The Video Booth

For the third weekend in a row Philip sat alone in his living room
watching a porn tape that he had rented from the local video
outlet. It was your typical adult flick -- a sultry blonde, on her
knees, giving head to a well-endowed stud. The plot was non-
existent and the action was pretty repetitive. It would never be a
contender for an Academy Award, but then it was enough to give
Philip a raging hardon - a hardon that was now straining for
As Philip's right hand started towards his zipper in preparation
for completing that time-honored practice of solitary males, he
changed his mind and abruptly stood up. "There has got to be a
better way," he thought. He'd been jerking off for the last three
weeks, ever since Katherine had given him the ultimatum "marry me
or else!" and he had balked. The clash was brief, intense and
final. She was out the door, and his love life was reduced evening
sessions with his fist. While the handjobs initially met his needs
for release, it was now apparent that he wanted more. A nice tight
pussy would be ideal, but a set of pink lips would almost be as
He shut the TV off just as the blonde's face was being hosed down
in a cum shower by the dick she had been so enthusiastically
devouring. "See you later honey," he mused, "but if I'm lucky
tonight I ain't gonna be seeing you until a hell of a lot later!"
Phillip drove his delapidated Chevy down town, and to the crummy
bar that he normally went to. He stopped there for an hour or so,
but after seeing that no female action was going to happen that
night, he slammed down a few drinks, then got back in his car and
drove into the red-light district of town, and into the parking lot
of an X-rated sex shop. He'd meant to try this place many times,
but had never gotten around to stopping in before.
He walked into the seedy place, and wrinkled his nose at the smell
of sweat and old sprem. What a dump, he thought as he looked
around. He was startled by a voice behind hime. Looking around he
saw the proprietor, a man about 50 who looked bored. He said, "you
want tokens?"
Phillip didn't know what he meant by 'tokens' so just shrugged his
shoulders and took out his wallet. He handed ove a couple of $20's
and said, "where do you use tokens her?"
The proprietor led Phillip to the back of the store and pointed to
a line of satin covered booths against the wall. Pointing at a
metal box on the outside of the booth closest to them he said.
After fumbling in the dark, Philip was finally able to locate a
coin slot, and he dutifully fed all 15 coins into it, but not
without some difficulty caused by his less than sober state.
"They're in. What now?" Philip asked.
"Here let me find one," said the guy as his hands pushed past
Philip and started beeping away on the channel selectors. "Ah, this
is a good one, Oral Annie, the Queen of Cum.' That'll be perfect."
As Philip stared at the lurid picture that was coming onto the
screen and contemplated the suckjob his dick was about to receive,
his momentary stupor was interrupted by the sensation of two very
strong hands taking hold of his shoulders and exercising a
considerable amount of force towards the floor.
"Whoa, what the fuck's the matter with you?" blurted Philip, as he
lost balance and crashed knees first onto the floor. "Ouch, Dammit,
what the fuh?" Philip's last sentence was cut off when his head was
slammed into the wall of the booth by a blonde stranger.
"Don't get cute with me, faggot! You wanted cock and now you're
gonna get it. I hate it when shits like you try to play cutesy." At
that moment the hand that was firmly entangled in his hair was
joined by an arm pressed firmly across his throat, seriously
impairing his ability to breath. "Are we gonna be nice sweetie? Or
am I gonna have to knock you out and fuck your face while you're
lying on the floor?"
Smack! The hand that had captured Philip's head had left its
position and been hurled with considerable force across Philip's
right cheek. "That's just a little sample, you bitch. Now stay down
there while I get ready to feed you supper," snarled the almost
disembodied voice above Philip's head.
Still foggy from his night of drinking, the brown-haired man,
normally a guy who could handle himself, found himself staring off
into the distance as the crotch of a pair of jeans materialized in
front of his face. "Don't worry cocksucker, it'll be out in a
second" is all that Philip head over the soundtrack of the porno
flick, as the blond guy's hand started fumbling with the zipper in
front of Philip's face.
It was almost surreal as Philip watched the guy's large hands snag
a hold of the zipper's tab and pull it down to the bottom. It still
didn't make any sense to Philip as he watched the guy's belt
unbuckle and fall around the blonde man's ankles with his jeans.
And his alcohol clouded brain, still in a state of shock by the
recent turn of events, couldn't really assess the gravity of the
situation as the white underwear in front of him disappeared before
his very eyes.
"What the fuck are you waiting for, an engraved invitation?" was
all that Philip heard before his head was grabbed by two unseen
hands and jammed into the crotch in front of him.
The shock of having a dick, balls and pubic hair smashed up
against his face started to galvanize him into action. But it was
already too late. Almost before he could react, his mouth was
forced open by a thumbnail wedged into the side of his jaw, and a
large, soft penis was shoved inside of his mouth. At the same time
his left ear was wracked with pain as one of the hands left his
head and started twisting the ear with determination.
"Listen shit-head, you got what you came for in your mouth, and
you better not do anything to it other than to suck on it. Got it?
Cause if I feel any teeth, or if you try to pull off of it, I'm
gonna rip off your head and shit down your throat. Now, blow me
Disoriented and defeated by the bewildering turn of events Philip
now felt his mouth almost automatically begin to suck on the penis
that was now occupying his mouth. He couldn't believe this was
happening to him. Here he was kneeling inside of a porno shop's
video booth, lit by the light from a porno flick, sucking on
another man's cock. It was totally humiliating and completely
As he knelt there before the male who had forced his cock into
Philip's mouth, he started to become aware of his new reality. He
realized that two hands were holding onto the back of his head, and
gently motioning it in a forwards and backwards rhythm. Philip
could also feel the stranger's cock responding to his oral
ministrations by hardening and lengthening. The cock was also
moving back and forth, but in a counter rhythm to the one that was
controlling his head. "He's fucking my face!"
Looking down on the prostrate form of the faggot in front of him,
the 32 year old couldn't believe his good fortune. A little show of
force had been all that was required to his dick into the guy's
mouth. He was still a bit puzzled by the initial resistance, since
he was under the impression that no persuasion was ever necessary
for cocksuckers; but the important thing was that the guy was now
gobbling his meat without protest. His friends had been right,
these guys really did suck cock. He was particularly surprised that
this particular guy was chomping on his meat, since he never
imagined that such a straight looking dude would turn out to be a
By now Philip's entire world had been reduced to a cock, a set of
balls, pubic hair, the odors of a man's crotch and a series of
seemingly disembodied commands and exhortations from above. "That's
the way, faggot! Eat that meat. Ah yeah, man, keep sucking my
joint. Damn! Ahhh, yes! You like that meat, dontcha, huh? Mmmmm,
this is what you were born for. That's right cocksucker, your mouth
was made for my dick. Keep sucking. Use that tongue! I want to feel
it lapping my pecker. Suck harder, man. Use those lips! Take more
in, dammit! Ahhh, good boy! Open up some more. I gotta get me some
throat, man. Yeah, that's the way. Mmmmmm, nice. How's it feel to
have a man's cock in your mouth? Bet it feels good, doesn't it?
Huh? Yeah I can tell you're loving every minute of it. Ohhh,
yeahhhh! Betcha can't wait 'til I cum in your mouth? Huh? Mmmmm,
Yeah, bet you've got a hardon just thinking about the load that I'm
gonna give you? You want me to cum in your mouth, right? That's
what its all about. Right? Bet your tastebuds can't wait 'til I
drown your tongue in with a load of hot balljuice? Huh, Right baby?
Ahhh, yes. Keep on sucking!"
Philip had lost all ability to resist, and found himself
mindlessly respond-ing to each exhortation and command from the
stud who was raping his mouth. Contrary to his tormentor's claims,
Philip's cock was not hard. He was completely defeated and totally
under the control of the horny blond above him.
Kneeling in the flickering light of the video booth, Philip
mentally surrendered to the demands of the cock that had seized
control of his mouth.
A quickening of the pace at which the blonde's cock was ravaging
his mouth, coupled with some telltale body language from the
tormentor's torso, momentarily broke through Philip's stupor. "Oh
shit, he's about to cum!" But any effort to pull off of that dick
was short circuited by the tightening grip at the back of Philip's
head, and the sound of those awful words "I'm gonna cum faggot.
This is what you came here for, bitch. You better swallow every
fuckin' drop! Ahhhhhhhhh, shit! Take it cocksucker!"
And with those words ringing in his ears Philip felt the cock
within his mouth begin shooting hot cum in his hitherto virgin
orifice. Thick streams of goo poured out of the blonde's dick
directly into the unable to resist mouth. Some shot directly down
his throat, while other ejaculations hit the roof of his mouth, the
insides of his cheeks, and most shocking of all, the tastebud
covered surface of Philip's tongue.
Philip had never tasted cum before, not even his own. To have the
balljuice of another male inside of his mouth was the ultimate
humiliation. A few seconds earlier this load of scum had been
churning inside the body of another male, and now that male had
forcibly deposited it inside of his mouth. His mouth was nothing
other than a cunt for the guy standing before him. He had been
transformed into a sperm receptacle, no different than a pussy or a
fist for that matter.
As the viscous white male fluid filled his mouth his ears were
invaded by that omnipresent voice "Swallow it damn you! Take my
load, now. It's dinner time!" And Philip found himself dutifully
swallowing the load that had covered every inch of his mouth.
"Ahhhh, yeah. That's the way. Gulp that juice down. Uh huh! Ahhh,
that's a good cocksucker. Mmmmm, I bet you had more fun swallowing
than I did cumming, right? Huh, is that right cumsucker. It takes a
big cock and a big load to satisfy a big faggot like you! Well, its
all yours, sweety. That's right, take it all! Ahhhh, yeah. And
don't forget to lick that dick clean. It took a lot of work for me
to make that load. You wouldn't want to waste any would you?"
Kneeling on the floor with the blond stranger's cock firmly
planted between his lips, Philip could only respond to each of the
commands and directives of the stud above him. Every damn bit of
the stud's cream was sent down Philip's throat to mingle with the
remnants of the beer that still exercised its influence over the
disoriented and uncharacteristically compliant male. He found
himself gently nursing on the tip of the cock and milking the
length of its shaft with his lips as he obeyed the blond stud's
command to swallow every drop. Each and every bit of the cock's
surface was thoroughly licked by Philip's obedient tongue, and
every sperm that the tongue captured was taken into his throat and
As he finished up swallowing the last remnants of semen that had
been so ruthlessly deposited by the cock that had successfully
occupied his mouth, the awful realization of what he had just done
started to sink into Philip's alcohol fogged brain. He had stopped
off at the porno shop in order to get blown and had ended up being
forced to give head to the guy who was supposed to blow him. And
now here he was, kneeling in front of some total stranger, still
nursing the guy's softening dick in his mouth after having
swallowed the guy's load. It just didn't make any sense. How the
hell had this happened?
Philip's question never did get to be answered because his chain
of though was
abruptly interrupted by the withdrawal of that penis from his
accompanied by the voice that had tormented him during his ordeal.
faggot, isn't it about time that you showed your appreciation for
dinner? Come now, give it a thank you kiss From

Realizing what was about to happen, Philip lurched forwards in a
frantic effort to get onto his feet. But pulling off such a
maneuver when starting from a kneeling position, in a dimly lit,
confined space while still partially under the influence of alcohol
was no easy accomplishment. Trying to do it while being shoved down
from above was simply impossible.
"Where do you think you're going, cocksucker?" is what Philip heard
as his upward movement was abruptly stopped by a collision with the
torso of the guy who had just abused him. Philip's ability to move
was further impeded when the blonde's body was shoved into his face
by some as of yet unseen force.
"Take it easy, Rob! You trying to kill me? He's still here. He
ain't going anywhere. Stop shoving!"
Squished against the wall of the video booth a horrifying
realization hit Philip like a two by four. "Oh, no! There's another
one! Driven by a fear driven spurt of adrenaline, Philip again
shoved himself forward in a desperate attempt to escape from the
rape chamber, but this heroic effort was also stopped by another
stinging slap in the face followed by the combined downward shove
of two strong males. "Don't mind him, Rob. He's a little reluctant
at first, but he turns into a world class cocksucker once you get
your dick in his mouth." "Hey, princess, I got another dick for
you. I doubt if it will taste as good as mine (he chuckled), but
I'm sure you'll enjoy it anyhow. Hold on Rob, let me load the
machine with some quarters. It's nice watching some pussy on the
screen while our fag friend here sucks you off. He's good, but the
video made it a hell of a lot better. Here it look's like this
machine takes bills. Slip this five into it. That should give you
plenty to watch while the fairy princess here takes care of your
magic wand."
"It's kinda tight in here, and I think you'd rather be alone with
the sword swallower. I'll wander around for awhile and come back
after she's been fed." With that the door opened, closed, and was
then latched shut. Philip dreaded what was coming next.
Looking upwards for the first time since Rob had entered the
booth, Philip saw that this guy was around his age, if not a year
or two younger, maybe as young as 25. His hair was quite dark,
either black or very dark brown; it was impossible to tell in the
weird light coming out of the video screen. He must have been
around 5' 7" tall, and appeared to have a heavy five o'clock
shadow. He had a medium build and was wearing an opened collared
pullover shit.
Philip's inventory of Rob was suddenly terminated when he suddenly
asked, "Well, what the fuck are you waiting for? Do you get off
getting slapped in the face? Take it out. Blow me!"
Resigned to his fate and hoping to end the ordeal as swiftly as
possible, Philip reached out and grabbed a hold of the tab on Rob's
zipper. Just as he was about to start it on its dreaded journey
down, his hand was snatched away. "Nah, no way! If you want that
dick, you're gonna have to work for it. None of this hand shit. Use
your teeth. I wanna see you work for it. Go on ...."
Frustrated and overcome by despair, Philip felt his head
voluntarily moving forwards towards the zipper that was centered
over the crotch that totally encompassed his field of vision. A few
seconds later he felt his teeth come into contact with the zipper's
tab, and found himself snagging the tab between his teeth. And
almost on its own he felt his head pulling downward as he attempted
to fulfill the humiliating and vile directive of the voice from
above. "Yeah, that's the ticket!" laughed Rob. "Karl was right. All
you needed was a little bit of encouragement. Well, keep up the
good work. Your reason for living is right inside these pants.
You'll be sucking on it in a minute." Philip completed the
degrading task 15 seconds later, after having overcome one area of
resistance two-thirds of the way down the fly. A firm tug of the
teeth had overcome the resistance. His tormentor's fly now gaped
open before him. He knew what was coming next.
"Very good!" intoned the exaggerated voice of Karl as he proceeded
to mockingly rub Philip on top of the head. "You deserve a reward
for doing such a nice job, and I'm gonna give it to you. Keep
Once again Philip was forced to watch as two seemingly disembodied
hands unbuckled a belt, unbuttoned a pair of jeans, and pulled them
down past his knees. The only difference between this act and
Karl's earlier performance, was Rob's removal of both his jeans and
his shorts at the same time. "See, I thought I'd save you some
work! There it is. Take a good look at it, cause the next time you
see it will be after it's dumped a load into your stomach. Go
ahead, look at it." What else could Philip do. There it was. His
fate was staring him in the face. Unlike Karl's dick, this one was
uncircumcised. But like Karl's dick it was about to take up
residence in his very unwilling mouth. "Okay cocksucker. Enough of
the admiration. It's time to chow down" was all that Philip heard
as the dreaded, but familiar, sensation of hands on the back of his
head returned. "Open up" came next as those firm hands guided his
compliantly opened mouth onto the still erect phallus. "Ah, we've
docked successfully captain. We'll be unloading into cargo bay four
shortly," chortled Rob, thoroughly pleased with his own wit. "Start
sucking, cocksucker, and make sure you use a lot of tongue. I wanna
feel tongue, and lots of it, especially on the head." And with that
last exhortation, Philip felt his face being pulled completely
forward until his lips' downward trip was stopped by a collision
with the hair enshrouded base of Rob's dick. Obediently responding
to the sick directive to use his tongue, and desperately hoping to
make this mercifully quick, Philip unleashed a savage tongue
assault on every portion of Rob's now stiffening cock. He tried to
put the whole scene out of his mind as he sucked and tongue
frantically on the second cock that had been stuck in his mouth
this horrible night.
Standing above the kneeling hunk before him, Rob was astounded by
the seeming enthusiasm Philip displayed while giving him head and
thought "Shit! That Karl was right. This faggot was reluctant at
first, but once I got my dick inside of him, he turned into a wild
man! I gotta remember to thank Mike for telling us about this
place. I've been blown plenty of times before by women, but no one
has ever gobbled my meat with such enthusiasm. Now I know why Mike
comes to this place."
Judging by the rapidity with which Rob's cock inflated to its full
length, Philip realized that his strategy was working. Rob was at
full mast and groaning. "Ah yeah, suck that cock man! This is
fantastic!! Eat it cocksucker! Ohhh, dammit! Yes, that tongue, that
tongue. Lick me baby. Work it on the head. Yes, that's how to do
it. Don't stop! More lips, more lips! Grab that shaft with those
cocksucking lips! What a grip! I feel like I'm stuck in a fucking
vise! You're the best! Eat me!!!"
With his head held in a lust-driven death grip by his crazed
attacker, Philip knew that it was only a matter of time before he
was forced to eat his second load of semen. The thought of
swallowing another load of juice from a man was appalling, but he
knew he had no choice, and he knew the sooner he did it the sooner
his ordeal would end. In a desperate attempt to end the blowjob,
Philip found his left hand stroking Rob's testicles while his right
hand was inexplicably wandering over Rob's abdomen. The results
were instantaneous.
"I'm cunning cocksucker! Suck it! Take my load! Eat me raw you
asshole! Ah, nuts I can't hold it back! Ahhhhhh"
With a sudden heave Rob's turgid cock began firing its cum salvoes
into seemingly anxious mouth below him. And for the second time in
his life, Philip felt the warm sensation of hot semen as it leaped
out of Rob's cock and started to fill his mouth. "I hate this"
thought Philip as he began to fulfill the final part of his
obligation -- swallowing the thick load of another male, a male who
was smaller than him, but a male who had his rod firmly planted
inside of Philip's unwilling lips.
"Yes baby, eat that gunk! It's dinner time, bitch! Yes, take it
all. Suck it dry faggot! There's four days of cum shooting outta my
cock. You better not miss a drop!" And swallow he did. Every bit of
cum that flew out of Rob's piss slit, either shot directly down his
throat or was scooped up by Philip's ceaselessly lapping tongue.
Mindlessly following Rob's orders, Philip felt his lips clamping
around the base of Rob's cock and repeatedly milking the length of
the shaft in order to extract any sperm that failed to make it into
Philip's mouth during the initial ejaculations. He also felt his
tongue cleaning the entire surface area of this second cock. His
focus on completing his assignment was so intense that he failed to
hear the knock on the video booth door followed by Karl's whispered
voice "Rob, you done yet?" "Yeah, the faggot's just licking up the
last drops. What a fucking blowjob! I've never had head like that"
whispered Rob as he unsnapped the latch to the booth. "He's
unfucking believable!" "Guess who I found in the magazine section?
Yeah, its Mike!" were the words that brought Philip back to
reality. These dreaded words were immediately followed by a very
familiar voice, saying "Hey, Rob! How's it hanging? Karl says you
guys found the world's best cocksucker. Mind if I try him out?"
"Could this night get any worse?" thought Philip. That voice
belonged to his friend Mike. The same Mike who had told him about
the video booth blow jobs in the first place. The same Mike who
went with him to a football game each year. The same Mike who he
had camped out with last year on that wilderness hike. "What a
fucking disaster!"
Determined to save what little pride he still possessed, Philip
swiftly lowered his head and allowed Rob's softening, and totally
clean, cock to flop out into the air. "Ahhh that was truly a blow
job and a half" beamed Rob. "Hey Mike, get your ass in here and
whip out your dick. I'm sure precious here will jump at the chance
to go down on it. Ain't that right, sweety?" Determined at all
costs to keep his identity secret from his friend, Philip did the
unexpected and nodded. "I'll be damn. She's no longer Miss Coy.
Step inside my friend. Your dick is in for a real treat!" With his
eyes lowered to the floor, Philip watched with sheer despondency as
the feet of his friend came into view, and stopped directly under
his gaze. As the now all too familiar latch was pulled into place,
Philip heard the distinctive sound of a zipper being lowered -- a
lowering he could see directly in front of his face. Unlike the
others, Mike was too anxious to go through the entire pants and
shorts removal ritual. He wanted head and he wanted it now. Philip
watched as the hand of his longtime friend reached inside of his
black pants and fished out his partially stiff penis. "Go for it,
man. You know you want it. It's yours." In marked contrast to Karl
and Rob, Mike was almost polite as he moved his dick up against
Philip's partially opened lips. "Here it is man." Embarrassed
beyond measure, yet determined to preserve his friendship at all
costs, Philip parted his lips and allowed Mike's stiffening cock to
enter his twice violated orifice. "This is just too weird" thought
Philip. "How can I suck off a friend of mine?" "The first two were
clearly rapes. I might be able to stop this, but there's no way on
earth to explain this situation to Mike. Hell, I've got his dick in
my mouth now."
As these conflicting thoughts struggled for ascendancy in Philips's
now almost lucid brain, he felt the familiar thrust of a rutting
male as Mike began sliding his now totally erect cock in and out of
Philip's unresisting mouth. Having accepted the fact that he had no
other options, Philip elected to embark on the same route he had
used with Rob -- an intense oral assault on Mike's cock in order to
get him out of his sight as soon as possible. This was truly an
abomination, but it was the only way to end it. Make was startled
by the intense oral assault that was suddenly unleashed against his
cock. The faggot below him had started beating the hell outta
Mike's dick with his tongue. He was repeatedly impaling himself on
Mike's shaft, using very heavy lip action, and had a hand inside of
his shorts working on his nuts. Mike had never experienced such an
enthusiastic blowjob at the video store before. This guy obviously
loved to suck cock. Abandoning his normally reserved manner during
these video booth blowjobs, Mike responded to the faggot's oral
onslaught with alacrity, enthusiastically riding the cocksucker's
face and repeatedly burying his bone inside of the sucker's throat.
"Damn you're unbelievable man. This is great. Man it feels so good.
Thanks a lot man, I've never been eaten like this. Please don't
stop." Philip continued and even intensified his oral attack on
Mike's now steel-like hardon. With dogged determination to see this
through to the bitter end, Philip began a series of intense head
pistoning, riding up and down the entire length of Mike's stiff
meat, with only the corona of his cockhead stopping his upward
sucks, and collisions with Mike's pubic bone stopping his downward
sucks. He was actually doing deep throat on the cock of one of his
best friends. The absurdity of the situation was simply beyond
comprehension. As with Rob before, Mike was simply incapable of
holding back under the fierce onslaught of Philip's tongue, lips
and suction. His dickhead exploded as a large volume of freshly
manufactured man syrup flooded the mouth of the seemingly eager
homo below him. "I'm cumming, man! Here it is. I'm giving it up.
You got it all" is what Philip heard as his buddy's stiff dick
began spray painting his tongue and tonsils with semen. "There's
only one final thing to do in to end this," thought Philip, as he
began to ingest the scum that was pouring out of the slot of
friend's rod.
And swallow he did. He completely impaled himself on Mike's
erection, trying to insure that most, if not all of his cum went
directly into his throat. This was truly degrading, but he somehow
felt that this was less humiliating than having Mike's sperm all
over his mouth.
Standing above him, Mike was pleasantly surprised by the faggot's
The clenching throat muscles were particularly enjoyable as they
gripped his
spewing faucet. "This guy is really good." I hope I run into him
next time
I'm here." Philip's strategy proved to be largely successful. After
minute he felt Mike start to withdraw his cock from Philip's well-
practiced mouth. Although he really didn't want to do it., Philip
realized that Mike's dick had to be cleaned. And so it was
dutifully nursed and tended to by Philip's tongue before being
given its freedom. Almost by rote Philip found himself pushing his
head forward again, kissing the head of Mike's sleeping cock, and
uttering the words "Thanks a lot man." He couldn't get any lower
than that -- he just wanted it to end.. "Catch you around, dude.
You really were great. Thanks a lot. Any time you want this dick,
it's yours man. I mean it. I'm gonna sleep like a baby tonight.
Bye! See you around" were the last things Philip heard as his
friend left the video booth and disappeared leaving Philip alone on
his knees in the now darkened booth.

As Philip knelt alone on the floor in the darkness of the video
booth waiting for sufficient time to pass for Mike to leave the
adult video store, he still couldn't figure out how this awful
chain of events had come to pass. He had entered the store hoping
for a quick and anonymous blowjob from a nameless faggot, but had
somehow been overpowered and forced to suck off three guys,
including his good friend Mike. It had truly been a disgusting and
humiliating ordeal, an ordeal of which he was constantly reminded
by the taste of semen that remained in his mouth, and the recurring
memories of the three cocks that had materialized in front of his
face and then been thrust into his unwilling mouth. He just
couldn't shake the images of those three dicks as each had emerged
from the darkness and then disappeared into his mouth. Nor could he
forget the endless barrage of verbal commands from the three males
who h ad dumped their loads into his mouth. The memory of being
repeatedly called "cocksucker" really galled him.
He still couldn't quite figure out how he had been overpowered by
the first guy or why he hadn't been able to successfully resist
what turned out to be a prolonged and repeated session of oral
rape. The memory of being forced to kiss the cockhead of his first
rapist, and then having to unzip the fly of his second rapist with
his teeth haunted him. Compliantly blowing his buddy Mike in order
to protect his own identity was just too much. Swallowing Mike's
cum, the taste of which still lingered in his mouth, had to be the
ultimate humiliation. Philip's still limp dick reminded him that he
had hated every minute of it. It was simply overwhelming.
The words "Damn, you're one hot cocksucker" quickly snapped him
back t o reality. "I almost blew my load just watching you suck
those three studs" the disembodied voice continued. "And I know
that would have pissed you off! Here, I saved it all for you! Come
on, man, suck it!" urged the voice. Turning his head to the side
Mike saw a guy's hardon advance threateningly towards him through a
hole in the wall just next to his face. The hole was a little
larger than the cock that was filling it. And in the distance
Philip heard the stressed voice of a male plead, "Come on, go for
it, cocksucker.
Put your lips on it, man. I'll feed you a load you'll never forget"
The threat posed by this encounter with yet another cock was just
too much for Philip. He bolted in a panic towards the door of the
video booth. Philip lurched into t he darkened hallway outside of
the site of his oral rape only to collide with one of the horny
males who lingered outside of the booths looking for a sexual
encounter or trying to decide which movie to watch while beating
off. "Hey, watch it! Asshole" echoed in Philip's ear as he p lowed
past other patrons in a determined effort to get away from the
booth and the fourth cock that threatened him. He had to get out of
What followed was almost a comedy of errors as the 27 year old
brown-h aired hunk made a series of anxiety driven random turns as
he struggled to escape from the maze of video booths and the lust-
filled patrons. After ending up in several dead ends Philip fin
ally regained his composure, found his bearings and started moving
towards the brightly lit merchandise section of the adult shop.
His escape was interrupted by a firm hand on his left shoulder
and the hated words "Hey you fucking cocksucker, what about my god
damn blow job? Ain't my dick good enough for ya, or do you like to
get slapped around a bit first? Get in there" And with that Philip
felt himself being shoved towards the open door of another video
booth. "Once I get it in your mouth you'll thank me."
This time the 6' 2" the brown hairdo, hazel eyed, virtually sober
male was in a position to resist this latest effort to violate his
mouth. "No fuckin' way you fuckin ' pervert," Philip bellowed as he
slammed his fist into the unprepared stomach of his attacker. "Suck
y our own fucking cock, asshole!" Philip heard himself shout as he
hurled his horny adversary headfirst into the darkened booth. "I've
had enough of this fuckin' shit!" His startled attacker, a 36 year
old off-duty cop, who had been sporting a hardon ever since he had
peeked through the glory hole and watched Philip get shoved to his
knees and force fed cock by the blond rapist Karl, felt himself
bouncing off back wall of the video booth as Philip resumed course
to wards the store's exit.
The incident actually helped to restore a part of Philip's terribly
battered self-image. "Who the fuck does that asshole think he is?"
thought Philip. "Well, he can suck his own dick. And if comes at me
again, I'll flatten his sorry ass." Those thoughts were still on
his mind as Philip exited the building where his mouth had been so
disgustingly violated and w here his hitherto secure sense of
masculinity had been undermined.
It took a few moments to locate his car, since he hadn't been 100%
sober when he arrived earlier in the evening, but once Philip
spotted it he pulled out his keys and rapidly moved to the driver's
side. As he was fumbling to find the keyhole in the unlit parking
lot, his efforts were suddenly interrupted by a terrible pain
behind both knees -- a pain that ca used them to buckle and carry
him onto his knees for the second time that night. Before he could
even react Philip felt cold steel being clamped around each of his
wrists, firmly locking the m behind his back.
"Nobody makes a fool out of me; especially a cocksucking faggot!"
penetrated Philip's ears as he was shoved face down onto the gravel
covered parking lot. "We could have done this the easy way in the
fuckin' booth, but I guess you really are into getting slapped
around a bit before you get into the mood to suck! Well, that's
fine with me."
While he was still writhing in pain on the ground Philip heard
the sound of his car door opening above. This was followed by the
glow of his car's interior lights. "Okay, princess, it's time to
get this show on the road. Get the fuck up." With that Philip felt
himself being roughly hauled off the ground and being shoved head
first into the back seat of his car. His 6' 2" frame just wasn't
designed for the backseat of his car -- something he had discovered
during his torrid affair with Katherine. But that didn't seem to
deter his unknown attacked who succeeded in jamming him facedown
onto the backseat.
Philip had just begun to offer some resistance with his legs when
he felt a pair of strong hands grip his "hey ladies, look what I
got" pullover shirt and tear it off of hi s torso. The shredded
remnants of the shirt were then used to tie his feet firmly
together, effectively neutralizing his last effective means of
defense. He was now at the mercy of his still unseen attacker.
The next sensation of which Philip was aware, was his wallet being
removed from the back pocket of his pants. "Oh, great, first I get
face fucked and now I'm gonna get ripped off," thought Philip as
his assailant began searching through his wallet. "Here's what I
want," Philip heard his attacker say. "I know who you are and I
know where you live." The wallet landed with a thump somewhere in
the front of his car. The next thing that Philip heard was "Now ,
turn over, faggot."
Philip abruptly found himself flipped onto his back, and for the
first time was able to get a look at his attacker. He was a medium
build, black male, probably in his m id-thirties, and probably a
few inches shorter than Philip. This was obviously someone Philip
could take in a fair fight, but there was nothing even remotely
fair about the situation in which he now found himself. Philip
couldn't make out many details of his attacker's face in the
darkness, but even his limited ability to discern his assailant's
features was suddenly ended when the black guy's shins were
suddenly placed on top of his shoulders. Philip face was now
inextricably wedged between the muscular thighs of this mysterious
"You should have blown me when you had the chance, you stupid
cocksucker. It would have only taken a few minutes and you would
have gotten another nice load of jism for your cocksucking mouth.
But you had to play hard to get. Well you fuckin' asshole, you
ain't leaving this car until I've gotten my rocks off."
From his commanding vantage point above Philip's face, off duty
officer Jackson looked down at his helpless captive. He noticed
that this particular Caucasian fairy (or so he assumed) had a well
developed muscular chest that was covered with a generous portion
of very dark brown hair that extended downward across his abdomen.
He reminded himself that we would have to make sure to wiggle his
ass across that hairy chest and stomach during the up coming event
in order to increase the discomfort of the one and only fairy who
had ever hit him.
"Well Princess Cocksucker, here's what you came for," Officer
Jackson continued as he unzipped his fly and started fishing for
his rapidly hardening cock. "It'll be out in a second."
>From his place of captivity between the thighs of his attacker,
Philip heard the dreaded sound of a zipper being lowered for the
fourth time that night. "Oh, fuck, not a gain," groaned the subdued
stud, as he contemplated what was about to transpire.
"What's that princess? Are you starting to moan already? Well
bitch, here it is. Look at it!"
A sharp tug on his hair pulled Philip's head off of the seat and
dangerously close to the juncture point of Officer Jackson's
thighs. And there, sticking menacingly out of the officer's
trousers, was a very erect cock, darker than the ones that had been
shoved in his mouth earlier that night, but just as threatening.
"Does our little cocktease like looking at the big dick?" Jackson
mockingly inquired. "Well here, take a really close look!" And with
those words the pissed off cop began beating Philip's face with his
hard, black cock.
The first and unexpected blow struck the right side of Philip's
nose before sliding off onto his cheek. It was followed up by a
rapid series of dick slaps all over Philip's cheeks, nose, tightly
clamped lips, and chin. "You could have been home by now digesting
your fourth load of cum if you had taken care of me back in the
booth, but you had to be an asshole an d throw punches. Well miss,
I'm dick-punching your faggot face and there ain't shit that you
can do about it."
The outrage of being subjected to a penile assault on his face
triggered a series of desperate-to-escape torso spasms by the bound
and handcuffed 6'2" male as h e twisted and lurched in what turned
out to be a futile attempt to free himself from the thigh prison of
his law enforcement tormentor. "Whoa, princess! Are you cumming in
your pants? I s this dick slapping making you that hot?" laughed
Jackson as he rode out the unsuccessful escape and resumed thumping
Philip's face with his turgid cock. "You are one hot bitch. Now,
lie still and enjoy yourself."
Defeated in his attempt to escape, the helpless stud had no other
choice than to endure the bizarre assault. He felt the fine
droplets of pre-cum as they flew out o f the incessantly beating
cock and landed on his face. And he just couldn't escape from that
damn smell of a hot male crotch as it emanated from the open zipper
of the lust-filled cop and assaulted Philip's nostrils. Nor could
he escape the strange incantations that his attacker kept uttering,
"Take that bitch! How's it feel to be dick-whipped? You like
feeling that hot meat on your f ace, don't ya? You'd just love to
wrap your lips around, huh sweetheart. A girl like you must f eel
really special giving a stud like me such a hard rod? I'm surprised
your tongue ain't hanging out of your mouth trying to get a taste
of this meat."
Philip thought that the beating would never end. But finally,
after what seemed to be an eternity, the lust-driven officer halted
his cock thumping on Philip's face. He was really enjoying this
payback session for the clash in the video booths. The success of
his revenge was evident by the dismayed look on Philip's face. "Hey
why so sad sweetie? I know, I know , you want something else.
Perhaps a nice load of dicksauce will brighten you up. Well you
just keep still and we'll see what we can do about that. Now open
your fucking eyes!"
Those words and the slap that followed forced Philip to again
gaze upon the conquering phallus that loomed in front of him. For
the fourth time that evening his field of vision was being
dominated by an angry, hard penis. And for the fourth time his
nostrils were assaulted by the smell of a hot male crotch. "That's
much better. Now keep your fuckin g eyes wide open, cause this show
is just for you. And if you close them, other than to blink , I'll
blast them open with piss. Now watch."
With his head firmly clamped between Officer Jackson's strong
thighs, Philip surrendered for the fourth time that night and
watched as "the show" began. "That's very good. You're a bit
thickheaded but you do eventually learn," the officer taunted as
his left h and began the familiar journey up and down the length of
his turgid shaft. "Yeah, take a good look at a man's dick," moaned
Jackson, as he masturbated over the face of the now defeated stud
beneath him. "It won't be too long a wait. Just lie back and watch
a real man work a real cock. Don't worry, I ain't letting anyone
else have my ball juice tonight except you. It's all yours" "You
like watching me stroke this nice hard dick, prettyboy?" asked
Jackson as he continued to stroke his dick over Philip's face. "Bet
you'd love to take this cock home with you tonight, right
prettyboy? Here take a look at a man's balls, princess," continued
Jackson as he reached into his shorts with his free hand and
extricated his hot, sweaty balls. " Mmmmm, bet you love to lick
these rocks, wouldn't you girl? Well, don't just lie there like a
sack of shit, get that tongue going, now!"
A tightening of the officer's thigh muscles was all it took to
get Mar k's tongue out of his mouth and underneath his dark
ballsack. "That's better. Now, lap those balls. You me how much you
appreciate them. It ain't every day that I allow someone the
privilege of washing the sperm factory," laughed Jackson, as he
luxuriated in the tongue bath. "Hell, until tonight my wife was the
only one who had ball washing privileges. This truly is your lucky
Philip could only lie there lap away at the heavy scrotum as the
large d ark hand methodically stroked the taunt black dick over his
head. "See what you could have had pussy boy if you had just been
nice?" Jackson mockingly asked. "Well dick breath, better late than
never. I think you can stop with the nut bath. Something tells me
its almost dinner time."
Philip could also tell by the all too familiar increase in the rate
of stroking that the obviously crazed male above him was nearing
climax. He squirmed uncomfortably as he listened to the dreaded
changes in the man's breathing and his groans of self-induced
pleasure. He knew the routine. He knew what was coming.
By now officer Jackson was in a lust-induced world of his own.
His fist was rapidly pistoning up and down on his hard cock, and he
knew that his ability to hold off shooting was at an end. He was
getting off on the obvious agony of the faggot beneath him. So much
so that he was soon unable to control himself any more. It was time
to unload.
"Open your fucking mouth, you son of a bitch," the horny cop
"I'm cumming!!!"
Sperm laden bullets of hot semen began firing from the slot at the
end of the officer's fully engorged erection directly into the face
of the hunk still held captive between the black cop's thighs.
"Take it bitch! Eat me! Take it man!
Aaaaah!" is what Philip heard a nanosecond before the first load
of fresh from the tap ball juice landed directly into his right
eye. This was followed by series of splats as jets of semen sprayed
across his cheeks, into his h air, up his right nostril, and of
course directly onto his tightly clenched lips.
As the thick ejaculate continued to rain on his face the command
"Open your fucking mouth, now" repeated itself accompanied by a
sudden and sharp pain in his earlobe as his angry rapist emphasized
the wisdom of complying with his demand. "Yes!" is all that Mar k
heard as his mouth obediently snapped open in front of yet another
male organ.
His mouth had not even fully opened before his tastebuds flashed
the recognition signal to his brain that a load of fresh male ball
juice had again entered his mouth. Th e revoltingly familiar taste
of the viscous fluid had once again become the central focus of his
a bused tastebuds. Once again his hitherto pussy-eating tongue had
been transformed into a sperm receptacle for another guy. And yet
another load of sperm filled scum that had been churning in side
the body of another male was now being emptied into his very
unwilling mouth.
"Swallow that load, cocksucker," Jackson panted. "This is what
you wanted. Go for it!"
As he obediently gulped down his fourth meal of semen, Philip
could only lie underneath his oppressor and helplessly watch as the
lusty black officer's prick shot its final white streamers into his
mouth and onto his face. The first three rapes had been humiliating
enough; this latest affront was degrading beyond measure. And all
that the bound heterosexual stud could do was to obediently lie
still with his mouth wide open and swallow the dollops of cum that
were accumulating in it while his captor spasmed above him in the
final throes o f his orgasm.
"You know miss" continued Jackson, "that really felt nice, but a
blow job in the booth would have felt a hell of a lot better. And
it wouldn't have messed up your pretty face. Here let me fix your
With those mocking words still ringing in his head, Philip felt
the hand of his rapist begin to slowly and deliberately spread the
semen that had missed his mouth all over his face. It was almost as
if he face was being painted in cum. From his vantage point above
officer Jackson carefully monitored his hand's movements as it
painted his semen across the face of the man beneath him.
"In this light your face looks like a fucking glazed donut,"
laughed Jackson, as he completed the final touches in cumcoating
Philip's face. "I've been told that cum facials do wonders for a
woman's complexion. I can already see how its improved yours
Philip simply groaned as he was forced to endure this latest
humiliation . He could feel his facial skin tightening as the
coating of semen began to dry. At least four of his senses were now
focused on semen -- taste, smell, sight and touch. He just could
not get away from it, nor could he avert his eyes from the
shrinking and still dripping black prick protruding from the
officer's fly.
"Hey! You're not finished yet, princess! My dick needs cleaning.
I don't want my wife finding any cum stains in my shorts when I get
home tonight. Come on now, cocksucker, it's time to suck the snotty
end of my fuckpump. Now!"
Philip groaned again as he felt the now disturbingly familiar
sensation of a cockhead, a cum leaking cockhead at that, being
pushed between his lips as the officer move d his dick forwards
again. "That's right honey," Philip heard as he began admitting the
rape instrument into his repeatedly violated mouth. "Hold it; just
the head. I don't want you slobbering all over my dick. Perhaps you
can do that another time. For now I want you suck every goddamn
sperm outta my cock. Pretend you're a calf and it's an udder. Nurse
on it. Suck that pipeline clean."
With the cop's dickhead held firmly between his lips Philip began
the loathsome task of draining the cock of whatever semen that had
not either fallen on his face or been dumped into his mouth.
Without thinking he began repeating some of the oral activities
that his first rapists had forced him to perform while he blew them
in the video booth. He felt h is lips milking the cockhead as he
started to suck as hard as possible on the slit of the cockhead. He
also found his tongue lapping away at the sperm slit in a mindless
repetition of his earlier ordeal. He hated what he was doing, but
it seemed to be expected.
"Oh baby, that feels fantastic. Aaaaaah, yeah! I knew you were a
dedicated cocksucker all along. Good girl. Oh yes, that feels so
good! You were born for this. Oh , yes; just a little bit more."
After mindlessly nursing on the cockhead for what seemed to be an
eternity, Philip was greatly relieved when it was suddenly removed
from between his lips. It caught him by surprise but at least it
meant that his ordeal was finally over and he could get the hell
out of there. But that illusion was swiftly shattered by the next
directive which brought hi m instantly back to reality. "We got one
more thing to take care of, princess," intoned the obviously
pleased with himself officer. "You gotta wash my hand. I Can't go
home to the little lady with dried cum all over it. Come on now
girl. Do it! Lick it, bitch."
The very hand that had so degradingly and systematically coated
Philip's face with cum was now presented to Philip's tongue for
another semen cleanup job. And just as he had despondently complied
with the "clean my dickhead" directive, Philip extended his tongue
and began to reactivate and ingest the dried semen from his most
recent rapist. Each finger was stuck into Philip's mouth for
individual attention after which each remaining square inch of the
rapist's hand was presented to Philip's tongue. Every bit of dried
cop cum was reliquified and then swallowed by the dejected stud. To
add insult to injury, officer Jackson took an almost demonic
pleasure in repeatedly sliding his thumb in and out of the supine
hunk's mouth well after every track of semen had been removed from
it and swallowed by Philip. "Yup, there 's no doubt about, these
lips were made for sucking dick," said Jackson after finally
withdrawing the thumb from Philip's mouth.
"Very good, dear," declared Jackson. "You're better than a box of
Handiwipes. I bet you can't wait to try removing your cum facial
with your tongue when you get ho me. You know, I was gonna thank
you for doing such a nice job on my hand and cockhead, but then I
realized that you should be the one thanking me," he snickered. "I
mean the way you cleaned up my dick and hand said it all. You are a
dickhound. No doubt about it. You were put o n this earth to suck
"Well my little sperm bank," the officer continued, "I'd like to
stay here and chat about your lips, but I you've eaten your share
of dick for the evening, and I really gotta go." And with that the
thigh headclamp that had imprisoned Philip was removed as the
satiated co p got off of his defeated quarry. "But one last thing,"
warned Jackson, "If you ever throw another punch at me, it will be
your last." The sudden change in tone had barely begun to register
when Philip felt a tugging sensation at his waist followed by the
sound of ripping denim as his jeans, and then shorts, were cut and
torn from his body. "This is just a little sample of what's in
store for you if you ever come at me again" Jackson snarled. "The
next time I see you kneeling in a fucking booth, you'd better stay
on your knees until I've filled your faggot stomach with cum. Now
turn over."
The dazed and naked-except-for-his-shoes stud, rolled over and
meekly waited as the victorious cop removed the handcuffs and the
ripped shirt foot restraint. "My my, what a hairy ass we have,"
laughed the officer. "Never met a princess with a hairy ass. Better
watch out, somebody may try to shove a dick up it." And with that
final shot the black cop bounded out of Philip's car and slammed
the door behind him.
As he stuck his head through the opened driver's side window the
smug officer thought of one last insult that he could deliver to
this faggot who had slammed him in to a video booth earlier that
night. "Oh yeah, asshole, this should make your life a little more
interesting," he said sarcastically as he proceeded to toss
Philip's car keys to the far end of the parking area. Philip heard
them clank as they bounced off another patron's car and landed in
the gravel and dirt. As he rose from the seat the naked male could
only watch as the swaggering rapist sauntered away clutching
Philip's shredded shirt, pants and underwear like they were some
sort of victory prize.
As he sat naked in the back seat of his own car, his mouth still
dominated by
the flavor of dick, and his face still covered with a sheen of
dried cum,
Philip stared as his most recent rapist disappeared around the
other side of
the still open video store. Would this nightmare never end? -

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