My Brother at the Gloryhole

I was cruising for blow jobs, to both give and receive,
as I often did on Saturday afternoons. I liked to suck
and to be sucked, and I had found I was a much better
fuck with my girlfriend Saturday night, if I had
dropped a load or two earlier in the day.

I had waited for one of the glory hole booths to become
open. Just as I stepped in, something caught my eye. My
BROTHER Tom was coming into the video booth area! I was
pretty sure he didn't see me, but my heart was pounding
as I locked the door behind me. None of my friends or
family knew I sucked cock, and I wanted to keep it that

OK, so I'm locked in the booth, and I intend to stay
there until I'm pretty sure Tom has left. Nothin' else
to do but get busy sucking!

I knelt down to peek into the other booth and see a
small, TINY cock waiting for me. It was about the size,
both width and length, as my index finger! I like all
sizes of dicks, but small ones can really be fun. It's
less like sucking, and more like French Kissing. Work
your tongue ALL over the little guy! I didn't have long
to wait. Again, as my experience with small dicks, this
guy came like a fire hose! It didn't have that much
plumbing to squeeze through, and the first shot coated
the back of my throat! Small cock, but a huge load, and
I swallowed it all down.

He pulled up his pants and left, but another guy
stepped into the both as soon as it was empty. He
coughed, and I knew it was TOM! I stayed back against
the wall so I couldn't be seen, and stuck my finger
through the hole, signaling to him. A cock that looked
very much like mine slipped into my booth.

I really didn't want to suck my brother, but I had to
play with that dick! Gently, lightly, barely touching
it, I stroked it from base to tip. Each stroke caused
Tom's cock to throb and swell more. Pretty soon, it was
pointing almost straight up. A little longer than mine,
and a little thinner. All in all, a glorious cock! I
held his balls in my hand, and waited. After a moment
or two, it slowly pulled back, and my cock followed it
into Tom's booth.

My cock received a fast aggressive sucking! There was
no fore play, no warm up, just serious sucking. I held
off as long as I could, but it was only a few minutes
before I dumped a BIG load into my brother's mouth! It
felt like a HUGE load to me, maybe just because it was
my brother sucking it! After 4 or 5 big blasts, I
slumped to the bench, barely remembering to stay out of

Tom's cock looked even bigger than it had before, and
the head was a dark purple! He was about to POP! I
still didn't want to suck him, but I gave him a good
handjob. I grabbed a handful of spit and cum off my
cock for lube, and squeezed some pre-cum from his for
extra. It didn't take long. Tom blew a stream of cum
that splattered the opposite wall of my booth. The
second and third shots went almost as far. The rest ran
into my hand and I rubbed it into his cock and balls. I
was about to give it a taste when he pulled back, got
dressed and left.

I cleaned his cum off my hand with my tongue, and
swallowed every drop. I sucked a couple more guys and
blew a load up a guy's ass before calling it an

To this day, my brother does NOT know about this! I
keep thinking someday, when we both need a good
blowjob, I'll tell him what happened. We'll see...

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