell Jerry I would service
him when he made me an offer.
"Hey, I tell you what, I got an idea. To make sure you suck it good,
I'll make you another bet. I bet you that you can't deep throat me all
the way before I cum. If you can touch my stomach with your nose, you
can stop right there and I'll give you 20 bucks. But if you don't, you
have to make me cum before 15 minutes, or I get to butt fuck you some
time. Not tonight, you'll owe me. What about that?"
Once again it was a hard choice between money and self esteem. It
would be nearly impossible to fully devour that wicked looking prick.
But I was betting that I could make him cum in 10 minutes to get the
twenty so that the whole thing wouldn't be a total loss. Even if I
didn't deep throat him, I felt confident I could avoid him if he ever
came around to collect. I looked at his cock. It was waiting for my
"You won't tell anyone?"
"Nah, man. This ain't personal, just business." He had a lewd grin
on his face.
"You're on." I said.
Jerry laughed and scooted back on the bed until he was resting
against the wall looking down at his monsterous cock, legs spread
wide. "Come here, baby", he taunted ,"I'm going to make a bitch out of
I turned off the TV and reluctantly went before him. I would have to
lean across the bed to reach him. In this pose, my crotch would rest
on the edge of the mattress. I started to assume this position.
"Wait up", he interjected, "get on your knees and pull of my pants."
This seemed a small request in light of the coming attraction, so I
obliged. I grabbed his jeans by the front pockets and tugged them,
boxers and all, as he lifted his ass off of the bed, making his dick
sway wildly in the air, as if dancing for joy at the promise of
ejaculating. As I got the pants free of his hips, he plopped his naked
ass back down and raised both legs in the air so I could finish this
task. As I was freeing the second leg from it's denim sheath, he bent
his legs in at the knees hard, catching me around the torso and
hauling me in towards his groin like a mantis snatching it's prey. I
looked up towards him in suprise and was confronted with the underside
of his massive shaft and his hairy balls. From this angle it seemed
like a two by four. He laughed aloud and bent his dick down towards me
so that it touched my chin. Now I could see the large veins that
popped out from seemingly everywhere on his tool. "Kiss him hello", he
taunted. I struggled in vain to get out of his leg grasp.
"Let go!", I snapped.
He repeated, "Kiss it, on the tip!"
Figuring it was the only way to get this thing going, I gave his
dick a peck on the shaft.
Jerry objected. "No, on the tip. Give it a nice long one."
Looking at him with indignation, I closed my eyes, puckered up, and
gave the tip of his cock a meaningful kiss. I felt like a fool.
"Yeah, that's it. My cock likes you. Tell my cock that you like
"Man, let's just do this, okay?" His commands were childish and
getting on my nerves. "Let me go!" He had very powerful legs, probably
from jail house work outs. Now without his clothes, I could see he was
pretty muscular, more than I could ever hope to overcome.
"Tell my cock how much you like it. Isn't it beautiful?" He moved it
around slowly as if to show it off.
For all the veins on it, the skin of his dick looked very smooth.
The head seemed to be very shiny and well shaped. The ridge on the
underside of his shaft was very thick. It looked as hard as a rock. It
was, in fact, very beautiful, as dicks go.
"Yes, you have a beautiful dick.", I stated. His legs still held me
firmly in place.
"Tell my dick", he said slyly.
I gave him a sideways glance of disgust and turned to his cock.
"Dick, you..."
"Master", he interrupted. "Call it Master"
I glared at Jerry and started to struggle against his legs. "You
know what..."
Jerry grabbed me by the hair and smacked me across the cheek with
his dick. It stung! I remembered my fears of his violence.
"Call it Master, God Dammit! Like you mean it!". He glared at me as
I looked back at him in shock. He slowly released my hair.
I regarded his dick. I stuttered. "Master, you are a very beautiful
cock. I like you a lot." I looked to Jerry, who still looked a bit
angry, and then back to "Master", and said "I want to suck you now." I
was hoping this would defuse Jerry.
It worked because he chuckled and released me. "That's what I like
to hear. You're going to enjoy sucking me off. You're probably
thinking of taking longer than 10 minutes so you can get fucked, too.
I can tell you want it." He laughed out loud. "Now before I let you
have my dick, get naked so I can see your ass and imagine fucking
I was really getting pissed at this guy and considered socking him
in the nuts and going off on him, but the reality of how much he
outclassed me physically had already set in. I felt helpless before
him. Then a thought occured to me, if that sort of thing turned him
on, it might help to make him cum by the 15 minute deadline. I stood
in front of him and turned my back to him. I took of my T-shirt and
then tried to take off my sweats as seductivly as I could. I bent all
the way down as I pulled them to my ankles and tried to push my ass
out like a stripper. As I took my left foot out of the sweats, I
stepped forward with that foot to give him a side view. I have always
had a round, smooth ass and am not very hairy to this day, so I hoped
he would imagine images of some fine chick or something.
"Oooh, you want it! You got a nice juicy ass. I think you want me to
fuck you now, huh? I'm going to love poking you. Why don't we just do
that now so you can be happy?"
"Fuck you!", I thought. " No way your putting that monster up my
"Not unless you win", I said, cursing my attempts at lewd behavior
as I resumed my position on my knees in front of him. I felt like an
idiot for having spurred him on. I now realized that the only clock in
the room was behind me so I'd be "flying blind" and not know how much
time was passing.
I looked back at the clock. It was 3 minutes to 11.
"Let's start at 11:00 exactly", he announced, "so we know how long
you take. In the mean time just sit there and dream about how good
it's going to be." He laughed and watched his cock as he stroked and
shook it idly. I couldn't help but stare at it. I would never have
believed that a cock that size existed before now. I prayed that I
could make him cum quickly and get him out of my room and my life. He
was just recently out of jail, if he was as horny as they say guys get
in there, he may cum quicker.
That three minutes seemed like an eternity as I watched him playing
with himself. I must have shook visibly. I know my hands were
trembling. All I saw was that huge cock in his fist. When I was able
to look away, I looked up to his face. Jerry was looking intently at
me with an evil grin on his face. He chuckled and said slyly, "I know
you can't wait."
He was right, but not for the reasons HE meant. I couldn't stand the
suspense and was anxious to get it over with. I was in an odd mental
predicament, Theoretically, I COULDN'T wait to suck his dick. My mouth
was actually starting to water.
I turned and watched the clock for the last 10 seconds. It was time.
I stood up slightly and bent over onto the bed to begin. I grasped his
rod; it was rock hard. My hands were cold and clammy against his warm
shaft. My mouth was opening, my tongue extending, as I bent down to
embrace his meat. As my lips enclosed the firm smooth head of his
cock, I had an involuntary shudder of relief that the waiting was
My lips closed just past the collar of his head. Saliva dripped
everywhere. The first taste of dick was tingly, like tongues touching.
I was drooling and trembling; adrenaline threw me into a fit of
shaking. Jerry let out a low, guttral "Oh yeah". I could feel the
sweat on my hands lubing his shaft. My hands slid down it's length
from the moisture. I was in such a state that I could smell the musk
of my own armpits perspiring.
To Jerry I must have looked like a starving dog going after a bone.
He clasped his hands firmly behind my head and raised to meet my
advance, pulling me farther in than I was prepared for. I jerked back
wildly with fear and barely broke his grasp.
"No!", I gasped, "Don't force me. I'm nervous as it is, I don't need
you making me choke on it."
"Oh, you want to do a good job for me, huh? Go for it, I can see you
love it."
All of his taunts just made me more nervous. "Just don't hold he
down", I stammered, "this is hard enough for me."
"Whatever. Get to work"
I tried to give Jerry a serious look as I went back into his crotch.
How serious could I look kneeling naked in his crotch? He just put his
head back, closed his eyes, and let out a sigh of pleasure. He didn't
grab the back of my head again, but put his hands on my shoulders and
held them firmly to his thighs.
His cock was warm on my tongue. I was so nervous and so full of
saliva that it slid all over in my mouth. He was slowly but firmly
raising his hips off the bed, attempting to shove his meat deeper into
my mouth. I was thrusting my hips also, my dick had been rubbing
against the edge of the bed and was getting hard. I might as well get
myself off also.
My lips were not even half way down his shaft and I felt as though
they were stretched to the limit. I tried to concentrate on making
this giant thing cum. The only helpful knowledge I had to fall back on
was my own experiences of receiving pleasure. I tried to do the things
I thought would feel good to me.
I tried to keep my teeth out of the way. I pulled down his foreskin
and began working the underside of his head with my tongue. From the
moan that escaped Jerry's lips, I knew he liked that.
I licked under his tip with wild abandon. I tightened my lips around
his shaft and, sucking as hard as I could, began working my mouth up
and down his shaft. Jerry's hips were bucking up off the bed a bit
more now, but with my hands grasping his cock at the base, I was able
to keep him at bey. I had about 5 inches of him in my mouth.
"That's it, bitch," he hissed, "take it all. I know you want it."
His dick tasted of sweat and salt. It was very smooth. Between that
and the amount of saliva I was producing, my tongue glided around and
my lips slide up and down it's length easily. My saliva was coming in
thick, viscous doses. The mixture of spit and sweaty dick gave off a
pungent, musky smell. The combination was actually arousing. I started
to grind my hips against the edge of the bed in earnest.
For what seemed like hours, I sucked him. I sucked him hard. He
kneeded my shoulders absently all the while, rhythmically tugging me
closer as he rose his hips in time to my strokes. I was making little
progress in my attempts to get my lips down to the base of his dick. I
had gotten in about 6 inches at one point, but no more.
I opened my eyes and looked up at Jerry. He was staring at me evilly
with his eyes half closed, biting his bottom lip. "I'm going to cum
down your throat tonight", he promised, "and deep in your ass next
Something in his voice made my heart skip a beat and I gasped
loudly. He held my gaze with his. He looked so confident that I feared
he was right and his threats would indeed come true. I couldn't tear
myself from his eyes. Then I remembered the time.
I threw myself wildly onto his dick. I sucked him hard. I stroked
him with my hands and twisted my whole head from side to side as I
plunged my mouth up and down the gigantic prick.
I gulped air in loud breaths. I must have sounded like I was ready to
cum myself. I was still gyrating against the bed trying to accomplish
that very thing, but was no where near release. I was too distracted
with pain. My cheeks ached from incessantly sucking this monster. I
couldn't feel my lips from the friction caused by sliding them across
the cruel veins that peppered his shaft. My neck was getting sore from
the non-stop bobbing I had been doing. But my hips were still grinding
the mattress in wild swirling motions.
Then suddenly, Jerry said "5 more minutes." Had it only been 10
minutes?!? I had to hurry.
I looked back up at him. He looked at me smugly and the past me. He
was watching my ass writhing around on the mattress.
I suddenly realized that for me, one of the biggest turn ons was
reactions of pleasure from my partner. I began thrusting my ass in and
out purposfully and making little mewing sounds as I uncontrollably
sucked the rigid monster harder. The upward curve of Jerry's dick made
it dig into the roof of my mouth whenever I tried to shove it down my
throat. I stood up, mouth still attached to the beast, my ass up in
the breeze, to get a better angle. I got about 7 inches in before I
gagged on it. I slumped back down and renewed my rubbing on the
My brazen attempts to deep throat his tool aroused Jerry. "That's
it, baby", he whispered, "keep trying to please your new master."
I realized that I would never swallow him to the root, so it was
make him cum soon or run the risk of riding this massive rod. At this
point I realized that Jerry took a vulgar delight in my attempts to
swallow him whole and my lack of success. Somehow, in that desperate
moment, I decided without thinking that the only way to beat him and
this game he was playing with me was to make him cum like he'd never
cum before. I don't know what my logic was. I wanted him to cum in my
mouth. I wanted him to gasp with pleasure and twist around on the bed
before me. I had after all, been working with that goal in mind all
this time. The twisted perversity of the whole thing hit me hard as if
I was seeing the whole thing from outside. To beat him, I was forced
to please him.
I began gasping for his meat like I was French kissing a lover. My
hands were all over his dick, his balls, his stomach, and his hips. I
put my arms under his legs and cupped his ass cheeks as he threw his
groin up into my face. I was moaning like a whore and working twice as
Jerry let out a "GOD!" at my renewed enthusiasm. He quickly clamped
his hands behind my head and began pulling me harder and harder as he
thrust higher and higher.
"Fuck yeah! Suck me, you slut! Get ready to drink my juice!"
He was slamming my mouth at jack hammer pace now. I felt as though
my lips would tear, but worked his dick maddly. Suddenly, I tasted
blood. Was my mouth bleeding? I tasted it again. It wasn't blood. I
soon realized it was Jerry's pre-cum. I nearly gagged from it's strong
taste, but I was close to the end of this ordeal. Jerry was grunting
erotically now. He slid down the bed until he could sit on the edge
and did so. I was pushed down onto my knees. I straddled his leg and
rubbed it like a dog in heat. He held me close to his groin and made
short, quick thrusts into my mouth and to my waiting tongue. Though he
hadn't cum yet, all I could taste was the hot samples of sperm his
dick pumped into my mouth from time to time. It was thick and coated
my tongue. It seemed like Jerry was marking his territory, and I was
Suddenly, Jerry jumped up, my mouth still working his shaft. He
knocked me back so hard that I had to clench his ass tightly just to
keep my balance. He stood fully and stepped forward, until my head was
forced back with his balls directly above my chin. He began rammming
straight down so hard I nearly choked. I was gagging and flailing
desperately to stop the torturous assault. In this position, my head
tilted back, he had greater access to my throat, and abused that
access as much as he could. He shoved it in mercilessly. Then, just as
I thought I would choke, he changed over to short, superquick jabs,
just inside my mouth. He still had a vise grip on my head and all I
could do was ride it out. Finally, he removed one hand to grab his
dick at the base. Immediately, he jerked and spasmed; hot, salty cum
shooting into my mouth. He let out a massive wail that seemed to shake
the room. He yanked his dick out of my mouth and shot the rest of his
massive load into my face. Droplets flew all over. He grunted and
gasped as he rubbed his dick, still pumping it's payload, all over my
face. "Oh God! Oh God!!" he yelled. I coughed and choked as hot sperm
leaked down my throat, it's strong taste seemed to burn all the way
down. My mouth was full. Cum dripping down my chin, I began to spit
out his bitter seed, but he clamped my mouth to his balls tightly and
commanded me to drink every drop. I did so and was rewarded. He
grabbed me by the back of the head with both hands and rubbed my face
all over his groin. His pubic hairs dug into my cheeks and sperm and
spit coated my face. The stiff ridge that was the underside of his
shaft punished my nose whenever it scraped by. To my horror, I found
that everytime this man's huge prick brushed my lips, I mouthed it
instinctivly. I tore my self away to look at the clock.
It had been 18 minutes.
"Fuck!" I yelled.
Jerry laughed and jerked me back to rubbing the last drops of cum
from his dick with my face. I was too horrified to resist him. He
eventually let me go and I crumbled to the floor. Jerry began to get
"Fucken A, you suck dick good", he taunted. "We'll have to do that
again sometime!"
I was exhausted and humiliated. My mouth felt defiled. The strong
taste of his incredible ejaculation still lingered in my mouth. I
could smell his sperm everywhere and felt it drying on my face and
hair. I muttered "fuck you."
"Hah, don't worry", he answered, pulling on his shirt, "that's next
time. I know you want me to do it to you now, but you sucked the SHIT
out of your master. He's to tired, so you'll have to wait."
I layed there gasping for air, feeling the aches in my throat and
mouth set in, as he finished dressing. Soon, he kneeled over me. I
looked up and was greeted by his dick, still firm.
"Kiss it goodbye", he commanded, "a nice tongue kiss."
He pushed the wicked tool into my mouth and I licked and slurped it
passionately, too weak to fight him. He then straddled my back and
began kneeding my ass cheeks cruelly.
"Next time, I'll fuck you so deep, you'll spit out shit."
He got up and went to the door.
"You know what? That was worth 20 bucks. Here!"
I felt something land on my back. It felt like paper money. It was,
in fact, $20. He left. I could hear the front door as he left.
Whimpering there on the floor, I feared what the future held. Would
he come back? Would I be able to avoid him? Whatever the outcome, I
had sucked his cock, drank his sperm. That would never change. I felt
sub-human. Worthless. A cock sucking coward. As I pondered this, I
fell to sleep there on the floor.

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