Gay hunk takes a female cheerleader

Chip was one of those great looking men in his twenties that happen to be gay. He had a build that most women noticed and you could tell he was in great shape and took care of himself. He had a nice smile with pearly white teeth.

It was about 10:00 on a Saturday morning when Chip rolled out of bed, horny as hell. He went to the bathroom and had to deal with morning wood, which just wouldn’t go down. He brushed his teeth and walked back into the bedroom. He looked at the bed and shook his head. He had met a young twink at a bar and kid gave him a nice blow job, but had left when Chip was ready to fill the guy’s ass with his oversized cock.

Chip was a total ‘top’ and the quick BJ just got him hornier, which left him in the state he found himself now. He looked down at his tight sweat pants, that were pressing hard on his cock, keeping him just as hard as when he work up.

He went over to the window and lifted the shade. He looked out over the townhouse complex and noticed a few patches of white and red against the stone facades of the buildings. His eyes focused after the light had temporarily made it hard to see, and he saw that cheerleaders were going door to door soliciting something.

A moment later his doorbell rang. He couldn’t see the door due to the roof over the door, but figured “what the hell” and headed downstairs. He stopped at the landing and looked at himself in the full length mirror. He was wearing just the pants and his muscular body looked good. His hardon was still obvious and he smiled.

He open the door just a little and the girl said “good morning “ and started her little speech of where she was from and why they were raising funds. Chip said “hold on there, why don’t you come in.” The girl walked inside. She looked to be 16 or 17. She was very good looking and the outfit accentuated her very large chest.

As the girl (Alice) faced him after the door was shut, she finally noticed how good looking this guy was, and what a great chest he had. Her eyes traveled further down and they widen when she saw the outline of the big cock in his pants. Chip noticed and said “I’m sorry, I had just woken up and haven’t had a chance to get dressed when the bell rang.”

“Oh, um, sure, I mean, I understand. It is a little wild to come to a primarily singles complex this early. Many of the people have been upset that we are waking them.” The girl replied.

“Do you want any coffee, I am going to make some?” Chip asked.

“Um, sure” the girl replied as her eyes dropped to his cock again.

“Sorry about my thing down there, I had a date last night and well let’s just say it left me in this condition.” Chip told the girl.

“There must be something wrong with that girl.” Alice told him.

“Thanks, that’s nice to say.” Chip replied.

“I mean the guys in this town suffer from smallcox disease, you know what I mean? I mean in my age group anyway. I mean who in their right mind would pass that up” she said point at his pants.

Chip figured he might as well be honest and to see what happens, well, kind of honest. He brought over a cup of coffee to the table and sat down, but away from the table a little and said “Well you see, I have been in the anal sex mode lately and my date didn’t want to go there. How about you and your friends? It seems like anal is on all the porn sites like crazy nowadays?”

The girl blushed a little and brought the cup to her mouth to try to hide her reaction. She put the cup down and replied “Some of us are into it and others feel it is gross. I mean I can see a girl being nervous about taking that thing in her butt, sometimes even a little dick hurts up there.”

Chip nodded, and then said “I guess some guys just rush it too much, no matter how big a guy he has to make sure his partner is relaxed inside- I know that.”

Alice just nodded and drank the coffee not knowing where the conversation was going, and also knowing that her nipples were getting hard and feeling good that she was wearing a sweater.

There was some silence and then Alice grabbed the sheet with the wrapping paper promotion and started to explain. She had just started when Chip said “hey look, I have an idea. How about I give you 50 bucks to let me fuck your ass? You can put it down for whatever you are selling, or you can keep it and buy something for yourself- or split it, but right now I really need to cum.”

Alice didn’t know what to say. She just sat there. Chip decided to get up. He was still hard. He put his hand on Alice’s and pulled her up to her feet and pulled her along as he headed for the steps. She finally found her voice “you know you hear stories of things happening when some of the cheerleaders go into people’s houses. They actually tell us not to go into places where there is just a guy.” They started up the stairs as she continued “I mean when I saw you weren’t wearing a top, and when I saw your big, I mean, that you were hard, I should have left. You know?” They were at the top of the stairs.

Chip looked at her and said “I am sure you aren’t the only one this morning that is going to make it around here. This is an extremely active singles complex.” Alice nodded her head and said “yeah, and to think I was mad, as I got stuck with the mostly gay end of the place.”

Chip looked at her, and asked “so you were mad, because you thought you weren’t going to wind up in bed? Did I just offer $50 for nothing?”

She giggled and said “No, you are buying some nice gifts and helping the travel budget.”

Chip spun her a little and gave her a pat on the ass. She laughed again and said “you really do like girls’ butts.”

He laughed to himself. He couldn't remember the last time he was with a woman, probably at about the age this girl was.

He brought her into his bedroom and pushed her over his bed. Her ass was facing him and he was glad she was slender, he didn’t like big butts, and girls usually were bigger back here.

“Um, you aren’t going to just shove it into my butt are you? Oh and you do have a rubber right?” She asked.

“You take your panties off cutie and I will get a rubber, some lube and your money” he laughed.

A moment later, she was still bent over the bed, but now her cute little ass was in view. He handed her the money and she smiled, she also saw the things in his hand and he put them next to her. He then got down on his knees and the next thing she felt was him kissing the back of her thighs. Alice wondered why he hadn’t kissed her or wanted to play with her big tits, all the guys liked her tits, but as his tongue raced up the inside of her leg she didn’t quite care.

Chip couldn’t believe he was about to fuck a girl, but then started to think about all the young sissy boys he had been with, who idealized his cock and had bent over toilets in clubs, just to say they had taken this hunks huge cock. He pretended this was one of them.

Chip was now up to Alice’s crack. He moved is wet tongue up slowly and was finally at her butt hole. He pulled her cheeks apart and his tongue found its mark. He licked and then pushed his tongue firmly and spread the tight opening. The sissy (in his mind) started to moan and he started to kneed her butt cheeks as he frenched her tight hole.

Alice couldn’t believe how good it felt so quickly, but also couldn’t believe that he wasn’t playing her pussy, so she reached between her own legs and started to rub her clit and labia. Within minutes of them both working between her legs she was totally hot and rolling from side to side.

He took that as a sign and replaced his tongue with his middle finger. He pushed it slowly inside her past his first joint and kept pushing as he made a circular motion. Within moments he was up to his knuckle and the girl was almost sucking the finger in deeper.

Once Chip’s finger was totally inside her ass he started to push it in and out, and the muscles relaxed a little more with each finger thrust. He reached up with his free hand and grabbed the lube. He placed some on his pointer finger and then pushed that one inside her with his other finger. The lube helped and both fingers were now sliding in and out with no problem.

The addition of the second finger was met with a very approving moan. Alice moaned out “slide one of your other fingers in my cunt while you are doing that, please!!” and then she lifted her butt up a little so there was room for his hand to move beneath her.

Chip did as requested and as he was fingering both of her holes he one handed (with help of his mouth for the tearing of the foil) began putting the magnum sized condom on his hard cock.

The girl was getting loud and very wet, so Chip took his fingers away from the cheerleader and put the tip of his huge cock up to the girls anus. He then said “ok now take a deep breath and blow it out slowly. He watched her body and saw her back and shoulders move up, as he heard her blowing out her breath he slowly moved forward not stopping till the crown of his cock past her sphincter.

The girl started to talk, “Ok that’s big, oh yeah like too big for my ass… I do like that you stopped there as it hurts like a fuck... Oh shit… You are only the fourth cock I have had up there… I am sorry to keep talking, but it really hurts and I know if I just shut up and think about it that I will push you out.”

When she took a breath he replied “you are doing great. So if I am the fourth cock in your ass, how many lovers have you had in total?”

Chip was doing the best he could not to push inside the tight canal and listened as she asked ‘lovers or just guys inside me like this?”

Chip shook his head, but knew what she meant and said “just tell me both.”

As she started to respond he smiled as her muscles were relaxing and he actually started to push slowly inside her, he had many inches to go before he was totally inside her. She replied “well, 2 of the other three anal… oh that feels better… were boyfriends and … wow you are stretching me out… and I have had five other guys like you that are just a one nighter… oh god push it in, I want to see if I can take it.”

That was all Chip needed, and he had enough of this ridiculous teen talk. He pushed in all of his eight plus inches of cock inside her ass and she moaned loudly as his balls hit the bottom of her pussy lips. He then withdrew almost all the way out and then, more quickly this time, buried his cock inside her again. She was moaning constantly now and he just started to bang her ass.

The distraction of all the noise the girl was making was preventing him from cumming. Guys usally breath hard or moan slightly while he is fucking them, this girl was making all kinds of sounds and was way to loud. He was glad his window was shut or he felt the entire complex would know he was fucking someone.

Alice suddenly was hurting inside and couldn’t take the anal pounding. Her moans of pleasure were turning into moans of pain and she put her hand behind her and started to push Chip’s belly back. “Please stop I can't take anymore of this.” She told him.

Not knowing if he was going to cum anyway he pulled out. Before he knew it the girl swung herself around and was now on her back with legs spread apart and draped over the end of the bed. She grabbed his shaft and pulled it forward. She then surprised him by saying “common faggot, fuck a real pussy.”

When he looked questioningly at her she continued “no straight guy ignors my hug tits, I had that feeling but when I just rolled over you still didn’t look at them. So pretend you are still fucking my ass, but get that butt moving.”

Eventhough Chip was a top, he still had a submissive side to him, and the commands worked on him. He pushed his cock into the first girl’s pussy he had been in since high school. He was so turned on from fucking her ass that he didn’t care, he needed to get off, so he entered her and then started to fuck her, hard.

It took only seconds and the girl was screeming again with “oh yes, yes” and ‘fuck me” and just these squeaks and moans. He tried to block them out and concentrate on cumming.

Alice grabbed his wrists that were straddling her on the bed and moved them to her tits. “Play with them, squeeze them and my nipples. Pretend I am a buff guy with big pectoral muscles… that’s it play with them as you fuck me with that huge fucking cock of your.”

Chip couldn’t beleave he was feeling up a girl, but he took her advise and tried to pretend he was still with a man, but her none stop mouth was just too much. So he did the only thing he could think of. The leaned forward and started to kiss her.

He opened his mouth and stuck his tongue in her mouth and kissed her as he fucked her. Actually by leaning into her, he was even deeper and she put her heals on his ass to possitioned herself better.

She was still moaning, but now into his mouth and he could take that—she was cumming again for at least the 5th or 6th time and now he was getting really close. He banged her fast and hard for another minute and then broke the kiss, straighted up and then withdrew his cock.

He grabbed onto it and used her pussy goo as lube to pump his cock hard. She tilted her head up to watch, just in time to see the head swell even more and then shoot. His first shot actually went over her head, the next few into her face and hair and then another ten shots covered her body, she went from amazement to holding back a laugh.

When he was done he looked at her and said- “sorry, that is two long fuck sessions without cumming.”

She replied “don’t apologize, I think I will get off replaying that cum shot, for a long time.”

Chip walked out of the room and came back with a warm wet towel and cleaned her off. She couldn’t believe he was doing this. She thought to herself: “I like this gay style” and just enjoed being cleaned.

She got dressed and Chip just wrapped himself in a bath towel. He walked her downstairs and she collected her samples and order form.

She kissed him on the cheek as he opened the door and said “I will deliver your order in about a month” and winked at him. He smiled and gave a slight nod to her suggestion and closed the door.

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