Aunt Betty sucks cock

You know the old clich ; 'our eyes met across a crowded room'. Its hard,
though, not to describe momentous events in ones life in terms of clich s.
It happened at the wedding of my neice, Fran. Sexual tension is always high
at these events. The ancient ritual to legitimise copulation seems to apply
to far more people than the couple in question.

In that spirit I was watching the 'talent' move across the dance floor,
while my wife Dana, sat beside me, chatting to Aunt Betty. I was fixed on a
young brunette, and for an instant. As she turned towards me, our eyes
locked. They remained locked for another instant, and then she was gone,
hidden by the form of some giant battleaxe of a woman.

"Darling, our glasses are empty." Dana cut into my thoughts.

"Oh, er. right!"

She looked at me, shaking her head. "Come on, Jason, get a grip!"

She doesn't miss much, my Dana, and in all the years we've been married, she
's learned to tolerate my wandering eye, as long as I don't actually do
anything about it. In fact, nowadays she even points out girls and asks me
what I think, and I will give her my reaction. She seems to like that, and
while, in my younger days, I might have said she gets off on it, as I get
older I realise that it gives her a sense of security. She knows the
strengths and weaknesses of the competition, and she knows they don't even
come close.

For some reason, though, I felt I couldn't mention my brunette.

I took the glasses and joined the crush at the bar, subconsciously keeping
an eye out for the girl. She was nowhere to be seen. I ordered the drinks,
and as I gathered them together, I glanced across at the doorway. There she
was, staring right at me. Was she beckoning?

Of course she wasn't. Why would she have been? I didn't know her, and she
sure as hell didn't know me. All there was between us was a couple of
glances. For a moment I concentrated on distributing three drinks between
the fingers of two hands, and when I looked up again, she was gone.

By the time I returned to our table, I had decided that she must have been
looking at someone else. That was it. Thank God I hadn't made a fool of
myself by smiling back.

"If you'll excuse me," I said, placing the glasses on the table, "call of

I had to make sure, though.

Outside in the corridor, to my surprise, she was waiting. She smiled at me.

"I'm sure we've met before," she said.

I've come across this phenomenon before. A woman can look like a goddess.
She can make you promise her the earth, at least in your mind, without
uttering a word. As soon as she opens her mouth, however, the sandpaper
voice destroys all illusion. Not with her. Her voice was deep and mellow,
and despite the foolishness of the comment, it carried authority.

"Yes, I think we have," I said. "It's nice to see you again Antiope!"

What was I thinking! Nobody is called Antiope! I saw her face cloud for a
second, then she smiled.

"It's Helen, actually!"

"Helen. It's nice to see you again, Helen!" I corrected myself without
missing a beat. "I'm Jason, by the way. In case you've. um. forgotten!"

We stood for a moment, staring at each other, then I broke the silence. "So

"I have absolutely no idea!"

She laughed, and I laughed. A couple walked past, glancing at us and

"Can we go somewhere, a little more. private?" I said.

I seemed to keep saying these things. Of course she'd make some excuse.
She could have no possible interest in me, and I should have no interest in
her. I thought of Dana, and realised that I would never want her to know of
this encounter.

"Sure," she said. "I have a room."

We quickly climbed the stairs, and she fumbled with the key to her room,
while I watched the corridor anxiously. Anything else might have been
excused, but not this. Once inside, she turned to me.

"So where do you suppose, we have met?" she said, a seductive smile playing
on her lips.

"I don't know, perhaps in a past life," I said smiling.

She wasn't smiling now. "A past life," she said simply, her gaze wandering.
Then she looked up at me, confusion on her face. "Look, I. I don't really
understand what we're doing here. This is. well, silly!"

For once she had reacted consistently with the situation., but when she
turned to go, and I seized her arm. She gasped as I pulled her back, her
eyes flashing fire. I realised that my grip was firmer than it ought to be,
but I didn't relax it. There was no fear in her face, only defiance. She
uttered an oath, then reached out a clawed hand, but instead of scratching
at me, she pulled me to her.

I tasted wine on her full, quivering lips.

"You have returned," she murmured, as she pulled me to the bed. "It is you.
just you!"

This time there was no puzzle. I felt her body under mine, unfamiliar, yet
so familiar. I anticipated her moves, as if we had been lovers for years,
and she anticipated mine.

She grunted.

No, these weren't grunts, they were words, and despite the fact that they
were in a language I'd never heard, I found I could make out their meaning,
The accent seemed strange. But then I remembered that it had always been

"Men. sisters. blood.!"

I shivered, for I knew exactly what she meant. The sound of clashing steel,
and the screams of death came to me as if they were real. My men, battered
by the Amazon onslaught, tired and frightened, steeled themselves for the
final attack.

And there she was, in front of me, savage Antiope, their queen, her face
contorted with rage as she charged at me, her battle-scream ringing in my
ears. I remembered the ache in my wrists as I deflected her death blow -
one that would surely have cleaved my skull, and the impact of her shield on
mine, which almost sent me crashing to the ground.

Short sharp breaths, as we danced together, each seeking to send the others
to Hades. Around us was the music of death; the shrieks of the dying, male
and female providing obscene counterpoint, and the insistent percussion of
weapons on armour. I slashed at her, a blow that would have disembowelled
her if she had let it, and she lunged back at me, almost unmanning me.

I bore down on her, roaring my battle-cry, but she stood her ground,
opposing my strength with her speed. And by the gods she would have killed
me if by good fortune, her blade had not shattered under mine.

"Yield, Amazon!"

But she would not. I rained down blows, slashing to the left and to the
right. Each glanced off her shield as she backed away, crying out with
exertion. Finally, she dropped to her knees, her shield hanging limply from
her exhausted arm. She knelt before me, utterly defenceless, her breasts
heaving as she sucked air into her tortured lungs.

I raised my sword to strike her head from her shoulders, and her eyes met
mine briefly before looking up at my sword. She seemed to accept the
inevitability of her fate without question.

I have killed brave warriors and snivelling cowards with equanimity. Gods
forgive me, I have even taken the lives of women and children when necessity
dictates, but this beautiful fearless creature in front of me I could not
kill. Instead I drove my sword into the ground, and forced her down,
pinning her body under mine. I tasted wine on her full quivering lips. We
both felt our battle lust, and despite the danger around us, the monstrous
urge to slake it was all-consuming. Her hips thrust towards me, and her
legs parted beneath me by instinct. She cried out as I thrust into her,
taking her maidenhood, and I pumped my seed into her. Sometimes a woman
needs to take her time in experiencing pleasure, but with battle lust it
only took a few moments. Her juice was wet on my thighs.

But I was a King, and she was a vanquished Queen. There were tasks to be
performed. I got to my feet, dragging her to hers by her hair.

"Behold, Amazons, your Queen!"

I placed my sword blade at her throat as I forced her head back.

"Throw down your weapons and yield to the mercy of my men!"

I heard the despairing cries of her warriors, saw many plunge their swords
into their own breasts, while others cast their weapons down at the feet of
their opponents. I saw relief on the faces of my men, who had had their
fill of killing - especially women.

"I hated you then," said Helen, "I hated you, King Theseus!"

"Yes, you tried to kill me."

"Many times, and my own death would have been a small price."

"But I tamed you!"


"I tamed you and you became my Queen!"


"You became my Queen, and together we built Athens into a great power!"

"I rode with you, fought alongside you. Your enemies were my enemies!"

"You even fought your kin, when they came for you."

"Aye, and I bore you a son, remember?"

"Your sisters gave birth too, after they were captured. Such sons and
daughters born of warrior mothers and fathers. Who could stand against

I lay beside her, for a moment, staring at the cracks in the ceiling, trying
to come to terms with it all. I had always wondered, rather cynically, why
it was that when people talk of remembering past lives, they were always
Kings and Queens, never peasants and paupers. Yet, how could I doubt this?
She remembered the same things I did, and those memories were so vivid. She
was so familiar to me, and I to her. Most importantly, I remembered how she
held my heart in her hand.

"I am yours," she murmured.

"You are mine, and I am yours" I responded automatically.

"Until the Gods grow old."

There was silence between us. Downstairs, the thump-thump of the disco
permeated our thoughts, and distant voices laughed. I thought of Dana, and
turned to look at Helen. The length of my absence could not be explained
away by the time it takes to piss.

"Forget her," said Helen, reading my thoughts in my face. "We are together
now, and nothing will come between us."

I said nothing, feeling the intolerable pressure of divided loyalty -
divided love.

"Think of it," she said, "think of what we can achieve together!"

I looked at her. "Twenty five years ago, I made a promise to her," I said.

"You made a promise to me too - a far older one - remember?" she hissed.
Her lips curled with pain and desperation. "Will you betray me." Her eyes
were full of that defiant anger, but this time there was fear too. ".

I couldn't speak, at least not for a few moments. I searched my soul for a
way out, and found none. All I could think of was how the Furies pursued
Orestes for something that was essentially outside of his control. I knew
how he felt.

"Helen," I said finally, "it's a different world now."

"Not so different!" she said. "The battlefield is simply the market place,
the sword our business acumen. Think of it, Jason. With your experience and
my drive, we could rule the world together." Then she smiled, before
continuing, "and nobody has to die!"

It was true, I had done well over the years, and I knew the ins and outs of
business dealing. She was right. If someone like her could harness what I
knew, we could certainly become a force to be reckoned with. But there were
more memories.

"It was you who brought the Amazons to me," I said, "not the other way. You
who brought war to Athens. Sure, we made the city great together, but at
what cost? Mothers lost sons in the pursuit of our greatness. Fathers lost
daughters. It meant nothing to them but pain?

"In the end, I could block my ears no longer. I loved you Antiope, and I
always will, but I couldn't remain deaf to the suffering of my people. They
wanted me to take Phaedra over you, and in the end, it was she who taught me
what was of true value."

"You had me killed," she said in a thin high voice, "I loved you and you
murdered me."

"Do you think I wanted to?" I shouted. "I know you Helen. I know you
Antiope. I know what you would do to get what you want. You showed them no
mercy, and in the end, they hated you for it. The people would never have
let you live, because you didn't let them live. You understood that there
was no alternative, but did you understand how I suffered when I gave the

You are weak, Theseus," she spat, "you always were weak without me. Don't
go! Please don't go!"

But I closed the door behind me, feeling a tear in my heart that I knew
would never go away.

I returned to the hall and sat down beside Dana. "Sorry I took so long, I
met, well. you know how it is."

Dana smiled, but said nothing. Then she leaned towards me.

"Tell me, Jason, how close did I come to losing you?"

For a moment I felt as if I'd been hit with a sledgehammer. I should have
known better than to think I could fool Dana. By now, she could almost read
my mind. But her question was an honest one. It deserved an honest answer,
and I was glad to give her one.

"Not close," I said. "Not close at all. It was just some old business that
needed finishing off."

She held my gaze for a few moments, then smiled and nodded.

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