Transformed Brother, Lesbian Sister

"I swear to God, that brother of mine is the most
worthless creature on this planet!"
Lisa Thomas was about ready to toss a Ming Dynasty vase through
the patio doors when her roomate and business partner, Lynn Horton
grabbed it from behind.
"Whoa, there! What's gotten you pissed off enough to break a
$15,000 antique?"
It took Lisa a few minutes to calm down and talk rationally, so
Lynn replaced the vase on it's pedestal and made them both a cup of tea.
"My brother Bob just called collect from a train station in
France. He's broke and wants me to send him money." Her eyes flashed
at the mention of her brother's name.
"What? Why does he need your money? It's only been two years
since you received your inheritances. He couldn't have blown $750,000
in that short a time!"
Two years previously Lisa and Bob's parents were killed by a drunk
driver while coming home from a charity function. As a result of their
mother's real estate business and father's successful medical practice
they shared equally in a substantial inheritance and insurancesettlement.
"It seems that while I invested my money wisely in Dad's medical
clinic and your music management firm, my brother was getting laid and
stoned while playing with some rock band called `Doggy Style'!"
Bob's only skill, as least as far as Lisa could see, was an
uncanny ability on the electric guitar.
"What are you going to do? Send him the cash, or turn him down
and teach him a lesson?" Lynn refilled their teacups.
"Tell you the truth, I'd like to let him rot over there until he's
desperate enough to get a real job and earn his airfare home! But I
guess I'll send the little shit a plane ticket. If I sent him cash he'd
probably just buy drugs with it."
"Does he know about the new developments in your life?" Lynn asked
"Um,! I haven't told him," Lisa giggled as Lynn handed her
the refilled cup. "But he'll be in no position to make a stink. He'll
be under my roof, living by my rules!"
There was a hint of triumph in her tone.
Lynn sat on the leather sofa and put her arm around Lisa. Lisa
snuggled down into the cushions and purred contentedly.
"I can't wait to see your brother's reaction when he finds out his
big sister is a dyed in the wool lesbian!"

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