Brad and Scott, the two cock

As Brad withdrew his cock I heard Scott say, "I think I will take that
spot!" He quickly moved between my legs and put the head of his cock
against my already cum soaked pussy. I felt him give one quick lunge
into me as I felt Brad's cum running down my ass. I then felt this guy
that I didn't know (I later found out his name was Stan) begin to rub
his cock over my lips. As I opened my mouth, I felt him begin to push
his cock in and out of my mouth. I then felt Todd rubbing the tip of his
cock against my cheek. I reached up with my right hand and cradled his
balls with my hand as he continued to dab his cock against the droplets
of cum still clinging to my cheek. I felt Scott lifting my legs up as he
pushed his cock deep inside me. I heard him say to Todd, "Hold her legs
up so that I can really pound her!" As Todd grasped on of my calves and
held my right leg up in the air I felt someone else grab my left ankle
and pull it back so that it was held straight up in the air. As I
glanced to my left I saw Wayne another one of the guys from my high
school standing over me stroking his cock with his right hand as he held
my ankle with his left hand. I heard him say to Scott, "There now slam
it in her Scott! Did you ever think you would be getting a piece of ass
from Jan when we were in school?" I then heard him say to John, "You
know John, she was such a cock tease in high school, I think every guy
dreamed of fucking her!" As Wayne continued to stroke his cock over me,
he looked down at me and said, "If we had known you were such a fucking
slut we would have been banging you all the time!" As he said that I
felt Stan, who had continued to slide in and out of my mouth moan loudly
and he began to explode. As I felt his warm sperm shoot into my mouth, I
swallowed quickly, but once again there was more than I could handle and
his warm cum escaped from the seal my lips had on his exploding cock. As
I felt his cum running down my cheeks I heard Todd say "Ahhh fuck look
at that!" I heard Wayne say, "Come on baby swallow!" As I swallowed
again I felt Stan slouch away from me and Todd began to scoop up the cum
that had streaked my face with his finger and began to rub it on my
lips. He then released his grip on my leg and scrambled into position
over my mouth. As he began to push his cock into my mouth I heard Scott
say, "Hey Randy get over here and hold her leg up!" I felt another hand
grasp my calf as Randy (same Randy that was at my other parties)knelt
over me and rubbed his cock over my breast. As Randy and Wayne held up
my legs I could tell Scott was also nearing his orgasm. He was slamming
into me hard and fast... As Scott continued to pound my pussy, Todd
began to piston in and out of my mouth quickly. I could feel his cock
bumping against the back of my mouth. He leaned over me and started to
fuck my mouth and I gagged slightly as his thrusts pushed at the opening
to my throat. Suddenly I felt Scott push deep inside my pussy and he
began to explode. I could feel his cock twitching inside me as he filled
me with his warm sperm. I heard him groan and say "Ahhhh fuck!" as he
slowly pulled his cock from me.
As Scott withdrew his cock I heard Wayne say, "Look at that! Shit
Scott you filled her up!" As Wayne released the grip on my ankle I felt
him kneel between my legs. I could feel him rubbing his cock along my
pussy and as he rubbed it over my clit, I also shivered in orgasm. As I
was moaning with my own orgasm, I felt Todd give one final lunge into my
mouth. Todd pushed the head of his cock into the opening of my throat
and began to erupt. I was surprised at his cock exploding in my throat
and I gagged and coughed around his cock. His thick sperm filled my
mouth and with his cock lodged in my throat, I could not swallow. I
reached up with both hands and pushed him back slightly as his cum
spurted out of my mouth. I continued to gag as I tried to clear my
throat of his sticky load. I heard Randy giggle as he said, "Jesus Todd,
your drowning her!" As I finally disengaged my mouth from Todd's cock, I
gasped for air. I could feel Todd's huge load of cum seeping down my
cheeks and neck. As I lay gasping for air, Randy moved over my head and
turned my face so that he could begin to piston in and out of my mouth.
I felt another cock nudging at my cheek and I glanced to my right to see
Steve ( I didn't know Steve )stroking his cock against my cheek.

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