A Massage

I guess you could say I'm a fairly lucky girl, I have a
good paying job that I love and I live in a high rise
only three blocks from my job in a middle size city. As
for me, I'm a five foot six inch tall red head and
weigh one hundred and twenty pounds with a thirty four
C chest, twenty seven years old and have not been in a
relationship for almost a year, ever since I broke up
with my ex boyfriend. Every day I walk past a combined
massage, nails and bikini wax business that seems to be
operated by all Orientals and I keep telling myself I
should try it at least to have my nails done.

Well here it was, Friday, six in the evening and it was
a long grueling week leaving my body a bit worn out and
I was came to the nail place I thought, what the hell,
a massage would do me some good, so I walked in intent
on getting a massage. There was a short; five foot
even, oriental which I later found out she was Japanese
and she said she was just about to close the place up
as she was the only one still there.

I just about begged her for a massage, telling her how
my week had gone and she did relent and said okay. She
locked the door, put up the closed sign and led me to
the back into a room that had a very comfortable
looking massage table in the middle and a cabinet that
housed all of the oils and whatever was used to perform
a massage. She asked if I would like some help
undressing and I thought why not, so I told her that I
would like some help, please.

She told me her name was Jade and did I want a bikini
wax or shave while I was on the table and I told her I
would think about it. I was wearing a dress, panty
hose, bra and heels which I kicked off while she was
pulling my dress over my head and after she got it off
she hung it up as I took my bra off. She took my bra
and hung it up telling me to wait while she takes off
my panty hose. Now that kind of embarrassed me as she
took hold of each side of my panty hose and pulled them
down and off my body and then ran her hand over my
pussy hair saying that we will talk about a shave after
the massage.

Now when her hand made contact with my hair, in spite
of myself I got a bit flushed and turned on, much to my
amazement, but then it has been quite a while since I
had sex. I thought she was going to give me something
like a sheet to wrap around me but she didn't and
instead told me to get on the table face down. I got on
the table as told, closed my eyes and relaxed so she
could do her thing. When her hands started massaging my
shoulders they were quite warm and again I felt a spasm
in my needy pussy and I tried to put it out of my head.

She massaged for a minute or so and then put warm oil
on my back and started working it in and it felt so
good I was almost comatose as she worked her magic on
my body. She did my back and arms putting me in heaven
and had now put oil on my ass and legs and started
working her magic on my ass and she did a wonderful job
on my ass, so good that my legs had opened all by
themselves. As she started on my thighs her fingers
came in contact with my pussy and I moaned as it caught
me by surprise and felt so good.

Jade didn't say a word or stop working on my thighs and
every time she came in contact with my pussy I was
biting my lip to keep from moaning but my pussy was now
soaking wet and she had to know it. She worked her way
down my legs after the fourth time she had touched my
pussy and I was regaining some of my composure and when
she finished doing my legs she told me to roll over and
I did keeping my legs squeezed tightly together as I
was embarrassed my cunt was so wet. She put more oil on
her hands and did the front of my shoulders and then
went right to my tits, which caught me again by
surprise and made me gasp as she expertly started
kneading them and my nipples got rock hard.

As she worked on my tits she kept the heels of her hand
rubbing against my nipples, which have always been
sensitive and that feeling went right to my pussy and I
stop myself from moaning. Jade still didn't say
anything and kept massaging my now on fire tits and
again my legs opened all by themselves. She stopped for
a second to put more oil on her fingers and then she
took hold of my nipples with her fingers and started
pulling on them and rolling them in her fingers and I
moaned rather loud this time.

My eyes were closed but flew open when she said, "Does
my baby like what Jade is doing to her beautiful tits"
and she was looking at me with lust in her eyes. I
moaned again and without even thinking about it, said,
"Oh yes Jade, it feels so wonderful" and she leaned
over and kissed me.

Now I had been kissed by a girl before, actually twice,
once in junior high and we were playing spin the bottle
and it was one of the girls turn and the bottle stopped
on me and they made us kiss and the second time was in
college when my roommate was drunk and kissed me. I
have to say I enjoyed it both times but never really
had thoughts of taking it further but when Jade kissed
me, all reason disappeared and I didn't want her to

Her lips were soft and succulent and her kiss sent
shock waves all the way to my toes, I had never
experienced a kiss like hers before and my hormones
were totally raging as my pussy got flooded. I wrapped
my arms around her and kissed her with all the passion
I had in me while I moaned like a little whore and when
she wrapped her arms around me I realized in the deep
recess of my burning brain she was naked and her tits
felt so good pressing against mine I think I came a
little. She put her tongue in my mouth and I again
moaned loud enough to be heard outside as she got up on
the table and lay on top of me.

I could feel her leg pressing against my pussy as my
hot cunt pressed against her leg and I had lost all my
senses as I just wanted to be fucked by her. She took
her tongue out of my mouth, looked me in the eye and
said, "Oh baby, you make me so fucking hot baby, I need
you, I need to fuck you baby and make you my cunt," to
which I breathlessly replied, "Oh yes fuck me Jade,
fuck me, make me your cunt, I need to be your cunt
sweetheart, oh god, fuck me hard Jade, fuck me hard" as
I came all over her leg.

She kissed me again driving me absolutely wild and told
me she had to taste my pussy and make me cum in her
mouth and all I could do was moan, "Yes baby yes, eat
my pussy baby, eat my fucking pussy as she got between
my legs. When her lips touched my pussy lips, it was so
good I screamed and begged for more and when she licked
my cunt from my asshole to my clit.

My ass exploded off the table as cum rocketed out of my
cunt into her waiting mouth and she now had her hands
under my ass, holding my ass in the air as she buried
her tongue in my pussy as far as she could and I almost
passed out as I came again. As I returned to this world
I felt Jade slide fingers into my pussy and move them
around, setting off the fireworks again as my ass moved
on its own volition into her hand and then I felt a
finger entering my asshole as she clamped her lips onto
my clit.

This was a first for me, a finger in my ass while my
cunt was also being finger fucked and my clit sucked on
and it was heaven as I really liked the feeling of her
finger in my ass rubbing against the fingers in my
pussy and I was moaning over and over, "Oh yes, yes
fuck me Jade!"

In my whole life I had never experienced anything like
what Jade was doing to me and what she was making me
feel as I couldn't stop cumming and I knew I was hers
to do with as she pleased from now on. I was moaning,
begging and making sex noises as that feeling over
powered me again and I was cumming but this time I
blacked out for a few seconds or so as when I was aware
again, Jade was holding me in her arms and kissing my
face and tits.

I moaned and she smiled at me and asked if her baby
liked what she did to me and all I could say then was,
"Oh God yes, yes, yes, yes!" She kissed me again but
with a more gentler, but still very satisfying kiss. We
lay there holding each other, kissing while Jade also
played with my tits and she said to me, "You know these
tits belong to me now don't you baby?"

I shook my head yes as she went on to tell me my sweet
cunt also belonged to her now and again I agreed. I had
never felt so satisfied before and there was no way I
was giving her up no matter what so when she told me I
was going to eat her pussy for her all I could say was,
"Yes Jade, I'll do whatever you want me to."

She had me lay on my back and mounted me so her pussy
was at my mouth and her hot ass was on my tits and I
loved the smell of her pussy as I touched her cunt lips
with my tongue. Jade said, "That's a good cunt, lick my
pussy you fucking little whore, show Jade what a hot
fucking cunt lapper you are baby and make Jade cum in
your beautiful fucking mouth."

Now the few lovers I have had never talked to me like
Jade was and it drove me wild and I wanted to hear more
and she didn't disappoint me. She called me a pussy
licking lesbian whore, a fucking cunt, a lesbian cock
sucker and that I was born to be her fucking bitch cunt
lapper and I was going to spend my life on my knees to
her pussy having my tongue buried in her sweet pussy
and I came again like a fire hydrant going off.

I felt Jade tense up, moan loudly and then my mouth was
filled with her hot delicious cum and I knew she was
right about me spending a lot of time at her pussy as
the feeling it gave me when I made her cum in my mouth
was a felling I never wanted to go away. I instantly
became addicted to Jade's hot cum and knew that I was
now going to so whatever Jade told me just so I could
taste her sweet cum and I was now eating her pussy like
a mad woman so I could make her cum in my mouth again.

Jade had taken hold of the back of my head and was
pushing my face into her steaming cunt and I just knew
heaven couldn't be any better and when she squeezed my
head between her thighs, I came without even touching
my pussy. Jade lay there letting me devour her pussy
and telling me I was the best cunt lapping little
fucking lesbian whore she ever had and from now on I
was her lesbian whore and I came again. I had made my
mistress cum six times before I had to stop because my
jaw was getting sore from all the licking, sucking and

We lay in each other's arms for a while recuperating,
kissing and talking with Jade telling me I was the best
cunt lapper she ever had and all sexy I was and how she
was going to train me to be her sex slave, all of which
I was eating up. After a little while she said it was
time for her to shave my pussy as she likes her pussy
nude and she raised stirrups from the sides of the
table and locked my feet into them, then she put up two
arm like things at the head of the table an locked my
wrists into them.

I was now totally immobile and hers to do with as she
pleased and I waited with a lot of anticipation to see
what she had in mind. She washed m y pussy, then put on
shaving lather and very slowly shaved my cunt hair
while manipulating my cunt lips and pussy hole and by
the time she finished shaving me, my pussy was leaking
like a faucet. Jade had very small but very effective
hands and when she started putting her fingers into my
steaming pussy I relaxed and let it all happen.

She started out with two fingers, worked in the third
and then the forth finger and before I even realized
what she was doing, she had her whole hand in my pussy
massaging my cunt walls and I can't even begin to
describe the feeling she gave me. It was the most
incredible feeling I ever had as she raked my cunt
walls with her fingers and when she found my G spot the
only thing holding my body to the table was the leg and
wrist clamps.

I came like a dam had broken never in all my years had
I ever had an orgasm like she had given me and she was
working it again, making me scream and moan all at the
same time. She made me cum again with such force I was
amazed that the clamps held me but then she came around
with her hand still in my pussy and lifted my head so I
could see her hand in my pussy up to her wrist. I
totally lost it as a feeling like being hit by a
freight train hit me and the cum shot out of my pussy
in spite of have her hand and wrist filling my cunt.

I was wrecked but that didn't stop Jade as she kissed
me and began talking to me while slowly fist fucking me
again, asking if I liked have her hand in my pussy and
that she couldn't wait to show me off to her friends so
that could see for themselves I could take her whole
hand in my pussy and that didn't faze me as I just
wanted her to fuck me harder now. She started pumping
harder and telling me to take it all and that I was her
hot cunted lesbian fucking whore now and my cunt was
made for her to use and this time when I came I blacked
out for a few seconds or maybe even longer.

When I came down to almost normal Jade told me that we
were going to get take out dinner and go back to my
place so she could begin my sex slave lessons and my
pussy got wet with anticipation.

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