I grew up in a small town, about an hour north of New York City. I had
spent lots of time with Playboy and Penthouse magazine, but was not really
active sexually through my teens or college years. I mean, I had steady
girlfriends, and had sex, but I wasn't a Casanova type, chasing a different
woman into bed every weekend. When I graduated from college, I started
going down to New York City to visit friends, and just hang out. On one
such trip, I was checking out some hardcore pornography at a newspaper
stand, and noticed Screw Magazine. I opened it up, and thumbed through it,
and was startled to see the blatant advertisements for prostitutes. I
purchased the magazine, and, upon arriving home, began reading, and
checking out the ads in more detail, slowly stroking my cock as I read.
When I got to the last few pages of ads, my eyes popped out of my head.
Transsexuals! This was a first for me. I had never heard of them, let
alone seen one. Here, in black and white, were several pages of them
advertising their services. I spent many nights checking out the pictures
they each had in the paper along with their ads. I started buying TS
magazines, and as I got older, renting TS movies. I spent lots of time in
the Times Square (before the city cleaned it up) bookstores, one of which
had live transsexuals in show booths downstairs. Twenty years have past,
and my minor distraction has become an active desire. The Internet
provides movie clips of whatever you desire, but I was growing dissatisfied
with merely viewing movies. I wanted to have sex with one of these
wonderful, mysterious, erotic creatures. I don't know if there are any
transsexual escorts where I am living now, but I had decided that the next
time I was in a large city, I would find one, and fulfill this long-lived
fantasy. As luck would have it, I had to spend a week in NYC for a
business trade show. As soon as I found out I would be going, my heart
started to pound. I could think of nothing else for the two weeks prior to
my trip. The day arrived, and I drove down to the city. I checked in to
my hotel, and went wandering around the streets and avenues surrounding
Times Square. The peep shows weren't on 42nd street anymore, but they were
within a few blocks. I found a store with T-Girls, and spent several hours
going from booth to booth. I was growing delirious with lust. I had to
have one of them. I settled on one particular woman, and tipped her so she
would slide a dildo up her ass while I watched. I jerked off while
watching this, and shot my load on the window between the booths. I smiled
at the object of my desire and left. After dinner, I decided. That would
give me time to recover so I could enjoy this long-time fantasy coming to
fulfillment. I spent the rest of the day walking around the city. I
didn't need to be at the convention center until 9:00 the next morning, so
I was on my own for the day. Finally, it was dinnertime. After eating, I
returned to my hotel room, showered and dressed. I went to a newsstand not
far from my hotel and picked up a copy of Screw. I returned to my room,
and started reading the current ads. I saw several who looked good, and,
believe it or not, several pictures which I remembered from 20 years ago. I
figured either they were not photos of the girls, or they just didn't
bother updating them. Either way, I passed on those. Finally, I found
one. She was lovely, at least her picture was. She was an ebony goddess.
Her ad said she was 5'4, 115 pounds, 36c 26 36, 9" uncut. She claimed to
be of Brazilian, African American and French ancestry. She went on to
state that she was male to female and was still able to cum. This is it, I
thought to myself, and picked up the phone. A sultry, deep voice answered
and we discussed my reason for calling. She said she did out calls but
preferred me to go to her place. An hour was $150, during which anything
goes, with no limits as to how many times I could cum. I asked if the
picture I was looking at was really her. She told me that I'd only have to
take one look at her and if I wasn't happy with how she looked, I could
just turn around and would leave. I said ok, I would love to see her and
would be at her place in about an hour. I had a drink and tried to calm
down, but my heart was racing as I made my way to my destiny.

I could still back out as she had said, but I realized I would probably
call another girl the next day if I didn't do this one. I rang the bell
and felt terribly nervous. This was it, the moment of truth. The door
opened and I was thrilled by the vision that stood on the threshold. She
looked fabulous, just like the beauties I had looked at in the mags and
videos. She opened the door wider and smiled at me. Not knowing what else
to do I smiled back at her. She invited me in and closed the door. I
thought I heard a bolt being drawn but didn't give it much thought. I
stepped to the side so she could pass me and lead me to a room and closed
the door behind her. She was wearing a white halter-top, with no bra, her
nipples plainly visible through the thin fabric. The halter left about
eight inches of smooth, firm stomach visible above the waist of a red
leather mini skirt, which was maybe 10 or 12 inches from waist to bottom
hem. Red garter straps ran down from underneath her skirt to hold up her
red, seamed thigh high stockings. Her shoes matched the stockings, and the
heels were about six inches, but I was taken by her magnificent derriere.
It jutted out just like most black girls' backsides. I was taking in this
vision of loveliness when she turned to face me wearing a seductive smile
and half-revealing her brilliant white teeth. She then ran her finger
along my cheek to my ear. I jumped and looked at her. She asked if I was
happy, or if I wanted to leave. Not for at least an hour I told her. She
offered me a drink which I accepted, and we discussed what I would like to
do. She said she was able to provide me with whatever fantasy I desired,
but payment was up front. I handed her the cash, and asked if she would
like to take a shower with me. She said she would like that, that most
guys she ends up with haven't showered for hours, and don't smell all that
pleasant. She took my hand, and led me to her bathroom where she asked me
to remove her clothes one piece at a time. When I had her down to shoes,
stockings, garter and panties, which was a red thong, I stood back and
looked at her. My prick was stiff as a board, and my breathing was ragged.
She had a tremendous figure, dark skinned and perfectly shaped with no
trace of a male. I knelt before her, and slowly pulled her thong down over
her garter straps, watching as inch after lovely inch of her wonderful
penis became visible. Once it was all exposed, I gasped. The ad said nine
inches, but had mentioned nothing about its girth. It was huge. I watched
with amazement as it slowly hardened, right before my eyes. When she was
fully erect, it must have been 5.5 or 6 inches around. I moaned, and
flicked the tip of my tongue up the bottom of this wonderful, black prick.
I had to have it, and moved to take it in my mouth. She leaned back
against the sink. 'Ok, now, suck it, boy". I didn't mind being addressed
in that way. In fact, felt thrilled by the dominance in her tone I lost no
time, taking her into my hot mouth. It took me three or four passed up and
down, but I finally succeeded in getting the head of her cock lodged in my
throat. I stayed down on her shaft, using my hands to play with her balls,
which were warm, and hanging, loose and full. After a minute or so, I
started sliding up and down, sometimes all of it, sometimes just a few
inches. I was savouring my first prick-sucking experience as well as my
first shemale experience. I was on my knees for about ten minutes when she
asked if this was how I wanted to spend my entire hour. I got up and we
showered together, and then moved to the bed, and loved sucking her flaccid
prick until she was hard again. I was playing with her tits and inhaling
her freshly-showered scent. I was intoxicated. My prick was rigid, and
rubbing between my belly and the bed as I sucked her massive penis. She
was running her hand through my hair, and pulled my face off her penis,
smiling at me, she got on her knees, and rolled me on my back. My prick
was throbbing with my desire. She smiled at me again, and I could see she
had a lovely row of teeth. She lay on her stomach, and enveloped my prick
sucking her way down my shaft. She came off my prick, and looked up at me.
"You're so excited, I want you to come first so you can fuck me good," she

I was in her control whether she realized it or not. I would have done
anything she wanted. She went back down on my prick, slowly sliding her
hand up and down my wet shaft behind her lips. Very slowly she worked,
flicking her tongue along the shaft as she went, flicking it across my
gland as she came to the top. I started to squirm, and she sucked me all
the way into her mouth, her nose was buried in my pubic hair. She had her
hands under my arse, she was pulling me into her. I could not have been
deeper into her mouth. Then it happened. I exploded. I had an orgasm the
likes of which I had never experienced. She had inserted two fingers into
my anus and was actively massaging my prostate. It felt like I came for
ten minutes, pumping rope after rope of spunk into the air, and she lowered
her head to catch it into her mouth. Once I was finished, she pulled her
fingers out of me, and slowly slid her lips off my glistening prick. I was
gasping for breath as she pulled it off, holding it tip down. She had the
tip, which contained my spunk, in her mouth, and was flicking her tongue
and lips around it telling me she loves spunk, but only from people she
knows are safe. I could relate to that, so I smiled. She then asked me it
I had ever swallowed spunk. I replied, telling her hers was the first
prick I had sucked. "Well then, open up, boy." She climbed onto me
kneeling over my chest and rammed her huge thing into my mouth and began
fucking it. I was frightened, and a bit ashamed at myself but let her pump
her penis in my mouth. I kept my eyes on her, looking at her breasts and
beautiful face just to keep myself feeling assured she was female and not a
male in the proper sense. And then she ejaculated. I was surprised and
grateful that I found the taste all right. In fact, I enjoyed it. I
rolled it around my mouth, savouring the bitter, salty taste. She watched
me as I did this, smirking behind half lidded eyes. "I love to watch men
swallow my own spunk," she said, rocking her hips so her prick and balls
rubbed on my chest. I reached across and took her penis in both hands,
feeling it's satiny hardness and warmth. "I want to stick my prick up your
arse now," she said, licking her lips as she looked into my eyes. I told
her yes, but I was scared stiff. I sort of guessed it would hurt, besides,
not being a homo as such, I didn't think I'd like that big female penis
shoved up my arse. I played it off and said I wanted to suck her prick
again. "Very good, my little slut" she smiled, and shoved her still-hard
organ back into my mouth driving her hips slowly back and forth.

I was now lying on my side, with her kneeling over me, on her elbows and
knees. My head was between her knees and elbows, on my side. She was
fucking my face as if she were doing someone doggy style. I was motionless
as her prick slid in and out of my stretched lips, and down my throat. I
could see her balls swaying back and forth with her motion. I told her I
wanted to taste her again; I wanted her to come in my mouth again. She sat
back on her heals, and told me for another $250, we could do the entire
hour bareback. I quickly handed her the cash, and I engulfed it, making it
a part of my mouth. I could feel the smooth, hot skin and the blood-filled
veins sliding up and down her shaft as she fucked my mouth. She used me
like that for about ten minutes, finally telling me she was going to come
and asking if she should shoot right in my mouth, or pull out and jerk off
on my face. I replied by moving my hands to her wonderful buttocks and
pulling her deeper down my throat. I sucked for all I was worth, using one
hand to gently squeeze her balls. I moved one finger to her tight rear
hole and applied gentle pressure. I felt something wet on my finger, and
realized she had squirted lubrication on it. I then slipped easily inside
her warm anus and pressed against her prostate this time. She told me that
was it, and grabbed the sides of my head, pulling out until just the head
of her prick was in my mouth. She slid her hand up and down her thick
shaft. Her head was back and her mouth open emitting a lustful moan. I
felt the splash hit the roof of my mouth seconds later, to be quickly
followed by three more. She started fucking my mouth again, driving in and
out the full length of her meat. I pushed gently, and she backed off. I
sat up and swallowed, looking at her as I did so. "You're pretty good for
a first timer," she commented. She grinned showing me her flashing white
teeth again, then her tongue came out to run over her thick lips, then
pushed me down on my back, took my penis in her hot mouth and sucked up and
down several times. She then squatted over me, with her hands on my chest.
She bent her thighs, and my cock penetrated her arse, with her still hard
cock standing proud against her stomach. I switched my attention from my
penis disappearing into her anus and her prick jutting up from her patch of
pubic hair. I could feel the pressure build, and I guess she was able to
see it on my face, because she raised herself off my cock and said "Oh no,
not yet, we still have time left. "Roll over" she instructed, and once I
was on my stomach, she pulled my hips up so I was on my elbows and knees. I
then felt her tongue on my anus, and almost came as she stuck the tip into
my rosebud. "I'm going to fuck you, boy" she said, "let me know if it
hurts but I won't be stopping".

I felt the cold lubricant hit my arse, then one, and then another finger
found its way inside me. She moved them around and in and out, loosening
me up for her big prick. Her fingers withdrew to be replaced with her
mushroom-shaped crown. I felt gentle pressure, and she told me to relax,
then the pressure increased. She grabbed my hips for leverage, and kept
pushing. I was trying to let myself stretch and admit her; I wanted to
feel her inside me. Finally, my sphincter let loose, and the head popped
inside. It felt like I was being torn apart. My rectum and anus were
screaming in pain. "You have to relax, let it stretch. It should only
take about five or ten seconds," she grunted. I took deep breaths, and to
my surprise, quickly stretched to accommodate her. She then started slowly
ploughing deeper and deeper. She would push in about two or three inches,
stop for a few seconds, and then pull out. She would then push in a few
more inches, and so on, until I felt her balls slapping my upper-thighs.
Once she was all the way inside me she pressed herself to me, getting the
last half-inch inside my stretched rectum. "You like that, don't you? You
love big pricks up your arse. I may be the first and maybe the last.?" I
didn't register the meaning of her words being so engrossed in the process
of being fucked by a gorgeous she-male. I had to admit, I loved it, the
feel of her thick long prick and the huge head as it moved inside me. She
began to pump in and out. Each time she pulled out, she pulled all the way
out, so I had to stretch to take her again. After a few strokes this was
no longer an issue as my passage stayed open long enough for her to bury it
inside me again. She fucked me for fifteen minutes, and then told me she
was going to come again. I scrambled off her prick, turned, and took her
in my mouth, wanting to taste her again. This time, she drove her cock
down my throat, pumping her juice directly into my stomach. As her final
shudders rocked her, I pulled off, and gasped for breath. She lay back,
panting, out of breath from her second orgasm. I put her legs over my
shoulders, squirted some lube on my penis, and put it at the entrance to
her hot rectum. I slowly pressed in, not sure how to do it. "You have to
push harder to get past my arsehole, boy," she instructed. "Yes, Miss," I
replied with the sense that I was her sex-slave rather that a client.

I moved closer to her, and pressed my hips forward, hard. I felt her
anus give way and my prick entered her with a jerk. I shouted. I had
never felt anything like it. Her arse was tighter than any pussy I had
ever fucked, and her rectum was hotter as well. I could not control
myself. I was ploughing in and out of her as fast as I could; driving
myself to the hilt each time I entered her. Faster and faster I moved,
striving towards the orgasm I had to have. It only took about twenty
strokes. Then it hit me. My spunk, which had been bubbling like a
cauldron, burst from me. It was like a long piece of knotted string being
drawn through my vitals. That fantastic sensation tore through me like a
forest fire spreading from my groin down to my toes and up to every folicle
of my hair. As I was sent soaring to the heavens she suddenly reached out
and put both hands to my throat. I was too flabbergasted to to react. My
whole system was whirling in that sensational vortex. I gazed at her
beautiful face. I saw her eyes holding a set grim expression. Then, in a
flash, she turned me over onto my back. I was still impaling her, my prick
still pouring and jetting into her rectum. Her thumbs squeezed my
windpipe, her fingers gripped my neck vice-like. I didn't have the
strength. She had sucked it from me like a Delilah. She strangled me
while I was still spurting my spunk. My last sight was her evil but
beautiful face and her fabulous breasts. One question hammered in my dying
senses: why? But only my spirit knew the answer.

Once I was dead, she lifted herself off me, my hard prick came out of
her with a soft plop. She quickly left me and returned with a knife. With
one or two quick strokes she cut off my genitals and went and placed them
into a small metal pan half full of water. She lit the gas ring and came
back to me, a lifeless corpse. With her strength undiminished by her
sexual excesses, she lifted me up and took me down to her cellar and put me
into a large deep-freeze cabinet. It was obvious what she intended to do.
I was lying on hard-frozen pieces of human limbs. Oh my heavens, I'm going
to be eaten...and by a beautiful, black big-cocked she-male!!!

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