Poor ugly happy Aunt

My wife and I had been having financial problems for several weeks, and my
getting laid off was just icing on the cake. Along with the financial
problems came emotional ones. And even though we were both in our early
20's, our sex life had been suffering. My mother's sister, Erin, heard
about our turmoil, and she and her husband invited us over to use their hot
tub. Little did I know what that night had in store.

When Charlotte and I arrived at their house, Aunt Erin and Mark already
had a nice dinner prepared for us. We sat down to eat, talking about
things in general -- the usual small talk two couples make with each other.
After dinner, Aunt Erin suggested we all go down to the hot tub, which was
all ready for us. Charlotte and I had thought they had offered the tub for
just our use, and had not brought suits. Hearing this, Aunt Erin said,
"That's OK. We never wear them, either."

Now, I had a big crush on Aunt Erin while growing up. All the way
through my teenage years, I would masturbate to the fantasy of Aunt Erin
coming over to see my mom, and, not finding her there, seducing me. She
would ride on top of me, her waist-length black hair cascading over me. I
wanted her to teach me everything there was to know about sex. The thought
of finally seeing her petite body had me aroused pretty quickly.

While Aunt Erin and Mark were in their room, Charlotte and I got
undressed, putting on the robes Mark had provided for us. Taking my
half-erect penis in her hand, Charlotte asked, "What's this about?" I
shrugged and half-smiled at her. Picking up the bottle of wine we had
brought, I led the way to the tub.

By the time the others had joined us, we were already in the tub,
letting its hot water melt away the past several weeks' tension. Aunt Erin
took off her robe, and I had to physically stop myself from gasping. Her
body was better than I had ever imagined! For a woman of almost 40 years,
her body was incredibly firm, with C-cup breasts, well-shaped hips and
neatly trimmed jet-black pubic hair. My cock hardened instantly.
Charlotte saw my reaction and frowned at me, but not for long. When Mark
took off his robe, her jaw dropped. Although very short, he had been a
jockey, and kept himself in exceptionally good condition. He had a lean,
well-muscled look about him, the kind I knew Charlotte felt appealing. And
his long penis probably went far in her assessment, as well.

We continued to talk and drink for about an hour, and the wine was
obviously having an effect on Charlotte. She kept giggling, and her hand
would stray over and over onto my cock. Her hand wasn't the only thing
that was keeping me in a constant state of erection, however. Whether or
not we were able to enjoy sex, just looking at my wife's naked body would
always get me aroused. Her large D-cup breasts, with perfect aureole and
nipples, and her hourglass waist and hips would always make me want to make
love to her. Even looking at her face would sometimes get me hard, and the
look she was giving me right then was smoldering. Couple that with the
fact that the cool air mixed with the hot water had made both women's
nipples as hard as rocks, and I was in heaven. The air was charged with
sexual energy.

Just when I thought something might happen between them and us, however,
my aunt announced that she was tired, and was going to bed. Mark told us
to shut off the tub when we decided to leave, and not to worry, just let
ourselves out. Watching Aunt Erin towel off her beautiful, naked body and
wrap it in her robe was the most painful thing I had to go through in my

As soon as they were inside the house, Charlotte floated on top of me,
grabbed my cock, and thrust her tongue into my mouth. When she finished
kissing me, she spoke into my ear hotly, "I want you inside me, now!" I was
only too happy to oblige. I turned her around so that she was holding onto
the edge of the tub, and entered her from behind.

"Oh, god, yes!" she cried. I told her to be quiet, that the neighbors
might hear, but she wouldn't hear of it. "Fuck it, fuck them, and fuck
me," she yelled.

Taking her cue, I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head
back. This always made her hot, and tonight was no exception. She started
moaning even louder, and grabbed my other hand, bringing it around to
squeeze her breast. I looked up, and could see the silhouettes of Aunt
Erin and Mark looking through the window, holding the drapes aside.
Charlotte began to cum, and I stopped paying attention to the window. My
wife was so weak after her powerful orgasm that I had to hold her up to
keep her from drowning. I looked back up, but the drapes were closed

After a few moments, I told Charlotte that we should probably leave, and
continue things at home. We dried off, put on the robes, and went inside.
Lying on the couch was my aunt. She seemed to be asleep, so as Charlotte
got our things together I went over to thank her for the wonderful evening.
"Aunt Erin," I said, "aren't you going to bed?" She opened her eyes and
took my still-hard cock by the hand. "Mark's waiting for you in the
bedroom," she said, looking at Charlotte. My wife looked at me with a
questioning look in her eyes, and I winked at her and smiled. She smiled
back, putting down our things and stepping out of her robe. By the time
she was through the bedroom door, my teenage fantasy was becoming reality.

Aunt Erin took me in her mouth, slowly moving her head back and forth
over my rod. I had always known she would be good, but I had never thought
she would take in the entire length. Being blown by her was sheer bliss,
like dipping my cock in warm oil. She stopped long enough to take off both
our robes and have me lie down, and redoubled her efforts. She lay down
between my legs, looking up at me seductively while she sucked. First she
would take just the head in her mouth, pumping my manhood with her hand,
and then she would dive down the entire length, until her nose was tickling
my stomach.

I could only take so much of this, and turned her around so we could
both eat at the same time. Her pussy was already wet, and I dove in like a
starving man. I licked around the insides of her thighs, running my hands
around her perfect behind. From there, I pushed my tongue directly into
her cunt, relishing the taste of her sweet muskiness. I could hear soft
whimpering sounds coming out of her throat from around my penis, which she
was at this point gobbling as if it was the best meal she had ever eaten,
and her hips moved around with each swipe of my tongue. I then began
alternating between flicking her clit with just the tip of my tongue,
sucking it into my mouth, and licking the entire length of her pussy with
the flat part of my tongue.

After about five minutes, I started having problems holding back, so
every time I seemed like I was getting close, Aunt Erin would grasp the
base of my cock hard, squeezing the semen back inside, while lapping at the

Soon she was moaning and gasping so much from my oral attention that she
had to stop her own oral attention. She moved her hips up and down,
pumping my cock with one hand, and reaching back and holding my head in
place with the other. I flicked her clit one last time, and she began
shaking and trying to hold in a shriek. Aunt Erin's breathing and movement
stopped, and then she let out a loud groan, and collapsed on top of me,
still slowly moving her hand up and down.

But I wasn't finished. I pushed her hips up and licked her clit again,
and her whole body twitched. She said, "oh my god!" , and started moving
frantically. I continued licking her clit over and over again, and she
began pumping her face up and down on my cock. This time she didn't stop
me, and what must have been buckets of semen shot through my rod into her
mouth. This triggered her second orgasm, and she tried to scream and
swallow at the same time.

I looked at the places on her legs where I had squeezed when I came, and
I saw that there were red marks where my nails dug in. I apologized to
her, and she turned around to face me. With a little of my cum dribbling
down her chin, she told me it was OK. She wiped the semen off of her chin
and licked her fingers clean. She kissed me, telling me, "you taste good."

We lay there for a few minutes, until I heard sounds from the bedroom.
We got up to go and see what was happening, and I opened the door to see
Mark fucking my wife from behind. She was using one hand to finger her
clit, and her firm tits were swinging back and forth. She was so caught up
in her pleasure that she didn't even notice us. I began to get hard again,
and Aunt Erin led the way back to the couch.

Once there, my aunt proceeded to tell me that she had wanted to seduce
me, but that she had gotten married, and never knew what Mark would think
of it. By the time she found out he wouldn't mind, I was already gone, in
the army. I asked her since when had she wanted to, and she told me that
she had come over one day to see my mother, but that she was out when Aunt
Erin got there -- just like in my fantasies! I had left my door open a
crack, and I was jerking off (probably while thinking about her). While
she waited for my mom, she reached her hand under her skirt and masturbated
while she watched me do the same. She told me that she was surprised at
the size of my cock for such a young age (15), and had imagined what it
would feel like inside of her. She said she was pleasantly surprised to
find out how much bigger it had gotten since then.

As if to prove just how much bigger it had gotten, her telling had
gotten my cock to about the biggest I could remember. She held it in her
hand again, and said, "this time, I can really feel it inside me." There
was pre-cum seeping out already, so she spread that around my shaft, making
it slippery. My aunt licked her hand clean. "Yummy. Now, lie down."

I lay down on the couch, and she kneeled over me. Spreading her pussy
lips, she slid me slowly inside of her cunt, just a little at a time. The
feeling was incredible! I wanted to cum right then, but I knew there would
be a long build-up, first. I moved backwards so I could be in a sitting
position, giving me easy access to her tits and face. She started moving
up and down a little faster, and I put both hands on her breasts. She
pushed my hands away, moaning for me to play with her clit while she did
her nipples. I made sure my thumb was nice and slick, and started rolling
her clit with it. When I started that, she began to go crazy, squeezing
her tits hard, pinching her nipples. Encouraged by her shortness of
breath, I used my other hand to push on her abdomen. This drove her wild,
and she leaned forward, rubbing her nipple against mine. She bent over,
and started licking my chest, nibbling on my little nipples. This made me
thrust hard inside her, and she moaned, "yes!"

I looked up at the halo of long, jet-black hair framing her face, and
briefly I was back in my room at the old house, sliding my hand up and down
my oiled penis, hoping this wasn't a dream. Then she leaned forward and
thrust her breasts into my face, saying, "suck them, bite them," and I knew
it was real.

We went on like this, slowing down, speeding up, changing positions
every so often, for about a half an hour. She had two more orgasms, and my
arms were starting to get tired. As soon as I thought it, Aunt Erin must
have known. She started using some muscles in her pussy that she hadn't
used on me yet, and I knew I couldn't last much longer. I told her I was
about to cum, and she started sounding like a porno actress.

"Come on, baby. That's it. Oh, yeah, your auntie wants you to cum all
over her. Are you gonna shoot it? Do you want to? I want to see your hot
spunk shoot all over my tits."

Her hot talk sent me over the edge, and I pulled out of her pussy just
in time for a powerful shot of semen to fly all the way up to her neck.
She took my spurting cock in her hand, milking my cum onto her breasts.
When there wasn't any more left, I lay down next to her, and she rubbed my
cum all over her chest. "Very nice," she said. "Best kind of skin cream."

She picked a blanket up off of the floor, and we fell asleep in each
other's arms.

The next morning, I woke up to the wonderful feeling of two mouths on my
cock, and enjoyed the best blow job I've ever had, from Charlotte and Aunt
Erin. When I came, they pretended to fight over who got my semen.

I asked Charlotte if she slept well, and she told me, "extremely well."
We thanked Aunt Erin and Mark, who invited us over again any time, and

In the car, on the way back home, we looked at each other, and I asked
her if she had a nice time. "Oh, yes," she smiled. "I guess we're just
going to have to have problems more often. "

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