A Warm Night in Baja

Through all the heat and the humidity around the pool,
we had been swimming and sunning the entire day. At
Palmilla, the pool attendants doubled as waiters and
we'd had plenty of drinks since late morning. All
day there were different people occupying the loungers
around us and we had amusing and friendly conversations.
There were mostly couples but some single guys and gals
mixed-in during the day.

We awoke from a quiet nap in the late afternoon to get
ready for dinner. The outdoor café was widely spread out and
partially covered with a large canopy of palm thatch.
We got a table near a small bandstand, really only some
risers, with some microphones set up. Starting kind of
late, we finally got our food near 8pm, late for us,
and watched as the night-time entertainment setup for
music and dancing. I was feeling so wonderfully relaxed
and amiable sitting with you in the warm night breeze,
sipping tasty, expensive tequila.

At some of the tables nearby we recognized some of our
pool mates from the day and struck up more
conversations over dinner. When the staff cleared
the plates, we moved all the tables closer so we could
hear one another better. The group we sat with was a
mix including one 20-ish couple on their honeymoon
and other couples and singles, mostly in their late
30's to 40's, who all knew each other from their
expensive Seattle neighborhood. We heard about their
large costly lakefront homes, the latest techno-gear,
and inevitably their kids' schools. But we really
enjoyed making friends and talking to everyone.

The music was good and the open space got crowded
with dancers enjoying a cheerful night. After all, I
hoestly did feel very playful that night. It's probably
something to do with being away from home mixed with
the humid tropical atmosphere. After one or two tall
tequila drinks, everyone felt comfortable enough to
dance with each other's partners and we were having a
great time dancing, our faces glowing in the warm night
air. I must have danced with all the Seattle guys and the
newlywed husband at least twice.

Not unusually, there was a lot of flirting. They
obviously remembered me from the pool area because some
mentioned that I looked really good in a swimsuit
and that they thought I was very attractive. I can't
help that I'm too busty for my frame and the suit I
brought did a poor job covering my breasts very well.
Wearing my simple v-necked cotton dress, some of
them pressed up to me pretty closely to check me out
and it was a thrill to have these guys paying all this
attention to me. My strapless bra was getting a workout,
and I was feeling very sexy and alluring to all the men.
The band took a break before 11pm, giving us all a
chance to rest and talk with our new friends. The group
from Seattle was full of real characters. They were out
to enjoy their trip and have as good a time as
possible, as there were plenty of good-natured jokes
and laughter.

The Seattle area has its share of nerdy types and some
in the group were initially inhibited, but eventually
warmed up. With all the drinking and dancing in the humid
night air, their conversations got more and more
risque. Both of us picked up on the veiled
undercurrent of attraction they obviously felt toward
one another's wife's and girlfriends – but from our
experience this kind of flirting and banter was common
stuff during late night partying.

The talk turned to gambling and poker among the men
with lots of bragging about past big pay-offs and
their poker experiences. Texas Hold'em was the latest
rage and nearly everyone, even the nerdy ones,
were telling stories. I've always enjoyed gambling
myself and eaves-dropped just a little. You told me
later that you heard one of the more quiet men make
a coy reference to some past neighborhood party. I
only noticed that it got suddenly quiet, then there was
exaggerated throat clearing before the talking resumed.
But there was a ton of vague references to this same

You told me later that you couldn't miss the dramatic
turn in the conversation with their references to all
the apparent fun, loaded with innuendo. A few of the
women chimed in a sentence or two about how it got kind
of wild and something else I couldn’t make out about one
nerdy guy wearing large glasses. Then we both heard the
phrase "strip poker" and we put two and two together.
You and I had played some adult games with friends in
the past that were kind of naughty, but together we
had not done anything where were got naked with others.

There had been enough alcohol consumed that they felt
comfortable enough to talk openly about the party's
main event: a game of strip poker. We were tantalized
with the new subject and leaned in to listen more closely
as they forgot about us and the honeymoon couple. Every
comment was full of innuendo and double-entendres about
what took place, including another a reference to the guy
with the thick glasses, who just smiled.

Apparently, one evening's direction turned to sexy fun
at the end of a formal cocktail party. One woman was
ribbing another how she had continually checked that all
the shades were closed in the house and she giggled.
Another said that she had worn too little under her
dress that night and, even though she was really good at
poker, had to pay an unexpectedly high price. It turned
out that their game involved more than just a couple of
people: everyone there was involved!

One of the women said that she'd had a terrific
night and was looking forward to the next time. Her
husband quickly agreed and the guy next to the
honeymoon couple blurted out loud "Hey – what about
tonight?" This got plenty of nervous laughter and some
dares between one person and another. You and I were
certain that these suggestions would fizzle out when
the band returned. But then one couple reminded everyone
of their large suite and invited everyone to room so
and so. This was followed with "We will if you will"
playground type responses.

Listening, I got a titillating chill just considering that
they were acting serious about this, and we both got
aroused with the thought. Neither of us are prudes,
but after years together, this was new – and I have to
admit that with all the drinks and dancing we were
looped and curious enough to be swept along with the group.

We all walked over to one of the buildings and went up
to a large penthouse suite. Immediately we noticed the
gorgeous coastal night view of the ocean and beach with
little lights in the distance. It was still pretty warm
and humid, and in our euphoric state, we were feeling oddly
horny. Some of the guys moved furniture around a large
coffee table.

OK – they were getting serious about this. The host
offered drinks from his generous bar and someone
brought out some large joints. The honeymoon couple
had also followed along with us and sat down together
on one of the couches near a single guy whose girlfriend
had already given up for the night. The new bride was
looking pretty hazy with her blank smiling at everyone and
everything. The host produced a deck of cards and others
began settling in around the table, getting giddy and
talkative. Now things were really getting serious and I
felt that giddy feeling rising in my stomach about
actually playing strip poker with virtual strangers.

On the table some bottles of gold tequila were placed
with a few shot glasses. Shuffling the deck, one guy
announced the rules of the game and everyone quieted
down to listen. The lowest hand in each game was the
loser and they had a choice of two penalties: either
down a shot of tequila or take off an article of
clothing. Jewelry and shoes were OK, a gesture really
for the ladies who weren't wearing very much that warm

The host announced with a wink that if someone wasn't
going to play, it would only be fair to the others to
leave the room. It got a little quiet but no one left –
not even us! I guess we were both thinking that this
was really harmless fun and we could certainly hold our
own with the others in the tequila department. I felt I
could somehow avoid really having to show anything, but
I had this nagging feeling of apprehension too.

Thinking "What if' both scared and excited me. The game
started and they dealt the cards and the poker faces
came out – very aroused poker faces. A joint was being
passed around on our side and we both took a couple of
hits before passing it on. Boom! – whatever kind of
grass that was, we felt it fast. That strange but
exhilarating feeling I've always gotten from grass this
time was as intense as I've ever felt. Wow - talk about
a wave of excitement and trepidation at the same time.
My stomach was already doing leaps every time I looked
up from my cards. You had a funny wide-eyed expression
on your face that the grass seemed to make more comical.

The cards were passed around the table for the first
hand and it got suddenly quiet. A couple of minutes
later the first loser was the honeymoon wife. Ah – the
first victim! Everyone looked to see what she would do.
Looking very embarrassed she downed a shot of tequila,
stared for a couple of seconds and set the shot glass
back on the table. In her condition, a shot was
probably not a good idea but it was too late now. I
wondered what affect this would have on her inhibitions.

Next loser was the single guy and he also downed a shot of
tequila instead of taking something off. Cards were passed
out again and everyone got somewhat serious. We all
compared hands and a man directly across from me lost
and decided to strip. Off came his light cotton shirt
as everyone watched. Hmmm, nice chest, as I still
remembered his pecs from around the pool that day.
After some more hands, more drinking and more smoking,
a couple of shirts and tops came off and I was
beginning to feel nervous about losing. You admitted to
me that you were getting horny watching all this – no
kidding – what guy wouldn't? We played some more and we
watched people starting to avoid the tequila: for the
women, it was first their shoes, then bracelets and
necklaces, while the men dived right in and stripped
off shirts and pants with anticipation of seeing the
women do the same thing.

Not long after, sitting only in his boxers, the single
guy lost again and we watched as he raised up slightly
off the couch and slipped them off. His girlfriend was
missing this, though I had a feeling that she already
knew that he worked out and spent time in the sun. His
hips were almost bright white against the deep tan on
his body and legs. In the middle of all this whiteness
he had a thick tuft of black pubic hair surrounding his
rising penis. This really turned me on! Smiling
sheepishly, he sat back on the couch and his penis
sprang up pointing at the ceiling for all to see. Ladies
were giggling and making suggestive comments and I
could tell they were as aroused as I was at this cute
guy and his thick curving erection. There weren't just
women staring. Many of the men were staring too.

I was getting more loosened up after a couple of shots
of tequila and I could tell that more booze was not a good
idea. With that thought, just I was taking one more hit
of grass and my luck ran out. I felt my blood race
because I knew that I was wearing only three
things: my sun dress, strapless bra and panties. Then
someone reminded me that I could remove jewelry and
shoes. Everyone watched as off came one of my sandals,
and suddenly in my tummy that feeling that I just might
be on the slippery slope of having to do something very
embarrassing rose up again.

With the loss of my other sandal minutes later, my
feeling of dread returned again. Though it was fun to see
the others losing and being forced to accept the penalty,
how could I do it if I got that far? I was always
one who played by the rules and when I lost, I felt
obligated to pay whatever debts I owed. But in this
case, the penalty could mean doing something I had
never done before that normally terrified me: being
naked in front of other people. God – there was such an
element of danger and just the thought made me shiver.

It was getting to be midnight but no one left. Both you
and I were pretty blitzed but still functional,
casually watching as people couldn't drink any more
shots of tequila and took off something. More hands of
poker and we had both lost some more things: my sandals
and jewelry were gone and you sat in your underwear
like most of the others. A man directly across had to
remove his boxers and sported a thick, erect three inch
penis pointing straight outward. It was strangely
fascinating to see this, but his balls were remarkably
full and round. He was definitely excited by the game!!

The honeymoon wife lost next and squinted at her
husband with a desperate smile. He shrugged her
direction and he watched her hike up her shift a
little, reach under and pull off a pair of lacy black
panties and put them on the couch next to her. That
meant that her shift was all that was left. My big
mouth – I lost again and my sun dress was next! To be
brave I kept thinking that my bikini had covered more
of me all day long, but it didn't seem to help much and
all eyes watched as I pulled the top down and slid it
over my hips, over my legs and off. I could feel my
face getting red!

I must have lost track of time because minutes later I
lost again! Yikes! Even though I was really high, I had
this incredible feeling of fear and excitement for what
I guess I had to do next. I looked around to see if
Any other woman was reduced yet to my fate. Nope –
Here I was drunk and about to loose my bra in front
of near strangers! God – how on earth was I going to
carry through on this? You were no help at all. And
I think if your shorts were any evidence, you were
turned on by what I had to do.

I know that the guys were enjoying the view, but God
this was making me very nervous and I could feel myself
shaking. I looked around for some mercy but could only
see hunger in the all the men's eyes for the next step.
I was thinking how we had all been together all that day
at the pool and how there had been lots of sly glances
at my top all day. Now, you could tell that they were
dying to see what they saw by the pool, only without my

Jesus – could I get out of this? Any more tequila was
out of the question. A feeling of deep embarrassment
washed over me and I must have blushed ten shades of
scarlet to some giggles, but I couldn't think of a way
to still play fair and leave my bra on. Finally, I
gave in and felt that I had to pay my debt under the
rules! I was really shaking.

Oh, God – I could tangibly feel that it was really
going to happen – I was going to take off my bra and
expose my breasts right in front of them!! Because
there were no straps, once my bra was undone it sort of
just falls away. I was desperately thinking that there
must be a way I could cover myself. As I reached back
behind me it suddenly occurred to me that it made by
breasts look even larger and I kept my head down so
they couldn't see my distressed expression. Looking at
the ground in embarrassment, I could feel my face
getting really hot as I realized I was resigned to my

I sensed them looking right at my deep cleavage. With
my fingers feeling for the clasp, I audibly unhooked it
and felt it falling down. I moved my elbows inward as
quickly as I could. Oh God - my bra was in my lap! All
the men and women were enjoying the sight of me trying
my best to hide my large areolas and nipples. I was the
first girl to be topless and it seemed way too quiet for
my comfort.

I kept my arms crossed over my chest, but because of
the size of my breasts, I could see in their eyes that
there was plenty to look at. Looking up with my red face,
I looked into their eyes as they craned and stared to see
as much as they could of my bare breasts. There was no
swim suit this time to cover me from their goal of getting
me naked. They were getting quite an eyeful.

Now it was a problem to pick up my cards, so I did the
best I could with just my left forearm over my breasts
while getting them. Looking down to pick up the next hand,
I realized that covering up with one forearm just
wasn't going to cut it. Most of each breast was
completely exposed! I just couldn't believe that I had
to do this! Talk about feeling embarrassed and

I looked over to you and saw the pointing bulge in your
shorts – and I wondered if all the other men were
reacting the same way. I did look and saw other erections
and also the single guy's penis twitch up and down when I
removed my bra. Gad - A roomful of undressed men were
getting erections over my exposed bosoms! With the fact
that I could lose more, this was becoming a terrifying,
yet sexy turn on.

Next, the nerdy guy with glasses lost and had to take
off his boxers. Oh my God! – what an enormous penis
and balls!! There was absolutely no way to possibly
know that this mild, unassuming man was blessed with
this huge erotic equipment. His wife, sitting in just
her panties, smiled a knowing smile as it started
rising. He was pretty embarrassed having to be naked
because his face turned beet red. When he sat down it
continued to get harder and bigger, way out of
proportion to his body. Even women who had apparently
seen it before were staring at this massive erection.
I couldn't imagine that fitting even halfway inside me.

Attention then focused on the honeymoon wife who lost
again and now had to remove her shift. She was already
swaying a bit and didn't understand at first that she
lost. Her husband explained to her and she smiled
drunkenly and stood up to strip. She was having trouble
so he stood next to her and pulled it off over her head
and sat her back down naked. She was the first girl nude
and the guys reacted accordingly with cheers at their
first glimpse of someone’s pussy. I don't think she
even realized that she was completely nude in front of
all these people. She was in her 20's and her full
round breasts tilted upwards with her nipples almost
pointing at the ceiling. The guys looked and nodded in
their lustful expressions. Her husband's boxers were
sticking way out in front of him, reacting to his naked

Christ!! I lost next and thought seriously about the
tequila, but no way. How did I get into this and how do
I get out of taking off my panties!! There was no way
to cover my breasts and take them off, so I relented
and still sitting, I uncrossed my arms exposing my
breasts, slipped my fingers inside the elastic and
slipped them off over my hips, clearly exposing the
thick, dark triangle-shaped hair all over my pussy.
To the men's delight, I could feel my breasts jiggling
as I pushed the lacy material off my legs and just left
them on the floor. My God - I was now completely naked
and the guys' got their wish and were taking it all in.
I still tried to cover my breasts again and kept my
thighs together but it probably added to the erotic fun
for them.

You could feel the atmosphere heating up in the room
as men and women were getting really high and very
turned on as things continued. Various states of
nakedness appeared around the table. Three women
were now nude and we sat watching the remaining players.
There were four naked guys and, anticipating the
stripping of more women, each with a raging erection.
When you lost your shorts, I felt this twinge of
excitement watching your familiar erection pop into view.
I've always thought that you have this great looking
penis and felt a little proud of your size and shape.
I felt this urge to suck you, so I must have been
getting pretty loose by that time.

Finally, there were only two men with their shorts
left. One more hand was dealt and we all stared as the
honeymoon husband stood up and pushed down his boxers.
With a sudden bounce over the elastic, his erect penis
sprang out, fully displayed for everyone. God – what a
turn on! I wonder if anyone else noticed that his wife
was quietly frigging her pussy while her husband's
erection swayed a little back and forth as he stepped
out of his boxers.

The guy that won removed his shorts to join in and we
were all completely nude! Peoples' faces were flushed,
penises were all sticking out or upward, and I saw some
caressing their partner's arms or shoulders. Someone
said that they should do what they did last time, play
Truth or Dare. Yikes – there was more? I thought that
we were finished and going back to our room. I hadn't
played Truth or Dare for years and wasn't sure I
remembered how.

Some cute 40-ish women insisted she wanted to go first
and picked the host as her target. He said he'd take
the Dare and I suppose I was expecting something pretty
dumb or naughty. She asked him if he was sure and that
she had something very special for him since their last
time: she said that she dared him to have two other
women she named to sit on either side of him and "see
how hot you can get him in three minutes." Oh – not

Without any hesitation two women moved over and sat
down on either side of him. Reaching over, they began
erotically playing with his penis and very lightly
tickling his balls in front of us! Everyone closely
watched as his head jerked back and his penis started
twitching and jumping under the actions of their hands
and fingers. Except for the sound of his low moans,
everything was quiet. This was totally riveting to me.

He began breathing really heavily and stroked the
thighs of each woman as they worked on him. Near the
end of the time, he was in exquisite torture. The women
kept wiggling their finger tips over his balls, and
then one or the other would grasp his penis as lightly
as she could and slowly stroked up and down. Under your
breath, I heard you say "Holy fuck! There's no way he
can last!" and I noticed that your penis was reacting
to his erotic torment.

Suddenly, he made this strange noise from deep
in this throat, his body jerked and a stream of white
cum shot straight up and onto his chest. He made
another sound and ejaculated five or six more spurts of
hot creamy sperm. People around us were saying "All
Right!" and "God – what a great cum," as they witnessed
his orgasm. With just their light finger touches, they
made him ejaculate by barely touching him. He collapsed
back in exhaustion and immediately another guy said he
was next to chose.

He chose this gorgeous curvaceous brunette with a
Matronly large bosom and tiny waist, and asked her
Truth or Dare? She answered Dare and he answered:
"I dare you to be double fucked by two men I chose."
She stood up and naked knelt over the lap of one man,
impaling her vagina on his erection. She must have been
really hot, because he just slipped easily into her.

They both started small movements and by the expression
on her face she was getting terribly turned on in
anticipation of what was next. They were close to us and
we watched as the man fondled and sucked both her bosoms.
The other man approached with a vial of lubricant and
got behind her. Applying it to her ass and his erect
penis, he began to rub it up and down in the cleft of
her ass, back and forth over her opening. At this,
she began this erotic moaning that seemed to get to
everyone in the room. Women started squirming and men's
erections were twitching to her sounds.

She gasped and we realized he had entered her and was
moving slowly back and forth in her ass at the same
time she was fucking! Shortly, both erections were
buried deeply inside her, moving in and out. At this,
she went into lustful paroxysms, shouting for them to
"Fuck her harder, fuck her deeper, and not to stop
fucking her with their hard, erect cocks," and so on.

They were panting and talking at the same time saying
that they felt each other's penis through the thin
partition, making it feel like there were two penises
rubbing together inside her. They soon set up a reciprocating
fucking rhythm, one pushed in as the other pulled away.
Within a minute she started convulsing and came really
loudly, setting off both men. We listened to the poor guys
howl and ejaculate their hot cream into her ass and vagina.

It was so incredibly hot to watch this. My pussy became
dripping wet and the head of your penis glistened in pre-cum.
Truth or Dare must have been over because the honeymoon
guy sitting next to me was rubbing my shoulders while
his wife stroked his penis. At the same time the man
next to her softly fondled her perky round bosoms.
A blond on your other side was masturbating with one
hand while she handled your penis with the other!
Oh my God - it was turning into a sex orgy! I was
getting so uninhibitedly horny that I actually grabbed
the newlywed husband's hand and placed it on my breast,
and without hesitation he started stroking and pinching
my nipple.

Directly across from us, you could tell that the man
with the small straight penis and round full balls
was ready to cum. His wife was using both hands to
stroke his erection and fondle his balls when he started
that crescendo of low moaning that we women know so
well. She abruptly exclaimed out loud, "Oh Fuck! Here
it comes!" and she wasn't kidding.

With a long bellowing he began to ejaculate geyser
after geyser of creamy sperm over her hand and arm, his
penis and balls, into her lap, the couch and anyone on
either side of them. I didn't know that it was possible
to shoot so much! It just kept ejaculating out of the
head of his penis. Finally it ebbed to mere flooding,
but cum continued to flow. As she finished her last
slow strokes, they passionately kissed while he tried
to recover his senses. She brought up her arm and he
actually began licking his cum off her hand.

A woman sitting next to him lustfully bent down to
claim the sperm covering his penis and balls. Jesus –
you could hear her actually smacking her lips. It was
so outlandishly erotic that I came my first time right
there, listening to their tongues working. It just
sounded so fucking primal.

Another man sat down quickly next to me and pulled me
over into his lap backwards. In one motion, I saw you
move onto the floor on your knees between our legs.
You gripped his penis and slipped it into my vagina
and we started the most delicious fuck. I looked down
to see what you would do and you began to slowly tongue
around his penis and the lips of my vagina. I came again
very quickly, but neither of you would give me time to
recover. You started in on my cunt again and I thought
that I saw you also lick his penis and balls as he moved
back and forth inside me.

This made me so hot that I had another orgasm – a real
hard one, with my body jerking in his lap. I was so turned
on that I could feel my inhibitions dissolve wanting my
most intimate places to be stimualted. I said "fuck me
harder!" and ordered you "to lick and suck my hot

Suddenly I felt him lift me slightly, withdraw his
penis and watched wide-eyed as you popped the head into
your mouth. I could hear you sucking and moaning as he
began ejaculating and you worked to get all you
could. He must have shot a lot of cream because
you couldn't swallow it all and it smeared all over
your face and neck. My body jerked again at the sight
and I came when I saw some of his cum gush out of the
corner of your mouth and down your chin while you

I slid down to the floor and pulled you toward me to
get on top. In my excess of emotion I badly wanted to
kiss and share the tasty cum. These thoughts made me
so hot that I felt I would literally explode. As we
reveled together in the warm cum, you folded up my legs
nearly to my shoulders and your erect penis slid inside
me and we started fucking in earnest. It felt
incredible! I could feel you so deep inside me with
each thrust. The grass must have made me super
sensitive because I could feel every vein and ridge in
your penis as you fucked me, back and forth, deep into
my wet slippery cunt.

Behind you I noticed the nerdy man walking towards us
with his immense erection sticking way out very rudely
swinging to and fro. He knelt next to us with his huge
stiff penis protruding to the middle of my stomach and
I could feel us rubbing against it as we fucked.
Impulsively you slowed and pulled out. Oh shit! Was
this man taking your place? Was he going to fuck me
with that huge cock?! He got between my legs and he
started sliding the head into my vagina! But I was
so turned on that as he pushed the top part of his
penis slipped inside. I watched you rubbing his ass
with your hand while he moved back and forth, trying to
get more and more of his big penis inside me.

There was no way it was all going in, but it was so
amazingly fat and thick that it filled me completely
and I started this long weird orgasm that seemed to go
on in slow motion. I looked to see you staring at his
massive organ sliding in and out of me. My sensations
and sensitivity kept rising and rising and rising until
I felt I was literally drenching his penis in my juices
with wave after wave of convulsive moisture. He pulled
all the way out to cum and you quickly tried to get your
hand around his penis and then jacked him as his balls
shuddered and bounced. A few more strokes and he erupted,
first spraying his sperm all over my tummy and then quick,
jerking pulses of cream flowing all over your hand and
wrist. You delightfully emptied his balls all over my

As he moved away on his knees there were two more men
on their knees around us, lined up for – Oh Fuck! – not
taking turns with me!? One long penis went inside me. I
was about to insist you stop them when I realized that
the guy behind didn't want a turn. He gripped one of
the cheeks in front of him with one hand and, with some
squirts of lubricant, starting angling his penis into
the other's butt. The man buried deep in my vagina
stopped to let his ass fill up with the erect penis.
After penetrating up to his balls, they both began this
rhythmic fucking motion. We could hear the sounds of
their immersed slippery cocks sliding back and forth. I
heard both men moaning erotically as I fucked them.
You stood up by my side and directed your penis at
the middle guy's mouth. He hungrily began sucking you
with great slurping sounds.

Fuck! Watching you enjoy your penis sucking made
me come again. Working up to your climax, you pulled
away from him, knelt down beside me and angled your penis
this time at my mouth. I sucked you in and licked the
head of your penis wildly back and forth. I felt your
penis swell and the first few streams of yummy hot cum
ejaculated into my mouth. You made hot, growling
noises as you pulled away and methodically jacked off
your curved, hard penis over the firm round globes of
my bosoms. I could feel your warm gobs of cum soaking
my nipples and areolas.

Suddenly, there was another man on my other side
masturbaing. Before I knew it, a perfect fountain of
cum ejaculated out across my chest and tits, followed
quickly by short creamy spurts from his shooting
penis, completely flooding my bosoms in cum. Someone
abruptly pulled me up from behind and sat me up on the
floor against the couch. The honeymoon couple was
suddenly next to me smiling in an oddly aroused way.

The husband asked his wife if she preferred right or
left? Huh? What did that mean?? All completely naked,
they each chose one of my breasts, leaned down and
began to hungrily lick the cream off my drenched bosoms.
As she savored the cream on one breast, she started
furiously masturbating, often looking up at me with a
thousand mile stare, cum smeared all over her mouth and
chin. While her husband concentrated on my nipple and
areola, her eyes lazily rolled back as she came, her
breathing accelerating quickly like she'd hyperventilate.
Her head began jerking and nodding while her orgasm
peaked. I couldn't see her fingers, but I could only
imagine what she was doing with her clitoris and pussy.
Spent, she turned over and lay next to me panting
trying to recover. Her husband continued licking and
sucking my bosoms, tantalizing my nipples and making my
vagina wetter and wetter.

Two men appeared and knelt down in front of us, pushing
our thighs open and started licking us mercilessly around
the clitoris and vagina. At least three or four times
we came together all over their mouths and faces while
they licked, sucked and tongue-tickled us into total ecstasy.

Even though we were in this hyper-horny fogginess, our
bodies wanted more erotic stimulation. I don't know if
it was the grass or what, but we simply couldn't seem
to stop. The finale was an amazingly naughty exercise
and we observed it build into a howling climax. Someone
had called room service – now that seemed very funny –
and a handsome Mexican waiter appeared at the door with
a cart and before he turned the corner in the suite and
realized, some of the women had him surrounded and
moved him into the room.

Someone else made a phone call and soon a cute young
turn-down maid showed up and the poor thing befell the
same fate to a group of nude men. From the floor I
strained to see as both new victims were hidden from
view by a surrounding group of naked and very turned on
hotel guests.

I could see the naked butts of our very busy friends as
they actively worked on the surprised participants. As
I watched and listened we could hear in Spanish the
girl say things that I couldn't understand. Then a
maid's apron appeared in one someone's hands up over
their heads. There was more Spanish from the girl as
her apron disappeared into the room. There was short
pause as they worked, and a black maid's dress was
handed out over their heads.

I heard a guy say, “OH Fuck – Yeah, “ and her lacy
black bra was appeared, followed by a pair of black
panties held aloft for a moment and discarded. They had
stripped her completely naked! I felt myself get a
little wet with the thought of being forcibly stripped
by some very horny men. They stepped back to show their
handiwork to everyone. Her ample breasts were heaving as
they held her and I noticed her enticing thick black
triangle of pubic hair. The men's penises had become
fully erect in all the fun.

On the other side of the room, the women worked more
slowly but we watched as the waiter's pants, shirt,
belt, and boxers were raised over their heads and waved
back and forth in triumph. They parted to show us that
the ladies had successfully stripped him totally nude.

The cute little maid looked terribly stressed by all
the attention. The women led the waiter over to a couch
and two sat on either side of him, rubbing their
breasts against him, kissing and stroking his thighs.
His penis started reacting and little cheer went up --
along with his erection. Someone squirted lubricant
all over his lap and lathered it all over his penis.

The maid was literally carried over to him and they
carefully impaled her backwards on the waiter's now
fully erect penis. She was very busty for her slight
frame and the men delighted in fondling and sucking
her bosoms and nipples while she was fucked by the
waiter. Her expressions were of complete erotic
distress as the waiter's thick penis moved in and out
of her hairy pussy. A woman knelt down in front of them
and waited patiently for crisis to come. It soon
arrived and his wet penis popped out only to be engulfed
by a waiting mouth, and she greedily licked, sucked
and swallowed all of his cum.

Four men lined up next to the couch with the lubricant
container. Placing the bosomy young maid on her hands
and knees on the floor, the first man entered her and
starting bumping up against her naked bottom as he
fucked her. I thought that they were going to take
turns fucking, bathing their penises in all the sperm,
followed with a bone-shaking ejaculation into her soaking
wet vagina, repeated man after man. But now it got very
intriguing because they were all getting on their knees
behind one another. What was this??

One woman on her knees moved down the line, liberally
squirting generous amounts of lubricant on their
penises. I looked to see you in the middle of them, the
women applying gobs all over your now fully erect
curving penis, you stroking it all over up and down.
When I saw her put it on the butt of the guy in front
of you, it hit me: you were all going to insert your
erections into one another's ass! Jesus! You were all
going to fuck each other at the same time!!

As the first guy serviced the maid's vagina on his
knees, one by one a very slippery penis was lustfully
introduced into the next guy's ass. Gripping the butt
in front of you, you slid your penis in, intensely
concentrating as you slowly sunk all the way to your
balls. You hesitated for a moment as the man behind
you slipped into your ass. Now you started fucking and
being fucked at the same time. There were incredible
unearthly moans coming from the line of thrusting men.
It was hard to believe any of the men had much left,
but the new orgasms raised the temperature in the room
steaming up the mirrors. God – the screams and shouts
as penises convulsed, expanded and ejaculated into
each other's asses! The sights and sounds were almost
too much.

The nerdy guy with the huge penis was about to join at
the end but the newlywed couple pulled him away and
laid him on his back. The massive stiff penis extended
over his stomach past his navel as each of them got
down on each side of his waist. They both began going
to work on his penis; talk about ravenous! They
traded off gripping it and pushing the bulbous head
into each other’s mouths. As they licked and sucked
on the enormous head and shaft, she reached over and began
fingering those huge balls to his immense satisfaction.
It was so hot to see them jiggling and dancing in her

He lasted only a minute, started bucking his hips, threw
back his head and ejaculated furiously, pouring out from
his ponderous balls terrific gushes of white creamy sperm.
It was marvelous to watch as stream after stream shot
onto their faces and into waiting mouths. No doubt in the
throes of excitement, she continued to agitate his large
scrotum even more with her fingers, driving the poor guy
totally crazy until he finished ejaculating the last of
his cum and it oozed from the head of his penis. I
couldn’t see as their heads leaned in on his stomach
and chest, but I think they successfully got all of his
creamy sperm.

Still sitting on the floor next to the other women, the
scene got so hot that we all starting fingering and
frigging ourselves into hot wet orgasms. I couldn't
take my eyes off of all the naked women furiously
masturbating together, hitting peak after peak. Looking
over to see the men laying exhausted, some penises
still erect, just the thought of you fucking and being
fucked sent me into one last orgasm...

I passed out soon from sheer delirium and woke up in
our bedroom the next afternoon, pretty woozy. The phone
rang and you picked it up: our friends from Seattle
were calling to see if were up for something kind of
wild tonight.

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